Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 384 - Burst with Joy

When the river water landed, the mountains in the surroundings shook from the impact and some of them even crumbled. Landslides came crashing down and caused extremely terrifying damage. Quite a number of villagers living nearby suffered from it.

However, Blind was helpless in that.

If he didn't get rid of Dragon Rearing Sovereign and cut him off from changing the dragon's vein, the ones who would suffer wouldn't just be the villagers living beside the river. The whole Eternal Peace Empire would feel it!

"Grandpa Blind, Dragon Rearing Sovereign is able to shed skin to heal his injuries!" While standing on the head of the dragon qilin, he even added, "Don't be careless! He's still not dead yet!"

Blind was slightly puzzled. "What did you say about this Eel Sovereign? I shattered his limbs and bones, broke all his scales, and even ended his life with Surging River crashing down on him. How could he still be alive?"

"He's not dead!" Qin Mu shouted loudly. "As long as you don't chop off his head, no matter how severe his injuries are, they will heal completely after he'll shed his skin!"

At that moment, the river water suddenly bulged up and came surging down from the upstream, raising waves that were like mountain peaks. A behemoth was swimming underwater.

"That divine flood dragon king of Eel Sovereign has arrived! Looks like Eel Sovereign is really not dead yet."

Astonished, Blind raised his bamboo cane to tap on the river. Dragon Rearing Sovereign was pressed down by the mass of water when it had fallen from the sky. The huge pressure and Blind's attacks were enough to shatter his body into pieces.

Just as Blind's cane tapped on the surface of Surging River, the sapphire blue divine flood dragon king's body coiled. Its huge head popped out from the water to clash with the cane!


Surging River was cut off, and the deep riverbed was revealed. The dragon qilin flew upwards to avoid the aftermath of that strike.

Qin Mu leaned down the dragon qilin's back to look below and saw that Dragon Rearing Sovereign was in a large and deep pit. The mud within it had been blown away by the attacks of Blind and the divine flood dragon king. Dragon Rearing Sovereign was sprawled out on his back and looked extremely miserable.

However, just Qin Mu had expected, he was not yet dead, but was casting off his skin.

Qin Mu quickly took a closer look and saw that the head of Dragon Rearing Sovereign had already split open. A new one was currently squirming in the crack, trying to worm its way out.

'If Dragon Rearing Sovereign succeeds in casting his skin and joins the fight with divine flood dragon king, Grandpa Blind will definitely not be his match!"

He didn't have time to think. He suddenly jumped down from the dragon qilin's back and ran frantically toward Dragon Rearing Sovereign who was lying at the bottom of the river!

Si Yunxiang and Ling Yuxiu cried out in astonishment and stretched out their hands to catch him, but they caught nothing. They didn't manage to grab hold of Qin Mu.


Qin Mu's speed became faster and faster. In a split second, he surpassed the speed of sound and only left a trail of white smoke behind himself.

Blind had sealed his three great divine treasures, preventing him from using his vital qi. However, Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs was a corporeal body divine art. It was one that would burst forth with the strength of the corporeal body.

Blind was unable to seal that.

Qin Mu sprinted down from the sky with a whoosh and went straight for Dragon Rearing Sovereign.

Meanwhile, the water of Surging River was starting to merge together. Black Tortoise Primordial Spirit appeared behind Blind's back and fought with the divine flood dragon king. Blind 'saw' Qin Mu sprinting down from the sky and couldn't help scolding him in his heart for being too daring. He hurriedly gave a flick.

Qin Mu was in midair when he got flicked in the heart of his brow by a gust of wind. Instantly, three rumbles came from his body, and his Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, and Six Directions Divine Treasures opened up one after another. His magic power returned to his body, and he couldn't help being overjoyed.

Beside the shore, Blind was attacking frantically, pitting his life against the divine flood dragon king so that Qin Mu wouldn't be smacked to death with a tail.

'He's still so daring after having his divine treasures sealed by me! This rascal, why didn't I see him being so energetic in bed?'

Blind's brows fluttered in the breeze; he was truly furious. The divine flood dragon king's claws came down on him only to be tapped several times by his bamboo cane. The muscles and bones in the dragon's claw were thrown in disorder so their power couldn't be released.

Blind's cane tapped again, and the river water swirled and gathered to form a huge spear which went straight for the divine flood dragon king's heart. The creature had no choice but to rise into the sky to avoid the strike.


Before the river water totally merged, Qin Mu dived into the mud at the bottom of the river. What followed was a world-shaking rumble as the river water collided and converged. The sight of huge waves overflowing into the sky and surging toward the east was spectacular.

Under the river, Qin Mu held his breath, but the pressure of the river water converging still almost crushed him to death. His chest almost caved inwards, and his ears kept on ringing.

After a moment, Qin Mu came back to his senses and tunneled out from the mud. His body moved like a fish and came to the pit where Dragon Rearing Sovereign lay.

Surging River was currently transporting mud and sand which continued to accumulate in the pit, burying almost half of Dragon Rearing Sovereign.

Qin Mu swam toward the god's side and saw mushy flesh everywhere. Even the god's blood was pushed out by the pressure and swept away by the water. In just a short time, over half of it had been swept away.

The body of a god was very dense and heavy. Even strong practitioners of Divine Bridge Realm would find it difficult to carry one and walk, so Dragon Rearing Sovereign was not swept away by the current and just lay there.

Even when most of his blood had been drained, his head was still squirming. Two dragon's horns had already popped out.

Qin Mu stretched his hands forward to swim around Dragon Rearing Sovereign's body to flip it around.

'Where's the true dragon's nest? Where did he hide it…'


Dragon Rearing Sovereign's head split open wider, and waves of god's might came from the crack.

Astonished, Qin Mu saw that the dragon's head had already wormed halfway out. He quickly swam to Dragon Rearing Sovereign's bald head while pulling out his Carefree Sword. Mobilizing his three great divine treasures and rousing his vital qi, he stabbed Dragon Rearing Sovereign's head with force, only to heard a clink when Carefree Sword came into contact with a dragon's scale and got bounced back. A crack appeared on it, but that was it.

Qin Mu raised his hands to stab a dozen more times until he finally pierced the scale.

Qin Mu pulled his sword out to stab down again. Carefree Sword went halfway into Dragon Rearing Sovereign's head. Qin Mu then took out a huge iron hammer to smash forcefully on the sword's hilt. After pounding it for quite some time, he finally stabbed Carefree Sword all the way through Dragon Rearing Sovereign's head.

Carefree Sword had nailed Dragon Rearing Sovereign's skin and the corporeal body that was casting off the skin. The dragon's head didn't dare to squirm, afraid of alarming the god's might hidden in the sword. It could only slowly cast off the skin, but once it was fixed in place by Carefree Sword, even that option was out.

"Honest-looking boy, it's you again…" Dragon Rearing Sovereign opened his mouth to speak in a weak voice. "I want to kill you, I must kill you…"

Qin Mu circulated his vital qi and swept up mud and sand to stuff his mouth and nose so he couldn't speak. He then took out the last of his Three Break Powder and wrapped it up with his vital qi to stuff it into the mouth as well before searching around again.

"Even if I can't poison you to death, I can still make you cast your skin one more time!" Qin Mu flipped over the god's body to find the true dragon's nest.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's nearly stiff body trembled continuously. It was the so-called taking advantage of you when one is weak. The toxicity of Three Break Powder erupted, and it was truly powerful, causing cracking sounds to come from the already broken body as it broke once more along with the spirit and soul.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign hadn't yet completely cast off his skin, so he wasn't yet separated from it, and his new body was instantly poison. It was truly miserable beyond words.

Qin Mu found strange and weird items like dragon skin drum, dragon's horns, claw staff, dragon bone short flute on Dragon Rearing Sovereign's body, but he could not find the nest of the true dragon lord.

'Weird, this guy had to have hidden it on his body, so it's impossible for it to go missing…'

Qin Mu took out the Emperor's Disk to sense it, but it couldn't sense anything. He then tried to activate the Emperor's Disk a few more times, and the writings on the Emperor's Disk changed, but he still couldn't find the location of the dragon's nest.

At that moment, he suddenly felt an abnormal motion in the currents around him.

The river water was very murky as the mud and sand were being swept up by the currents, thus his vision was very limited. Qin Mu then quickly flew to Dragon Rearing Sovereign's head and supported himself with the hilt of the sword as he looked around carefully.

Another torrential current rushed past his body, but he remained motionless. He saw an incomparably thick dragon's body with dark green scales. Each and every one of them was larger than his body.

It was a flood dragon that should have been reared by Dragon Rearing Sovereign. It was attracted over by its master's aura. That flood dragon was incomparably powerful, even stronger than ordinary existences of the cult master level, so Qin Mu was definitely no match for it.

His gaze flickered, and his other hand took out the dragon bone short flute he had found on Dragon Rearing Sovereign's body. He secretly used vital qi to have the water current blow the short flute.

He wanted to use Secrets of Dragon Control to establish a connection with the flood dragon to control it.

At that moment, his mind was suddenly attacked, and he gained a splitting headache. Dragon Rearing Sovereign had roused the last of his consciousness to strike his mind, nearly causing him to faint.

While suffering from the pain, Qin Mu saw Dragon Rearing Sovereign, who was under his feet, squirming with all his strength, so Carefree Sword swayed back and forth. From the motions, the blade had even sliced apart Dragon Rearing Sovereign's scalp.

'You can still shed your skin after eating so much Three Break Powder? My poison is indeed inferior to that of Grandpa Apothecary. If it was a poison refined by him, Dragon Rearing Sovereign would have died even if he'd cast off his skin ten times."

Qin Mu immediately tried to pull out his sword, but how could he do that when he had pounded it in with an iron hammer. It would require him quite some time to pull it out. A dragon's head was worming out from Dragon Rearing Sovereign, even if there was still a Carefree Sword stuck in it.

Qin Mu stood on the head of Dragon Rearing Sovereign, his hands gripping the sword's hilt. Beneath his feet were the god's big eyes. They were open and looking straight at him. The god's face was green, which was the sign of him being poisoned. He was using all his strength to suppress Three Break Poison.

Meanwhile, behind Qin Mu, a huge dragon's head appeared, its body coiled in the water. The dark green flood dragon opened its mouth, revealing the sharp teeth inside.

Qin Mu's eyeballs swiveled left and right as he secretly stretched his hand out to grasp the Emperor's Disk. He quickly shone it backward, at the huge mouth of the dark green flood dragon who had already come to the top of his head. The sharp teeth were inches away from his head!

Qin Mu raised the Emperor's Disk up high, even if his legs were trembling. Below him, Dragon Rearing Sovereign was still trying his best to squirm out.

Clack, clack, clack…

Qin Mu opened his mouth to say something, but he only heard his teeth clattering. Bubbles flowed out of his mouth as he said, "Don't m-move, b-be nice…"

The mouth of the dark green dragon stopped, then slowly moved back. The creature's gaze fell on the Emperor's Disk.

"Ma ha…"

The flood dragon slowly lowered its head.

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and stomped on Dragon Rearing Sovereign's eye. He shouted ferociously, "You almost killed me! Tell me quickly, where have you hidden the true dragon's nest? I have hundreds of poisons here, so do you really believe that I won't turn you into ashes?"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign looked at him coldly, continuing with his squirming action. Suddenly, a crack sounded from his head as another dragon's head came worming out. He had suffered from Qin Mu's poison and shedding his skin once was not enough to detox himself; he had to cast his skin off once more.

"Ma ha ma ha!"

The dark green flood dragon behind Qin Mu shrunk in size and climbed onto his shoulders. With its two claws on his shoulder, it opened its mouth, shocking Qin Mu. He saw the true dragon's nest resting inside.

"Sly, you are truly sly!" Qin Mu burst out with joy while giving Dragon Rearing Sovereign a thumbs up.

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