Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 396 - Threading a Needle

Hiding in the area covered by Sun Well and getting attacked by people was definitely not Qin Mu's style. His way was to grab any chance to land a fatal blow with a lightning-fast strike.

Butcher had once told him that it wasn't hard to see the chance, but only those who could grab it ended up known as heroes. Those who saw the chance yet hid and did not make a move were cowards.

Numerous people that were stronger than Butcher would usually be defeated by him because he was brave and pushed forward boldly. He never considered prudence and just grabbed every chance he saw!

The chance that Qin Mu grabbed was to taking advantage of the moment when the devil god used itself to send in the Body Replicator Devils into Sun Well and couldn't break free. That was why he had Sun Ship break through the world formed by Sun Well and swung the sun to smash his opponent into smithereens!

Being trapped in Sun Well and defending against the opponent's attacks wasn't his style. This would only make him follow the opponent's rhythm and suffer from continuous encirclement, letting the opponent attack however they wanted.

That was why he changed the rhythm by rushing out and destroying the leader straight away.

'You fight your way, and I'll fight my way. If I win, you're dead.'

It was that simple.

And it was the essence of Butcher's knife skills.

Sun Herder Chief's body was still slightly weak. He looked at the rattling chains in Qin Mu's hands as he dragged the sun which he had used to smash the devil god back. That sun had burned the surroundings and the ground had turned into bubbling lava.

Suddenly, the corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched, and so did those of the old chief. They had heard cracking sounds coming from the sun.

Qin Mu blinked and gently shook the chains to flick this sun up. He didn't use all of his strength as he seemed to be afraid of breaking the sun.

The old chief stood up shakily, but right then, the sun that had floated back into the air suddenly gave off a loud cracking sound again. The old chief looked up and saw an alarming crack on his tribe's treasure. He couldn't help the energy that left his limbs again.

"It's alright, it's alright." Qin Mu's voice boomed as he consoled, "It won't shatter! Don't worry!"

The Body Replicator Devil God had been shattered in one strike, but there were still countless devils frantically attacking Sun Ship. They continued their slaughter and assimilation of warriors of the Sun Herd Tribe.

At the same time, countless devils ate each other, the bigger ones swallowing the smaller ones, so their bodies would grow larger and larger. Their cultivation also grew stronger like a rolling snowball. Three devils who were growing larger and larger stood on Sun Ship while other devils rushed into their mouths, feeding them.

"The Body Replicator Devil God was not the true body?"

Qin Mu was astonished. He shouted, and the sun in the sky burst forth with incomparably intense true fire which flooded down and burned through Sun Ship!

Sun true fire blazed and turned the entire Sun Ship into a flaming divine ship. Countless devils shrieked as they got burned, slowly turning into black smoke that vanished in flames.

Qin Mu controlled Sun Ship. Although it was a treasure to guide the sun to rise from the east and set in the west, it also had an extremely strong offense. In the past, when Yan Jingjing had controlled it, she couldn't unleash all of its power because the sun had been extinguished. But once Qin Mu had reignited the sun, the might of the ship had instantly unleashed!

Even though sun true fire was incomparably terrifying, it wasn't much of a threat to the sun herders. They had lived on the ship ever since they were young and what they breathed was the qi of pure yang, so they had an extremely high resistance to true fire.

Hu Ling'er, Ling Yuxiu, and Si Yunxiang were fighting together with the bunch of dragons and the dragon qilin in the meantime, so the sun true fire didn't sweep past there. The little fox who was standing on the dark green flood dragon was very excited and kept on shouting, but she couldn't do much.

Compared to the bunch of flood dragons, her abilities were insignificant.

Qin Mu burned countless Body Replicator Devils, but the three abnormally large devils were not burnt to death. Instead, they crawled rapidly among the intense fire and suddenly leaped up. The bone wings on their backs flapped as they rushed toward Qin Mu who was in the center of the ship!

One of the devils swooped down and stretched its hand out to pull out the devil god halberd that was stabbed in a huge hall. His aura then instantly erupted!

"Don't use the sun!" the old chief shouted the moment he saw Qin Mu wanting to swing the sun again. "If you smash it once more, it's really going to shatter! We old bones will block those devils for you!"


Qin Mu stopped and surveyed his surroundings, searching for the true body of the Body Replicator Devil God.

The old chief shouted loudly, calling over the elders to face the three devils. Their bodies were incomparably huge and their strength was also great. Even when facing the old chief and the elders, they were not in a disadvantageous situation.

The old chief grabbed a bronze bell, and it rang continuously. It didn't look like a treasure from the mortal realm as layers of runes appeared on its walls. The ringing circled non-stop around the bronze bell and sun-shaped fireballs came flying out to bombard the enemies.

However, the broken halberd was still a devil god weapon so it could easily slice apart all the divine arts from the bronze bell. It was extremely powerful.

Qin Mu looked around and saw the deep and profound darkness of Great Ruins. He still didn't know where the true body of the Body Replicator Devil God was located.

Suddenly, the thump of heavy footsteps came from the darkness, and the ground trembled continuously from the vibrations. The footsteps came from all directions and became faster and faster. Suddenly, the noise vanished, then changed into the sound of something breaking through the air.

It was very sharp and Qin Mu's heart sunk. He saw numerous Body Replicator Devils with huge bodies flying over through the darkness, straight for Sun Ship!

"It was indeed not its true body!"

Qin Mu's heart moved slightly, and Carefree Sword suddenly came out from its sheath to float silently in the sky without moving.

On Sun Ship, the sun hung high up in the sky as warriors gripped their weapons anxiously. They looked above and watched the numerous huge devils covering the rays of the sun as they came to Sun Ship. The size of their shadows struck fear into their hearts.

At that moment, sword lights burst forth, and it was as if there was a silver sun in the center of Sun Ship. The terrifying sword will and sword qi shot off in all directions like sunlight!

The divine might of Carefree Sword swept through the sky and black rain started falling on the enemy. Countless broken limbs fell and almost filled Sun Ship completely!

Yet there was a devil in the sky that had avoided all the sword lights and flown near the four pillars. It passed through two of them and went straight for Qin Mu.


The huge eye in the center of the devil's face flashed with black light as it shone on Qin Mu's face!

The four claws gripped onto Qin Mu's chest and dug deep into his flesh. The black light from the devil's eye became darker and darker as though it would swallow everything, so the spirit and soul of a person to continuously fall even though it had already fallen.

On the ship, everyone cried out in alarm. The face of the old chief and the elders changed drastically. They hurriedly abandoned the three devils and rushed over to Qin Mu frantically. However, the three devils immediately flew over and delayed them, making it hard for them to save Qin Mu.

"You were able to come here because I let you." Qin Mu's eyes stared straight into the devil eye of the devil as his gaze flickered. "I want to use your shared mind to know where your true body is hiding!"

The gaze of the devil shone onto Qin Mu's eyes, and countless voices rose in his mind. It was as if he could see countless figures, and every one of them belonged to a Body Replicator Devil.

Everything in his vision vanished, but for the forest formed from the figures of the devils. It grew larger and larger as the figures of millions of devils formed while continuing to spread out!

The mind and consciousness of the devils flooded Qin Mu's mind as they tried to assimilate him.

He executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, and his spirit embryo fused with his soul. A huge sun instantly appeared in his mind which surrounded the spirit embryo and protected the spirit platform, burning all the consciousness that was flooding over into ashes.

There were more and more figures in the darkness, and it made his heart palpitate. With the minds of so many devils converging together, his spirit platform was about to be drowned out.

Once that happened, it wouldn't take long for his spirit embryo to be assimilated by the devils. That was why he had to find the location of the devil god before his spirit platform was invaded!

At that moment, his gaze seemed to cross numerous sights, and he saw a devil god that was creeping among mountains and rivers.

He was situated between two mountains which he was holding with his four limbs. Between them was a river while behind a door.

From it, Body Replicator Devils poured out like flood and surged over continuously!

Countless devils were sprinting through the river surface and flying in the sky. They swallowed each other over and over again to transform into the large devils.

The instant Qin Mu 'saw' the devil god, the devil god also 'saw' him. He raised his head and his huge eye filled with bafflement as though he was puzzled.

What followed afterward was that devil god who was creeping between the two mountains saw a bright light shining in the darkness. It was becoming brighter and brighter. A ball of light was rushing over, and it was becoming larger and larger as its speed became faster and faster. It soon became a huge sun that slid down at an angle from the sky, appearing above the river channel.

Wherever the huge sun passed, the river water would be evaporated instantly, and all the devils on the way would be turned to ashes or vaporized!

The huge sun distorted the space in the surroundings and caused the mountains to shake. It looked as though it had become a giant who was doing a strange dance.

Devil language came from the mouth of the devil god and was transmitted into Qin Mu's mind by waves of consciousness. "Little child who only likes to smash thing on a whim..."

His body trembled violently, and the bone wings behind his back rattled. They flew off from his body as though they were devil god weapons, their shape similar to that of the broken halberd on Sun Ship. They shot toward the huge sun!

Chi, chi, chi.

The halberds shot into the huge sun. It became slower and slower, until finally landing in the river valley and sliding thousands of yards forward before coming to a halt.


Sun Ship's sun split into two, and a smile broke out on the face of the devil god. However, at that moment, Sun Jade Eye rolled out from the broken sun and tumbled one round forward. The Sun Jade Eye which was several yards in height suddenly straighten its pupil and a snow white light shot out, slicing the huge eye of the devil god in half.

He gave a miserable, world-shaking shriek as he dodged the attack. The beam of light sliced the skin next to his eye, so deep that the bone could be seen.

Behind the broken sun, Carefree Sword transformed into a trail of light which went into his mouth and came out the other side after having pierced his brain. The sword then turned around and returned through the back of the head and came out at the front.

Carefree Sword was like a needle, threading to and fro through the devil god's head over a thousand times. It was also like a cold light swirling rapidly around his neck!

When it was retracted back, the head of the devil god was filled with holes. The neck swayed, and the head which was the size of a mountain slid off. The body landed against the door that was behind the devil god's body, and the noise rang through the mountains.

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