Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 405 - Invulnerable

Li Tianxing's clothes fluttered. As the previous cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult, her abilities were definitely top-notch, despite the slight change in the sex. The moment she moved, she exhibited extremely powerful battle prowess.

Granny Si's figure floated around, but whenever she landed, every step seemed to be extremely heavy. She had flawlessly merged heavy and light together.

Li Tianxing stretched out her hand, and the space seemed to collapse as it fell to her hand. The surrounding space treated the palm as the center of the circle and densely-packed, thread-like veins lines formed.

Every node of those thread-like vein lines represented a star. Several dozen stars formed a constellation, and the three hundred and sixty stars of all sizes formed a space and network of overarching heaven.

It was Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force!

If one looked in detail at the stars and constellations, one would notice that they formed different kinds of images. For example, the inner structure of Purple Star was a heavenly palace, since it represented royalty.

The seven mansions of the west sky had over seven hundred stars and fifty-four constellations, creating all kinds of images inside, like Wood Wolf of Kui, Metal Dog of Lou, and Pheasant of Wei. The power represented by each star was also different from one another.

Li Tianxing was the cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult and had received the teachings of Woodcutter, so she had also comprehended her own Unity Technique.

If she hadn't become perverted, her talent and learning would have been top notch in the world. Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force was the ultimate art that she had comprehended after mastering Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, and it was extremely powerful.

Granny Si attacked toward the center of the explosion and fought together with Emperor Yanfeng. Instantly, a violent pulse came from the epicenter which bombarded the surroundings, causing an unknown number of monsters in the manor to puke blood from the tremors. They all hurriedly hid in the hall to avoid the impact.

Halfway up the mountain, Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu had flood dragons standing in front of them to block the aftermath of the divine arts.

Qin Mu placed his hand on Carefree Sword, and the heavens in his eyes opened up as he stared closely at the battle in the manor.

His fingers were continuously tapping on the sword's hilt and all kinds of wuji, taiji, four symbols and eight diagrams runes appeared in front and behind him as he frantically calculated.

In the center of the explosion, the world in the painting that had collapsed slowly faded away. Emperor Yanfeng and Li Tianxing surrounded the place where it had been, attacking while sprinting around. The black spear in Blind's hand, in the meantime, had become longer and longer. With a jolt of it, his feet also moved continuously as he stabbed at the painting!

From within it, arms and legs attacked outwards to clash with the three experts, and they were not at no disadvantage.

Emperor Yanfeng's magic power was incomparably powerful. Even though his cultivation had yet to recover to its peak, his level of magic power could already make him stand above the whole world. It even surpassed that of Li Tianxing and Blind, with his moves being grand in scale and filled with strength while his blows were heavy, fierce, and overbearing.

Li Tianxing, on the other hand, was a notch higher in divine arts. Her Unity Technique may not have been the true teaching, but by uniting Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, she could execute all kinds of techniques, skills, and divine arts freely. On top of that, Qin Mu even saw something that he didn't possess.

It was the more profound divine art contained in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures.

However, it required the combination of all kinds of divine arts from Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. For example, Li Tianxing's Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force combined over three hundred divine arts in a palm, and because of that had shocking power!

'Cult Master Li is no doubt a genius of our cult, but it's a pity that his thoughts have gone crooked.' Qin Mu exclaimed in admiration endlessly.

There was naturally no need to talk about Blind. The battle with Dragon Rearing Sovereign had already shown his power. However, Blind's performance now was even more powerful than the time he had fought Dragon Rearing Sovereign. His divine spear became longer and longer, but the power also became greater and greater. Any strike from him gave others a feeling that it was absolutely wonderful.

His most outstanding point, however, still lay in the fact that he could make up for the places where Li Tianxing and Emperor Yanfeng were lacking, saving them with his attacks.

He was the two's backup, allowing them to execute their moves as they will, not having to worry about themselves.

Even so, the three of them were gradually unable to hold back Xing An who was in the painting.

That painting floated to and fro. Not only could the fist and leg divine arts from within block their attacks, they could even retaliate!

The power of Xing An's divine arts was incomparably strong, and his magic power was also powerful. His corporeal body was even more ridiculous, causing blood to leak out from the mouths of the three opponents. Even the painting itself was continuously splitting open from the tremors!

He was about to escape!

Qin Mu frowned slightly as he saw the disadvantageous situation. He then shouted out, "Chief Yu!"

Yu Zhaoqing rushed out with a quick step, her feet moving as though she was flying. She put her two fingers together as she stabbed toward the painting.


Her speed was extremely fast as she moved like flickering lights and passing shadows. Light flashed at the tip of her fingers, and it was like a sharp sword stabbing into the painting at a lightning fast speed!

Yu Zhaoqing succeeded in her strike and instantly felt an extremely powerful force countering from the painting, making her delicate body tremble before falling back.

Suddenly, the wings on Yu Zhaoqing's body opened up to raise her up. She paused in the sky, her dozens of wings flapping in a hurry. Countless runes appeared on the clothes of her body, and light circulated rapidly, shooting out from her scales and into the painting.

A trace of blood could be seen from within, which roused Emperor Yanfeng and Li Tianxing's spirits, causing their attacks to be even more concentrated.

Qin Mu had a nervous expression when he said to the girls behind him in a low voice, "Take this chance to hide in the hall."

Ling Yuxiu hurriedly brought Yan Jingjing and the rest down the mountain and hid in one of the halls.

Qin Mu then frowned slightly. The calculations that were both in front and behind him were still progressing frantically, but he soon felt that his wisdom was not enough. He could no longer calculate what were the odds of Blind and the resting achieving victory,

His feet moved as he calculated the angle and success rate of his attack. With the execution of Secrets of Dragon Control, the flood dragons coiled around his body and lent him their magic power.

Qin Mu's aura rose dramatically, and as the flood dragons lent their power to him, his body grew taller and taller. His magic power grew more and more powerful while dragon scales were also frantically growing out of his outer body, covering his skin.

Clink. Clink. Clink.

More nine heavens formation markings appeared in his pupils.

He had executed Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Technique to its extreme!

Not only was he using superior algebra attainments to calculate, he was also using his divine eyes to observe the battle and calculate.

'Xing An has a flaw! His body parts aren't adapting well and are starting to reject one another!'

His eyes suddenly lit up, and his mental strength burst forth to contact Yu Zhaoqing with his mind. She then immediately used her brainwaves to inform Blind, Li Tianxing, and Emperor Yanfeng.

At the halfway point of the mountain, Qin Mu stopped and bent his knees to squat down. The flood dragons on his body raged with magic power, causing his aura to suddenly become berserk as well.

Qin Mu's palm that was holding Carefree Sword's hilt moved, and sword light filled the heaven.

The strength in his legs burst forth, and he nearly replicated Cripple's speed when he was at his peak!


Wherever Qin Mu passed by, there would be hundreds and thousands of afterimages overlapping each other, moving forward continuously toward the painting!

He reached it the moment when the sword light of Carefree Sword was the most scorching!

His speed reached its extreme, and the sword light of Carefree Sword was like a huge drill flashing by, piercing through the painting!

Xing An's chest was struck by the sword, and he got stabbed out through the painting, which was then shredded to pieces!

At the same time, Blind's attack arrived. Black Dragon Spear Long Tuo pierced Xing An's back and came out from his chest, avoiding his heart.

Emperor Yanfeng and Li Tianxing used Nine Dragon Mountain Breaking Palm and Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force to strike at the same time against Xing An's left and right temples, causing massive destructive force to rush into his brain!

At the same instant, the lights flowing through Yu Zhaoqing's body flew out to stab Xing An's legs, fixing his feet to the ground!

"Has it ended?"

Everyone let out a sigh of relief. Yu Zhaoqing played the most important part in this battle. With her as the central administration, Li Tianxing, Emperor Yanfeng, and Blind could work together as one. Only then were they able to suddenly unleash their most ruthless moves, killing Xing An in one strike.

"Hehehe, you guys aren't bad."

Xing An who got hit by the sword and spear suddenly raised his face full of praise. Blood was flowing out from the corner of his mouth and various wounds, but it was only for a moment. As if it was alive, it is suddenly rushed back in, returning to his body.

"You guys are all not bad."

Xing An laughed loudly, and Qin Mu's face changed drastically. He hurriedly pulled out his sword, but at that moment, Xing An stretched out his hand to flick him away. Qin Mu's body trembled violently, and the flood dragons cried out mournfully as they fell off him.

His strength instantly declined. Blind shook his spear and flicked Xing An up into the air, saving Qin Mu. Xing An stretched his hand out to smack Divine Spear Long Tuo heavily, and sparks instantly flew around Blind's hands. The flesh and blood of his palms were all messed by the friction with Divine Spear Long Tuo which came smashing back at him. Once Divine Spear Long Tuo saw that it was about to stab him in the chest, it changed back into a black bone dragon to coil around him, trembling violently to shake off Xing An's power.

Divine Spear Long Tuo's bones rumbled with dragon roars. Only then was it able to shake off the power. The black bone dragon raised its head and coiled even tighter around Blind.

Xing An fell to the ground with a thump. There were two huge holes in his chest which were caused by Qin Mu's sword and Blind's spear.

His head was nearly squashed due to Li Tianxing and Emperor Yanfeng's palm divine arts. Meanwhile, there were over a dozen holes on his legs from Yu Zhaoqing's attack.

"You guys are really not bad!" Xing An's face was long and narrow from being squashed, and his face was warped. However, he was still smiling with sincerity. "You guys are worthy of me using my full strength"


The chest he always carried with him split open, and three heads flew out. Xing An raised his hands to pluck away his own that had been squashed, and the three new ones landed on his neck, each giving a shake.

The eyeballs in the squashed head then flew out to replace the eyeballs in one of the heads.

Four more arms then flew out of the chest and came to his sides, growing into his body.

Xing An moved them and stretched out one hand to pull out the divine heart that had been pierced, replacing it with another one. He then pulled out the ribs that had been sliced apart and shook his head. "Even if I kill all of you, I can only be said to not be making a loss. All of you aren't bad, worthy to be part of my collection."

Blind's expression changed as he stretched his hands to grab the air. Long Tuo flew into his hand and transformed back into a black spear. He shouted sternly, "We can't wait for him to finish changing his body!"

The huge spear in his hand stabbed forward. Emperor Yanfeng and Li Tianxing immediately went left and right to attack. Yu Zhaoqing also used all she could, but Xing An remained calm and composed as before, using two hands to continue changing his damaged body.


Emperor Yanfeng suffered numerous punches and flew backward. The tip of Blind's Divine Spear Long Tuo was grabbed by Xing An's other hand which gave a forceful jolt to flick Blind high up into the sky.

Two heads opened wide to howl loudly. Their voices like thunder struck Yu Zhaoqing who was in midair, causing blood to leak out from the corner of her mouth. She lost control of her consciousness and fell from the sky!

Ling Tianxing's palm force burst forth, but what she saw next was Xing An finishing to replace his body parts, facing her with his three heads and six arms!

'How am I going to fight like this?' Her mind was blank.

"Cult Master Li, you've planted a devil in the Dao heart?" Xing An's three faces revealed peculiar smiles. Each face looked different, having a mixture of man and woman, young and old. "It's easy to break! After you die, I shall preserve this body carefully!"

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