Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 386 - Technique to Seize Fate

While Qin Mu rose from the water, a huge flood dragon swam past him, diving into the depths. It was none other than the divine flood dragon king. Qin Mu stopped, noticing a bamboo stick stuck in the forehead of the sapphire blue flood dragon. It was bubbling with blood.

'Grandpa Blind's bamboo cane!"

Qin Mu rose from the river and walked toward the shore. The dragon qilin brought over a dozen flood dragons while carrying Ling Yuxiu, Hu Ling'er, and Si Yunxiang carefully. The battle between Blind and the divine flood dragon king had to have just ended. They had avoided the aftermath of the fight, so they were slightly slow to get close.

Hu Ling'er had finally sobered up and was looking around curiously. She didn't know how she had ended up there from the banquet in town, so she was very puzzled.

Qin Mu looked around and saw Blind.

At that moment, he looked very miserable, all covered in mud. His clothes were disheveled, and there were wounds all over his body. It was evident that he'd faced an extremely tough battle with the divine flood dragon king.

That creature was extremely strong; it was a flood dragon that had become a god after all. It possessed remarkable abilities, and it was also a water attribute flood dragon. Blind had used all his power and made life difficult for the divine flood dragon king, but he'd gotten injured as well.

The dragon qilin flew over and landed on the ground. Hu Ling'er jumped down from his back, still in the form of a small fox. She skipped and jumped onto Qin Mu's shoulder, and only then noticed the dark green flood dragon on the other shoulder, which caused her hair to stand on ends. Even her tail became straight.

When she got drunk, she would return back to her true form. And upon waking up, she forgot to transform back into a human as well.

"Ling'er, don't be scared, this is a flood dragon I just recruited. It has even done a huge credit," Qin Mu consoled the little fox while taking a glance at Blind. He blinked and beamed at him. "Sister Yuxiu, Saintess Xiang, let me show you a big fella."

The two girls were very curious and asked, "What big fella?"

Qin Mu stood beside the river and shouted loudly, "River Suppression Dragon King, aren't you coming out?"

Waves surged forward and overflowed into the sky. The huge dragon that was Dragon Rearing Sovereign raised its head from the river, tall as a mountain. His long whiskers hung by his nose, sparkling and translucent, fluttering in the wind.

They were three hundred yards long and beautiful.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign hung his head down. "Does Your Majesty have any instructions?"

The two women were stunned, and Blind was also astonished.

Qin Mu was pleased with himself as he looked around. When he saw everyone's expression, he crossed his arms over his chest. He smiled and said, "Nothing much, I just wanted you to come out and meet everyone."

With a solemn face, Dragon Rearing Sovereign endured the urge to slap the little thing with one palm. As he was about to sink back into the water, Qin Mu said, "Hold on, don't be in a hurry to leave. You had promised to teach me how to collect dragon veins and how to mobilize the power of the true dragon lord."

Dragon Rearing Sovereign immediately stopped, no longer sinking into the water.

Qin Mu proudly looked over. "Grandpa Blind, how's that?"

"Beyond awesome." Blind was full of smiles.

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he secretly took out a golden flute. He then executed Secrets of Dragon Control so numerous flood dragons flew toward Blind!

They were all extremely powerful, and if they tied Blind up, he would definitely be unable to move!

But at that moment, Blind suddenly flicked his finger, and Qin Mu gave a grunt. The three great divine treasures in his body were sealed up once again. The sound of the flute stopped, and the flood dragons looked around in a daze; they didn't attack Blind.

"Mu'er, you're being too awesome for your own good." Blind gave another flick, and golden rope flew out to tie his arms and legs. He sighed. "Each age brings forth a new genius on this noble land, yet the younger generations always die on the sandy beach. The ginger gets spicier as it gets older. You were too slow in making your move, trying to control the flood dragons to tie me up? It's not that simple."

Qin Mu fell to the ground, his face black like charcoal. Just as he wanted to order Dragon Rearing Sovereign to take Blind down, his mouth was stuffed with a piece of cloth, making him unable to talk.

"The wedding has to continue, and the child has to be born!" Blind picked him up and said to Dragon Rearing Sovereign, "Ferry us back to Great Ruins by following the river. We will go back to the village to continue the wedding! There are still two brides, and if you organize it nicely, I'll treat you to the wedding banquet."

Dragon Rearing Sovereign hesitated for a moment while looking at Qin Mu. Muffled cries came from the youth's mouth as he tried to struggle. However, after a moment, the boy just nodded in submission.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign secretly felt happy. 'This honest-looking boy is so crafty yet there's a time when he's at a disadvantage too. Serves him right."

He bent down, presenting hem his long back. It was like a narrow island on the water. "Come onto my back!" he shouted.

Blind carried Qin Mu onto the dragon's back, and the dragon qilin hurriedly came over as well. Numerous flood dragons that were bustling with activities squeezed into a ball too.

'These are the flood dragons I raised; they are all freeloaders…'

Dragon Rearing Sovereign felt another pang of pain, but the incident was already beyond any salvaging. If he could redo everything, he would send a fatal blow to Qin Mu the first time he met him, killing the honest virgin boy with a slap.

On the dragon's back, Qin Mu seemed to have already accepted his fate and didn't struggle anymore. He also didn't try to make Dragon Rearing Sovereign make a move. Thus, Blind took out the cloth in his mouth and said, "Have the Eel Sovereign teach you."

Qin Mu stretched out his hands, and Blind took off the golden rope. However, the portion on his legs remained.

Qin Mu's gaze wavered. "Why is Grandpa Blind so careful? I'm just learning how to collect dragon veins from Dragon Rearing Sovereign and need magic power for that. Besides, the flood dragons are already hungry, so I need to refine pills to feed them. Can I run away if you undo the seals on me? Even if I want to run, can I escape Grandpa Blind's grasp? Isn't sealing me just as easy as flicking a finger for you?"

Blind raised his eyebrows and stretched his hand to tap on the heart of his brows. Qin Mu was delighted as he heard a rumble. His Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was opened, but his Five Elements and Six Directions Divine Treasures were still sealed.

"The vital qi in Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure is enough for you to learn," Blind said calmly.

Qin Mu sighed with admiration and gave Blind a thumbs-up. "As expect of the old and experienced that taught me how to be an adult, always being so careful!"

Blind's heart burst with joy and he laughed. "Stop flattering me! Go, go!"

Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang looked at each other in dismay. The teachings in cowherd boy's family seemed to be different from the other families. No matter how they saw it, it looked like they were bringing their child to walk an unorthodox path.

Qin Mu refined spirit pills and fed the dragons. The dragon qilin also ate a few mouthfuls, but felt that the taste was wrong. He secretly peeled a Scarlet Fire Spirit Pill open, and his face couldn't help turning black. He saw that there was a Fire Element Divine Vitality Pill in the center of Scarlet Fire Spirit Pill; no wonder it was somewhat spicy!

"Cult Master, these spirit pills are wrong!" the dragon qilin shouted. After that, he peeled open a few more spirit pills and threw the Fire Element Divine Vitality Pills into the river while eating just the skins.

Qin Mu played the golden flute and had the green flood dragon beat the dragon qilin up. The fatty yelped miserably and didn't dare to be picky anymore.

As Dragon Rearing Sovereign swam toward Great Ruins, he taught Qin Mu an even more profound Secrets of Dragon Control. The Dragon Rearing Scriptures he had given Qin Mu had still held some information back; numerous crucial points had not been recording in them. Qin Mu learned diligently and didn't play any tricks.

After half a day, he had learned all of Secrets of Dragon Control and asked on how to mobilize the power of the true dragon lord. Dragon Rearing Sovereign said, "I have no idea who refined the true dragon lord into a treasure, but now it has already become a treasure of fate. It can never become a true dragon. However, placing it into the nest would allow it to absorb the dragon qi there.

"With a unique technique to absorb the fate of the true dragon lord, the cultivation of the person wearing the true dragon lord will grow by leaps and bounds! I have never learned this kind of technique before, but I think that the person who wanted to collect the treasure should have imprinted the technique into the true dragon lord. After seizing the fate, you will become the true dragon lord!"

"A unique technique?"

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. He immediately mentioned the Nine Dragons Monarch Technique he had learned from Emperor Yanfeng. "Is this kind of technique one to seize fate?"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign pondered it for a moment, then shook his head. "This kind of technique can only seize the qi, borrowing the dragon qi to cultivate, so it isn't a technique to seize fate. We, the dragon race, are born from heaven and earth and naturally inherit the knowledge of the cosmos, changing it into a language known as the dragon language.

"Every dragon is naturally proficient in the dragon language, so there's no need to learn it. The writings and runes on the true dragon lord and its nest are nothing else but the writings of my dragon race. I only saw the ones on the nest, but from the writings there, there's indeed a technique that seizes fate written down there. However, it isn't complete."

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly. He should only be able to learn the complete technique to seize fate after putting the Emperor's Disk and the true dragon's nest together.

Legend said that a god had conferred Emperor's Disk to the ancestors of Ling family, and that it symbolized the authority of the emperor. The Nine Dragons Monarch Technique was then naturally a technique that was comprehended from the Emperor's Disk.

On top of that, a genius like Emperor Yanfeng had been able to perfect Nine Dragons Monarch Technique and raise it to a level where it could compete with Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures and Rulai's Mahayana Sutra!

One could well imagine how terrifying would be the technique that combined the writings on the Emperor's Disk with those on the nest!

"Dragon Sovereign, teach me the dragon language!" Qin Mu said suddenly.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign taught him the dragon language he knew and said, "It is actually hidden within the bloodline. The purer the bloodline, the more dragon words one would know. I'm not a true dragon, so there are still some parts that I don't know the meaning of."

Qin Mu memorized all the syllables and writings of the dragon language, and his head started to swell. The strokes of the dragon language were strange, and they looked like they were formed by dragons. There was no regular pattern to be seen!

Without it, it would be impossible to deduce the meaning of the characters he didn't recognize.

Besides that, the method of pronunciation was also different from the human language. They had unusual cadences, and some syllables couldn't be pronounced with the human throat. It was nearly an impossible task for him to want to use the dragon language to converse with dragons.

Qin Mu memorized the dragon language as much as he could, then took out the Emperor's Disk that was hanging around his neck. Looking at it, he was instantly able to understand the meaning of some of the characters and the runes. However, since Dragon Rearing Sovereign didn't know the whole language, Qin Mu couldn't recognize all that was written.

The writings on the Emperor's Disk changed continuously and made him giddy from reading them.

Qin Mu closed his eyes and shook his head. He said in a low voice, "Only true dragons will recognize all of the writings of the dragon race, so where can I find a true dragon and ask him to teach me all of the dragon language?"

"There are true dragons in Great Ruins," Dragon Rearing Sovereign said.

Qin Mu's spirit was greatly aroused. He suddenly raised his head to look forward and saw Secret Waters Pass ahead of them.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's speed was truly astounding. In just half a day, he had brought them to Great Ruins.

Secret Waters Pass was blockaded by the army of Eternal Peace Empire. If Dragon Rearing Sovereign wanted to cross, he had to destroy the whole city. Qin Mu immediately had him stop, and everyone jumped off his back and entered Secret Waters Pass.

Feng Xiuyun led many people over to welcome Qin Mu and bowed in greeting. "We pay our respects to Cult Master!"

Qin Mu smiled and said, "Spare the formalities. It's getting late so we shall take a rest here before entering Great Ruins tomorrow. Incense Master Feng, please arrange the guest rooms."

Blind beamed and said, "This girl doesn't look bad… prepare a banquet. It's the second blooming of your cult master tonight; he will get married."

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