Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 404 - Invincible

"Father-in-law is here to kill the son-in-law!" Si Yunxiang's face was red from excitement. "Cult Master, Emperor wants your head off, so you have no choice but to retaliate, gathering the power of our Heavenly Devil Cult to get rid of the emperor and taking his position yourself.

"Princess Xiu is married to you, so she would become part of your chamber of imperial concubines. You're lovers, but she needs to take revenge for her father's death, and so her heart would be in a struggle. If that wasn't enough, she would also have to defend against the other imperial concubines.

"There would also be Saintess Xiang, which is me, planning to kill Cult Master to become the emperor. Princess Xiu would have to face my evil schemes while protecting you Cult Master as she thinks of ways to kill you herself. What true sadomasochism!"

Ling Yuxiu rolled her eyes at her. "Lassie Xiang, you're thinking too much. My father is here for the matters of Chief Yu Zhaoqing. He needs to personally attend the settling of so many people of Heavenly Feather Clan. Besides, Chief Yu is the owner of Heavenly Feather World, so he has to come personally no matter what. He's not here to kill the one who herds cows."

Qin Mu's flute sounded out, and flood dragons slithered in front of them.

At that moment, a dragon's roar rang out as dragon qi ran unhindered across the whole country—Emperor Yanfeng descended from the sky.

Emperor Yanfeng's reason for coming wasn't entirely like what Ling Yuxiu had said. He had not come just for Heavenly Feather Clan and Yu Zhaoqing, but also for Ling Yuxiu. Blind had kidnapped her and lured him to Great Thunderclap Monastery, entrapping him in discussing buddhism with Rulai for a few days before he could break free.

Not long after that, Qin Mu had sent a memorial to him. When he received it, he rushed over in a hurry, abandoning the Feathered Forest Guards far behind by him. All of that was just to find Qin Mu for an answer.

In his eyes, that youth was truly daring, even snatching his daughter by force. Even though it hadn't been him that had snatched her by force, Ling Yuxiu had left without a word from him, so it was still definitely taking her away without his permission!

If that wasn't enough, the old blind man had even stuffed a chicken in his hands and said he was treating his in-law to a feast. It gave him a bad feeling that his cabbage had been ruined by a pig, which hurt his heart.

However, when Emperor Yanfeng landed in the manor, he felt that something was slightly wrong.

The atmosphere seemed to be wrong. The old blind man who had kidnapped his daughter might have had a short stature, but his aura was extremely towering. Black dragon bones danced around him with cold murderous intent.

Meanwhile, in front of the huge hall, female experts stood with overflowing murderous intents, and the corners of Emperor Yanfeng's eyes twitched. Among those women, he also saw his mother, Empress Dowager!

'After she left the palace, I ordered people to investigate it, but all I learned was that she received news of Jade Face Poison King and going off to chase after him.'

Emperor Yanfeng's face turned black, and he thought to himself, 'How could I let something that would shame the royal family happen? I ordered for news of Jade Face Poison King to be leaked so as to lure out the lovers of Jade Face Poison King to go after him together. I planned to use their hand to force Empress Dowager back, so why does it seem like she made peace with those old loggerheads. Is she planning on staying here with them?"

He wanted to cry, but had no tears. The women of Ling family were fearless, unlike the pretty daughters in other humble families. They dared to chase after their own happiness. However, family shame could not be spread abroad; the emperor's face had to be preserved.

Emperor Yanfeng then noticed Granny Si, and his mind blanked out. His throat grew parched, and the three thousand beauties of his chamber of concubines paled in his eyes.

When Qin Mu had saved him from the hands of Old Dao Master and Old Rulai, he had once settled here. He had recollection of the place, but he had never seen his caretaker's true appearance before. Granny Si had always used a pole to bring the meal to him in a basket.

When Emperor Yanfeng saw Granny Si's true appearance, he was stunned and got distracted.

"Your Majesty, do you still want your empire? That's Cult Master Li!" Qin Mu said loudly.

Emperor Yanfeng suppressed the astonishment and pulled away his gaze, not daring to look anymore. Granny Si chuckled. "Rascal, spoiling my plans. Otherwise, this empire would be our Heavenly Saint Cult's already! Emperor, are your injuries healed? Has your cultivation returned to its peak? If it's not back, you are going to be a goner!"

Emperor Yanfeng's gaze moved around and landed on Yu Zhaoqing. He saw that she looked like she was from a foreign territory so he thought to himself, 'Is she Heavenly Feather Chief that Minister Qin mentioned? Her cultivation is extremely strong… so who is she guarding against?'

Just as he thought that, he saw Cripple who was sitting on a wheelchair, Deaf who was swinging his brush rapidly, and his gaze then inadvertently turned to the youth who was coming down the mountain.

Emperor Yanfeng's heart trembled violently when he looked at the young man carrying the chest. That youth didn't look old, but he gave off an extremely powerful presence, one that was even stronger than that of the gods of High Heavens!

'I should have brought Sunshot Divine Cannon!'

Emperor Yanfeng gritted his teeth. His divine treasures had been too severely injured, so his cultivation hadn't yet completely recovered. However, Qin Mu had gathered all the algebra experts in the world and set up divine bridge's space algebra model which allowed him to figure out many tricks to repair his divine treasures. His cultivation had recovered up to ninety percent, and he was back to being one of the top experts in the world.

However, when faced with the youth, he had a feeling that he was a dragon held by his weak spot and about to have his skin stripped off. That person was extremely dangerous, much more so than Old Dao Master and Old Rulai together!

"Emperor's cultivation isn't bad." Xing An looked over and greeted him. "Wanderer of the Wild Xing An pays his respect to His Majesty. Your Majesty's magic power has already reached the level of god, and your divine treasures have been ruined before being molded back together, so they're stronger than other people's divine treasures. They're worthy of my collection!"

His eyes were Blind's eyes, and they seemed to have a kind of peculiar magic that could see through everything about everyone. One look at Emperor Yanfeng, and he knew his divine treasures had been destroyed and rebuilt, giving them a stability that was unmatched. This filled him with delight at seeing a prey.

Emperor Yanfeng felt as if he'd been marked by a predator, and his heart tightened.

Xing An then looked at Blind, and astonishment appeared on his face. He praised, "Dao friend's mind is actually so powerful. Since you had your eyes dug out, you chose to walk another path and reached the peak of another kind of divine eyes. Are they of the mind? Using your primordial spirit in place of your divine eyes. Mind eyes are unmatched in this world; I like your primordial spirit very much."

Blind gave a cold snort.

Xing An then looked at Yu Zhaoqing and his eyes lit up. "Your skin isn't bad. I'll need to set up another shelf in my chest to place your skin."

His gaze then landed on Cripple who was on the wheelchair. He then moved his gaze away from Cripple's body, which made the latter furious. He gritted his teeth and shouted, "Old fart, return me my legs!"

Xing An ignored him, his gaze coming to rest on Deaf who was painting in the hall nearby. "There are boundless mountains and rivers, multitudinous ravines, gods, immortals, ghosts, and monsters in your brain, and only because of that you draw the boundless worlds. I like your brain."

Deaf stopped and looked at him.

Xing An's gaze moved past the bodies of the women, not paying them any attention. The women who were chasing Apothecary may have been strong practitioners who were reputable in the martial world, some being even on the cult master level, but most of them didn't reach a degree that would attract Xing An's attention.

Finally, his gaze landed on Granny Si, and astonishment appeared on his face once more. He wasn't smitten by Granny Si's beauty and just muttered, "How could a mortal actually have such beauty? This body, I want it too…"

"You are late!" Li Tianxing sneered. "Xing An, this body is mine!"

"Is that Cult Master Li?" Xing An smirked and said leisurely, "I've seen you before. You were a remarkable talent and full of ambition, so what had changed you to what you are now? That's right, it's this divine beauty that made you lose yourself. You planted your primordial spirit in the Dao heart of this body, wanting to take it over, to become the owner. However, this work of art has caught my eye, so you can only move aside."

Li Tianxing smiled flirtatiously, in a way that even girls would fall head over heels, but Xing An remained unmoved. He looked around and said in delight, "I had only come to find Divine Physician Qin to treat my injury, so I hadn't expected to meet so many works of art worth collecting, I'm truly fortunate! Everyone, everyone!" He greeted everyone, unable to contain his joy. "Thank you, everyone!"

Cripple couldn't hold it in any longer. He rolled his wheelchair forward and shouted, "I may be the divine legs, but I'm also the divine hands! Heavenly Pilfering Sun Switching Technique is not only a leg technique…"


The wheelchair flew up and Cripple's hands had countless changes, dazzling everyone's eyes. Heaven Pilfering Sun Switching Technique was separated into Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs and Sun Switching Divine Hands! The reason why Cripple could be known as God Thief was because the skill of his hands was also extremely terrifying, able to ignore all seals and restrictions, pilfering heaven and switching the sun!


The wheelchair shattered, and Cripple flew backward. He crashed into the hall and lay on the ground, unable to get up.

"Divine hands, you are still slightly lacking."

Xing An laughed out and turned around. A dragon roar rang out, and his palm clasped around the tip of Blind's spear. It was Divine Spear Long Tuo which was made of black dragon's bones. The spear came forward like a dragon and roared. Blind's footsteps were agile, and his weapon was like an illusion, stabbing towards Xing An like countless black dragons!

Blind's attainments in spear skills alone were already at the peak. He had closed in on Dragon Rearing Sovereign before the other could notice anything, ending the battle in an instant.

Even though he didn't have his eyes, mind divine eyes were even more powerful than divine eyes, so he could see through the flaws in all moves. Long Tuo moved as he willed, and its attacks were unmatched.

However, he had met an even more terrifying existence. Xing An's eyes were his eyes, and they were only slightly inferior to mind divine eyes. On top of that, Xing An's magic power was like that of god, so every blow he received caused Long Tuo to tremble non stop. Blind's small stature was also trembling continuously as he moved back to shake off the power, his hands turning numb.


Blind's eyebrows drew together, and Black Tortoise Primordial Spirit appeared behind him. He used all his strength and moved together with Empress Dowager and all the other women that had come rushing forward. In an instant, all kinds of lights burst forth in the manor as broad and powerful divine arts surged forth.


An astonished cry sounded out as Empress Dowager and numerous women puked blood while flying backward. Xing An smiled and said, "You guys don't even make me want to collect you, so there's no need for you to come to disgrace yourselves!

"You hit my mother? Off with your head! Maang—"

Emperor Yanfeng's body trembled, and vital qi burst forth. His divine treasures rumbled as they opened, and the roars of dragons and howls of tigers came from them. He stretched out his hand, and Nine Dragons Divine Fire descended from the sky.

Xing An smirked, and the top of his head suddenly opened up. It flew off like a huge golden alms bowl. The Nine Dragons Divine Fire was caught by it before it returned to his head,

Emperor Yanfeng was astonished, but right after, the heavenly dragons that coiled around him attacked in close quarters as he worked together with Blind against Xing An.

At the same time, Deaf's huge brush was like a beam which he flicked with strength. The painting he had just finished flew out from the hall. Wielding his brush, Deaf leaped up as though he was soaring. He suddenly sank down and entered a painting, his brush stabbing out from within to smear on Xing An's body, and the other couldn't help falling inside.

Paintings were erected in the air and fluttered around. There were tens of thousands of gods and devils within them that encircled and attacked Xing An. He moved through the paintings and killed all of them, turning them into pools of ink.

Suddenly, Deaf jumped out, and his huge brush smeared toward all of his paintings.

Loud world-shaking bangs rang out as the inner space of the painting collapsed and shrunk before exploding with terrifying power!

Deaf let out a sigh of relief when a palm rushed out from the center of the explosion, tapping the pit of his stomach. Blind hurriedly tossed out Long Tuo which transformed into a black dragon. The strength of both men exploded, and Deaf flew backward while puking blood.

He climbed to his feet from where he'd landed and spat out another mouthful of blood. His limbs went weak, and he sprawled out on the ground while hissing, "His magic power and corporeal body are too strong, I can't injure him; however, he's trapped in my painting now, so quickly, I can't trap him for much longer…"

Emperor Yanfeng rushed to the center of the explosion, and the dragons went for Xing An. At the same time, Blind's Black Spear Long Tuo also stabbed continuously, moving as quick as lightning, but not injuring Emperor Yanfeng. Every strike was aimed precisely at Xing An.

"It's my turn!"

Li Tianxing gave a long hiss and flew over!

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