Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 389 - True Dragon into the Nest, Appearance of the Divine Technique

The dragon qilin wanted to spit out the Fire Element Divine Vitality Pills, but when he saw the pleasant smile on Qin Mu's face, he got so frightened that he gulped down all of the pills.

"What a pity, he should be able to go on the table for New Year," muttered Qin Mu.

The dragon qilin shuddered and ran behind them obediently. Hu Ling'er in the meantime stood on his head and encouraged him continuously, "Fatty Dragon, if you run slow, you will be slaughtered!"

Qin Mu relaxed. Secret Waters Pass wasn't far from Border Dragon City, and according to the geographical map of Great Ruins, Constellation Sea was located at Heavenly Dragon Star Palace that was north of Border Dragon City. It was two hundred miles away, and it was called Star Sea on the map. However, the people around Border Dragon City called it Constellation Sea.

There were numerous locations in Great Ruins that had a different name from the past, which had to have been a result from the fall of Founding Emperor Era.

According to the information Qin Mu knew, after Founding Emperor Era ended, there was a huge break in the recorded history. There were about a thousand or more years during which few things were put to writing. Other than some of the scattered records lying in three big sacred grounds and Little Jade Capital, other sects and countries didn't have any memory of that period of time.

Qin Mu summoned the dark green flood dragon, and it opened its mouth to reveal the true dragon's nest that been refined by Dragon Rearing Sovereign.

The five feet true dragon's nest was still quite big, but even a god like Dragon Rearing Sovereign could only refine it to the size of a table. If he wanted to make it smaller, he would require even more strength.

With Dragon Rearing Sovereign's current cultivation, it was impossible for him.

'Yet the true dragon lord was refined into a jade pendant, so doesn't this mean that the cultivation of the person who refined the Emperor's Disk is even higher than that of Dragon Rearing Sovereign?'

Qin Mu was stunned. Who was the one who had taken away the true dragon lord and refined it into a jade pendant? Why did that god hand it to Ling family? What was their aim?

The dark green flood dragon spat out the true dragon's nest, but just as Qin Mu planned to catch it, he immediately felt an incomparably heavy pressure. "Take it back quickly…"


The two girls were alarmed when they saw Cult Master Qin being squashed by the dragon's nest, both his shoulders dislocated.

"This fake mountain basin seems to be much heavier than Great Cult Master's sword pellet," Si Yunxiang whispered and stuck her tongue out when she recalled how she had sent black gold essence for Qin Mu's sword, causing him to sink into the ground.

Qin Mu grunted. He exerted all his strength to pull out his ten fingers. The dragon qilin immediately ran over and tried to curry favor by saying, "Cult Master, I can help you lick your hands."

"No need."

Qin Mu's arms swayed helplessly, and he circulated his vital qi. He endured the pain as he set his arms back into place and took out a bottle of dragon's saliva to spread it on his fingers. He then let out a sigh of relief.

With the appearance of the true dragon's nest, the Emperor's Disk on his neck had begun to stir once more. It became hot and scorching, and stretched its 'body' like a small dragon squirming once more, trying to fly back into the dragon's nest.

Such a situation had happened once before, when Qin Mu was nearly killed by the flood dragons. At that time, the Emperor's Disk had popped out its small head to make the bunch of flood dragons submit.

However, the true dragon lord had already been refined into the Emperor's Disk. Dragon Rearing Sovereign had said that it was impossible for it to become a true dragon.

True dragons were born from qi and fate, which gave rise to their corporeal bodies. True dragon lord had been a main dragon vein, but it was refined into treasure so there was no more possibility for it to become a true dragon.

Qin Mu took the Emperor's Disk from his neck. The moment he loosened his grip, it flew up and stretched out in the air. It gradually grew larger, but its length was still about a foot or so. It then vanished into the true dragon's nest!

Qin Mu looked at the dragon's nest and saw that the Emperor's Disk coiled around the center of the ninth layer, precisely in the gap there!

When the true dragon lord entered the nest, a world-shaking aura burst forth. The flood dragons beside Qin Mu turned limp as they fell prone on the ground. Even the flood dragon that was carrying everyone hurriedly went down to lie prone on the ground, unmoving!

The dragon qilin also immediately stopped. The fur and scales on his body stood up on end, but he couldn't fight against the terrifying aura from the dragon's nest. He was pressured down on the ground, not daring to even lift his head!

Qin Mu didn't care much about it, for he saw numerous runes flickering on the dragon's nest—they were the writings of the dragon race. There were thousands of then that continuously changed, without a single one repeating!

Different words contained different meaning, and the writings on the true dragon's nest contained an incomparably complicated technique!

True dragons were born from fate, and it was born from the Dao of heaven and earth, thus true dragons were close to Dao and every dragon would naturally master the language of the dragon race. There was no need for them to learn it.

In that case, there was no need to repeat any word, since the dragons could use a word to represent a phrase, a sentence, and even an essay of thousands of words!

It was because of this that there was an unimaginably high wall blocking them when other races tried to learn the dragon language.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's bloodline was extremely pure, but he was a flood dragon and not a true dragon. Because of that, even if he had taught Qin Mu quite a lot of the dragon language, there were still numerous words on the dragon's nest that he didn't recognize.

Among the words Dragon Rearing Sovereign had taught him, the meaning of some of them was extremely complicated. If someone wanted to express them in human words, tens of thousands of them would be needed. What was even worse was that some couldn't even be expressed in human language!

Qin Mu memorized diligently, putting to memory all of the dragon language on the true dragon's nest.

The two girls came over, and Si Yunxiang asked in bewilderment, "What are these writings?"

"Writings of the dragon race." Ling Yuxiu was astonished. "These are all writings of the dragon race! I had learned some before. My father had taught me, but I only recognize a few of them, a couple of them here and there."

Qin Mu gave it some thought and suddenly asked, "Sister Yuxiu, do you have the original Nine Dragons Monarch Technique of your Ling family?"

At first, it hadn't been outstanding, but after the improvements of the experts of the many generations, it had slowly become a top-notch technique. However, Qin Mu reckoned the first copy would have still been preserved; otherwise, Emperor Yanfeng wouldn't have taught Ling Yuxiu the dragon language.

Qin Mu suspected that the original Nine Dragons Monarch Technique was written in the dragon language, and Emperor Yanfeng had taught his daughter to let her read the most primitive version of Nine Dragons Monarch Technique.

"How did you know I've seen it?"

Ling Yuxiu was truly astonished. "The most ancient Nine Dragons Monarch Technique of my Ling family is written in the dragon language, and I've indeed seen it before. Father had made me memorize it before teaching me his version."

Qin Mu smiled and said, "If you'll recite the most ancient version of Nine Dragons Monarch Technique in the dragon language once, I will give you a huge benefit later."

Ling Yuxiu shook her head. "I can't recite it, but I can write it down."

Qin Mu fetched some paper and brush, and Ling Yuxiu wrote down a few strangely-shaped characters. "This is it. Nine Dragons Monarch Technique of my Ling family was recorded on the Emperor's Disk, but it's a pity it has gone missing, I wonder which vile thief stole it."

Qin Mu's face grew slightly red, but he didn't reply to her. Instead, he continued to look at what she had written.

'I see, Nine Dragons Monarch Technique is actually the introductory chapter of the technique that appeared on the true dragon lord and the true dragon's nest.'

He looked through the paper before looking at runes that were flashing continuously on the dragon's nest and finally found the overall basis for the true dragon lord's technique.

After that, Qin Mu continued to study it and a broad and exquisite technique slowly formed in his mind, becoming rich and perfect.

Ling family's Nine Dragon Monarch Technique was only the introduction and not any divine or miraculous technique. However, since the Ling Family could perfect it into a top-notch technique that could compete with the techniques of the three big scared grounds, it was enough to see how astounding it truly was!

He cracked the riddle bit by bit, and he became more and more astonished. It was the technique to seize fate that Dragon Rearing Sovereign had mentioned, but it wasn't completely about it. By cultivating the technique to absorb the dragon qi of the true dragon lord, he would become the true dragon lord himself!

The strong points of that technique lay in making the magic power of the cultivator incomparably dense, and his strength like that of a true dragon. Even among all the techniques that Qin Mu had seen in the past, it was probably only Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique that could reach a cultivation on the same level.

However, the attainments of that technique in strength and the corporeal body was not something Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique could compare!

Even though Qin Mu had more than small attainments in his corporeal body, Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique required a powerful body refinement technique to complement it, but he didn't have that kind of skill. The body refinement technique in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures wasn't considered to be top notch.

However, the technique on the true dragon's nest could refine the corporeal body into that of a dragon king!

"Superb technique, truly a superb technique… Emperor Yanfeng is remarkable as well!'

Qin Mu was full of praises after he had cracked more than half of the technique. He only raised his head after meeting numerous writings that he didn't recognize. He let out a shaky breath and praised, "His Majesty is truly remarkable! Cultivating an introduction into an exceptional martial art, such a talent isn't much inferior to that of Imperial Preceptor! Sister Yuxiu, when had your Ling Family received this technique?"

"I guess about seven hundred or more years ago." Ling Yuxiu recalled what Emperor Yanfeng had told her. "Father once mentioned that the ancestor of Ling Family had met a god who passed him the Emperor's Disk and even taught him the dragon language. However, the character of our ancestor was lax, and he didn't put learning the dragon language to heart.

"At that time, he liked a woman and placed all his mind on her, who was none other than our first grandmother. Yet when our ancestor wanted to learn, he realized that the god had already left and that he'd already forgotten eighty-to-ninety percent of the dragon language the god had taught him. In the end, he could only comprehend the initial Nine Dragons Monarch Technique from the Emperor's Disk."

'Grandpa Deaf's words were true!' Qin Mu thought to himself. 'No wonder that Grandpa Blind also said that women are trouble; it's really the case! Grandpa Butcher also said that women are too troublesome. Old Ma doesn't like to be close to women either, and now I see that there are actually reasons for that! I can't be like the ancestor of Ling Family and delay my cultivation! However, Sister Yuxiu is really quite pretty, and even though Sister Xiang is skinnier, she's also quite good-looking…'

His heart was alarmed, and he immediately wiped out the impure thoughts in his mind. He pulled the true dragon lord out from the true dragon's nest and the dragon-shaped dragon vein turned back into a jade pendant with its head connected to the tail.

Ling Yuxiu saw this and was slightly suspicious. "This piece of jade is slightly similar to the Emperor's Disk of our Ling Family… but there's also some difference. I've heard the Emperor's Disk was a jade pendant while this piece consists of parts put together. There's a gap between them."

Qin Mu smiled and said, "I said I will give you a huge benefit earlier, so now I shall teach you the Nine Dragons Monarch Technique I comprehended."

Ling Yuxiu burst out laughing. "My father taught me Nine Dragons Monarch Technique, so could you have comprehended more than him?"

Qin Mu slowly explained the 'Nine Dragons Monarch Technique' that he had comprehended, and gradually, Ling Yuxiu face became more and more solemn. She realized that at the start, it was still the initial technique of the Ling Family, but as it went further, it became more and more profound. It was even more profound and powerful than the Nine Dragons Monarch Technique that Emperor Yanfeng had perfected!

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