Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 400 - Kidnapped

Qin Mu closed his eyes, and after a moment, Hu Ling'er and Yan Jingjing's slowly recovered.

"In Sun Well, I saw Zi Qing's divine eye." Qin Mu didn't dare to open his eyes again. "After that, many things appeared in my eyes. It was like her eyes had imprinted something in mine."

"Can you see anything now?" Yan Jingjing asked with nervousness.

"I can."

Yan Jingjing's eyes had been treated by Qin Mu and were more and less healed. She could see, but her body was still somewhat frail.

She immediately came to Qin Mu's side and pressed down on his shoulders while saying softly, "We, the Sun Herd Tribe, also have a technique to cultivate our eyes—it's called Pleiades Sun Star Hoops. Wait for me to execute it before opening your eyes so I can help you take a look."

Qin Mu waited for a moment, then Yan Jingjing said, "Done."

He opened his eyes, and the divine light in them burst forth, washing the surroundings in snow white light. He then took note of the frail girl moving to the front of his face and looking at his pupils seriously. Her eyes seemed to have star hoops that shrouded her pupils. The star hoops were circulating continuously and withstanding the power of his divine eyes.

Yan Jingjing examined him in detail and moved to the front of his eyes to differentiate the markings.

Qin Mu didn't dare to breathe as he was afraid of blowing his breath on her face.

"It's a kind of rune marking that has resulted in a formation."

Yan Jingjing breathed out, and he smelled orchids and iris as she pondered while examining his eyes. "The outer layer looks like Pleiades Sun Star Hoops of our Sun Herd Tribe, but there are other markings in the inner layers. There are a total of two, three, four layers…"

She inspected Qin Mu's pupils carefully and saw the layers of space inside. The runes formed a strange structure that was like layers of sun hoops that stretched back continuously. She couldn't see clearly how many of them there were.

"Inside your eye, in the centermost area of the layers of Pleiades Sun Star Hoops, there seems to be a sun. It could also be formed by the star hoops…" She finished her examination and said, "I shall teach you Pleiades Sun Star Hoops, my pupil divine art. Try and see if you can control the markings in your eyes with it."

Qin Mu nodded with difficulty.

Only then did Yan Jingjing notice that her face was so close to his that they almost came into contact. Qin Mu didn't dare to nod because he was afraid of hitting her. Their gazes met, and the stars hoops in their eyes flashed with brilliant rays.

However, at that moment, Hu Ling'er voice sounded out. "Young master, is the examination done yet? Why is there no sound now?"

Qin Mu immediately said, "Still not done yet?"

Yan Jingjing burst into laughter and her breath assaulted him in the face.

Hu Ling'er heard it and was slightly suspicious. With her arms and legs, she splashed around in the water to swim over with her tails floating on the surface.

Qin Mu's gaze was too bright, so she couldn't see him. However, she could head toward the sound and stop between the two of them. Half of her body popped out of the water, and she shook her tails, flinging water on the face of the boy and the girl.

Qin Mu and Yan Jingjing immediately split apart and suppressed the stray thoughts in their hearts. Qin Mu closed his eyes. Hu Ling'er sat in the center, separating them.

Yan Jingjing immediately said, "I shall teach you Pleiades Sun Star Hoopes, so listen carefully.

She then explained it to him.

Qin Mu asked whenever he was in doubt and soon mastered Pleiades Sun Star Hoops. He tried to execute it, and the layers of star hoops in his pupils extinguished one after another. However, there were still some runes that were swimming in his pupils.

He opened his eyes, and there was no longer any more astonishing rays shooting out. However, in the depths of his pupils, there would be a ray of light flashing from time to time.

Pleiades Sun Star Hoops didn't close the sun markings that were in the core.

Yan Jingjing swam over from the side and examined his pupils before pondering for a moment. "Pleiades Sun Star Hoops should be part of that divine eyes' technique. It isn't complete so the sun markings couldn't be completely closed…"

Hu Ling'er went to Qin Mu side and examined his right eye as though she knew what she was doing. "Young master, there are stars in your eyes!"

Qin Mu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "That's Pleiades Sun Star Hoops, Sister Jing and I are currently discussing them, so don't create trouble. Sister Jing, the imprints in God Zi Qing's eyes were mirrored in mine, so we might just be able to master her divine eyes from them. Her divine eyes were definitely the number one divine eyes in Founding Emperor Era. If we could master them, it will be extraordinary!"

Yan Jingjing pondered over it and said, "It's impossible to master the number one divine eyes just from the imprints alone. Even though I've learned Pleiades Sun Star Hoops, I can't rely on it to deduce the technique of the number one divine eyes. It's simply too difficult…"

"Someone can do it!" Qin Mu's eyes lit up as he was filled with confidence. "Grandpa Blind from my family, he could definitely restore God Zi Qing's technique just from these imprints!"

"Grandpa Blind?" Yan Jingjing asked curiously. "Isn't he someone whose eyes can't see anymore?"

Qin Mu was fully confident in Blind's abilities. "Even though he's blind, his eyesight is very good. He's the person with the highest attainments in divine eyes that I've met!"

Yan Jingjing was even more bewildered. Puzzled, she asked, "He's blind so how can his eyesight be very good?"

"Grandpa Blind has the best eyesight; Grandpa Mute doesn't have many words, but he scolds people fiercely; Grandpa Cripple runs the fastest; one-armed Old Ma has the best fist skills; Grandpa Butcher who only has half a body is the fiercest in fights; and even though Grandpa Deaf can't hear, he's the best in understanding others."

Qin Mu smiled. "There's also the most beautiful Granny Si, the cutest Grandpa Apothecary who's number one in both curing and poisoning others. However, the most powerful of them all is still Village Chief who has no arms or legs. His sword skills are the best in this world!"

Yan Jingjing was at a loss, then she said with excitement, "I want to go out and take a look!"

"When your sickness is cured, I'll bring you out!" Qin Mu said. "It's almost New Years, I reckon we'll be eating at granny's house this time. Do you want to go together?"

"Sure!" Yan Jingjing was indescribably excited, but her face turned dull soon. She shook her head and said, "I need to stay in the tribe; there can't be no one looking after Sun Ship. If the devils come again…"

Qin Mu smiled and said, "It's fine, I have caught a new sun and killed Body Replicator Devil God, so there shouldn't be any enemy attacks for a little while. I'll send you back after New Years."

Yan Jingjing was delighted yet nervous. "I have never left my tribesmen and went out alone before…"

"With me around, you can be at ease!"

Hu Ling'er couldn't join in the conversation so she could only grumble in her heart. After a moment, some women of the sun herders walked over and placed down a stack of clothes while saying respectfully, "Your Highness, the new clothes are done."

Qin Mu stood up and suddenly felt a chill on his buttocks. He hurriedly sat back down and said, "Ling'er, Sister Jing, turn around, I would like to change my clothes."

Yan Jingjing and Hu Ling'er listened and turned around, so he immediately climbed out of the pool.

Hu Ling'er turned her head to peep, but Yan Jingjing immediately said, "Don't peep!"

"I was seeing if young master had any tails," she whispered back.

"Did you see any tails?" Yan Jingjing asked with curiosity.

"Nope, his butt was bare." Hu Ling'er's voice held disappointment.

Qin Mu donned the clothes and saw that they were cerulean blue in color. The overlap of the gown was embroidered with the markings of sun and moon while the hemline was embroidered with the markings of dragons and phoenixes. The style and tailoring were very fitting. It had certain points that looked luxurious, but not too eye-catching. It was simple, elegant, and reserved.

"These clothes aren't bad."

Qin Mu was astonished at how comfortable he felt. When he tried to execute Nine Dragons Monarch Technique and his muscles expanded like dragons, his clothes also grew. They were still very fitting.

"Truly well made!"

Qin Mu was surprised and delighted. He could feel the vital qi surging through his body moving along with the clothes as well as though they were his skin. On top of that, the clothes could automatically adjust to any changes.

"It's the work of Heavenly Feather Clan!" Qin Mu smiled and said, "If Heavenly Feather Clan reaches Eternal Peace, they'll be able to survive by relying on their handicraft in tailoring."

He jumped back into the pool to soak. Even though the clothes entered the water, they didn't get wet. When he left the water, they were still dry. This made Qin Mu click his tongue in wonder.

The pool water was condensed from the qi of pure yang and by soaking inside, it could replenish exhausted life force. Yan Jingjing was the body of pure yang, so it had the most effect on her. Qin Mu could also absorb the qi of pure yang in the pool water by executing Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. Not only did he feel his life force recovering continuously, his cultivation was also rising. His vital qi was becoming purer as well. The two of them soaked in the water for several days, and their bodies mostly recovered.

Hu Ling'er injuries were long gone, but she had still stuck around, not wanting to leave, so Qin Mu used that time to teach her divine arts, paths, and skills as well as how to use a sword. He also exchanged pointers with Yan Jingjing in regards to the knowledge on divine eyes, so the couple days passed in no time.

Even though Yan Jingjing's life force had recovered, she was still very frail. When she stretched her arm out, her skin clung to her bones in a pity-attracting manner. Sun Ship had absorbed her corporeal body for far too long for her to recover in a short while.

Qin Mu carried Hu Ling'er out from the water, while Yan Jingjing climbed out herself. "Chief most likely won't be willing to let me leave. I've never been away from Sun Ship before…" she said with some hesitation.

"In that case, let's not tell him. We shall sneak away." Qin Mu smiled.

Yan Jingjing was so excited that her face flushed red. Her fingers curled into tight fists. "Wouldn't this be not good?"

Qin Mu had them wait nearby while he went to find Sun Herder Chief and Yu Zhaoqing. Yu Zhaoqing had already settled the discussion with her clansmen and decided to temporarily go to Eternal Peace Empire and settle down there. They were just waiting for Qin Mu's order.

He brought Si Yunxiang, Ling Yuxiu, and called the dragon qilin and the flood dragons that were playing around in the lake back. He bade farewell to Sun Herder Chief while Hu Ling'er brought Yan Jingjing to mix among people of Heavenly Feather Clan.

Sun Herder Chief led everyone to see them off, then said, "Your Highness, Sun Guardian's body isn't well, so may Your Highness look after her well."

Qin Mu was stunned. The old chief waved his hand and saw them off.

When they were far from Sun Well, Yan Jingjing came to Qin Mu's side and said excitedly, "Chief didn't notice me!"

Qin Mu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. 'How could that old fox not notice you…'

Ling Yuxiu was shocked and cried out, "The one who herds cows, you kidnapped Sun Guardian? How daring of you!"

Si Yunxiang sneered and said, "He even kidnapped the princess of Eternal Peace Empire." She then looked around at the majestic sight of millions of beautiful people of Heavenly Feather Clan following Qin Mu to Eternal Peace Empire and muttered, "Cult Master even kidnapped Heavenly Feather Clan… as well as over a dozen flood dragons. He indeed has the natural qualities of being Heavenly Devil Cult Master. Patriarch's judgment was right. If it was me, I wouldn't have been able to kidnap so many followers… As for Li Tianxing, he isn't even worthy to wipe his ass!"

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