Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 383 - The Blind Spear God

The strike had the pressure from the power of Surging River and the divine arts from Blind's own immense magic power, and Dragon Rearing Sovereign immediately felt an incomparably intense sense of danger before the strike had even landed!

"Why are there so many experts in a tiny place like Eternal Peace Empire?" It was too late for Dragon Rearing Sovereign to change his move, so he could only grit his teeth to execute all his magic power to welcome Blind's strike!

The pillar of water spun rapidly, its speed so fast that even the air began screeching as it was sliced!

At the front of the pillar, the concentrated water transformed into a dragon's head to pounce on Dragon Rearing Sovereign!

'Using dragon-shaped spells to deal with me?'

Dragon Rearing Sovereign let out a sigh of relief and his body trembled. Dragon-shaped vital qi flooded forward and transformed into a huge Thousand Dragons Plate that coiled around his head.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign raised Thousand Dragons Plate up high, and countless flood dragons bared fangs and brandished claws while dancing in the wind. 'Even though this person is an expert, he has still met his nemesis. I am a god that raises dragons so the details of dragon-shaped divine arts will never be able to escape my eyes. This person is not to be feared.'

Just as he thought that, the dragon's head started to spin, and the water pillar coiled to transform into an incomparably huge dragon spear. The dragon's head leaned on the blade while the river water transformed into the sharpest tip.

'It's not a dragon-shaped divine art!"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's heart trembled violently. Blind's spear had already stabbed into Thousand Dragons Plate and struck a point on the thousand dragons.

The spear's power that burst forth was unexpectedly small, and its force wasn't powerful at all. However, Thousand Dragons Plate still crumbled, and the bodies of the thousand flood dragons warped as they become disorganized. In the center of the huge Thousand Dragons Plate was a huge hole.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign turned to take a look at the incomparably thick dragon spear at the center of his defense!

'The power of that spear didn't explode during the collision with Thousand Dragons Plate, so it will definitely explode when it reaches my corporeal body. The man's move is brilliant, and his control of divine arts has already reached their extreme. He is able to see through the weakness of my divine arts!'

Dragon Rearing Sovereign couldn't waste time. He no longer tried to lift Surging River up, but with all his magic power flooding into his hands, he spread his palms to create layers of barriers. However, they were all pierced through by that spear as if there was no obstruction at all.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's hand reached over and clasped the tip of the spear. He couldn't help grunting as his hands were both instantly bloodied; the dragon scales on his skin had been pierced by the spear's blade.

"His magic power is inferior to mine! Break!"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's body started to expand, his body instantly surpassing the river valleys. Standing three hundred yards tall, he lifted the spear with brute force, and his body spun rapidly.

At that moment, the might of the water dragon spear that was stabbing down burst forth and spun crazily as well. Its dragon roar became incomparably resounding the instant both of them exploded with power. The huge dragon spear crumbled and transformed into streams of water that came crashing down.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign was completely drenched, his mangled palms trembling. He had only managed to break the opponent's spear because the other person's magic power was inferior to his. However, the power in that person's spear was extremely great, and it was even imbued with the power from Surging River.

With Surging River pressuring from the top, it had been too much. When the might of the spear was added into the mix, his hands were injured.

Before Dragon Rearing Sovereign could even have a chance to catch his breath, an incomparably thick dragon spear came rushing at him again. Dragon Rearing Sovereign dodged, but yet another dragon spear came from the Surging River in the sky.

His body moved repeatedly toward the west, avoiding strike after strike along the river bed. Whenever the thick dragon spears came from the sky, their power would suddenly retract, not a drop of it leaking out. Instead, they would strike the crucial points and fix the power of Surging River's dragon vein in place.

'A Dao spell experts!'

Dragon Rearing Sovereign was secretly astonished. Every strike of Blind's fixed the points of Surging River's dragon vein in place, preventing him from executing its power.

Without the god's magic power holding it up, Surging River started to fall.

However, it had risen quite high, so it would still take some time for it to land back into the river bed.

'His control to Dao spells is truly intricate; he is no inferior to that heavenly worker of few words!'

Cold sweat broke out on Dragon Rearing Sovereign's forehead. The dragon spears that came from the sky become more and more concentrated, slowly taking away his ability to dodge. He had no choice but to fight, which earned him numerous injuries.

More and more crucial points of the dragon vein were fixed in place by Blind.

The flood dragons upstream and downstream of Surging River were quite a distance away, so Dragon Rearing Sovereign couldn't call them back in time to borrow their strength.

Meanwhile, the divine flood dragon king had been already dispatched.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign had recently had a fierce battle with Mute, and they were both experts. They had tried all they could to get rid of each other, and he had severely exhausted his vital qi.

Until then, his vital qi still had yet to completely recover, and to change the path of Surging River, he'd exhausted his magic power as well. With Blind holding onto the moment, he was defeated again and again, getting injured repeatedly.

Meanwhile in the Surging River above, Blind held onto his bamboo cane as he stepped on a water dragon to fly through the river's surface. The water behind him churned, and an incomparably huge apparition rose. It was a huge Black Tortoise God, cultivated close to the substance state.

The Back Tortoise God was an old man with a tortoise shell. A flying serpent was coiled around his body while flapping his wings, in a pose as though it was about to fly away.

Qin Mu found it familiar. The Black Tortoise God was Blind's primordial spirit, and it was similar to Black Tortoise God Statue. Only the face was different. Qin Mu was mischievous when he was young and had peed on all four statues in the village. Even the Black Tortoise Stone Statue had been peed on quite a lot.

On the river surface, Blind moved as though he was flying, and the bamboo cane in his hand kept stabbing on the water's surface as he fought with Dragon Rearing Sovereign.

It was Qin Mu's first time seeing Blind fighting with his full strength. Back when Qin Feiyue had entered Great Ruins through Surging River, Blind had given a tap with his bamboo cane against Surging River's surface, which caused it to pulse a few times. However, Qin Feiyue was only an expert of Seven Stars Realm at that time, so Blind had only been scaring him. He didn't use his full strength.

But at that moment, Blind had unleashed all he had to fight with Dragon Rearing Sovereign across the river surface. Every time his bamboo cane tapped on the water, there would be a huge pillar rushing down to the bottom. The water would frantically transform into a dragon spear. Every one of them would stab at the flaws of Dragon Rearing Sovereign's divine arts, exhausting him with the struggle of dodging the attacks.

Blind had his own unique mental cultivation method to execute his Nine Heavens Eye Awakening Skill, but he didn't impart it to Qin Mu. His mental cultivation method wasn't the best in the village, but Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill was the strongest in the world.

What he used on the enemy was none other than that very same skill. However, his eyes awakening skill didn't just simply cultivate the nine heavens; it also cultivated divine mind eyes.

Under their gaze, even a god like Dragon Rearing Sovereign was full of flaws.

Blind's magic power was indeed not equal to that of Dragon Rearing Sovereign. Even when the other had exhausted a large amount of their magic power in changing the dragon vein, Blind was still inferior.

If Dragon Rearing Sovereign controlled flood dragons once again, borrowing their strength and magic power, his reserves would be ten times greater than those of Blind. Yet Blind's strongest attack was his divine mind eyes that could see through all divine arts. Even if there were no flaws, he could still find some.

In regards to cultivation, the density of Blind's magic power was inferior to that of Village Chief, Old Ma, Mute, Butcher, and even Granny Si when her heart devil erupted. His magic power only surpassed that of Apothecary and Cripple.

In regards to the power of his divine arts, they were inferior even to Deaf's painting. When compared to Village Chief, Butcher and Old Ma, they were still slightly inferior.

However, other than Village Chief and the mysterious Mute, no one else would dare to say they would hold an advantage in front of Blind.

Once divine mind eyes were out, his moves were invincible. All the divine arts in the world would be broken with one cane!

"Rat of the martial world, do you only dare to hide? Why don't you come down and have a battle with me?"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's voice came from below the riverbed. There was already some water in the riverbed, and it was very muddy. The god was forced to hide from Blind's spears, but he could never escape from the riverbed. Blind's spears always forced him back into the middle.

By then, the water in the riverbed was mixed with god's blood and mud, turning it into a quagmire. There were numerous loaches skipping in the water, absorbing the god's blood to transform into loach dragons. They pounced around in the mud, looking ferocious as they bared their fangs and brandished their claws.

"You really think I don't dare to?" Blind shouted and suddenly left Qin Mu and the rest to pass through the water to attack Dragon Rearing Sovereign who was in the middle of the riverbed. A water dragon flew out to sweep Qin Mu and the rest onto the dragon qilin's back.

The divine treasures of Qin Mu and the rest were sealed, and without magic power, they could not stand on the water's surface. The dragon qilin's cultivation was still there, however, so he could carry all of them.

Si Yunxiang and Ling Yuxiu were astonished. They stamped their feet and said, "Why is Grandpa Blind so reckless, being spurred into action by a few negative remarks? How can he face the opponent head on?"

Delighted, Qin Mu smiled. "If Dragon Rearing Sovereign doesn't die, he's going to be severely injured. Grandpa Blind isn't a strong practitioner of divine arts because he's from the battle technique school."

The two girls were stunned.

The old blind man was from the battle technique school?

In what way did those spears earlier look like they were from the battle technique school?

The experts of battle technique school could explode with astonishing strength in close combat, instantly unleashing all their strength which was gathered in their knives or body. Yet the spears that Blind had used earlier had astonishing power. He was clearly an expert of spells and divine arts school!

Qin Mu and the two girls leaned on the dragon qilin's head to look down. Qin Mu saw Hu Ling'er who had returned to her original form still sleeping soundly, so he immediately grabbed her into his arms, afraid that she might drop into the water.

The river was clear, and the bottom could also be seen clearly.

At that moment, the river water was getting nearer and nearer to the ground. Not long later, the entire river would fall back into the riverbed!

Over there, Blind's size was insignificant compared to that of Dragon Rearing Sovereign who was three hundred yards tall. However, he was extremely agile and moved rapidly. A human and a god fought in the mud.

Blind flew around in the sky at a very fast speed, prancing around Dragon Rearing Sovereign to avoid his attacks. The bamboo cane in his hand tapped on the air rapidly, and his spear was akin to a dragon and lightning, striking Dragon Rearing Sovereign's body at a speed that couldn't be caught by the naked eye.

And Surging River that was falling from the sky finally reached the ground. The massive amount of water crashed down with a world-shaking splash.

Blind's cane tapped on the heart of Dragon Rearing Sovereign's brows, leaving right after.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign stood in the spot in a daze, then the water crashed down on him. It was hard to say how many explosions came from his whole body. His bones instantly broke and tendons snapped as he got submerged underwater.

Above the river, the dragon qilin rose into the air to avoid the terrifying impact of all the water crashing back down. It spread out and Surging River churned as its waves surged into the sky.

In the meantime beside the river, Blind stood on a reef with his cane. He stretched it out to tap on the agitated river's surface, and it calmed down.

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