Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 394 - Cage of Heaven and Earth

Ling Yuxiu and the rest were all astonished. They saw more and more sun herders walking over and kneeling down on one knee while greetings of Your Highness rang out continuously.

By then, nearly all of the sun herders had come and were looking at them. There was close to a hundred thousand of them kneeling down on one knee with their heads lowered.

There was no emperor among the sun herders, and Qin Mu was not even a sun herder so in which place was he a royal person?

"Could Qin Mu be the highness of Great Ruins? Or is he the highness of Carefree Village? Is the one who herds cows the crown prince of Great Ruins?"

Ling Yuxiu was slightly at a loss. Cowherd boy still had such a background?

How was he able to steer this Sun Ship and control its power?

Hu Ling'er, on the other hand, was slightly disappointed. "Isn't young master a male fox turned intelligent?"

Qin Mu loosened his grip, and his figure gradually returned back to normal. The two arms that had popped out also disappeared. He then immediately helped the old chief up and said, "Chief, quickly have all the tribesmen stand up."

"Thank you, Your Highness." The old chief rose and said solemnly, "I didn't know about Your Highness's identity before, so please forgive me if I have offended you in any way."

He turned around and raised his arms up high while shouting to the sun herders below. "People of the Sun Herder Tribe who had protected Sun Well, the highness of Carefree Village is here! Carefree Village has not forgotten us! The long wait, the painstaking twenty thousand years, we have made it! Sun Well won't fall! The sun herders won't be wiped out!"

Delight spread across the faces of the earthly-looking sun herders. They cheered and laughed loudly. The pressure brought by the days of struggles and the cruelty of war all vanished without a trace.

The invasion of the devil gods had shrouded the sun herders near the Sun Well with a dark cloud of pressing extermination. All of the tribesmen were fighting with their lives for the future of their tribe; however, they didn't have the confidence of avoiding this calamity. The pressure on them grew heavier and heavier, and the atmosphere in the tribe also became more and more stifling.

However, with Qin Mu's arrival, their vanished hope had once again been reignited!

It was a party with giants running and cheering. Some of them cried from happiness while others danced and sung. A few of them went to inform the injured soldiers, dying elders, while others went to offer incense to their ancestors and thank them for the blessing.

"Is Chief mistaken?" Qin Mu looked at the people partying below in puzzlement. He said to the old chief, "I'm not your highness…"

The old chief shook his head. "If you aren't a sun herder, then there's only one way for you to be able to control Sun Ship, and that's by being a royalty! Back when Zi Qing created Sun Ship under the emperor's order, other than the sun guardian with the body of pure yang, the other group of people he allowed to control it was the royalty. Your Highness isn't a Sun Herder, so you naturally have to be a royalty from Carefree Village!"

Qin Mu shook his head. "I'm the Overlord Body, and Overlord Body is the body of pure yang as well."

"Overlord Body? What Overlord Body?" The chief was in a daze. The party below was getting rowdier and rowdier, until it was extremely bustling. He probed, "Your Highness, is Overlord Body the name for the royal bloodline?"

Qin Mu couldn't help being suspicious. Was Overlord Body really the name for royalty? Yet it seemed like something was wrong somewhere in that question.

If Overlord Body was the name for royalty, could Xu Shenghua be a royalty too?

If he was royalty, what was the so-called true and pseudo Overlord Bodies that Village Chief had mentioned? Could there be pseudo royal bloodlines too?

If Overlord Body didn't belong to royalty, was it then the body of pure yang?

If it was the body of pure yang, why could Qin Mu control Moon Ship?

Doubt grew in his heart. He wanted to find Village Chief to ask for clarification.

He had always known himself to be Overlord Body, having an invincible belief in it. In regards to that, he strongly believed Village Chief's words.

However, the words of the chief of the sun herders made him suspicious.

After the party, the chief gave the order to continue choosing the next sun guardian, and the sun herders were puzzled. However, they still returned back to the Sun Shrine. Qin Mu also brought Ling Yuxiu and the rest over. As a royalty, they were waited upon as guests of honor.

Qin Mu looked down and saw numerous sun herders going forward to light up the sun furnace. However, it would die down right after being ignited by most of them and not one of them could last for a long time.

What was even weirder was when they ignited the sun furnace, there would be marvelous apparitions appearing within it. There were pictures of unusual animal breeds, like fire dragons, fire phoenixes, fire flood dragons, and fire qilin, which gave off wonderful sounds.

Ling Yuxiu and the rest felt extremely weird. Si Yunxiang said in a low voice, "The sights in the furnace are like spirit bodies yet they don't look the same."

Everyone nodded. There were four great spirit bodies which were Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, Green Dragon, and White Tiger. The four great spirit bodies was the collective term while each name was a main category. A person might not have the form of Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, Green Dragon, or White Tiger, but they might one of the numerous Dragon Wolf Spirit Bodies in Wolf Store Country.

And it originated from Green Dragon Spirit Body.

However, from the apparitions that appeared in the sun furnace, the spirit bodies of the sun herders had fire dragons and fire phoenixes. All of them looked like branches of Vermillion Bird Spirit Body.

However, Vermillion Bird Spirit Body didn't seem to be the so-called body of pure yang. Instead, it was a fire attribute spirit body. But the spirit bodies of the sun herders couldn't be simply classified as Vermillion Bird Spirit Body.

"Chief, could the world not only have the four great spirit bodies?" Qin Mu asked in suspicion.

"Four great spirit bodies? You mean Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise types of spirit bodies?" The old chief shook his head and said, "Body of pure yang is not among these four great spirit bodies."

"As expected!"

Everyone's hearts trembled violently. There was indeed not only four great spirit bodies;, there were still other ones!

"Four great spirit bodies should be a term from the people outside Great Ruins, right?" the old chief asked. "There's not only the four great spirit bodies in this world. There's still body of pure yang, body of pure yin, as well as even stronger spirit bodies. The saying of four great spirit bodies came during the period of the last phase.

"There are some legends in my tribe that there were many spirit bodies in the past, as many as a few hundred types. However, after the great calamity, most of them vanished. Restrictions were placed in the people outside Great Ruins which is why there are only the four great spirit bodies left."

Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang looked at each other, their gazes both empty and full of fright. It was completely different from what they had heard!

The abandoned people in Great Ruins were supposed to be the ones sealed and cursed, never allowed to leave Great Ruins! If they stepped a foot outside, they had to be killed without mercy!

How did it then become that the people outside Great Ruins were the sealed ones?

"There are only four great spirit bodies outside," the old chief said. "Yet there can be many other types of spirit bodies within Great Ruins, so the ones sealed are the people outside. They live in a cage yet they don't know about it themselves, living under a fake starry sky, cultivated by the gods. They are just a bunch of pitiful bugs."

Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang grunted. When the people of Eternal Peace Empire saw the abandoned people of Great Ruins, they found them as pitiful as bugs. Yet they would have never expected that they were the real pitiful bugs in the eyes of the people outside. Great Ruins was free. It had the true sky!

The old chief's words sent their hearts in disarray!

However, when Qin Mu linked it to the calculation Heaven Alliance had done, discovering that the sun, moon, and stars were fake, he felt the words of the old chief were pretty logical.

What was sealed couldn't be Great Ruins, but the outside world!

"Chief, this world should have Overlord Body too, right?" he asked confidently.

The old chief shook his head. "Your Highness, I have never heard of Overlord Body before. In the tribe's records, there is nothing about such a constitution."

Qin Mu waved his hand and said with a smile, "If you don't know, it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Your knowledge is too shallow, not like that of my village's chief who is experienced and knowledgeable. Chief, if I was this highness, a royalty, could I ignite the sun furnace?"

The old chief smiled and said, "Even though Your Highness is royalty, it's probably impossible to ignite the sun furnace. It can only use the blood from the body of pure yang as a guide, igniting the furnace with true fire. Without the body of pure yang, it's impossible to do it. We, the Sun Herder Tribe, are widely known for our bodies of pure yang, and only we can ignite the sun furnace. Not even the royalty can."

Qin Mu jumped down and walked toward the sun furnace. "However, the blood of Overlord Body can ignite the sun furnace!"

He went to the platform and slit open his wrist. Fresh blood flowed into sun furnace and Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly as he executed true fire which surged into the sun furnace.


The sun furnace instantly blazed fiercely as though a sun had risen, releasing surging heat waves and heat energy. In a split second, sunlight lit up the whole Sun Shrine!

In the sun furnace, there were no apparitions of fire dragons or fire qilin. Instead, there was a human figure, and it became larger and larger, until it filled up the entire sun furnace. It then walked out with its hands clasped around the sun furnace as though holding a sun in front of its chest!

Qin Mu dispersed the true fire, and the sun furnace was instantly extinguished. The human figure disappeared at the same time, and the sun furnace landed back onto the backs of the three god statues.

Qin Mu's confidence was reignited, and he returned back up. He smiled toward the dumbfounded chief of the sun herders. "Now, does this prove that I'm an Overlord Body?"

The old chief had a dazed expression, feeling slightly puzzled. He muttered, "The royalty can also possess the body of pure yang… It must be this case!"

Qin Mu shook his head and smiled. "This is the effect of Overlord Body!" He was full of confidence. 'Village Chief indeed didn't lie to me! There's really Overlord Body in this world!'

Yet he didn't know that he possessed the most ordinary body which had no attributes. It was because he was a piece of white paper that he was able to change his attribute as he willed. He could transform into four great spirit bodies and control the vital qi of Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, Green Dragon, and White Tiger. He could also transform into body of pure yang and control the Pure Yang Vital Qi. It wasn't because of any Overlord Body.

Ever since Village Chief had mentioned Overlord Body, Qin Mu had struggled and cultivated diligently. The constitution of a normal person could also go through an unimaginable change. He used a thousand times more hard work than others to transform his constitution again and again, slowly walking towards an unknown. This created numerous possibilities that couldn't be predicted in his future.

Qin Mu treated it as him being the Overlord Body, ignoring his hard work when cultivating.

"Chief, the sky is almost dark!" an elder of the sun herders suddenly said solemnly.

The old chief's heart tightened, and he looked toward Qin Mu. "Your Highness, the monsters from the foreign territory are going to invade once more. May Your Highness assist us!"

Qin Mu nodded as he saw the sky barrier of Sun Well being shrouded by darkness. The surroundings shone with bright light while the outside filled with complete darkness!

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