Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 40 - Cusp Of The Gust

Qin Mu’s eyes opened wide. This plain looking monk staff could buy down the entire Border Dragon City?

"The name of this monk staff is called Khakkhara, having four crotchets and twelves rings. It was made by Rulai from the Great Thunderclap Monastery and can also be used for beating people. It should be worth as much as Border Dragon City."

Old Ma gave an introduction, "However this monk staff is used more for cultivating. When you hold onto the staff, any rouse in desires or emotions will cause the rings to jingle. Once the rings jingled, all the distracting thoughts in your mind would vanish, thus it is a treasure to get rid of the devil in your heart. The twelves rings can break twelve types of distraction and get rid of twelve devils inside. When the devils inside your heart emerge, the rings will jingle and the devils inside your heart would be covered and turned into dust. The staff is separated into four crotchets, which are to abstain from fleshly desires, to practice the four noble truths, to cultivate equality and to achieve zen. With this monk staff, cultivation will be twice as fast."

Granny Si’s eyes instantly brighten up and glowed as she stared at the monk staff on Qin Mu’s hand, "Mu’er, lend granny the monk staff for a minute. There’s a great devil inside granny’s heart that has annoyed granny for quite a long time!"

Qin Mu passed the khakkhara monk staff to Granny Si and asked curiously, "What kind of devil resides in your heart, granny?"

"An old fellow."

Granny Si gave a sigh and creased her forward, "No matter what I do this old fellow can’t die. I have killed him over a thousand times and he is still alive and causing havoc in my heart! If I can use this monk staff to kill him, I can finally be at peace."

Qin Mu still didn’t know what old devil in her heart was and Granny Si didn’t elaborate further. When the monk staff landed in her hands, all twelve rings immediately jingled furiously, creating a deafening sound.

Granny Si’s devilish nature erupted and a terrifying demeanor emanated out from her. This demeanor doesn’t seem to belong to her and she was like another person entirely!

Qin Mu’s hairs stood on ends. There was another person living inside Granny Si!

Blind, Old Ma, Cripple, Apothecary, and Mute also had their hairs standing on ends. They immediately took a step back as the terrifying atmosphere had also made them feel threatened!

A while later, Granny Si became disappointed and returned the monk staff to Qin Mu, "This thing can’t do anything to that old devil. Goddamn! Why can’t I kill him!"

Qin Mu took back the monk staff and tried to strap it on his back with the bamboo staff. However, it was too long, making it inconvenient for him to move around, therefore, he could only hold it in his hand.

"You aren’t a monk so throw that staff on the cow cart."

Old Ma then declared, "You have passed the test for the temple fair today. There’s no need for you to continue fighting. To be able to defeat the Great Thunderclap Monastery’s disciple is considered a great achievement. However, Ming Xin isn’t the disciple of Rulai and his ability is still far from Rulai’s disciple. Do you understand?"

Qin Mu conveniently threw the extremely valuable monk staff on the cow cart and asked curiously, "How strong is Rulai’s disciple?"

Old Ma indifferently replied, "I was Rulai’s disciple back then. When you could defeat me, you would be considered a true Overlord Body."

Qin Mu’s heart tremored. When he trained with Old Ma every day, Old Ma had only used Spirit Embryo Realm’s cultivation but even so, he was always bruised by Old Ma’s punches.

One needs to know that Old Ma only had one arm left. If he had both of his arms, who knows how terrifying is his power?

Qin Mu knew that there was still a very long path for him to walk.

The temple fair in Grandma Temple lasted for two days and when evening came, many people had started to pack up their stalls and moved into Grandma Temple. This temple was very wide and had stone statues as guardians as well. This was a safe place to hide from the darkness invasion.

Qin Mu drove the cow cart into Grandma Temple and raised his head up to take a look, seeing the sunset shining over the entire Sirius Palace.

When he had entered Grandma Temple, he then knew why Sirius Palace had been referred to as Grandma Temple. This was because, in the main hall of the temple, a statue of a benevolent old woman was being enshrined and worshipped here.

The amicable looking old woman was like any other old woman in neighboring village, having a crafty look in her eyes. The sculpture was very vivid and lifelike.

Qin Mu actually felt that she looked like Granny Si and gave the statue a few more looks. However, he jumped in shock when he used Heaven’s Eyes to take a look.

The amicable looking old woman was actually overflowing with a fiery atmosphere. Her divine light formed an extremely huge and towering wolf, howling towards the heaven as if it was going to swallow it!

Beside the main hall, there were still front palace hall, two side halls and an empty garden that took up a very vast area. There was also a pond in the garden that had dried up and inside was a few sets of skeletons.

Qin Mu went closer to take a look and deduced that those are probably fish bones. However, the fish were huge, spanning about twenty yards in length. What was weirder was that these fish bones actually had the characteristic of a dragon!

Apothecary called him back and took out ointments to put in his wounds while Mute and Blind were frying an egg on the side. The hen dragon had laid a coconut-sized egg and was clucking noisily away.

In Grandma Temple, the other villagers had all started their fire to make their dinner. After the sun had set and finishing their dinner, they would be ready for sleep.

At this moment, a young man suddenly ran from outside the temple with an anxious expression and shouted, "Midwife! Is there a midwife here? My wife is about to give birth!"

Everyone in the temple looked towards him and yet nobody made a sound.

Granny Si stood up and replied while trembling, "Old one here is pretty skilled and has delivered a baby every now and then. Could your wife still hold it in? The sky is almost dark. If she can hold out until dawn-break tomorrow, I can go over…"

The young man fell to his knees and kowtow repeatedly, "She can’t wait anymore! I beg you to save my wife and child! My wife is in difficult labor and the midwife in the village is unable to deliver my child!"

Granny Si looked at the setting sun and gave a troubled expression.

"Please help me! I beg you!"

The young man knocked his head until it started bleeding and wailed, "My wife had a few children these few years and they were stillborn! If this child is to die as well, my bloodline would be cut short!"

Granny Si was astonished, "They were all stillborn?"

The young man repeatedly nodded his head. Granny Si asked suspiciously, "Since she has a difficult delivery, the child is definitely not stillborn. There’s something weird going on. Is your village far from here?"

"Not far! It’s only seven miles away from Grandma Temple!"

Granny Si took a glance at the setting sun and gave a breath of relief, "Seven miles? You are from Zhang Manor which is not far away. We’ll be able to make it before nightfall. Blind, Mu’er, follow me. There’s something suspicious going on."

Qin Mu was surprised. Granny Si was a cranky person normally and it was not expected that she was actually such a good-hearted person.

The young man immediately got up to his feet and sprinted towards the direction of Zhang Manor. He should be a martial arts practitioner and had decent speed. He was scared of going back late yet when he turned around, Granny Si, Blind, and even the eleven to twelve years old boy had managed to keep up with him.

"You’re too slow." Blind, the old fogey, said. "Mu’er, carry him and pick up your speed in case the sun sets."

Qin Mu immediately rushed forward and carried the man without a word, warning him, "Beware of the knife on my back. Don’t cut yourself."

The man immediately said, "Put me down, you won’t run fast enough carrying me…"

Before he could complete his sentence, the wailing of the wind rang in his ears as Qin Mu leaped out of the forest and ran on top of the trees!

The man was shocked as the wailings of the wind grew louder and louder. The youth that was carrying him also ran faster and faster as he thought to himself, "How did this brother cultivate? He’s way stronger than me!"

In the midst of his sprint, Qin Mu had a feeling of stepping on the wind and he thought to himself, "Grandpa Cripple said he had refined his body at Spirit Embryo Realm while walking on the cusp of the gust. If I could find the cusp of gust, could I also walk on the wind? However, what exactly is the cusp of the gust?"

While he was sprinting, there was no time for him to ponder over it. The man on his back was still worried that Granny Si and Blind couldn’t keep up and suddenly he saw both of the elders sitting cross-legged behind Qin Mu. The two of them were actually swept up by the whirlwind raised from Qin Mu’s sprinting and were no less slow than Qin Mu!

"What kind of body technique is this?"

He was stupefied. The sun had finally set as the darkness swarmed from the west, shrouding and swallowing everything in its path.

With Qin Mu’s speed, he could see Zhang Manor in the distance and immediately sprinted towards it, hoping to reach there before the darkness caught up him!


Even though he managed to stop himself, the strong wind behind him continued to blow forward. Granny Si and Blind who was sitting on the wind floated several yards forward before stretching out their legs to get their footing on the ground.

Qin Mu was stumped for a while before becoming elated, "Cusp of gust, so this is the cusp of gust!"

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