Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 406 - Great Educational

Li Tianxing's expression changed slightly, and Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force instantly changed. Her attainments in spell divine arts could be said to be number one in the world. The nodes of Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force were stars, and when they revolved, the attributes of the palm force would change and its power would also become different.

Her palm force may seem like corporeal body divine art, but at the root, it was a spell divine art. It had inner space, myriad of changes, and was close to boundless. As a matter of fact, after Li Tianxing had succeeded in cultivating Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force, she had lost her motivation to improve.

That kind of divine art was too perfect, so perfect that all the other divine arts created after that couldn't surpass it.

Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures had Unity Technique, and she called Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force her Unity Technique that was able to control all divine arts in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures!

Yet no matter how many times her palm force transformed, Xing An paid no attention to it. He didn't even try to guess the transformations of her palm force or divine arts. No matter how many times her divine arts changed, Xing An broke them apart with brute force!

God's fist, god's strength, god's magic power—he was a god that disregarded all her changes and just crushed everything in his way!

Blood leaked out from the corner of Li Tianxing's mouth, and she felt a terrifying force coming out from Xing An's palm force. That power bombarded her vital qi and struck the devil seed!

Village Chief and Blind couldn't do anything back in the day to save Si Youyou. Old Rulai also didn't manage to enlighten Li Tianxing, yet Xing An went straight for the origin, wanting to destroy him!

Emperor Yanfeng and Blind attacked. Yu Zhaoqing also picked herself up and rose to fight. Four of Xing An's hands dealt with Emperor Yanfeng and Blind's attacks while vital qi rose from the top of his head to transform into a divine bridge. His primordial spirit stood on it and fought with Yu Zhaoqing, blocking the moves of the three people and even severely injuring them!

Too terrifying.

Emperor Yanfeng couldn't get through the three heads and six arms. Blind had the ability to break through Xing An's defense, but the other's power was just too strong. His magic power far surpassed that of Blind, which made his attacks have not lethality.

The battle between Yu Zhaoqing and Xing An on the divine bridge was filled with danger. Xing An's primordial spirit was extremely weird and terrifying. It was changing non-stop, sometimes becoming Green Dragon God, sometimes White Tiger God, and at others Black Tortoise or Vermillion Bird.

He had even seized the primordial spirits of experts who had cultivated them to the god realm!

"Invulnerable, invulnerable…"

Blood kept flowing out from Li Tianxing's mouth, and the devil seed was gradually shaken. Yet before that happened, the corporeal body might not be able to handle it.

After all, the body belonged to the disciple, Si Youyou. Li Tianxing had changed her primordial spirit into a heart devil, planting the devil in her Dao heart. She then had borrowed Si Youyou's body to continuously nourish herself and become stronger. Only recently did she try to fuse and take over the body. Because of that, Si Youyou's cultivation had risen drastically, breaking through Life and Death a year ago and the Divine Bridge just recently.

Yet Si Youyou's primordial spirit couldn't withstand Xing An's attacks. Before Li Tianxing's devil seed was killed, Si Youyou would probably die in Xing An's hands.

"Once Youyou is dead, this body will belong to me, I can escape, Xing An can't hold me back…"

Li Tianxing was overjoyed. She had always fought over the flawless body with Si Youyou yet there was always Blind, Village Chief, and also Old Rulai who got in the way, and now she would finally get her wish.

What she loved wasn't Si Youyou as a person, but her body. How good was it to be a woman with a beauty that even the gods would envy? So beautiful that one looks out of this world?

With such a body, Li Tianxing would attract the eyes of everyone no matter where she walked. Countless men would fall head over heels for her and go into a frenzy for her. Everyone would love her.

She could have everything!

Since she was the previous Heavenly Devil Cult Master, her abilities weren't just for great battle prowess. If she wanted to escape, not many people in the world could be able to stop her.

The cult followers of Heavenly Devil Cult were skilled in all kinds of escape skills, and she was even a great master in this field!

Now, she just needed to wait for Xing An to get rid of Si Youyou's primordial spirit, and she would be able to escape to live a happy and blessed life!

Yet Li Tianxing's heart suddenly became flustered for no reason. He thought of a bright and beautiful morning a hundred years ago when the young patriarch had brought a little girl of Si family to find him.

"This is Si Youyou, the Heavenly Saint Cult Saintess of this generation, but I can't teach her. Compared to me, you are still young and robust, so you can handle the torment."

The young patriarch had thrown the little girl over and turned to leave. He escaped as though the little girl was an extremely dangerous beast.

Back then, when Li Tianxing saw Si Youyou's face, he had still been a man.

At that time, Si Youyou was only thirteen years old, and he could still remember their first meeting. He'd felt a blow to his heart as though he was struck by the greatest happiness. It was like his heart was held by her warm hands, like the whole world was only left with that young girl in front of him.

Yet he knew he was her master and he couldn't have any evil thoughts toward his disciple.

For a long time, he always abided by a master's responsibility, teaching Si Youyou with all his heart, imparting all he had learned to her. Yet evil thoughts still kept climbing out from time to time, disrupting his thoughts and Dao heart.

Si Youyou was very mischievous and basically, all the people in Heavenly Saint Cult had been tormented by her, which resulted in a lot of trouble. Li Tianxing was always busy cleaning up the mess left by his young disciple, settling all the troubles caused by her.

However, that time was also when he'd been the happiest. Even though he was always busy cleaning up after her, he also got to enjoy spoiling her.

In front of him, Si Youyou was obedient and understanding. She improved very fast and was much to his liking. There were no dumb women in Si Family.

Back then, they had a very strong relationship as master and disciple, and he had gotten used to hiding the evil thoughts deep inside him.

When did he start to change?

Si Youyou had grown up. Her mischievous and puerile character gradually vanished and what replaced it was an astonishing charm. Every action, every word radiated with charm, to the point that he could only have eyes for her.

At that time, he had known that he was the master and shouldn't have evil thoughts toward his disciple, but he couldn't resist it any longer.

He peeked on Si Youyou bathing, collected clothes she had worn—he was infatuated with her to the extreme.

However, he was detected by Si Youyou, and she started to slowly drift away.

It should have been around then that his infatuation had become twisted, changed into greed.

The more he couldn't get it, the more he wanted to get it, and the more the thought, the more his heart became twisted. He felt that what he loved wasn't his disciple, but that most beautiful body.

He felt his own change, and he couldn't help being frightened.

The collapse, distortion, and deformation of his Dao heart terrified him. To save it, he had come up with a solution.

Since there was a rule which forbade master and disciple relationships, which limited the feelings between him and his disciple, he could become Si Youyou and live with that beautiful body.

He decided to use his power and prestige to settle all of it. All those who opposed him in the cult were exiled, or killed, or imprisoned. Finally, he had his wish and divorced his first wife to marry his disciple.

That night, Si Youyou fought vigorously to kill him, but that was within his expectations. He became a heart devil which lay low in her Dao heart, waiting for the day he could become her.

Li Tianxing recalled all of that, and his eyes grew blank.

'I've lost. Since that bright and beautiful morning when I saw her for the first time, my Dao heart has been defeated…"

Li Tianxing coughed up blood from Xing An's heavy attacks and moved back continuously.

That morning when the young patriarch had sent Si Youyou over, at that first look, he had already fallen in love with his disciple. What had crumbled his Dao heart wasn't Si Youyou, but him himself.

Because of the infatuation and the forbidden relationship between master and disciple, his Dao heart was twisted continuously, until it finally became what it was today, a joke in the eyes of others.

He didn't really want to attain her body, but had loved the person from the beginning to the end. It wasn't her body. It was only his twisted Dao heart which made him think that he had wanted to become Si Youyou.

"When I first met her, I was defeated. Patriarch, you harmed me…"

Li Tianxing roused his spirit and remembered what else the young patriarch had said during the morning he had sent Si Youyou over. "Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures contains the two words great educational, and they mean education, inheritance. As the sacred cult master, don't fail to live up to those two words."

At that time, there had been only the girl in his eyes, and that sentence had passed by his ears. However, it had become abnormally clear now.

"The two words, great educational, I have never followed them before!"

Li Tianxing hissed fiercely, and a terrifying devil light burst forth from Si Youyou's body, shooting out from her heart and stabbing Xing An's heart.

That black light was like a bridge for Li Tianxing's primordial spirit to rush at Xing An.

"My good disciple, go."

He entered Xing An's Dao heart, and he actually felt at peace, like he had never felt before.

Granny Si woke up and was stumped for words. Yu Zhaoqing fell from the sky while coughing blood, Blind's Divine Spear Long Tuo was bent and his arm was broken, Emperor Yanfeng was raised up high by Xing An before being thrown head first into the ground.

Empress Dowager and the rest were currently standing up with shaky legs. Cripple tried to crawl up with his hands. Blood flowed out from the corner of Deaf's mouth while he held his brush with trembling hands, unable to control it at all.

Qin Mu was refining spirit pills frantically, treating the injuries of the injured flood dragons.

Everyone had lost. They had suffered a crushing defeat.

Xing An's palm came at Granny Si, wanting to destroy her primordial spirit.

Suddenly, that palm stopped in front of her face and became somewhat gentle as it smoothed out her beautiful hair that was messed up at her temples.

One head of Xing An lowered to look at her with a gentle gaze as though it was the morning a hundred years ago. "Youyou, be a beautiful woman and live your life happily, quickly go—" Li Tianxing's voice said from Xing An's head. He then shouted sternly, "Xing An, follow me to death! Heavenly Devil Disintegration—"

"Cult Master Li, you are too presumptuous! Just a mere devil seed and you want to take over my corporeal body?"

Fierce shouts came from the other two heads of Xing An. There was a rumble, and a violent explosion came from Xing An's body. It trembled, the limbs going out of control.

Cripple forcibly pushed himself to fly out of the hall, his hands coming for Xing An's eyes.

Yu Zhaoqing exploded with the last of her strength, and multicolored rays held Xing An's body in place. Blind raised his spear with one arm and used all his strength to stab into Xing An's heart. Emperor Yanfeng snarled and soared into the air while being upside down. He lured over bolts of lightning that were as thick as dragons to strike his opponent frantically!

"A bunch of trash!" Xing An's body suddenly broke down, and heads, arms, a chest, a heart, and legs came flying out from his chest. All of the heads were fuming with anger. "You are all a bunch of trash, so what if you used Heavenly Devil Disintegration, what can you do to me?"

Everyone flew off in all directions and coughed up blood without stopping.

Qin Mu jumped up and flew over while the flood dragons chased after him frantically to coil around his body, raising his aura drastically. He raised his sword to stab at Xing An who was reassembling his body.

"Get lost!"

Xing An's arms fell off his body and tapped over a dozen times in a split second, severely injuring the flood dragons once more. They collapsed to the ground, unable to get up anymore.

Xing An pulled back his arms and continued to reattach new ones to his body. He flicked Qin Mu away with a finger and said coldly, "If it wasn't because you are still of use to me, I could blow you to death with just a breath… Hmm?"

The arm he had just connected suddenly fell off his armpit and dropped to the ground.

Xing An was stunned, He looked down at that arm, and one of his eyes suddenly dropped out from its eye socket, rolling two rounds on the ground.

'What's happening?' He couldn't help being stumped. An ear slid off then, but just as he was about to catch it, his arm also suddenly fell off his body.

He raised his head to look at Qin Mu in a hurry, but that head came tumbling down. He shouted over from the ground, "You poisoned me?"

Qin Mu climbed up and wiped away the blood on the corner of his mouth while saying ruthlessly, "I just refined a supplement for you! And it worked perfectly!"

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