Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 385 - River Suppression Dragon

If Dragon Rearing Sovereign had hidden the true dragon's nest somewhere else, Qin Mu wouldn't have praised him for being sly. One has to know that in Disabled Elderly Village, being called sly is definitely a big praise.

If Dragon Rearing Sovereign had hidden the true dragon's nest on his body or that of the divine flood dragon king, it would be something regular people would think of, so it would be easy for one to find it. However, hiding it in dark green flood dragon's mouth was an irregular thought process which was praiseworthy.

That's why Qin Mu was not stingy with his praises for Dragon Rearing Sovereign.

The god, however, ignored him and continued to cast off his skin as he tried his best to worm out. As long as he cast off the two layers of skin, he would be able to get rid of Qin Mu and snatch the true dragon lord and its nest back.

Qin Mu touched the dark green flood dragon on his shoulder, and it rubbed its head against his palm while giving off a cry that sounded like a baby. "Ma ha!"

Qin Mu executed Secrets of Dragon Control to establish a connection with the dark green flood dragon and gave it Carefree Sword, wanting to control it to kill Dragon Rearing Sovereign. However, that flood dragon didn't dare to make a move on the god and actually broke free from the mental control.

The dark green flood dragon was not only raised by Dragon Rearing Sovereign, but also had a natural fear of him, which was why it didn't dare to attack him. Yet with Qin Mu's own ability, he couldn't land a fatal blow even if he wielded a divine sword in his hand. He could at most pierce the skin.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's injuries were extremely heavy, and what he suffered from were fatal blows. Blind's strikes had wounded him way too deeply, and with Qin Mu personally feeding him poison, he had to go through two metamorphoses in order to erase all his injuries. Even if he succeeded, his vitality would still be greatly reduced.

'My Three Break Powder is finished, and there's no time to refine more poison. Even though Fatty Dragon is on Celestial Being Realm, it'd be difficult for him to use Carefree Sword to kill Dragon Rearing Sovereign… Then why don't I try the power of Sun Jade Eye…"

When he thought of that, he reached his hand to take the Sun Jade Eye out, but midway through the motion, he changed his mind. He took out Moon Jade Eye from his taotie sack instead.

In Surging River, the currents were fierce. What Sun Jade Eye could shoot was an incomparably intense beam of fire, so its power would definitely be weakened when coming into contact with water.

On the other hand, Moon Jade Eye's power was still a mystery. However, it would certainly not be afraid of water, so it could still unleash its full power even underwater.

Qin Mu came to Dragon Rearing Sovereign's neck and placed the huge eyeball on the skin. The god ignored him, still trying his best to morph.

Qin Mu adjusted the direction of Moon Jade Eye and aiming it at the neck of Dragon Rearing Sovereign. He then started to adjust it.

It was his first time using Moon Jade Eye. He had tested the power of Sun Jade Eye before, and its power was extremely strong. It sliced apart Bent Mountain Shrine and destroyed the space underwater.

When he had been designing Sunshot Divine Cannon for Emperor Yanfeng, he had also taken reference from the structure of Sun Jade Eye and absorbed numerous concepts of forging from it. After all, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had only taught him the cultivation methods of Sunshot Divine Eyes, so he didn't have any records of any divine cannon.

Qin Mu had derived some structure designs from the Sun Jade Eye, and only then was he able to transform Sunshot Divine Eyes into Sunshot Divine Cannon.

He deduced that Bent Mountain Shrine should have most likely come from an era before Founding Emperor Era. He based that on the fact that it had numerous runes that had a big difference from the current runes and the those used during Founding Emperor Era.

After studying Moon Jade Eye for some time, he activated it.

He saw it open slowly, and the huge eyeball gradually lighted up as though a clear and round moon was hidden in it.

Both Sunshot Divine Eyes and Sunshot Divine Cannon required energy to be provided for them, so Qin Mu had forged numerous pill furnaces to support them. However, there was no similar structure in Moon Jade Eye or Sun Jade Eye, and this had made Qin Mu pondered over it for quite some time. However, he still didn't know from where the energy was coming.

He had a few wild guesses. First, there might really be a sun or a moon hidden in the two eyes, providing the two jade eyes with boundless energy. However, this guess was simply too outrageous, and Qin Mu didn't believe it himself either.

The second guess was more reliable, and that was that the ancient humans or gods had mastered a kind of strange formation that could absorb energy from heaven and earth.

However, the flaw in this guess lay in the fact that when Qin Mu activated the jade eyes, he couldn't feel any unknown energy moving in the surroundings.

He still had a third guess, but it was simply ridiculous. He thought that Sun Jade Eyes and Moon Jade Eyes might actually be treasures of space teleportation. However, they were much more complicated than the teleportation formation, closer to a teleportation door.

That kind of treasure required a huge door to be built on either the surface of the sun or the surface of the moon and another door to be built in the jade eyes. The energy of the sun and the moon would be released through those doors when the eyes opened. If this was how the terrifying attacks were created, there would really be no need for a treasure to provide energy to it.

However, this guess was too outrageous. Who would be able to fly to the sun and the moon?

Furthermore, based on the calculations of Qin Mu and the rest, the astronomical phenomenons were all fake, and that included the sun and the moon. They were all painted on the sky. It was impossible for anyone to leave, so how could they build a teleportation door on the sun and the moon?

He wanted to dismantle the jade eyes to look at their structure, but he didn't dare to do so.

Finally, the energy had finished gathering in Moon Jade Eye. Qin Mu controlled it, and the pupil short out a beam of light that was as straight as a thin blade!

Dragon Rearing Sovereign had almost pulled himself out, so when the blade of light sliced through his neck, there was nothing strange. Yet there was a side-effect. Wherever it passed, an incomparably thin sheet of ice would form. The ice covering was so long that its end could not be seen, and it had separated the bottom of Surging River.

There were quite a lot of fish and water monsters swimming in the river when one huge fish was sliced apart by the ice wall that had no thickness.

However, that fish monster seemed to not have felt it and continued to swim. Yet its body separated from the center, and it became two pieces of swimming fish.

There was no fresh blood leaking out, and Qin Mu could even clearly see the beast's organs and brain tissue!

Two halves of the fish monster swam to and fro, not knowing that they had already been sliced in half.

Qin Mu was stunned, not understanding what had happened.

'Could this Moon Jade Eye have no power, just able to slice people apart? Why are they not dead after being cut in half?' He was puzzled. 'Could the injuries of the fish monster be frozen so that's why no blood flowed out? However, the area that froze has to be very thin; otherwise, the fish wouldn't be able to move.'

Suddenly, blood started to flow out of the two halves of the fish monster. The frozen wounds had to have melted, for the water started to reek of blood. Soon, the fish monster that was in two halves was devoured by others until only its bones were left.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign who was casting his skin off had long stopped squirming. He remained motionless, only his eyeballs rolling around. He saw the state of the fish monster and his blood ran cold.

Qin Mu adjusted the jade eye and sliced another fish monster through the center. It was also cut in half. Qin Mu's vital qi surged out and swept the two halves of the fish monster over, and he pieced them together.

The fish monster connected and swam away.

Qin Mu was stunned, then became overjoyed. 'There's still such an effect of Moon Jade Eye?"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's eyeballs rolled around disorderly, his body behind the neck not crawling forward; it was crawling back instead. He tried to shed off the two layers of skin like that.

"Dragon Sovereign don't move!"

Qin Mu raised the jade eye up and circled it around his neck.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign remained motionless, his dragon eyes filled with fear. A white line that went around his neck took shape.

Qin Mu tried to push at the neck, but it was completely unmovable, so he took out a huge iron hammer and smashed it along the white line.


A crisp sound rang out, and Dragon Rearing Sovereign's scalp instantly turned numb. He croaked, "Hold it!"

Qin Mu raised his huge hammer again and smashed it down heavily. Another crack rang out, and Dragon Rearing Sovereign shouted himself hoarse. "Hold it, I have something to say!"

Qin Mu stopped and asked curiously, "What does Dragon Sovereign want to say?"

"What's the benefit in killing me?" Dragon Rearing Sovereign said carefully to prevent his neck from being broken by the tremors. "Even if you kill me, you will still attract the revenge of High Heavens. There will be stronger gods than me that will descend. They will find you, kill you, and change the path of Surging River to make Eternal Peace another Great Ruins!"

Qin Mu swung his hammer down and said, "Different situations call for different actions, I will just have to kill them first!"

"Hold it! We, High Heavens, are just watch dogs. If a god dies, it's fine, but if two gods will die, the true gods will be alarmed. The consequences of that will be the wiping out of the world!" Dragon Rearing Sovereign stated. "I have no grudge with you and have only come down because of an order, so why must we pit ourselves against each other until one of us dies?"

Qin Mu stopped and smiled. "How is the extermination of Eternal Peace related to me? I'm from Great Ruins, so if Eternal Peace becomes another Great Ruins, I will feel freer instead. Moreover, if I let you off, what if you still want to kill me? You won't speak good of Eternal Peace after you return to High Heavens so why should I leave you alive?"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's face flickered between darkness and clarity. He then gritted his teeth and said, "I can make an oath to Earth Count. After you let me go, I will definitely not take revenge on you!"

Qin Mu raised his huge hammer. "If it's just not taking revenge, you won't be able to take revenge after I kill you as well."

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's voice trembled. "Hold it! I can teach you how to collect dragon veins and mobilize the true power of the true dragon lord!"

Qin Mu put down his iron hammer, his gaze sparkling. "What else?"

The muscles on Dragon Rearing Sovereign's face twitched, but he still said, "I can guard Surging River's dragon vein and work for you!"

Qin Mu's face was solemn. "Swear to Earth Count!"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's gritted his teeth. "I'll swear an oath to Earth Count!"

Qin Mu smiled and put away his iron hammer, but still held onto Moon Jade Eye. He transformed into Saturn Sovereign that had a human head and a snake's body. Behind him appeared the Gate of Heaven Influence.

The two doors opened up and revealed the sinister darkness of Youdu.

"You can now make an oath to Earth Count, but don't play any tricks. I've already made an oath to Earth Count once, so even if you'll try to play any tricks, you won't be able to trick an honest man like me," Qin Mu said solemnly

"Honest man…"

The corner of Dragon Rearing Sovereign's eyes twitched, but he could only make an oath. He recited the oath about guarding Surging River and not rebelling word for word. At that time, his true form revealed itself, and his body swelled up to transform into a huge flood dragon that was three hundred yards long. Black qi surrounded his body and transformed into chains. One end was connected to Surging River and the other to his soul!

If he went back on his oath, that chain would pull his soul into Youdu and he would die!

Qin Mu carefully studied the words in his oath to check that there were no loopholes. He then smiled and said, "When the ice line around your neck melts, your body will still be complete. Call back your divine flood dragon king and guard Surging River properly!"

The huge flood dragon that was Dragon Rearing Sovereign had a huge head like a mountain. He looked at Qin Mu with a complicated expression. "I keep calling you an honest-looking boy, but that's not your name. May I ask who you are?"

Qin Mu took the dark green flood dragon to the river surface with him, and his voice came from above, somewhat distorted by the water. "Qin Mu of Disabled Elderly Village, Heavenly Devil Cult Master, the current human emperor."

Dragon Rearing Sovereign was stunned, then asked in a low voice, "So it's Human Emperor… Who taught you like that? You are way harder to deal with than the sword god back then…"

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