Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 390 - Suspense in Star Sea

'Could it be that I learned the fake Nine Dragons Monarch Technique and the cowherd boy learned the true one?'

Ling Yuxiu was in a slight daze. Only the introductory chapter of the 'Nine Dragons Monarch Technique' that Qin Mu had taught her belonged to the Ling Family. The content afterward had surpassed what she had ever known. Not only did it surpass, it even transcended it.

What was most terrifying was that Nine Dragons Monarch Technique of Ling Family seemed like a branch developed from the introductory form, while the Nine Dragons Monarch Technique that Qin Mu taught her was the trunk. Her branch was only one possibility from it!

The most primitive Nine Dragons Monarch Technique was like a small sapling that had just broken out from the dirt. Ling Family's perfected Nine Dragons Monarch Technique was like the trunk breaking off and growing a branch while Qin Mu's Nine Dragons Monarch Technique grew upward like a tree.

Nine Dragons Monarch Technique was perfected by generations and generations of people, until it was finally finished at Emperor Yanfeng's generation. By then, the technique had already grown to its extreme and there was no more possibility of digging out more potential.

However, Qin Mu's Nine Dragons Monarch Technique possessed boundless potential!

Yet why did the continuous hard work of the many generations of Ling Family unable to compare to Qin Mu's comprehension of a short while?

Could he be a saint that appears once every five hundred years as well?

Qin Mu didn't think much about it. The 'Nine Dragons Monarch Technique' he had learned from the true dragon's nest wasn't complete, either. He just taught Ling Yuxiu what he had comprehended, which was sort of a compensation for the Ling Family.

It was impossible for him to return the Emperor's Disk. It was a treasure that Cripple had given him, and the rules of Great Ruins were that the things given to one could never be returned.

Besides, the true dragon's nest and Emperor's Disk were a pair, so one couldn't be without the other. With the nest, Ling Family had no use for the Emperor's Disk. The complete Nine Dragons Monarch Technique could only be seen when the two were combined.

Qin Mu took the Emperor's Disk away from the dragon's nest, and the pressure on the flood dragons and the dragon qilin instantly vanished. They all rose with eyes full of respect as they looked at Qin Mu.

He ordered them to continue on their way to Heavenly Dragon Star Palace. When he looked at the dragon's nest, his heart stirred slightly. He smiled and said, "I have an extremely fine place to cultivate Nine Dragons Monarch Technique. Sister Yuxiu, come with me, let us jump into this dragon's nest." After he finished saying that, he grabbed Ling Yuxiu's hand and jumped into the dragon's nest.

Ling Yuxiu was astonished, thinking about how they were supposed to jump in when the fake mountain basin was so small. Yet when they came close to it, it grew larger and larger. Their figures descended at a quick speed, as though they were dropping several thousand yards from the sky.

Meanwhile, the landscape in the basin seemed to have become a huge space that was over twenty miles in length and width!

Just the perimeter of the ninth level of the dragon's nest was already over ten miles!

Just as the two landed, cries of astonishment came from the sky. Si Yunxiang had actually jumped with them as well, and when she landed in the space of the true dragon's nest, she realized that there was a completely different world there. It astonished her.

Hu Ling'er saw the three of them disappear from the dragon's back, she immediately jumped over. When she looked into the landscape of the basin, she saw Qin Mu and the other two like ants. They seemed to have become part of the landscape in the basin.

However, they were still moving and talking, though their voices seemed to be coming from dozens of miles away. They sounded unclear.

The three of them looked curiously around the place. Even though Qin Mu had followed Dragon Rearing Sovereign into the dragon's nest before, most of it had been submerged in magma, so he couldn't see it back then.

Only now could he take a look at the whole nest.

The inside was split into nine levels, and each one had numerous glowing pillars. Some were stalactites, some were dragon teeth, and some were pillars. The writings and pictures flashing on the ground and the structures transformed continuously, containing indescribable mysterious principles.

Ling Yuxiu took in a breath and instantly felt the incomparably dense dragon qi flooding toward her. She couldn't help giving out a cry of astonishment at that.

The dragon qi in the true dragon's nest was even denser than in the capital. On top of that, comparing the dragon qi here to the qi of the nine dragons was like comparing heaven to earth. Their quality was completely different!

The dragon qi in the nest seemed to be of much higher quality, far surpassing that of the nine dragons. After all, that qi had formed when the nine dragon's veins converged, while the dragon qi in the nest had gathered all the dragon qi of the veins in all of Eternal Peace Empire and Great Ruins!

"Cultivating here is much faster than cultivating in the capital!"

Ling Yuxiu executed the Nine Dragon Monarch Technique that Qin Mu had imparted to her and instantly felt her cultivation increasing by leaps and bounds. Her vital qi also became much purer!

Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures had techniques that observed the divine dragons, so Si Yunxiang gave it a try as well. She felt the dragon qi flooding toward her endlessly, and after a short moment, it was as if she had cultivated the technique for dozens of days. It shocked her to no end.

If she could cultivate here for over a dozen days, it would be equivalent to cultivating diligently in the outside world for dozens of years. If there wasn't any restriction in cultivation realms, her attainments in techniques and divine arts would be unimaginable!

Of course, even if there was a restriction due to cultivation realm, it was still extraordinary. The nest was definitely a sacred ground to cultivate dragon attribute techniques and divine arts.

"It's a pity it doesn't benefit me much." Si Yunxiang shook her head.

She mainly cultivated the creation writings from Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, having been taught by the young patriarch. He had studied the Seven Writings of Creation to their extreme and imparted all of his comprehensions to her. However, even if she didn't receive the teachings of Unity Technique which Qin Mu got, she was still considered one of the rare experts in the younger generation.

Qin Mu was also absorbing the qi of the true dragon, but it was different for him. Ling Yuxiu cultivated Nine Dragons Monarch Technique while he was trying to incorporate the body refinement part of Nine Dragons Monarch Technique into his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique.

The powerful point of Nine Dragons Monarch Technique lay in the vigorous magic power that was no inferior to that of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. However, the latter lacked precisely a technique for body refinement, so Qin Mu wanted to patch that weakness.

He had incorporated the Nine Dragons Monarch Technique that Emperor Yanfeng had taught him into Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique before, but new one he had comprehended was much more complicated. The language of the dragon race was also different from the human language, so it was much harder to fuse the two techniques. Even trying to absorb only the body refinement technique was very difficult, not something that could be done in a short while.

Not long later, Hu Ling'er's voice came from the outside. "Young master, we are at Heavenly Dragon Star Palace!"

Qin Mu left Ling Yuxiu, who was in deep cultivation, inside the dragon's nest while bringing Si Yunxiang out. When the two of them flew out, their bodies gradually became bigger. By the time they landed on the ground, their bodies had returned to normal. There was no discomfort in the whole process.

'Dragon Rearing Sovereign is remarkable. He didn't shrink the dragon's nest, but instead shrunk the space in which it exists!' Qin Mu exclaimed in admiration. That kind of ability was equivalent to a taotie sack, but a taotie sack contained space inside, while Dragon Rearing Sovereign used great magic power to shrink the space of dozens of miles into just seven-eight feet.

"Heavenly Dragon Star Palace is right in front!" Hu Ling'er said.

Qin Mu looked forward and saw dilapidated palaces before his eyes. Heavenly Dragon Star Palace was a cluster of old constructions. Numerous villages were clustered within them while above were huge mountain like rocks floating in the sky. They were black, red, blue, and all the other colors.

Those rocks were filled with thousands of holes, and they collided time and again, showering stone fragments. Many larger pieces also fell down, but they never landed on the villages. Instead, they'd fall somewhere outside.

The once tall and majestic divine palaces and shrines had become ruins, yet they could still protect the people living within them.

Qin Mu looked at the earthy-looking villagers wearing beast skin clothes and couldn't help feeling a sense of familiarity. Si Yunxiang's face was slightly reddish. Even during winter, the villagers wore short pants and close-fitting shirts made of beast skins. There were also some kids that were over ten years old still squatting down with half of their buttocks showing shamefully.

"I was also like this back then!" Great Cult Master Qin said excitedly.

Si Yunxiang tried to imagine Great Cult Master Qin also showing half of his buttocks back then and couldn't help spitting at the image.

Qin Mu walked forward and greeted the elders in the village. He asked them about the direction to Constellation Sea, and after a moment, Qin Mu returned back, saying excitedly, "The elder said that Constellation Sea is very dangerous and it's always shooting stars. It's a resplendent sight at night! Let's go over there quickly!"

Si Yunxiang cursed him endlessly in her heart.

They brought the bunch of dragons to a huge valley below which was a deep abyss. However, there were countless spots of white light shining in the darkness. Looking down from above, it indeed looked like they were looking at a starry sky.

"How pretty!" Hu Ling'er said excitedly. "They are truly like the night sky! Even the Milky Way is there!"

Si Yunxiang's scalp started to crawl. The Milky Way in the abyss of Star Sea was indeed similar to the Milky Way in the sky, but the 'stars' were colliding continuously as though they were within a bowl of boiling porridge that seemed incomparably dangerous!


A weird pitch black wind came blowing over from the abyss, and a 'star' was blown out. It was as huge as a mountain, but it didn't land on the ground. Instead, it came to float in the sky.

Suddenly, another 'star' flew out of the abyss, and the two huge rocks collided, exploding with a dull blast. Power burst forth, making Si Yunxiang's heart palpitate. "Cult Master! This Star Sea is not a place where people of our cultivation can step into, even existences of the cult master level might not come back!"

"Don't worry, we have the flood dragons to assist us" But even though he said that, he still felt some reservations against entering. "Sun Well is quite a distance away from here and it's located at the center of Great Ruins. However, Yan Jingjing said they had come from Star Sea and returned to Sun Well through it. Could Star Sea have some passage to reach Sun Well quickly?"

He pondered it for a moment, then blew his golden flute to have the flood dragons fly toward the Star Sea. Si Yunxiang was on guard as though she was facing a dangerous enemy, but then she suddenly relaxed. She shook her head. 'If the stars come, there's no use even if we try to defend. Why don't I see if Cult Master has any thoughts about this.'

Qin Mu carefully executed Secrets of Dragon Control to avoid the stars as he closed in on the galaxy in Star Sea. They were clearly going underground, but it didn't look like that. The place seemed like another world.

They seemed to have entered a vast and deep space. Around them were stars that were the size of mountains. Qin Mu looked back and could only see a huge crack from where they had come; he couldn't see the surface anymore.

The bright stars gave off rays of all colors while the galaxy swirled. Millions and millions of so-called stars were moving along and colliding continuously, causing waves and waves of force to bombard the group like knives.

"Divine Dragon Cover!" Qin Mu shouted, and the flood dragons changed their formation, their tails connecting together. Their hind claws interlocked and with heads downwards, they created a ball to protect them, keeping them away from any danger.

Qin Mu looked toward the center of the Milky Way and saw that there were Yin Yang Fish that looked like the taiji diagram. They were like two incomparably huge and deep wells, while the countless stars swirled continuously around them. Above the deep wells, there seemed to be two tears.

It had to be Great Ruins where Sun Well and Moon Well were located!

Qin Mu's heart trembled violently. The Star Sea didn't look like it was made. Instead, it seemed like another world, a world that was countless times smaller!

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