Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 401 - Cripple’s Shocking Transformation

On the way back, Qin Mu first returned to Disabled Elderly Village and discovered that it was the world of hen dragons. They clucked noisily and looked fiendish as though they were about to wage a war with the millions of Heavenly Feather Clansmen.

Qin Mu slaughtered the fiercest hen dragon. After it was roasted, the hen dragons finally knew their place and didn't dare to be impudent.

There were no other people in the village, which meant that Apothecary hadn't yet returned. Qin Mu left behind a note to let everyone who returned to know to head to Granny Si's manor for New Years before continuing on his journey.

In the majestic Secret Waters Pass, the army looked at millions of people closing in on them. There were only tens of thousands of soldiers guarding the city, so when had they ever seen such a spectacle before.

Luckily, Ling Yuxiu walked over and explained their intentions. Only then did the general guarding the city opened the city gate and let them in.

The amount of food required for so many people was a problem. Heavenly Feather clansmen were vegetarians, so they didn't eat meat or fish. On the journey, they only ate some fruits, honey, and the rhizomes of flowers, living on little.

Even so, the food consumed by millions of people was still a huge problem.

Qin Mu asked Yu Zhaoqing about the fruits that Heavenly Feather Clan ate from the pill trees in Heavenly Feather World. Those fruits were spirit pills, but they were rich in moisture, looking sparkling and transparent like crystals. At the same time, they had the benefits of spirit pills, allowing them to have no need for food or drink after a single one.

Eating normal fruits could also satisfy their hunger. It was just that the taste wasn't as good.

"Pill trees… There are no plants that could bear spirit pills in Great Ruins or Eternal Peace Empire."

Qin Mu asked about the effect of the fruits bore by the pill tree, and Yu Zhaoqing explained it to him in detail. Qin Mu then tried to refine such a spirit pill a few times, but she would shake her head every time he did.

Finally, Qin Mu refined a furnace of pills the color of sky heavy with rainwater. He had spent quite a great deal of effort on it.

After Yu Zhaoqing tasted it, she praised, "The taste is already fifty to sixty percent there."

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and imparted the recipe to Yu Zhaoqing so she could find the apothecaries of their Heavenly Feather Clan to refine the pills themselves. That way, they wouldn't have to pluck wild fruits from all around to eat.

'These Heavenly Feather Clansmen are only suited to live in the south where it's warm, that place is the only one suitable."

Qin Mu was getting a headache while thinking about where to settle so many people. In the end, he decided to hand this headache over to Emperor Yanfeng and have his head ache.

A flying ship in Secret Waters Pass rose into the air and brought Qin Mu's memorial to the capital city at a lightning-fast speed.

In the meantime, Qin Mu summoned Dragon Rearing Sovereign who revealed his true form to carry the millions of people on his humongous body. It was truly a spectacular sight to behold.

Yan Jingjing clicked her tongue in wonder. She had never seen such a huge lifeform like Dragon Rearing Sovereign in Sun Well, so she couldn't help being curious.

When they came to the south of Relax Prefecture, Qin Mu asked Heavenly Feather Clansmen to station themselves in the forest nearby. He brought the girls to Granny Si's manor and Yu Zhaoqing also followed him here as they waited for Emperor Yanfeng's decree.

Everyone who came to Granny Si's manor couldn't help being astonished. The place was like a sacred ground in the mortal realm, like a paradise. The spirit qi and energy were so dense that they almost formed droplets of water.

The place was also abnormally bustling as numerous palace maids hurried here and there to clean this and that up. Ling Yuxiu was astonished and called two of them over. "Jian Qi, Qin Qi, aren't the both of you suppose to serve Empress Dowager? Why are you here?"

The palace maids were none other than the two girls who had once escorted Qin Mu to prevent him from being assassinated by Little Poison King Fu Yuanqing. They immediately greeted her and Qin Mu. Each of them had a dimple on one side of their faces, one the left and one on the right, complimenting each other well.

Jian Qi smiled and said, "Empress Dowager is here so we are naturally here as well."

Ling Yuxiu was astonished. "Empress Dowager is also here? Why is she here?"

Jian Qi and Qin Qi looked at each other and revealed troubled looks. Qin Qi hesitated for a moment before saying, "She chased Playboy Yu to this place… Princess, hush or else Empress Dowager will take our heads off if she learns about this!"

Jian Qi whispered closely beside Ling Yuxiu's ear, "There are many women chasing after Playboy Yu, so when he revealed his true face, they were all shocked to see that it had been carved off. However, none of them left. These women are all very fierce and famous in the martial world. Some of them are even sect leaders. In the end, Empress Dowager couldn't take it anymore and fought fiercely with all of them, but she still couldn't suppress them, so they ended up all staying here…"

Ling Yuxiu looked troubled as she shifted her gaze to Qin Mu. "Is Playboy Yu part of the village?"

"He's Grandpa Apothecary, also known as Jade Face Poison King." Qin Mu was greatly delighted by the news. "In that case, Grandpa Apothecary must also be here! He got cornered by all the women and can't run!"

Yan Jingjing looked around and, besides the palace maids that were coming to and fro, she saw some weird life forms all around. One was a fierce merman with a human head and a fish's body while another was a terrifying merman with fish's head and human body. They were all hurrying to and fro in the manor, preparing for New Years.

There were also tree demons, flower demons as well as strange demons that filled the mountains and wilderness. The tree demons had heads full of branches that held few leaves. Their temper was violent, and they would fight with deer demons frequently.

"Rascal, you brought so many maidens back for New Years?"

Just as they were looking around, a fragrance assaulted their nostrils, and everyone looked toward the source of the voice. They couldn't help being stunned when they saw a beautiful woman walking over. She didn't look like a person from the mortal realm, but instead like she had come out from legends. She had a divine beauty, one without any flaw.

The girls were all stunned, feeling their inferiority. However, they couldn't help feeling adoration and wanting to get close to her.

"Aunt!" Si Yunxiang went forward and said excitedly, "You're also here!"

Granny Si chuckled and said, "Lassie Xiang, stay further away from my Mu'er."

"We are family, so how could aunt take his side?" Si Yunxiang retorted angrily with a black face.

Granny Si threw her to the side and walked toward the other girls. She examined them and smiled. "I've raised Mu'er up and I'm much closer to him than you. Lassie Xiang, I had never carried you. Mu'er, she is a vixen and full of naughty thoughts, so you need to be careful with her."

Hu Ling'er jumped up and shouted, "I knew she's a vixen! Granny, I have looked after young master properly and didn't give any chance for all the little vixen to get close to him!"

Granny Si came to Qin Mu's side and raised her hand, about to caress his head, but then couldn't help scolding angrily, "You've grown taller! Why aren't you bending down?"

Qin Mu immediately bent down and Granny Si caressed his head while sighing. "Your height has almost caught up to that of Butcher. How did you grow so fast, to even know how to flirt around and bring girls back to see me…" Her eyes grew red, about to fill with tears. "Just a year or two away from home and you're already starting your family…"

"Granny, I'm not starting my family; it's Grandpa Blind who forced me to! You have met Yuxiu, and this is the sun guardian of the sun herders, the one who drove Sun Ship to chase off Imperial Preceptor. She's called Yan Jingjing! This is the chief of Heavenly Feather Clan from Heavenly Feather World, Yu Zhaoqing. I said I'm coming over for New Years, and they all decided to follow."

Granny Si's tears turned into laughter, and she said, "It's good that these maidens are here to meet their in-laws. Quick, come in and have a seat!"

The girls' faces were all red.

Yu Zhaoqing, however, was the chief of a clan and her cultivation was powerful. She was a top existence in Heavenly Feather World, so she said, "Senior Sister, please don't be mistaken, I'm not one of His Highness's concubine."

Granny Si felt fonder and fonder as she looked at her pure and attractive appearance which made her smile. "Calling me granny will do. There's no need for Senior Sister, it's too polite."

Yu Zhaoqing hesitated for a moment. Since she didn't yet fully grasp how people addressed each other in this world, she could only call her granny.

"Aye!" Granny Si gave a sweet acknowledgment, overjoyed.

Si Yunxiang came forward and said, "Granny…"

Granny Si immediately put on a straight face. "Call me aunt!"

Si Yunxiang felt extremely wronged and could only lower her head to call her aunt. Granny Si then brought them to her palace and ousted Qin Mu while saying, "Go to the halls nearby to find Cripple. That old fellow suffered losses and is now crying miserably."

"Which hall?" Qin Mu immediately asked.

"The layout here is the same as in the village, so he's in his house."

Qin Mu immediately went out to search, and Granny Si turned to the girls, growing happier and happier. She said to Yan Jingjing, "Sun Guardian is a little thin, you need to eat more. Yuxiu's body is pretty sturdy, very firm, though. I've met your father before, but I didn't talk to him. When will you be inviting the in-laws over…"

Qin Mu found Cripple's hall and saw that Blind, Mute, Deaf, and Butcher were all there. There was also two Village Chiefs. He then noticed that it wasn't exactly right to say that. On one of the recliners was the limbless Village Chief, while the other one held Cripple who had no legs!

Qin Mu immediately rushed forward and cried out, "Grandpa Cripple, this is…"

Cripple's face was full of tears as he complained, "Mu'er, you're back? Your Grandpa Cripple has fallen!"

Qin Mu composed himself and looked around, silently inquiring others about what happened. "The person who dug out my eyes reappeared and took Cripple's divine legs. Mute already went to Great Thunderclap Monastery to tell Old Ma to be careful. That person will most likely find him for his divine fists!"

Qin Mu's heart shook, and he took in a deep breath before asking solemnly. "Village Chief, who is that person?"

Before Village Chief could even answer, Apothecary who had a tall and sturdy figure walked in and said, "When I was running for my life, I met Daoist Ling Jing and he said there was a god-like existence chasing after his life, wanting to take away his divine blood, so he had pleaded me to change his divine blood to protect his life. I asked Daoist Ling Jing about that person, and he said that he was an existence on par with Village Chief back then, and he called himself god."

Village Chief let out a shaky breath and said, "His name is only a single word, An. His surname is very weird—Xing. He's a very egotistical person. But according to logic, his age should be around the same as mine, so his lifespan should be ending in two years."

"Yet Daoist Ling Jing said he looked very young, just like a youngster." Worried entered Apothecary's face and he said, "With your understanding of him, will he find Old Ma? Old Ma is Rulai now, the four elements are vanity, so he won't come for New Years and will be in danger staying alone in Mount Meru!"

Qin Mu couldn't resist asking, "This person that's called Xing An, is he really that strong? To be able to fight his way into Great Thunderclap Monastery?"

"I've no idea how strong he is now. However, I know that a person can spend all their energy into cultivating one part of their body to the god realm. That way, they can be a match for the fake gods. If one cultivated all their parts to the god realm, they would not be far from becoming a real god. So he will definitely go to find Old Ma," Village Chief said.

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