Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 387 - Grown Up

The whole Secret Water Pass was decorated with lanterns and colored banners. Feng Xiuyun was swift in handling matters, and soon Si Yunxiang was dressed nicely by a bunch of female soldiers. She wore a phoenix coronet and veil while Qin Mu wore the big red silk ball again. He was forced to bow and get married with Si Yunxiang.

"Little Girl Feng is also not bad, she's quick in handling matters, saving me the trouble." Blind couldn't keep his mouth closed from smiling. He thought to himself, 'I wonder if she's married…"

At the wedding banquet, the little girl Hu Ling'er tears looked like raindrops on a pear blossom. She hugged her wine jar, unable to even stand straight, crying that Grandpa Blind had lied to him, that he was an old trickster.

Numerous soldiers of Secret Waters Pass that had come forth to congratulate the couple looked at one another in dismay as they didn't know why was the six to seven year old girl whimpering so sorrowfully.

After all the joyous activities, the newly wedded couple was sent to the bridal room. Si Yunxiang secretly had hidden a dagger on her body for the time Qin Mu lifted her veil. That would be the moment for her to strike and fulfill her long-cherished wish as the saintess—to assassinate the licentious and tyrannical cult master.

After waiting for quite a while, Qin Mu hadn't yet come to her, and a pang of jealousy welled up in her heart. 'Am I inferior to that fat girl, Ling Yuxiu? Grandpa Blind is blind, but his heart isn't blind, yet someone's eyes and heart are both blind. Does he only like girls with big chests?'

She waited for a while more, but Qin Mu still didn't come to sit beside her nor lifted her veil.

She secretly raised the veil and saw that Qin Mu was sitting beside the table and studying a book diligently. Si Yunxiang was bitter and angry. On the night of a wedding with a beauty that looked as lovely as a flower, the fool was studying. It was truly outrageous!

Si Yunxiang lifted her veil and tossed it aside. She walked forward and smiled. "What is Cult Master so engrossed in?"

"Computational Canon of Mysterious Lady." Qin Mu raised his head and invited her to take a seat. He said sincerely, "Grandpa Blind always like to play a fool, so sorry for implicating you to marry me. I know he is worried about my safety and wants me to marry a nice girl and give birth to babies so I would be tied down by a wife and unable to return to Eternal Peace. He simply doesn't want me to face the dangers in the future. Sister Xiang, allow me to apologize to you for making you suffer along the way." When he finished saying that, he stood up and bowed.

Si Yunxiang immediately returned his greeting and said firmly, "You have always treated us courteously and didn't take advantage of me nor the princess. I have seen all that, so I naturally know Cult Master's conduct. You are the cult master and half a seniority higher than me, so there's no need for the formalities."

She was even younger than Qin Mu, only a girl that was fourteen years old who had bright eyes and white teeth. The way Si Yunxiang conducted herself always seemed trifling and disrespectful, but when she was serious, she had a bearing that was kind of magnanimous and graceful.

The saintess of the Si Family was the alternative choice for the cult master. If Heavenly Devil Cult Master were to unfortunately die, she would succeed in his place. Thus she naturally had an extraordinary bearing as well.

"Cult Master still hasn't said why you want to read Computational Canon of Mysterious Lady," she said while smiling.

Qin Mu continued to study while saying "I want to escape Grandpa Blind's grasp, but I definitely can't outrun him. If I poison him, it won't be nice; he's my grandpa after all. That's why I've thought of using a teleportation divine art."

Si Yunxiang cried out in astonishment, "Cult Master's attainments in algebra have already reached this step?"

Teleportation divine art was extremely hard to cultivate, and there were not many people who were able to succeed in it in Heavenly Devil Cult. All the hall masters used teleportation flags or teleportation clothes, since if they wanted to succeed in cultivating the teleportation divine art, they would need astonishing attainments in algebra!

The difficulty in that divine art was no inferior to that of Dao Sword. To make use of teleportation divine art, the space algebra had to be cultivated to its extreme. Otherwise, a mistake in the calculation would send one to the wrong, dangerous place. But even scarier than that was sending oneself into a rock; one's body would then fuse with it

Yet the most terrifying point was still a different problem. With the teleportation divine art, a person could dissect oneself, leaving pieces in different spaces!

The most difficult point of teleportation divine art was calculating the numerous points of teleportation in a split second without making a single mistake. Besides, one would need to continuously calculate while teleporting. The required calculations were so numerous that for them to all be accurate was something nearly impossible!

In Heavenly Devil Cult's history, there were quite a few strong practitioners who had crippled, killed, or even went missing because of cultivating teleportation divine art. There were also many who had dissected themselves!

What was even more terrifying was that those strong practitioners all had astounding attainments in algebra!

Qin Mu studied computational canon and calculated continuously at the same time. He was trying to calculate all the space teleportation points.

"Dao Master Lin Xuan gave me Computational Canon of Mysterious Lady a few months ago and I've been studying it since then. As for Computational Canon of Supreme Mystery, I've already mastered it. Dao Sect's attainments in algebra can be said to be number one. With two kinds of computational canons together, I will be able to solve the marvel of teleportation divine art.

"Don't worry, I will be able to understand Computational Canon of Mysterious Lady by tonight. Once the darkness withdraws from Great Ruins tomorrow morning, I'll leave with this divine art. Once Grandpa Blind sees that I have left, he naturally won't trouble you girls."

Si Yunxiang's expression was complicated when she said gently, "Why are you struggling? Even though Grandpa Blind kidnapped us by force and forced us to marry you, you are only thinking about yourself. Have you once asked if we are willing to marry you?"

Qin Mu stopped calculating and raised his head in astonishment. Under the light of the lamp, Saintess Xiang looked bashful and irresistible.

"Sister Xiang, are you willing to marry me?" Qin Mu asked with his eyes wide open.

Si Yunxiang's eyes went down, and she lowered her head bashfully. The beads of the phoenix coronet swayed gently as candlelight reflected off them in a captivating glow.

"I don't believe." Qin Mu lowered his head down to continue reading the book diligently. "There was a dagger hidden in your sleeve just now. If I go to your side, you will stab me, so I don't believe you."

Si Yunxiang formed into such tight fists that they crackled, and her teeth creaked from grinding. Suddenly, she pulled out a small dagger and pounced.

Qin Mu laughed and rose up. He avoided the dagger and flicked his finger against the blade. Si Yunxiang spun around him, and the red gown of the bride whirled like a red lotus. With cold light flashing in her hand, she attacked Qin Mu frantically.

The noise of furniture being smashed came from the bridal room as numerous items were shattered into pieces.

"How bustling." Blind put down his wine cup, his ears twitching. As he sat calmly, he beamed at Feng Xiuyun who was drinking with him. "General Feng, are you married?"

Qin Mu fought with Si Yunxiang for a moment, until he gained the upper hand. He then snatched her dagger and threw her onto the bed. There, he smacked her butt a few times, taking revenge on her for cleaning out his small treasury before going back to studying diligently.

Si Yunxiang went under the blanket angrily, her back to him.

The sky gradually turned bright while the world in Great Ruins was shrouded in incomparably dense darkness. Qin Mu had read the book for the whole night, but his vitality was still ample.

Si Yunxiang woke up. When she turned over to face Qin Mu, she couldn't help snorting.

He turned his head to her and smiled. "You snore when you sleep, but it isn't loud, just like the noise of a kitten. It should be something in your throat that's most likely left from qi deviation. I refined a pill for you, so consume it as soon as possible, and it'll be cured."

Si Yunxiang left the bed and stretched her body. She took the spirit pill.

Qin Mu let out a shaky breath, and his gaze flickered. "I can definitely escape this time. However, Grandpa Blind only unsealed my Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, so my magic power is still not enough for me to teleport far away. Because of that, I need to use Secrets of Dragon Control in Dragon Rearing Scriptures to have the flood dragons coil around my body and lend me their magic power!"

Si Yunxiang jumped in shock. "You still want to leave?"

Qin Mu smiled and said, "That is natural. Grandpa Blind thinks that I will die in Eternal Peace, so I want to prove it to him that I can escape from his hands and thus escape from the great disaster coming in the future! There is nobody in this world that can kill me!"

He was full of confidence when he pushed open the door. Si Yunxiang walked out with him, only to see Blind standing at the arched doorway to the garden, seemingly smiling at them.

Si Yunxiang hurriedly looked at Qin Mu whose face was also filled with smiles.

Blind raised his eyebrows, having gotten a new bamboo cane from somewhere. He tapped it gently against the ground, then said, "Mu'er, granddaughter-in-law, come and eat breakfast."

Qin Mu smiled and said, "Just in time for breakfast."

Si Yunxiang kept feeling that there were sparks crackling non-stop between the two men. Blind clearly didn't have eyes, but she had a feeling that the two were staring at each other and silently competing.

On the breakfast table, Ling Yuxiu also appeared as the 'first wife'. The little girl Hu Ling'er sulked with her head lowered as she ate. Her displeasure was worn on her face, and her cheeks were puffed up. Nobody could say why exactly she was sulking.

"Fatty Dragon, I'll beat you to death if you're picky!"

The little girl suddenly blew up at the dragon qilin, scaring him into nearly flipping over his rice bowl. The small and delicate flood dragons were amused and cried out ma ha ma ha.

The dragon qilin smiled and said, "Sister Ling'er, I'm not picky, look, I've already lost half a tael in weight."

After breakfast, Blind revealed a smile and raised his eyebrows. He then said leisurely, "Mu'er, Great Ruins is right ahead, so do whatever you want to do."

Qin Mu's gaze flickered and he said, "Grandpa Blind sealed my Five Elements and Six Directions Divine Treasures, so how would I dare to do anything?"

Blind yawned and stretched out his hand to tap him on the heart of his brows. "Don't say I didn't give you any chance."

Two loud explosions came from his body, and his Five Elements and Six Directions Divine Treasures suddenly opened. His magic power flooded back, and he instantly felt power coursing through his body.

"Grandpa Blind is very confident eh." Qin Mu narrowed his eyes, and his will to battle blazed.

Blind propped himself on his bamboo cane and beamed at him. "Not a problem, not a problem."

Suddenly, Qin Mu gave a heavy stomp, and incomparably luxurious teleportation formations appeared around his body. They lit up, and his body instantly vanished!

Teleportation divine art!

He had just vanished when Blind suddenly tapped the ground with his bamboo cane. Qin Mu then fell off midair. The moment he did so, incomparably luxurious formation markings swirled around him again, and he vanished once more.

Blind tossed the bamboo cane up, and as if it was a jade it changed in the sky like a green dragon. It tapped numerous times in space, and Qin Mu's teleportation divine art was intercepted again and again, forcing him to keep revealing his traces.

Qin Mu's body flickered on and off as he was slowly forced back into the courtyard. Finally, he was forced out by Blind's bamboo cane and landed back into the courtyard.

Before his feet could touch the ground, the sound of a flute rang out, and flood dragons pounced on Blind. In an instant, he was bound tightly by them!

Blind paid no attention to them. His bamboo cane flew over and tapped gently on the necks of two of them. They instantly turned limp, as if they had died.

There were also two flood dragons that had flown to Qin Mu's feet, and he instantly felt magic power flooding over. His palms then sliced down one after another!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Countless teleportation formation markings surged out crazily, appearing between him and Blind. The space between the two of them expanded rapidly, flashing with formation runes of all colors!

Blind's expression changed slightly, and he gave chase with his bamboo cane. It tapped rapidly and destroyed the runes one after another. Suddenly, however, the formations in the surroundings swept toward Blind who was in the center.

He stopped and let them drown him out. There was a smile on his face. "Mu'er, you have won…"


A ray of light flashed, and he was teleported away by the teleportation divine art.

Outside Secret Waters Pass, Blind walked out from a ray and looked back at the place. He was silent for a moment, then revealed a smile. "You have grown up."

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