Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 395 - Violent His Highness

The sun herders on Sun Ship flew into midair and surveyed the barrier that shrouded Sun Well anxiously as though a great enemy was arriving.

The barrier of Sun Well was formed by the rays spewed out from the well, forming a light body of a hemisphere. It covered the Sun Well and formed a heaven and earth with a radius of several hundred yards.

Qin Mu had never been to Sun Well, but he reckoned that there had to be a trick outside the light hemisphere to conceal itself so it wouldn't be eye-catching and would not stand out. Otherwise, news of a huge golden ball shining radiantly in Great Ruins would have long spread throughout the place and even to the outside world.

Fengdu was somewhat similar. It would only appear at night, and it couldn't be seen at all. One could only go into it by chance and coincidence.

Sun Well had to be like that too. If one was in Great Ruins, they might not be able to see Sun Well at all. That was why it wasn't an easy place to find. The devil gods had to have spent a great deal of effort trying to find it.

The sky barrier of Sun Well was shining radiantly as though they forged from golden leaves. Suddenly a huge face appeared behind it and tried to squeeze in. It looked like it wanted to get into the Sun Well.

The face's chin was very long, like a handle, and the mouth was located at its bottom. There was only one eye that was humongous and took up the center of the face. It was like a huge ball propped on top of the nose bridge, which looked very weird.

"Which world is this devil god from?"

Qin Mu was stunned. He had not seen a devil god that looked like that.

At that moment, he suddenly heard a smacking sound coming from all directions. He saw more and more weird faces sticking against the sky barrier. In the blink of an eye, its whole size of several hundred yards was covered with faces!

They were of all sizes and all looked different. However, their structure was the same, with a huge, disproportionate eye in the center and a mouth located at the bottom of a long chin!

The eyeballs were rolling around here and there, looking at the interesting stuff inside the barrier while giving off peculiar smiles that made everyone's scalp crawl.

Suddenly, the eyeballs all looked toward the sun that was chained up in midair and filled with astonishment.

"These are Body Replicators," the old chief said with a solemn face. "This devil race is different from others of their kin, for they are proficient in assimilation. When they meet a lifeform, they will assimilate it and change it wholly, turning it into their clansman or even part of them."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. To assimilate the opponent and turn them into their clansman or part of them?

There was really such a weird race?

"The most bizarre point about the Body Replicators is that they share the same mind." Fear showed up on the old chief's face, but quickly concealed it in his heart. "If you get caught by them, your mind will join theirs. Body Replicator Devil God usually has close to billions of replicated bodies. Its mind is incomparably powerful, and if you are caught by one of his bodies, it'll crush your mind easily and reform you into one of them!"

Ling Yuxiu, Si Yunxiang, and the rest couldn't help feeling a chill run down their spine. If such a devil god rushed out of Great Ruins and came to Eternal Peace, Eternal Peace Empire would probably become part of the Body Replicator Devil Race in a matter of days!

Who could withstand billions of minds gathered together?

It looked like it was truly like what the old chief of the sun herders had said: If the sun herders were wiped out, the devil gods in Great Ruins would be able to break free and the world outside would be wiped out as well.

Suddenly, the faces in the sky vanished and the old chief immediately said, "May Your Highness control Sun Ship to assist us!"

Qin Mu immediately flew over to the pillars and stretched his hand out to touch one of them. The boundless energy in Sun Ship came flooding toward him and caused his corporeal body to expand drastically. His aura also climbed crazily, breaking through Seven Stars, Celestial Being, Life and Death and Divine Bridge to enter an unknown realm!


Explosions came from his body, which was produced by the opening of his divine treasures. However, since the speed of it all happening was too fast, it was as if there was only one loud explosion!

God's aura burst forth in all directions from his body and caused a short warp in space. What followed afterward was the ripples of space trembling.

"How powerful!"

A world-shaking voice came from Qin Mu's mouth. By then, he had become one with Sun Ship, and the energy coming from it was even much greater than what he'd gotten from Moon Ship. Its moon had been extinguished and about to crumble whereas the sun of Sun Ship had been reignited by him. Due to that, the ship's energy had increased greatly!

That energy was the qi of pure yang which was incomparably violent, filling his heart with the desire to destroy.

Two arms grew from under his armpits and grabbed hold of the other two pillars. The energy in Qin Mu's body was still rising frantically, and at that moment, he heard a pop sound and looked back in astonishment. A thick and sturdy leg had grown out from his tailbone.

'Ugh, would Sister Jing grow a third leg as well?' he thought to himself secretly.

Standing with three legs on the ground, Qin Mu had a stable footing and his confidence was instantly boosted as he looked toward the sky barrier.

It was abnormally quiet, then there was a sudden explosion when a long chin pierced the barrier of Sun Well. The mouth opened up, and countless Body Replicators flew out from it.

They looked like countless bugs. Black as night, they looked like a dark cloud. It grew furiously and transformed into a black sea.

It surged forth and pounced towards Sun Ship. Ling Yuxiu, Si Yunxiang, and the rest raised their heads to take a look and their scalp crawled. The countless body replicating devils were actually moving up and down like the waves. The numbers at which they were pouring down could drown out Sun Ship in one go.

That long long chin that had stabbed through the sky barrier was spewing more and more devils. Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang had both been on the battlefield before and experienced the baptism if it in Wolf Store Country. During that attack, the scale of the battle was huge and tens of thousands of soldiers had clashed on the wasteland. When the divine arts practitioners, huge beasts, and flying ships went for one another, flesh and blood flew in all directions.

However, it was a completely different sight from what was in front of their eyes at that moment. It paled into insignificance in comparison and didn't deserve to be mentioned.


On Sun Ship, the sun herders roared with excitement and took out their spirit weapons. They were fired up and ready to welcome the incoming battle.

Hu Ling'er was also fired up by their hot bloodedness and raised her tiny arms while her face was red with excitement. Her voice was still soft and immature as she shouted loudly, "Attack!"

The flood dragons behind her also became excited, and they all stretched out their necks while overflowing with murderous intent. They all opened their mouths to roar, "Ma ha!"

Hu Ling'er jumped onto the back of the dark green flood dragon and pulled out her small sword to point at the sky. She also shouted along with the bunch of dragons. "Ma ha!"

The bunch of dragons was abnormally excited and before the war even broke out, they brought the little fox into the sky and fought their way through a bunch of devils pouncing at them!

"Ling'er, this girl is really as reckless as the cult master!"

Si Yunxiang was driven mad, and she immediately jumped onto the dragon qilin's back to rush up so that the little fox wouldn't land in the hands of the enemy. Just as the dragon qilin was about to raise up, Ling Yuxiu also landed on his back. The two girls looked each other in the eyes and said in unison, "Watch out!"


Sun Ship collided with the Body Replicator Devils and trembled continuously from the impact. There were only a hundred thousand on Sun Ship while the numbers of the Body Replicator Devils were in the millions!

Countless devils landed on Sun Ship and a bitter fight instantly began. The warriors of the Sun Herder Tribe had absorbed the qi of pure yang ever since they were young so their cultivation was extremely dense and their battle power was astounding. The strength of their corporeal body also far surpassed that of the other races, and even their 'children' that were ten to fifteen yards tall had natural god-level power.

Their magic power was incomparably pure, and they cultivated pure yang true fire and sun true fire from the moment they were born. Their divine arts were also marvelous, and they had a variety of spirit weapons like bells, cauldrons, swords, buildings, glazed tile pagodas, which were very different from just the path of sword and knife in Eternal Peace.

There was no worthy match for their strikes as they just blew apart the Body Replicator Devils, but enemy's numbers were simply too high. Hundreds of devils were like hornets that were disturbed as they swarmed up to drown out the sun herders one by one.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

The Body Replicator Devils opened their huge eyeballs and devil light shot out, covering numerous sun herders in thousands of holes. Once they were injured, it was difficult for them to escape the mind control. Hundreds of devils gathered together, and the black light in their eyes would shine on the body of the injured sun herder. That person's face would then warp, and their mind would then continuously be tampered. Even their face couldn't be saved from damage.

Their eyes would rapidly gather together, and the two eyeballs would fuse to become a huge single one that was situated at the center of the face. Their mouth would start to move downwards and their chin would grow longer and longer, until they become another body replicator and follow the devils to attack their own tribesmen!

Sun Herder Chief brought a few elders to fight with all they had. There was no lack of extremely terrifying opponents among the Body Replicator Devil Race, which were strong practitioners that had assimilated. Their abilities were incomparably powerful and some even wielded devil god weapons to attack.

The old chief raised his head and saw dozens of huge dragons slaying enemies in the sky and causing heaven to fall and earth to rend from their battle. The flood dragons had attracted a quite a bunch of experts from among the devils.

However, there were simply too many devils which continuously surged forth.

'Why isn't His Highness making a move?'

Just as the old chief thought that, the twelve legs of Sun Ship suddenly opened up and walked toward the sky barrier. The speed of Sun Ship grew faster and faster.

The huge ship that was like a land city was actually increasing in speed to rush toward the sky barrier.

"Your Highness, what are you doing?" The old chief immediately tore apart a strong practitioner of the devil race in anger. He then rushed toward the heart of Sun Ship and shouted, "Your Highness, you can't!"


With a world-shaking bang, Sun Ship crashed through the sky barrier and rushed out of the area covered by Sun Well!

A huge Body Replicator Devil God was kneeling on the ground there. With two hands supporting its body, it had stabbed its chin into the sky barrier of Sun Well. Behind its body were bone wings which were vibrating continuously. They would flap once in a while to raise up gusts of black wind.

The instant Sun Ship broke through the sky barrier, that wind blew it backward. The devil god hurriedly flapped its wings, wanting to fly up, but Qin Mu suddenly grabbed onto the chains and exerted his force to swing the sun that was in midair.

The old chief had a blank gaze as he stared at Qin Mu swinging the sun of their Sun Herder Tribe as a weapon to smash it ruthlessly against the Body Replicator Devil God, blasting him into smithereens with a single blow!

"My god…" The old chief's legs became weak and he collapsed onto the floor on his butt. "His Highness is too violent, as long as he gets the chance, he will stop at nothing…"

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