Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 398 - Number One Divine Eyes

Qin Mu was in a daze. Heavenly Feather World had collided and overlapped the world in which Great Ruins existed, thus the sky of Heavenly Feather World was Great Ruins. It was an abnormal sight to behold.

It was a pity he probably couldn't see it anymore.

Heavenly Feather Word had been under the ancient Founding Emperor Empire, but because it had suffered a calamity, those under it lost all protection. Because of that, the devil god could find Heavenly Feather World and assimilate all of its people.

Founding Emperor Calamity had happened twenty thousand years ago. It was also at that time that it turned into Great Ruins.

'The territory of Founding Emperor Empire was not only in Great Ruins; it even had other worlds.'

He couldn't help getting lost in wild and fanciful thoughts. Founding Emperor Empire had conquered other worlds and administered such wonderful ones as Heavenly Feather Clan with all kinds of lifeforms. Living in that era had to have been interesting.

"I've heard that this place was known as Celestial Heavens," Yu Zhaoqing said. "The emperor is someone who ruled over all the various heavens.""

Qin Mu instantly thought of the time when he had brought Xiong Xiyu and her daughter through Great Ruins and the sight he'd seen when they passed by West Heaven Palace. Its ruins had a diagonal piece of land stabbed into it. All kinds of majestic buildings had crumbling fences and dilapidated walls. Pillars had collapsed and were sticking out in all directions while shattered pieces of huge machinery were hidden among the mountain rocks…

Qin Mu composed himself and immediately pushed away his peculiar thoughts. "Body Replicator Devil God is already dead, so you guys are safe now. Chief Yu, what's your plan?"

"Rebuild our country and return to our homeland."

Yu Zhaoqing's clothes gave off a gentle trembling sound, and they soon transformed into an armor. Her battle spirit mixed while a murderous aura and overflowed into the sky. "I want to lead my clansmen back to Heavenly Feather World! There are many other devil races there, the assistants of Body Replicator Devil God who had seized the treasured lands of my Heavenly Feather Clan. I need to seize them back and kill all the enemies so we can rebuild our homeland!"

"There are other devil races in Heavenly Feather World?" Astonished, Qin Mu calculated it for a moment. "Heavenly Feather Clan is only left with these few millions of people. Will you have the power to seize Heavenly Feather World back?"

Yu Zhaoqing was full of confidence. "Due to Body Replicator Devil God's death, the other clansmen should have also returned to their senses. We, the Heavenly Feather Clan, rely on brain waves to converse with each other. When we fight, it's as easy as commanding our arms, so it won't be hard to seize Heavenly Feather World back."

"Chief Yu, the paths, skills, and divine arts of the current era are different from those in the past. You guys have been controlled by Body Replicator Devil God for so many years, so you probably don't understand the current era. When on the battlefield, your brain waves can easily be intercepted. You had been controlled for so many years, so your enemies should have already learned everything there is to learn about you. In their eyes, all of you are lambs waiting to be slaughtered."

His vital qi burst forth and he executed a divine art. His vital qi transformed into all kinds of strange runes to form the shape of a huge upside down wok.

The runes trembled continuously while giving off sound waves that were hard for ordinary people to hear. However, in the ears of Yu Zhaoqing, it was like a loud and resonating bell was ringing continuously, disrupting her mind. The noise deafened her and made her unable to establish a connection with her clansmen.

Qin Mu dispersed his divine art and said, "Chief Yu, I feel you should take your time and not rush into things."

Yu Zhaoqing's heart was in a mess, and the clothes on her body went through various colors. Messy markings of all shades appeared, making it obvious that her mind was not steady.

Qin Mu had only interacted with Heavenly Feather Clan for the first time, but he had swiftly realized that the mental connection between them could be exploited. The strong practitioners of the devil race would definitely be aware of it after having studied them for a long time.

If Heavenly Feather Clan couldn't take out any new abilities, rebuilding their homeland would just be a joke. Returning to Heavenly Feather World was certain death!

"Eternal Peace Empire is currently in the middle of a reform, and all kinds of paths, skills, and divine arts are rapidly progressing," Qin Mu said. "Why don't you all settle down in Eternal Peace Empire first to learn new abilities. When you guys masted something new, you can then return to Heavenly Feather World to take back your land."

Yu Zhaoqing was slightly hesitant. As the chief, she wanted for more than anything to return to Heavenly Feather World and sweep away all the devils there. Yet as Qin Mu had said, returning was certain death so she had to take her time.

"Chief Yu probably still doesn't know, but this person beside you isn't any outsider. It's His Highness," Sun Herder Chief suddenly said.

"His Highness?" Yu Zhaoqing suppressed the conflict in her heart and asked suspiciously, "What highness?"

"The highness of our Sun Herder Tribe and also the highness of your Heavenly Feather Clan," Sun Herder Chief said deeply and meaningfully.

Yu Zhaoqin's heart trembled violently, and she immediately fell on her knee. Her clothes changed into the outfit of a subject and she greeted Qin Mu once more.

"Where are all these etiquettes coming from? Founding Emperor Empire is long gone, so I'm not your highness anymore. Sister Yu, please don't scare me." Qin Mu immediately helped her up and pinched the clothes on her body. He felt that the texture was smooth and humid. He asked with a smile, "What are the clothes on Sister Yu's body made of?"

Zhao Yuqing looked at Sun Herder Chief in doubt, and he also frowned. Qin Mu seemed to be unwilling to admit that he was the royal highness of Carefree Village. He didn't acknowledge his identity in front of him, and he also didn't acknowledge it in front of Yu Zhaoqing.

"Your Highness, the clothes on my body are actually my skin and wings," Yu Zhaoqing explained. "The structure of our Heavenly Feather Clan's body is different from yours. We have numerous thin wings, but we have no feathers. Instead, we have scales. When our mood changes, they will change in color as well. My Heavenly Feather clansmen have quite a way in dressing ourselves."

When Qin Mu heard her clothes were none other than skin, he couldn't help pinching it again. He discovered that the scales weren't hard. On the contrary, they were actually soft like skin.

Yu Zhaoqing's face blushed from his pinching. "Your Highness, you can't."

Qin Mu let go and couldn't help feeling that it was a great pity. He had wanted to ask Yu Zhaoqing for a few sets of clothes like that. However, her people grew them on their body as part of it, so they couldn't be taken off, and he could only drop the thought.

Si Yunxiang, Ling Yuxiu, and Hu Ling'er came over and touched the clothes on the woman's body while clicking their tongues in wonder. As they did that, Yu Zhaoqing's face became even redder. She didn't want to let them touch, but she was too embarrassed to refuse them. She could only stand there uncomfortably.

"The texture is truly wonderful, it's even smoother than Ling'er's fur."

The girls couldn't help sighing in admiration. Ling Yuxiu asked curiously, "Chief Yu, if winter comes and the world is freezing, won't you guys feel cold with just that?"

Yu Zhaoqing shook her head and said, "The four seasons in our Heavenly Feather World are all comfortably warm; there's no cold weather. Besides, if the weather gets freezing, our scales can be inflated with air to keep us warm. Take a look."

While she was saying that, the clothes on her body became thick and puffy, but the design was still very pleasing to the eyes.

Everyone exclaimed endlessly in admiration.

Sun Herder Chief stood to the side, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. They had come to Sun Shrine to discuss the important matters of their clan yet it had become a meeting to admire clothing.

After the commotion, Qin Mu said, "Chief Yu, you can bring your clansmen to stay in Great Ruins or follow me to Eternal Peace Empire. When the time is ripe, you can then lead your army back to Heavenly Feather World. What do you think?"

Yu Zhaoqing pondered it for a moment. "Your Highness, please wait a moment, let me discuss it with my clansmen before coming to a decision."

Qin Mu nodded and Yu Zhaoqing left to do as she had said.

"Chief, let us go and take a look at the sun that was split!"

Qin Mu rose and came with everyone to the center of the two halves of the sun. Numerous sun herders were trying to pull the chains out from the two lumps

They planned to use the chains of Sun Ship to bring up another sun from Sun Well.

Qin Mu had smashed the sun on Sun Ship into two halves, so they needed to get a new sun to be the energy source for Sun Ship. Otherwise, the new Sun Guardian would be absorbed by the huge ship.

Yet the chain was embedded in the sun. Even when it was split into half, it was still very difficult to pull the chains out.

Qin Mu walked toward the interior of the hemisphere and saw that the inside contained a complicated three-dimensional formation structure. Thousands of formations had to be activated for the sun that had once been a golden ball to radiate astonishing rays and firepower.

Because of what Qin Mu had done, numerous formations had gotten damaged. When the sun hit its target, numerous components were lost.

There were over a dozen sun herders who had entered the sun to undo the chains. However, no matter how much strength they exerted, they still couldn't pull them out.

"Is there anyone proficient in formation skills?" an elder asked loudly. "These chains are stuck in over a dozen formations, and they need to be undone for us to achieve anything…"

The numerous sun herders that were busy immediately stopped in their work and greeted Qin Mu.

He returned the greetings and examined the interior formations in detail. The chains that locked the sun went from the surface into the core, and there were over a dozen formations that were clasping tightly onto the four chains.

The old chief was also examining the structure of the formations. When he saw the complicated runes on the components, his eyes were dazzled. He shook his head and said, "There are no formation masters in our sun herders, so we won't be able to undo them."

Qin Mu pondered it before saying, "I finally understand why Zi Qing couldn't forge Sun Well and Moon Well even after a hundred years!"

Everyone looked at him, rather puzzled. They didn't know why he suddenly talked about Zi Qing forging the wells.

"The structure of the formations in this sun is actually that of divine eyes." Qin Mu walked between all the formations and differentiated the runes on top of them while speaking rapidly, "The emperor must have ordered Zi Qing to forge the wells because he had seen her abilities. She must have been the number one divine eyes back then! The attainments in her divine eyes had to have been matchless, so the emperor had ordered her to forge Sun and Moon Well."

He quickly browsed through the structures of the formations that were locking the chains once more. Coming out of the sun, he carefully examined the surface. It wasn't smooth, but with numerous markings like those of a tree's grains.

"The reason why Zi Qing did nothing for a hundred years was because she had already realized that to forge Sun and Moon Well, she would need to use her divine eyes as a sacrifice. When the wells were done, she would become blind. That was why she spent a hundred years to enjoy her life to the fullest."

Qin Mu felt around the surface of the sun, and after a moment, he found a circular marking that was jutting out at one spot. His vital qi flowed out, and he instantly saw the marking light up before starting to spin continuously.

At the same time, the dozen and more formations that were holding back the chains started to operate and slowly loosened.

Qin Mu nodded and said, "Only when the emperor got angry did she put in all her heart and will to forge the wells. She then dug out her eyes to light up Sun Well and Moon Well."

In front of them, the interior structure of the sun was changing continuously as the formations were being solved with resounding bangs. The surface of the sun and the complicated markings were also lighting up continuously. Huge pieces on the surface started moved backward layer by layer!

The half of the sun seemed to have come alive, and it frightened everyone into moving backward in alarm.

They only saw the formations of the sun changing continuously until it shrunk into a solid metal wall erected upright in front of them.

Qin Mu then came to the front of the other half of the sun and did the exact same thing. In the end, it also turned into a solid metal wall.

The two of them stood upright in front of everyone. They were golden in color, as simple and unadorned. The height was around three hundred yards, and they were several miles long.

"God Zi Qing knew that she had to sacrifice her divine eyes to the well in order to complete the emperor's mission, so she spent a hundred years to enjoy her life to the fullest before using another fifty years to complete the emperor's request. What an extraordinary woman!" Qin Mu exclaimed in admiration.

When he looked at the two walls, respect appeared on his face. He then said in a low voice, "She's called Zi Qing, Zi means big sister and Qing means green. It says that she was a big sister that liked wearing green in her family. What a pity I won't have the fate to meet such an extraordinary person… What happened to you guys?"

He looked back and saw everyone staring at him blankly. They were all flabbergasted.

Qin Mu couldn't help being bewildered. He explained, "Zi means sister and Qing is green. Zi Qing means a big sister wearing green."

"N-not this!" an elder stuttered. "Your Highness, you have solved the formations in the sun!"

Qin Mu realized what he meant and smiled. "It wasn't hard to solve it. I've done some research in regards to divine arts about the divine eyes. In Eternal Peace Empire, I even forged a divine eye that had a pretty similar structure. Of course, it isn't as intricate as this sun. Zi Qing was really remarkable!" He raised his head to look at the two walls. "I've learned quite a lot of stuff. I really want to go into the well to look at her eyes…"

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