Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 403 - Friend from Afar

"Xing An?" Qin Mu looked at the youth with a blank look, thinking carefully. He then asked Ling Yuxiu and the rest, "Have you heard of the name Xing An?"

The girls shook their heads and replied, "We have not heard of this name. However, the surname Xing is quite rare."

"Cowherd, ask which Divine Physician Qin is he looking for? We might know who he is," Si Yunxiang said.

Qin Mu agreed and said to Xing An, "My junior sister wants me to ask which Divine Physician Qin are you looking for."

Xing An smiled and said, "This person is famous. He's the most renowned young physician in the capital, and his name is Qin Mu. He's the Heavenly Devil Cult Master, but he also has a reputation as a divine physician.

"My medicinal expertise isn't ordinary as well, but after treating myself for years, I keep feeling like there is something wrong. The more I treat myself, the more I feel that something is wrong. The body parts have started to reject one another, making it difficult to house them together. Not long ago, I met the grandmaster of Rolan's Golden Palace who's an old friend of mine, and he recommended a person. He said that Divine Physician Qin has remarkable abilities in the art of healing, so I should go find him."

Qin Mu was furious. 'It's Pangong Tso, that wretch again! He keeps giving me problems! Why didn't Imperial Preceptor kill him when he took down Rolan's Golden Palace and let him escape in advance instead?"

"So it's Heavenly Devil Cult Master," Qin Mu said with realization in his voice. "I've heard of his name; he's pretty extraordinary."

Xing An was smiling. "I've heard Heavenly Devil Cult Master had the means to help Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor to rebuild flying ships and warships, so he could wipe out the prairie in one go, subduing all the Khans and razing Rolan's Golden Palace. He even helped Emperor Yanfeng forge a divine cannon that shot down the god of High Heavens which is truly remarkable. Such a dangerous person, yet I have no choice but to find him, because Jade Face Poison King is even more dangerous than him."

He then added after a moment, "The cultivation of this Heavenly Devil Cult Master is only of Six Directions Realm, after all, so is easy to control. Jade Face Poison King, however, is ruthless and would be much harder to control. That's right, they called you cowherd, is that your name?"

Qin Mu immediately smiled and said, "Nope. I'm a person who herded cows, so my senior and junior sisters call me cowherd boy."

"So I see." Xing An looked around and said, "In the battle when the god was slain here, I've heard that Heavenly Devil Cult Master had made an appearance, so I came here to look for him. I've eaten your fruits, so I can't leave without giving anything in return. Rise!"

He stretched out a finger, and the core of the fruit which he had buried in the earth earlier grew rapidly, transforming into a huge tree which bore fruit after a moment. The tree was filled with them.

"Creation technique!" Si Yunxiang hissed under her breath.

Xing An took a look at her and waved his hands. The fruits all dropped on the ground and rolled everywhere. They landed on the ground and grew roots. After a moment, the whole mountain was covered in fruit trees. Flowers bloomed and withered, green fruits grew quickly and soon ripened on the branches.

"Try it, see if the taste is similar?" Xing An smiled.

Yan Jingjing was about to pluck one fruit to taste it when Qin Mu shook his head. "Sister Jing, don't pluck it. It won't be good to eat."

Yan Jingjing let go of the fruit and looked at it. She examined it carefully, but saw only that the fruit was bright red, similar to the ones they had plucked. There was nothing special about it.

"Cowherd is extraordinary, you have seen through it." Xing An smiled and said, "Creation technique can change the process of the plant's growth and also change the taste of the plant. It can even make the plant poisonous and change its structure, changing the species of the plant. You can even make the plant able to control the actions of others."

He raised his hand to pluck a bright red fruit, and it stretched its body to become a little red snake that went to coil around his wrist. The flat head of the snake was raised over his palm, while the forked was outstretched as the snake hissed at the group.

Everyone jumped in shock, and a hissing came from all directions. Tens of thousands of fruits hung on the fruit trees that were all around the mountain. At that moment, all of them stretched and turned into small red snakes that were dangling from the trees and staring at them!

"The creation technique of Heavenly Devil Cult isn't bad, right?" Xing An smiled and said, "I learned it from Rolan's Golden Palace's grandmaster. It's a pity that even Grandmaster himself didn't manage to comprehend the essence of it, disappointing me. Heavenly Devil Cult, however, is an even bigger disappointment, since no one there could actually comprehend the marvel of this technique. However, little girl is not bad, you recognized the technique, and Cult Master Qin is extraordinary as well, able to see how I used it to change the form of the object."

"You recognized us?" Si Yunxiang cried out.

Xing An smiled and said, "I didn't recognize you girls. However, Grandmaster had drawn me a portrait of Cult Master Qin, as though he was scared I would be mistaken."

Qin Mu looked at the mountain filled with red snakes and his expression changed slightly. He knew the creation techniques in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures were extraordinary, and he had used Earth Aeon Technique to mature a tree and grow yellow pears. However, the extent to which Xing An had cultivated the creation techniques made them have no hope of catching up!"

'What the young patriarch cultivates is the creation techniques. I wonder if he can achieve such a feat."

The corner of Qin Mu's eyes twitched. Even though the young patriarch was very strong, he might not have this kind of ability. Xing An was simply like a god who could do everything!

Planting a tree, making the tree bear fruit, then turning it into venomous snakes was the actions of a god!

The red snakes swayed their flat triangle heads on top of the trees as though they were dancing to the music. Yet how could all of them move in unison?

Xing An had just said that eating the 'fruits' could make a person lose control over their body, and it turned out it hadn't been just empty talk!

The idea was bone chilling!

Qin Mu took in a long and deep breath before saying solemnly, "Why does Senior Brother Xing An wants to find me? For me to help you?"

Xing An sighed and raised his hand to look at it over and over again. "Because this body sometimes isn't willing to listen to me and even rejects me. I know there are numerous experts by your side, and I recognize some of those old fellows, for example, Sword God. He poses some threat to me, so even though that threat isn't strong, his abilities are still not weak. Luckily he's headed for Great Thunderclap Monastery. What a joke…"

Qin Mu's heart sunk. Xing An was even harder to deal with than he'd thought. Old Ma was only a distraction, while his main aim was to lure the tigers out of the mountain. He just wanted Village Chief and the rest to head to Great Thunderclap Monastery.

He didn't need Old Ma's arms, for he seemed to have already received god-like arms!

He had only one goal, and that was Qin Mu!

"How humorous is that a person can unknowingly shed one's dead skin, switch one's bones, hair, flesh, and blood. In just seven years, all the organs in the body would undergo a change."

Xing An had a peculiar gaze, and strange lights came from his pupils. Nine layers of rings appeared in his eyes, which were the nine heavens!

Blind's divine eyes.

"This means that the you seven years ago and the you now are two completely different people. Has your way of thinking when compared to seven years ago change? You think you are still you, but you don't know if you have been influenced secretly during those seven years and have already changed into another you."

Xing An smiled. "In that case, why can't one take the initiative in the change? To attach other people's body parts to our own body? What's the difference between taking the initiative to change our weaker body parts with the body parts of those from strong practitioners and the change that happens once every seven years? That's why I tried to change into a god!"

His divine eyes revealed a fervent look which was filled with fanaticism. "I started to research the skill of changing bodies, and I soon had some accomplishments. My master was almost a top-notch existence, so I cut off his head when he let his guard down and replaced it with my own. It was a success. However, my master was too weak and couldn't satisfy me. Thus, I started to look for other experts. Over the years…"

He placed the huge chest which he'd carried on his back down, and it opened up. Qin Mu, Yan Jingjing, Ling Yuxiu, and the rest all knew what would be in it, but they still couldn't resist looking inside.

The faces of the girls instantly turned pale white, and they turned away to puke. Hu Ling'er who had hidden herself on the tree and observing also puked messily.

The chest was constructed with taotie's bone and on the outside was wrapped with a layer of taotie's skin, so the space inside was huge, three hundred yards in length and breadth. There were shelves inside it, and all of them were filled with body parts!

Just of the arms alone, there were over a dozen!

There were also hearts, eyes, bones, legs, and even heads!

Other than that, there was also all kinds of blood, human skin, as well as all kinds of scattered organs. There were even quite a few types of hair!

Xing An looked at his chest with a feverish look. "Take a look. How many works of art have I collected? I have treated my body as an art piece that can be rearranged, creating all kinds of me. I even changed my brain before! However…"

Puzzlement entered his expression. "I still notice some incompatibility between the body parts. At times they even reject one another, and my medical expertise can no longer solve it. Sword God thinks that my target is Rulai's divine fists, but he didn't know that I don't need them at all. I only need Cult Master Qin, which was why I let slip the news that I was looking for Rulai."

He closed the chest and returned it to his back. He then turned around and looked down the mountain with a slight smile. "A human body changes once every seven years, and the way one thinks and feels is also different. So why are you insisting on finding your own divine eyes, Spear God?"

Qin Mu looked over to that side and saw Blind standing there with a huge black-colored dragon skeleton circling around him while growling in a deep voice.

"It matters to me," Blind said easily. "A friend from far away has come, so even though it's a long distance, I still must kill. Xing An, I've been looking for you for a long time."

Xing An had a smile on his face as he walked down the mountain. "Cult Master Qin, wait a moment, let me meet an old friend."

Qin Mu's gaze flickered and he threw a glance to Ling Yuxiu and the rest, signaling for them to follow up. He executed Secrets of Dragon Control to awaken the flood dragons.

At the same time, Deaf who was recuperating in the hall took in a long breath. He spread out the pieces of white paper around him and raised his brush to start painting.

In the hall nearby, Cripple used his hands to push his wheelchair out. In the other hall, Granny Si said with a cold and grim face, "Husbands, it's time for you to make a move!"

Experts walked out of the halls solemnly.

Suddenly, a loud and resounding voice rang out. "Minister Qin, I'm here! Where's my precious daughter? Minister Qin, come out now! Off with your head!"

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