Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 399 - Fishing out a Sun

In regards to divine eyes, Qin Mu had seen much and was familiar with their structure. He had learned Blind's Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill and even forged Sunshot Divine Cannon as well as obtained Sun Jade Eye and Moon Jade Eye. No matter how complicated was the interior structure of the sun Zi Qing had forged, it had many surface changes, but no departure from the original standard.

When others saw such a complicated structure, they would usually be unable to find a solution. However, he was able to quickly find all the crucial points in all kinds of formations.

Zi Qing had forged the sun not to use it as a weapon. Instead, it was used for lighting up the surroundings, so her formations had no power and were not dangerous. He could try them out without any worry.

On top of that, Zi Qing also left behind a mechanism to put away the sun.

When it was activated, the sun would change into a metal wall. Because the sun had been smashed into half by Qin Mu, it had become two metal walls.

Numerous sun herders suppressed the shock in their hearts and pulled out the chains.

"Without a hook, how can we fish out another sun out from Sun Well?"

Everyone looked at Qin Mu with hope.

The old chief immediately shook his head. "His Highness's cultivation is not high enough. He can't go deep into Sun Well and bring up a sun."

The temperature in Sun Well was extremely high, to the point that anything that the sun herders forged would melt after being lowered inside. It would be even worse for Qin Mu who was only a divine arts practitioners of Six Directions Realm.

Qin Mu smiled and said, "Chief, have you forgotten? After becoming the sun guardian, I can control the energy of Sun Ship, so won't I have the magic power of a heavenly god that way? As long as I can fish the sun out, I will be able to break free and won't need to fear being swallowed up by Sun Ship."

"What if you can't bring one up…" the old chief said with hesitation.

"There's no what if! Since I was the one to smash your sun, I have to be the one to get another one!"

Qin Mu made a prompt decision and stretched his hand out to grab onto a pillar. As his body expanded, he remembered something and transmitted his voice to the old chief. "Chief, help me prepare a set of clothes. My spare clothes are all used up."

The old chief didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Every time Qin Mu transformed into the sun guardian, he would rip apart his clothes and have to change to a spare set. The clothes in his reserves had all been used up; he was wearing the last set.

After fishing out the sun, if he didn't have new clothes, his buttocks would definitely be bare. That was because the complete form of the sun guardian had a third leg growing out from the buttocks which would rip the pants.

"Fetch our Heavenly Yang Young Golden Silk, weave it into fabric to make a set of clothes for His Highness!" After saying that, the old chief suddenly recalled something and hurriedly added, "Invite Chief Yu of Heavenly Feather Clan. Let her tailor the fabric for His Highness and make sure they are fitting and dignified."

A few sun herders immediately left to carry out the task.

Qin Mu controlled Sun Ship and its twelve legs took wide strides toward Sun Well.

Sun Ship had no sun, so it was started to absorb his life force, causing his body to slowly sink deeper and deeper into the deck. He was gradually fusing with the ship.

The speed of exhaustion was many times faster when compared to the time when the sun was just extinguished!

He had to fish out a sun as soon as possible! If the time was dragged out, it would become more and more dangerous.

Beside Sun Well, Qin Mu's violent magic power swept up the chains inside. They were like black dragons that slithered forward into the core of another galaxy.

That place was no other than Sun Well, a circular abyss that had countless suns that were like balls of light. In the meantime outside the well, stars were shining. They were of all forms and colors as they formed the Milky Way which was revolving around the two wells, circulating continuously.

Even though the chains of Sun Ship were thick, they were like a few thin strings when compared to Sun Well, so the sight was indeed like they were fishing. Qin Mu, who was at top of the well, looked like a real fisherman.

The chains went into Sun Well and Qin Mu's palms trembled. He frowned slightly. The chains had gone as far as they could, but they still didn't reach the suns.

"Chief, order everyone to leave the ship!" Qin Mu shouted loudly.

Sun Herd Chief immediately passed down his words, and everyone on the ship flew up in a hurry. Right after, they saw Sun Ship opening up its twelves legs and walking into the light pillar of Sun Well.

The huge ship slanted forward and walked into the well. In the center of the four pillars, Qin Mu's giant body which was like that of a heavenly god was shaking from the somewhat bumpy ride. He had the incomparably huge ship enter the Star Sea.

"Your Highness, Sun Ship has already swallowed your thighs!" the old chief shouted out. "Don't stay too long or you will be swallowed by Sun Ship!"

In Constellation Sea, a huge ship was walking straight down the light pillar. At its bow, there was a giant holding onto the chains to get to the abyss below. Around him were stars of different colors swirling continuously.

In the abyss, the huge suns radiated with dazzling rays which made it hard to open one's eyes.

Qin Mu's face and chest were turning red from the scorching heat as though he was going to melt. Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill had already been activated so he could withstand the intense rays to look at everything in the well.

Sun Ship was closing to the abyss while growing red hot, but luckily, it had been forged by ancient gods so it wasn't smelted that easily.

Finally, Qin Mu saw the chains touch one of the suns. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief.

At that moment, he noticed that Sun Ship had already swallowed his waist.

"Crap! Without the sun as an energy source, the absorbing speed is way too fast!"

Qin Mu composed himself and gritted his teeth. With the four chains as his hands, he gently touched the surface of the sun and found where the mechanism located.

His body was sinking bit by bit into the ship, and soon, the ship went past his waist.

Without the sun, utilizing the energy of Sun Ship would cause him to suffer from the drawback. The speed of it surpassed Qin Mu's expectation!

"It's not this formation marking… Not this as well…"

Even if he had activated the nine heavens in his eyes, he still couldn't make out the markings on the surface of the sun. He could only rely on the four chains to touch and differentiate them.

The four chains were like four huge dragons that were moving slowly. His magic power leaked out from them to form vital qi threads which he used to differentiate the structure of the markings on the sun's surface.

"It's not this either…"

His body had already been swallowed to the neck, yet Qin Mu still hadn't found the location of the mechanism. Cold sweat formed on his forehead, but before it could even flow out from his pores, it evaporated. It then turned into hot air that floated around him.

Sun Ship swallowed Qin Mu up to the neck, and he raised his head so his mouth would stay outside. He tried his best to mobilize Sun Ship so its deck would face Sun Well

Qin Mu's eyes stared fiercely at it while his body kept on sinking downwards, covering his mouth.

His nose was about to be covered up too!

In the end, even his eyes were close to sinking into Sun Ship. His nose bridge was gradually covered. The instant his eyes was about to be gone too, he saw an eye in the sun.

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. 'Zi Qing's divine eye!'

That eye was as dazzling as a sun, and it seemed to be staring back at him. It gave Qin Mu a kind of strange feeling. When watched by that eye, he instantly felt layers of formations appear in his eyes!

That feeling didn't last long, for Sun Ship had drowned out his eyes.

'Found it!'

Qin Mu's consciousness trembled, and he felt an abnormal touch coming from his own vital qi. He immediately gathered all his magic power, and the majestic vital qi flooded down the four chains to rush at the mechanism on the surface of the sun!

He could only hear cranking sounds as the formation on the sun's surface was activated. The four chains pierced through, led by the formation.

In Sun Ship, Qin Mu instantly felt the boundless strength coming from the sun flooding over. At that moment, Sun Ship had completely swallowed him up, to the point that only his nose tip could be seen!


The four chains pulled a sun out from the well, and it floated up into the sky, pulling the chains taut.

Outside Sun Well, the old chief looked at the light pillar nervously. "Too much time has passed, too much. His Highness might not have been able to endure… Any later, he won't be able to escape from Sun Ship!"

Suddenly, light burst forth in Sun Well, and a sun slowly rose from the light pillar. Everyone was forced to move back as heat waves swept past them in all directions.

Afterward, Sun Ship's huge body came out from the well with its twelve legs slowly landing on the ground.


The body of the ship descended, and the land shook, causing lava to flow into numerous canals.

Sun Ship was pretty stable.

The old chief hurriedly flew up and barged to the center of the four pillars. He saw Qin Mu lying there naked, unmoving.

Too much of his life force had been taken by Sun Ship. Even though he captured a sun and was saved, his life force couldn't be recovered.

"Move away, all move away!" Hu Ling'er sprinted over, her feet getting scalded by the scorching ground until green smoke came out. "I have medicine here!"

The old chief and the rest opened up a path, and Hu Ling'er flew to Qin Mu. She didn't care that her feet were blistering from the heat. In a hurry, she stuffed the spirit pills that Qin Mu had made for Yan Jingjing into his mouth. She used her vital qi to guide them into his abdomen and catalyzed the medicinal energy.

When it was finished, Qin Mu slowly woke up, feeling that his body was extremely weak. He didn't even have the energy to open his eyes and could only gasp for breath.

Hu Ling'er let out a sigh of relief and only then felt her feet hurting. She immediately jumped onto the old chief's head, her eyes tearing up from the pain.

The old chief hurriedly raised Qin Mu while shouting, "Quickly, to the lake!"

After a moment, on the small island at the center of Sun Ship, Qin Mu was placed in a hot spring that was at the heart of the island. Beside him was a frail little girl also soaking in the water.

"Little brother who herds cows." The frail girl smiled weakly.

Hu Ling'er sat on the old chief's head, not daring to let her feet touch the ground, so she requested boldly and confidently to soak in the hot spring as well. "My feet are also injured!"

The old chief was helpless and could only place her in the hot spring. "Little ancestor, this hot spring is not normal water, but condensed from the qi of pure yang. You can soak in it, but you can't piss in it."

"Bah, only you will piss inside!" Hu Ling'er sat down excitedly and felt waves of energy from the water flooding her body to nourish her limbs and bones. Her divine treasures, spirit embryo, souls, and spirits felt comfortable, without any being an exception. She looked at the frail girl beside and said in delight, "Sister Jing of Yan family, so you're here. Young master, why aren't you opening your eyes? That's right, when you were sprawled there earlier, your butt was seen by all!"

Qin Mu gradually opened his eyes, and white light blinded the two girls. It was like countless suns had burst forth with intense brightness, making their eyes tear from the sting!

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