Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 391 - Sun Well

"This world has been created!"

Qin Mu and the rest soon realized that such a small world—they had soon reached its top— couldn't have been born naturally. Qin Mu let the flood dragons protect them while flying above the Milky Way, but while rising, they collided with an invisible barrier.

They couldn't see it, but it truly existed there. It was the barrier of the world they were in acting like a wall which separated it from the others.

The reason why they thought that the world was created was because the instant they collided with the invisible barrier, countless beehive-shaped seals appeared while giving off thumping sounds. They swiftly spread out through the sky, and it looked as though the group had entered a huge beehive.

It was quite a familiar sight to Qin Mu. He had seen it at Ghost Valley.

The ancient gods had used beehive seals to block off the tear between Youdu world and the real world. Now, it seemed that they were used as the wall for the world made by the gods as well.

"We have no way to take a detour; we can only go through the Milky Way."

Qin Mu examined the darkness in the surroundings. With the barrier blocking their way, they couldn't go through the sky, but only through the Milky Way, barging their way into Sun Well.

"This space seems strange. It doesn't look huge, and the distance between Sun Well and Moon Well is also too short. They are at most five miles away," Qin Mu said. "However, from the map of Great Ruins, Moon Well and Sun Well are tens of thousands of miles apart. What happened here?"

Si Yunxiang pondered it for a moment, then said, "Teleportation divine art… No! It should be overlapped space… but that's not right as well! This is a complete space and there's no overlap. What divine art is this exactly?"

The two wells in Great Ruins were tens of thousands of miles apart yet they were only three to five miles apart in Star Sea. However, when looking at the starry sky in Eternal Peace Empire, the stars looked were very close to each other but they were actually very far from each other. This place was the opposite of reality and this really made them click their tongues in wonder.

Si Yunxiang was also confused. She didn't know what kind of divine art could have caused such an unusual sight.

Qin Mu smiled and said, "The gods of ancient Great Ruins possessed remarkable abilities and many divine arts that were never passed on to us. Maybe they had created this place just for the sake of opening up a passage that's convenient for them to move around Great Ruins. Let's go to Sun Well first."

Nine flood dragons covered the group while flying toward the Milky Way, but they soon grew nervous, with huge rocks the size of mountains everywhere around them. The rocks collided here and there, causing confusion. Whenever a star the size of a mountain came rushing toward them, the flood dragons would execute their divine arts to push the star away.

Those stars were also man-made, and their sizes weren't too great. However, there were some unique ones among them, like those made of fine jade that was sparkling and translucent. They glowed as they streaked past them.

"How pretty… This is bad!" Qin Mu's face changed drastically, and the sound of the flute could be heard. The body of the numerous flood dragons hurriedly shrunk, and they all swarmed over to climb on his body. Qin Mu then threw Hu Ling'er onto his shoulder and grabbed Si Yunxiang while shouting, "Fatty Dragon, into the nest, now!"

He brought Hu Ling'er and Si Yunxiang inside, while the dragon qilin jumped after in a hurry to. At that moment, the glow of the star that looked like a fine jade became incomparably radiant. The next instant, sword lights of all color swept through the sky, covered the whole place as they shot at the stars the size of mountains in all directions.

They were pierced through by the sword lights, earning thousands and thousands of holes!

Luckily, Qin Mu had brought the bunch of dragons, Hu Ling'er, and Si Yunxiang into the dragon's nest. Countless flying swords swept above them, and Hu Ling'er immediately shrunk her head back. A few strands of her fur were sliced off, and the dragon qilin hurriedly pulled back his tail. A sword light swept past it at that moment, and two scales fell off.

Everyone was still in a panicked state when the star made of fine jade vanished into thin air.

Suddenly, multicolored flying swords came streaking across the sky above the dragon's nest like a meteor shower. As they collided, they transformed into a star made of fine jade and floated away into the distance.

"What a huge sword pellet!" Hu Ling'er was stunned by the sight.

The dragon qilin muttered, "It's even bigger than Cult Master's sword pellet…"

Qin Mu was also flabbergasted. There was actually such a huge sword pellet in the world. He had thought that his sword pellet was already huge, yet only a glance at the one they just saw was enough to know that his paled into insignificance by comparison!

"Could this be the treasure of a god?"

They flew out of the dragon's nest. Qin Mu had the flood dragons form their Divine Dragon Cover once again while others carried the dragon's nest. He acted more and more careful.

Divine Dragon Cover was a divine art from Ling Family's Nine Dragons Divine Fire Cover. It was originally a divine art for offense, but Qin Mu used it to control the nine dragons as a formation skill.

In his heart, the marvel of use lay in the heart and soul. There was never many rules for him. Some people felt his thoughts were unconstrained in style while some felt that he was going astray from the path, but he didn't care.

In the chaotic Milky Way, stars came crashing against each other from time to time, and even the Divine Dragon Cover formed by powerful flood dragons suffered damage. Some bones were broken, and some tendons snapped. Qin Mu had to continuously refine spirit pills and miraculous medicines to heal the injured dragons while having other dragons take the place of the injured ones to maintain Divine Dragon Cover. After a painstaking journey, they finally came to the core of the Milky Way and got close to the two divine wells.

That place was relatively safe as the stars were swirling around Sun Well and Moon Well, there were only a few of them around.

Si Yunxiang let out a sigh of relief and said in bewilderment, "Cult Master, this place is so dangerous and we needed over a dozen flood dragons to protect us. We even had to hide inside the dragon's nest from time to time to avoid danger, so how did the Sun Guardian come here?"

Qin Mu raised his head and saw Sun Well and Moon Well as well as a huge, thick pillar of light shooting upward. There were two large circular holes above it, like the openings of the wells.

"Since they are Sun Herders, of course they would drive Sun Ship to this place. Besides, the abilities of Sun Guardian are extremely high; she's an existence that's like a heavenly god."

Si Yunxiang jumped in shock. An existence like heavenly gods?

Qin Mu didn't explain. The flood dragons flew toward the pillar of light above. Suddenly, Qin Mu looked down, and he couldn't help being stunned. He saw that there were huge balls of light filling in the huge Sun Well that looked like huge suns!

Of course, those suns weren't huge, so they were probably treasures forged by gods. However, with so many of them squeezed in the deep well, he was still rather blown away!

'Since the sun on Sun Ship had extinguished, why don't they fish a sun from here?'

Just as he thought that, the sounds of chains rattling came from above, and an incomparably thick black chain came from the opening of the well. It was let down continuously, getting closer and closer to the suns inside.

"Young master, are the Sun Herders trying to hook a sun?" Hu Ling'er asked in astonishment.

Qin Mu was also startled. There were a few huge hooks hanging below the chain, so the people above had to be trying to hook and bring up a son from the Sun Well.

However, he soon saw the black iron chains become scarlet red from the heat. Before they even reach the middle section of the well, they already looked like about to melt. Molten iron slowly flowed down the chain, dripping into the water.

Not only that, the hooks had also softened from the heat, so before the black iron chain could even get close to the suns, the hooks were already gone. In no time, the black iron chain also snapped from the heat.

Rattling sounds came from above, and a sigh sounded out from the side of the well. "We still can't fish one out…"

The flood dragons flew to the opening of the well. The closer they got, the wider the opening became. When the flood dragons had carried Qin Mu and the rest out, Sun Well had already become a huge hole that was five hundred miles wide.

Looking down it, Qin Mu couldn't see anything except for the glaring rays of the suns that were shooting straight out and shining on the sky.

The rays then scattered and formed a huge dome which covered the place.

The Sun Well looked more like an incomparably huge mirror that could shine back the rays of light!

"Ee, we didn't catch a sun, but instead got a flood dragon!" A resounding voice came from the side of the well, full of astonishment.

Qin Mu and the rest looked toward the source and saw a few giants of the Sun Herd Tribe standing nearby. They looked like priests and were pulling onto a chain while looking at them in astonishment.

Qin Mu walked to the head of the flood dragon in two to three steps and said with a smile, "Man of Carefree Village, Qin Mu, I'm here to meet the sun guardian! May elders please inform her!"

"Visitor from Carefree Village!" The strong practitioners of Sun Herd Tribe were astonished and hurriedly threw down their chains to greet in a loud voice, "Visitor from Carefree Village, please wait a moment for us to go inform her!" When they were done, they immediately turned to leave.

'They seem to be mistaken. I just said I'm a man of Carefree Village, not that I was from Carefree Village.'

Qin Mu scratched his head and let the flood dragons land beside the well. Looking at how respectful the Sun Herders were, they had to be telling the higher-ups of the tribe to hold a grand welcome for him.

Si Yunxiang knocked on the dragon's nest and shouted inside, "Princess Xiu, we are at the Sun Well, come out quickly."

Ling Yuxiu woke up from her meditative state and leaped up, transforming into a trail of dragon qi. She changed back when she landed on the ground. Si Yunxiang was extremely envious. 'Plump chest princess' cultivation has improved drastically in this short while; she's even stronger than me now!"

Ling Yuxiu looked around, and her mind trembled violently. She kept looking at the huge ship which had stopped not far from Sun Well. Even if it was not her first time seeing Sun Ship, it was still hard for her to conceal the shock in her heart.

Sun Ship was simply too huge, and its chains were dragging a black sun as it crawled on the ground.

The deck of that ship was a piece of land on which tens of thousands of people could live and reproduce.

She looked at the surroundings, and her heart was shaken once more. The Sun Well was shrouded by a dome which formed a unique space that emanated with an energy that made people stir restlessly.

Qi of pure yang!

Qin Mu in the meantime was examining a huge stone tablet beside the well. Hu Ling'er came forward then and took out a small booklet, brush, and ink, planning to copy the writings on the tablet. Ever since she had started learning how to write and read from Deaf, she had become super serious, copying down every word she encountered.

However, she didn't recognize the words on the tablet, so she could only ask, "Young master, what's written here?"

"These are inscriptions in a god language, it records the history below Sun Well."

He then read out for her, "The emperor ordered Zi Qing to forge Sun and Moon Well, but she was naughty and mischievous. A hundred years passed, and nothing was done. The emperor was furious and ordered her to be put to death. Zi Qing then trembled with fear. The wells were forged in fifty years yet there was no light from the suns and moons inside them. At that time, she took out her eyes and dropped them into the wells. From that moment on, there was light from the suns and moons. The emperor then ordered the court recorder to erect a memorial tablet."

He raised his head up to look at the black sun floating above Sun Ship and said, "That sun had God Zi Qing's blood, which was why it could burst forth with radiance; however, I've no idea why it went out."

"The sun was extinguished because of powerful enemies!"

Qin Mu looked toward the source of the voice and saw several hundred Sun Herders walking over to them. Their bodies were all gigantic. The one in the lead was the old chief of the Sun Herd Tribe. When he saw Qin Mu, he was slightly stunned and revealed an expression of disappointment. "So it's the little friend from Border Dragon City; I thought it was someone from Carefree Village. Little friend, what are you here for?"

Qin Mu smiled and said, "To meet Sun Guardian."

The old chief shook his head and said, "Sun Guardian doesn't have long to live, so we are currently choosing a new sun guardian. Since little friend has deep connections with Carefree Village, stay and witness the ceremony.

Qin Mu's heart trembled, and worry showed up on his face. "Didn't Yan Jingjing still have many years to live? Why…"

"The devil gods of a foreign territory attacked Sun Well. Sun Guardian personally led everyone to defend against them, so her lifespan is more or less exhausted." The old chief sighed. "Come with me, Sun Guardian should smile as she departs this world after being able to see an old friend again."

The faces of the Sun Herders around were dim as their white robes fluttered in the wind. This gave a sorrowful atmosphere to their group. The old chief stopped and looked around before shouting, "Why the sorrowful looks! When she became the sun guardian, it was destined that she would have to fuse with Sun Ship and become one it, standing side by side with the ancestors. This is an honor! Why are all of you feeling sorrowful? The sky is turning dark, the devil gods from the foreign territory will try to invade again, so pick up your spirits!"

Qin Mu raised his head to look at him, and saw his white hair trembling. Yan Jingjing was his granddaughter. The reason he asked why all of them were in sorrow was because he could not express his own feeling.

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