Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 388 - Spear God Awakened

The distance Qin Mu had teleported Blind wasn't great, not even a mile away from Secret Waters Pass, with Great Ruins behind him.

To Blind, destroying Qin Mu's teleportation wasn't hard, so the boy could only send him that far at most

Blind quietly returned to Secret Waters Pass to find Qin Mu. Without a word, he undid the seals on Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang's divine treasures. Propping himself on his cane, he walked away by himself.

Qin Mu was stunned. "Grandpa Blind…"

"Grown up, all grown up…"

Dark tears trickled out from Old Blind's eye sockets, and the faster he walked, the faster they fell. The child he'd raised had finally grown up, and his heart suddenly felt empty and sour. Qin Mu most likely wouldn't be going back to Disabled Elderly Village again. He was no longer the little youth that carried him while training punches.

The child he had picked up already had his own ideas and ability to protect himself. His heart was wild, and after seeing the outside world, he wouldn't want to remain in Disabled Elderly Village where there was only a bunch of old men and one old woman.

Blind walked so quickly that when Qin Mu rushed to the city walls of Secret Waters Pass, he could only see his grandpa's back that was leaving farther and farther away. It looked a little lonely.

The youth's heart was also slightly depressed. He waved his hand, but didn't say anything. Blind had his back toward him, but he seemed to see him wave his hand so he also waved back. He didn't turn back though.

Qin Mu saw Blind lowering his hand after seeming to have wiped his eye sockets with it. He seemed to be clearing his tears.

Blind quickly walked through the river, and after a while came to Disabled Elderly Village.

There was no one else there, so the place had already become the world of hen dragons. They had laid brood and moved into the houses of Village Chief, Blind, and the rest. When they saw Blind coming back, one young and proud hen dragon rushed to him for a fight, planning to chase the old blind man out of their territory.

After a moment, the bamboo cane pierced through that creature and stripped it of its feathers. It was then roasted on a bonfire while the other hen dragons hid in a corner and shivered.

Blind then went to Butcher's room and dug out a few jars of wine. After roasting the hen dragon, he drank with his meal

Once he was full, he threw the chicken bones all of over the ground. When he stood up, he reached for his bamboo cane, but it had already turned into ashes by the flames.

Stunned, Blind patted the ashes with his hand. He walked to Surging River that was outside the village in wide strides.

"How many years has it been…" he muttered to himself. "Old brother, how many years have you accompanied me? When I lost and carried you here, Village Chief said that my heart is defeated and I no longer deserve to have you. He made me put you away, buried in this Surging River. He said I would never need to have you in Disabled Elderly Village."

Waves rose on the surface of Surging River, and a soft rumbling came from the bottom of the river. Ripples spread out into the surroundings with a regular pattern.

Blind walked onto the water, his tattered clothes flapping in the wind.

"Back then when I abandoned you, my heart was dead; I saw nothing worth living for in this world anymore. In the past, you had followed me because of my strength, my invincibility, my arrogance!"

While he stood on the river's surface, an incomparably terrifying will to fight suddenly burst forth from his small body. It rushed straight into the sky, and the clouds warped, transforming into a tortoise with a snake coiling around it. The tortoise was black and had a dragon head, while the snake was a flying serpent soaring with a thousand wings!

Suddenly, whispers came from the bottom of the river. It was a strange voice that sounded like the roars of a dragon yet at the same time as the dead whispering. It was the dragon language and also voices from another world.

If anyone heard it, they'd feel as if a long and soft body had gradually risen from the river and coiled around Blind's small and thin one.

"Sa tuo, mo ba sa, xi qu mi tuo (You've lost, eyes are blind, don't deserve to have me)..."

"I've lost."

Blind straightened. His stature was short, and other than Village Chief and Butcher in the past, he was much shorter than everyone in the village. Even though he was small, he gave others a feeling that he was abnormally tall, imposing and straight!

Sorrow was on Blind's face as he said in a low voice, "My divine eyes were dug out and my Dao heart was defeated. I don't deserve to have you, but instead of saying that I had abandoned you, it's you who has abandoned me. At that time, I had lost completely, and I didn't deserve to have you."

The waves on the river surface grew larger and larger, and ripples started swirling. A huge whirlpool formed in the middle of the river, and the strange voice came out from within, bringing along with it a terrifying air of awe. "Xi qu mi tuo, yi he su po suo? (Don't deserve to have me, so why have you come?)"

"I've found my Dao heart!"

Blind's eyebrows and hair fluttered in the wind, and his clothes flew outwards. His voice like the rumbling thunder resonated through the clouds. His will to fight became incomparably sharp and powerful, as though a god had once again returned to the mortal world.

"The me in the past only chased after the extremes of the divine eyes; I could see through everything yet I couldn't see through the human heart! Whereas the me now has someone I need to protect. For this child, I found my fighting spirit once again, and picked my confidence and Dao heart!"

He stretched out a hand toward the river's surface, and his voice rumbled. "My Long Tuo, I had abandoned you in the past, but will you still be willing to follow me? Do you still reminiscence about the times in the past, the days we bathed in blood? If you want, if you are willing, I shall do as you wish! I shall let you experience fights, and the bitterness, that you had never experienced. One man, one spear, we shall kill all gods and devils that stand in our way!"


The river's surface exploded, and the roars of a dragon rang in all directions. From the bottom of the river, a huge pitch-black dragon rose, formed by black bones. It slowly swam out from the water, and its numerous joints cracked continuously as it coiled around Blind's small and thin frame.

The pitch black bones trembled and rattled non-stop. The sound became louder and louder while rays of blood light shone through. An incomparably terrifying aura spread out along with an unrivaled fierceness.

Blind gripped tightly one of the bones, and the black dragon suddenly retracted itself. The bones collided with each one as sparks shot out in all directions, and changed shape into a black dragon spear!

"Long Tuo, you are finally awake! I'm also finally awake!" With the black dragon spear in his hand, Blind was full of delight. He didn't even turn his head back when he left Disabled Elderly Village. "I will never return to this village again! Follow me to relive the days we bathed in blood!"

In Secret Waters Pass, Qin Mu sensed a terrifying aura bursting forth in Great Ruins, and he raised his head to look in that direction for a moment before looking away. There were all kinds of strange things in Great Ruins that would erupt from time to time, so it was actually something very normal.

"I plan to make a trip to Sun Well. Are you girls really coming along as well?" Qin Mu surveyed his surroundings, and his gaze landed on Ling Yuxiu, Si Yunxiang, and Hu Ling'er. "I'm going over there to fulfill my promise, but I don't know if Sun Well will welcome you girls or not."

He revealed an apologetic look as he added, "You girls are different from us, outsiders while we are the abandoned people of Great Ruins."

Hu Ling'er transformed into a little fox and jumped onto Qin Mu's shoulder. She chased the dark green flood dragon off him and wrapped herself around his neck like a scarf. "I'm also an abandoned person of Great Ruins, so I shall go with young master!"

"If you marry a chicken follow the chicken, if you marry a dog follow the dog, since I'm already the cult mistress, I definitely have to follow Cult Master wherever you go," Si Yunxiang said shyly.

Ling Yuxiu sneered and said, "Even the cult mistresses should have a first and second, right?"

Si Yunxiang chuckled and said, "What does the previous cult mistress want to say?"

Ling Yuxiu was furious, but then burst out laughing. "I won't fight with you over this, I will just not go then. Grandpa Blind kidnapped me so my father must be worried sick. I shall return to inform him that I'm safe and sound. The marriage was merely Grandpa Blind's game, so it's not counted. If Saintess Xiang really treats it as a real marriage, then she can be the cult mistress. That's right, cowherd boy, what promise are you going to fulfill?"

"I made a promise to the Sun Guardian that I will help reignite the sun on Sun Ship." Qin Mu caressed the head of the little fox on his neck. "After finding Sun Jade Eyes, I've been busy and couldn't leave for a visit. The longer I drag this out, the shorter the Sun Guardian's life will be. Since I've already come to Secret Waters Pass, I might as well make a trip to Sun Well and hopefully manage to help."

Secret Waters Pass was very close to Constellation Sea, and he could head to Sun Well from there. Qin Mu really wanted to meet the Sun Guardian again, afraid that her legs might have already been swallowed by the ship.

Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang had never heard of Constellation Sea or Sun Well, but Ling Yuxiu had seen Sun Ship before. She acted nonchalantly and asked, "When Sun Ship came to Border Dragon City, I missed it and didn't meet this Sun Guardian. That's right, I still don't know if that person is a man or a woman?"

"A girl. Her name is Yan Jingjing," Qin Mu said honestly. "Her age is similar to yours."

Ling Yuxiu gave a warm smile and said, "Since our ages are similar, we can surely get along well. Let me go to broaden my horizons and meet this Sister Yan."

Si Yunxiang rolled her eyes and smiled. "I got caught by Grandpa Blind carelessly and was forced to marry, yet Cult Master doesn't have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex. Since I'm already here, it's also good to go and meet the Sun Guardian to broaden my horizons."

Qin Mu nodded and said, "The position of Sun Guardian is extremely high. She is of the god race and her status is slightly higher than of me, an abandoned person of Great Ruins."

"God race?" The two girls were speechless.

Qin Mu summoned a flood dragon and it immediately changed into its true body. Everyone went onto its back, but when the dragon qilin wanted to jump on as well, he was kicked down by Qin Mu. With a pleasant face, he said warmly, "Fatty Dragon, you should train your body more. Ling'er, supervise him."

Hu Ling'er gave a sound of acknowledgment.

The dragon qilin blinked and couldn't help shuddering when he saw Qin Mu's vibrant smile. He cried out, "Cult Master, I won't dare to be picky anymore!"

"Not picky anymore?" Qin Mu said with a pleasant face. "So why are there still Fire Element Divine Vitality Pills hidden in your cheeks, not eaten?"

The dragon qilin jumped in shock and cried out, "How did you know I hid my Fire Element Divine Vitality Pills in the cheeks?"

Qin Mu took out a mirror and said with a pained heart, "Look at yourself! Of all the places to hide, you chose your cheeks, and you hid such a large amount as well!"

The dragon qilin immediately looked at the mirror and saw his two cheeks bulging out as though there were two huge balls in his mouth.

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