Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 397 - Seamless Heavenly Clothes

The corpse of the headless devil god slumped down, and the claws that were gripping the two mountains loosened. The body fell into the river channel below.

The door behind was also blocked by it.

In the meantime on Sun Ship, the warriors of the Sun Herder Tribe were in a bitter struggle, since there were simply too many devils flooding over. Even if the sun herders were natural warriors, they still found it hard to withstand the attack. Many people died and were assimilated by the devils.

Yet suddenly, all of the devils froze on the spot in a daze. The next moment, all their faces distorted as though two souls inside were fighting over the control of the body. The eye on some of the devils' faces split into two before merging back together, which looked very strange.

Most of the strong and sturdy sun herders stopped their attacks, at a loss. Their enemies had been fighting back with ferocious a second ago, but the next, they had all fallen into a strange state.

After a moment, the devil who had been fighting with Sun Herder Chief crumbled and transformed back into a bunch of Body Replicator Devils. The face of the devil in the lead changed, and the devil markings on its body receded rapidly. After a moment, it transformed into a woman with transparent feather clothing made of scales. Her figure was elegant while her skin was fair and even a little translucent.

The woman looked around in a daze, completely unaware that her scales didn't cover her body well.

"What is this place?" Her eyes were filled with doubt. She didn't open her mouth to talk, but a message was sent out with brain waves so everyone could hear her voice and understand what she was saying. "Why am I here?"

Soon after, more devils changed.

All of them were dressed like the woman—the clothes on their bodies were not truly clothes. Instead, they were delicate wings formed from scales, and there was more than a single pair. Their whole bodies were full of wings of all sizes.

Their feathers were scaled, which was a very rare sight even among beasts. Only a few of such creatures existed in Great Ruins.

However, there were no humans with scaled feathers.

And they could actually even change. The woman who woke up first quickly noticed her clothes were not covering her body, and her scaled feathers changed according to what she wanted. They shimmered, and their color changed into black, making it seem like the woman was wearing a black gown.

The scaled feathers on the others also changed colors to cover their bodies. Once all of them were dressed, they looked around in a daze, having no idea where they were.

The sun herders on Sun Ship were also in a daze. They didn't know why the devils could have transformed like that.

Sun Herder Chief had a guess though. "They should be a foreign race which got assimilated by the Body Replicator Devil God. Now that the main consciousness died, the control over them has disappeared, and they have regained their freedom. This means, Body Replicator Devil God is dead!"

The elders beside him revealed looks of ecstasy. Suddenly, a rattling sound came from their backs, and they immediately turned around to take a look. Behind them, Qin Mu was holding onto the pillars with two hands while the other two were dragging the chains back.

They were embedded in the sun and were treasures that tied it down, so it was pretty exhausting to pull them back.

The old chief couldn't help becoming worried again. He immediately came to the pillars in the center and raised his head. "Your Highness, why have you thrown the sun out again?"

Qin Mu lowered his head and hesitated as he saw the man's hopeful gaze. "This…"

After a moment, the old chief saw the sun being dragged back. Two black lumps were there, looking like huge mountains in a hemisphere shape.

The old chief and the elders stared blankly. The other sun herders on Sun Ship also looked at the two black lumps in a daze.

Not only had their sun been extinguished, it was even split into two halves!

Rattle, rattle.

The sound of the chains being pulled was very painful to the ears.

Qin Mu pulled the two halves of the sun back and called his Carefree Sword. It lifted Sun Jade Eye and flew leisurely back toward him.

"Chief, two good news. The first one is that Body Replicator Devil God is really dead," Qin Mu said with a guilty conscience.

Stupefied, the old chief stared at him. When he spoke, his voice sounded like it came from a machine. "What about the other good news?"

"We can change a new sun now!"

The old chief turned his head to look at their highness, wanting to cry, but no tears came out. "Truly good, truly good…" he muttered.

Qin Mu pulled the two halves of the black sun back, and there were tens of thousands of scaled feather mutants following behind it, coming closer to Sun Ship.

Some of the people didn't manage to catch up to the sun and ended up dying in the darkness of Great Ruins. The remaining one knew how dangerous the darkness was and warned each other. More and more of them then caught up to the sun, and only then were they spared from death.

They didn't rely on voice to communicate, but instead relied on their brain waves. Without talking, they were still able to inform the others, which was very unusual.

Qin Mu dragged the two halves of the sun back onto Sun Ship when a voice rang out in his mind. "Heavenly Feather Clan, Yu Zhaoqing, pays her respects to the owner of this place."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned as he looked at the woman in the black gown that was walking toward him. Her actions were sincere, natural, and unrestrained. The black gown quickly changed to a light yellow color.

When she came to the side of the Sun Divine Pillars, not only were her clothes light yellow in color, their style was even similar to that of the old chief and the rest. The scaled feathers on her body had to be able to change in shape as well as color.

Qin Mu loosened his grip on the sun pillars, and the two arms under his armpits gradually shrunk back. The leg behind his buttocks also shrunk back into his body while the terrifying energy of Sun Ship receded continuously. After a moment, his body returned to its normal size.

Qin Mu hurriedly hid behind a pillar and took out a new set of clothes to replace his tattered ones. After some grooming, he came out from the back of the pillar.

When he was holding the sun pillars, his strength had risen tremendously and his corporeal body had become extremely gigantic, bursting open his shirt. Even though his shirt was a spirit weapon, Qin Mu had transformed into a three hundred yards giant at that time, and he was like a heavenly god. He had exceeded the limits of the clothes, and with the third leg growing out from his tailbone, they were ripped apart.

"Chief Yu," Qin Mu greeted.

Yu Zhaoqing of Heavenly Feathers Race looked at him with astonishment. Qin Mu had been a heavenly, god-like existence earlier, yet he had suddenly become a young man.

The woman's clothes spread out on the ground as she paid her respects earnestly. Qin Mu immediately pointed toward Sun Herder Chief and smiled. "I'm not the chief of this place; he is. I don't dare to exceed my place."

The old chief shook his head and said, "Under the whole heaven, every spot is the sovereign's ground. Sun Herder Tribe is also Your Highness's territory so Your Highness is naturally the owner of this place."

Qin Mu could only receive the respects of the woman from Heavenly Feathers Race. "Chief Yu, this place is not suitable for talking, have your clansmen come onboard and follow us to Sun Well to have a talk."

Yu Zhaoqing's consciousness sent out waves, and soon, all Heavenly Feather clansmen came onboard. Qin Mu activated Sun Ship once more and walked back into the area shrouded by Sun Well.

On the ship, the millions of Heavenly Feather clansmen looked around at the strange little world, the clothes on their body changing colors continuously.

Their figures were slightly taller and thinner than those of ordinary humans. Both the men and women were very beautiful, and their clothes changed according to their mood. When it was good, their clothes would become a garish display.

After letting go of the sun pillars, Qin Mu was slightly worried about touching the pillars again. The sun had been broke into half by him, and without it acting as the balance, the terrifying energy of Sun Ship had started to absorb his life force. In just a short while, his feet had already been swallowed. That was why he had taken the chance when he shrunk to jump out, but his legs were still sore and weak.

"Your Highness, you need to be more solemn about meeting the chief of Heavenly Feather Clan, you can't neglect her."

The old chief invited Qin Mu to enter Sun Shrine before inviting Yu Zhaoqing to come forth and meet him.

"Your Highness."

In Sun Shrine, Yu Zhaoqing walked forward and held Qin Mu's face, gently touching his forehead with hers.

"What are you doing?" Hu Ling'er was bringing Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang into Sun Shrine when she saw that scene. She shouted angrily, "How can you kiss…"

Yu Zhaoqing looked curiously at the little girl that was barely above her thigh. She bent down and clasped Hu Ling'er cheeks before touching her forehead with her own in a gentle manner.

Hu Ling'er instantly felt some stuff appear in her mind. It was the language of Heavenly Feather Clan. At the same time, she also felt that Yu Zhaoqing had used it to trade for the language of her world.

Hu Ling'er came to realization. "Oh, so it's not kissing, I thought you were taking advantage of my master…"

Yu Zhaoqing smiled and bent over to give her a peck on the lips. Hu Ling'er instantly blushed and her heart became restless. She swayed as though she was drunk and said embarrassedly, "A kiss is nothing much as well…"

Yu Zhaoqing walked over to Ling Yuxiu, and her heart became restless while she looked down at her chest. However, Yu Zhaoqing only touched foreheads with her and didn't kiss her. Once she noticed it, she let out a sigh of relief.

Si Yunxiang also touched foreheads with her and smiled. "So it's exchanging language, is this a gift of your Heavenly Feather Clan? Or is it a divine art?"

"It's a gift." Yu Zhaoqing opened her mouth and spoke their language. Even though it was still not as good as that of native speakers, she was getting better as she spoke. "Your Highness killed the Body Replicator Devil God and released our clansmen. We of Heavenly Feather Clan are unable to express the gratitude we feel."

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "I didn't do it to save all of you, just to protect myself, so there's no need to thank me. Does your Heavenly Feather Clan lives in Great Ruins as well?"

"We aren't situated here, but in another world," Yu Zhaoqing said. "The world we came from has been seized by Body Replicator Devil God and nearly all of our clansmen have been swallowed by him. Luckily for us, Your Highness rescued us from being wiped out. Even though Your Highness isn't forcing us to repay the favor, we can't just not do it."

"The world all of you are from should be the one behind the devil god's corpse, right? Why is it linked to Great Ruins?" Qin Mu asked with curiosity.

"About twenty thousand years ago, our world collided with another world, and the space between them overlapped. We would notice it above our heads at midnight, and it was a marvelous sight," Yu Zhaoqing said.

"The emperor of that world sent a god over and ordered our Heavenly Feather Clan to surrender and pay allegiance to him. Only after that did we learn that the other world we saw was called Founding Emperor Empire. However, one day, an abnormal change happened there and it turned into Great Ruins. Our Heavenly Feather World also suffered. When night came, our sky was no longer the starry one. Instead, it was covered with the blackest darkness. Sometime later, Body Replicator Devil God invaded our world…"

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