Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 407 - Xing An’s Chest


Xing An was slightly stunned. His chest suddenly exploded open as ribs came out from his flesh and blood. The latter seemed to be rejecting his ribs, and it looked extremely scary.

The divine blood in his body was also flowing outwards. After that, a leg suddenly left the body without his control!

"What you gave me was really supplement? Not poison?"

Xing An's face finally became flustered when another head fell off. The eyeballs, ears, and nose all slid off.

The scattered eyeballs, nose, and tongue bounced around, trying to stick themselves back on the head, but once they managed that, they would fall off again. They couldn't join one another.

Emperor Yanfeng, Blind, and the rest saw a ray of hope and immediately attacked. Xing An raised his hand to grab Divine Spear Long Tuo that Blind stabbed toward him. Just as he took hold of it, his whole arm went flying with the spear.

He blocked the fist of Emperor Yanfeng, and his backbone suddenly slid out from his body. It wasn't his as well, but had come from a divine skeleton.

"It cannot be a supplement, it cannot be a supplement!"

Xing An was flustered. Granny Si suddenly smacked him in the chest with her palm, and what she used was Li Tianxing's Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force which penetrated his chest.

His heart jumped out and landed on the ground, bouncing twice.

"How can it be a supplement?"

Xing An was still not yet dead. He used all his strength to defend against the attacks of everyone, growing more and more terrified.

Supplements could only make him even stronger, so why would it make his body split up?

Bang, bang, bang!

His body suddenly exploded, and blood spilled out in all directions. It had come from another expert and wasn't from the same body as his heart and body, so it was rejecting all parts of the body.

"What poison did you give me?"

Xing An's head which had landed on the ground flew up again and pounced over. Qin Mu wasn't in time to dodge it, but at that moment, Cripple's hand moved at lightning fast speed, and he sprinted over. He suddenly leaped up and grabbed the head while shouting, "Return my legs!"

That head roared loudly, blowing Cripple away; however, he came flying back and fought with the head again.

A leg sprinted on the ground, rushing toward Qin Mu. Deaf tossed out the brush in his hand with force, and it swept pass Qin Mu, taking that leg into a painting.

Deaf collapsed on his back and gasped for breath. He had used up all his strength to draw a painting, Fierce Tiger Painting. Within it, a fierce tiger was holding that leg in its mouth and running away.

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief. What he gave Xing An was indeed a supplement, a true medicine.

Wanting to use poison against Xing An was nearly impossible. It was hard to say if even Apothecary had the ability to do it. It was clear then that it was impossible for Qin Mu to refine such a wonderful poison.

Xing An had beat up Blind, Deaf, Cripple, Li Tianxing, and Emperor Yanfeng—all these unmatched existences—to the point they had no means of retaliation. Empress Dowager and the rest of the experts hadn't even lasted a round before falling.

Xing An was definitely numerous times stronger than Dragon Rearing Sovereign. Qin Mu had used his Three Break Powder to poison Dragon Rearing Sovereign yet that had only troubled him without posing any threat to his life, so poisoning Xing An wasn't the best thing to do.

Besides that, Xing An was also skilled in medicine. His attainments in the art of healing could be matched by few in this world, so it would be easy for him to see through it if Qin Mu used poison.

To a divine physician that pursues a certain goal, poisoning an opponent was a kind of art. One that did not necessarily require the use of poison.

Xing An was unbelievably strong, but his flaws were also easy to see. His body parts were all taken from other strong practitioners and weren't one with his original body, thus they would easily reject one another.

Apothecary had once taught Qin Mu that the human body had a self-defense system (immune system). When transplanting organs, it was easy for the original body to recognize foreign ones as invaders that needed to be eradicated.

This was the reason why Xing An's body parts started to reject one another.

Apothecary had also taught Qin Mu that most diseases came from the deterioration of the self-defense system. For example, a flu epidemic could be eradicated by strengthening one's constitution and self-defense system.

With these two points, Qin Mu came up with a method to deal with Xing An, and it was by refining a great supplement. It would strengthen the sense of rejection between all his body parts, raising it to its maximum!

As the only youth in Disabled Elderly Village, Qin Mu had gone through the strictest teachings ever since he was young and had been devastated by the nine elders of Disabled Elderly Village. The so-called strict family had made him deeply ingrain all their teachings and good traditions in his heart, which then became his personal standard of conduct.

Apothecary had noble character and unquestionable integrity. He felt that being an apothecary was an art. There was no fixed boundary between supplement and poison. Poison could be used as a medicine to save lives while supplement could also be a lethal poison.

When Qin Mu had refined pills to cure the flood dragons, what he refined was that great supplement. With the dragon qilin's saliva as a base ingredient, its potency was increased by all kinds of medicine for the flood dragons to consume.

After they ate the spirit pills, their wounds recovered rapidly, and their muscles regenerated. Their broken bones and snapped tendons also grew back quickly.

Qin Mu used Secrets of Dragon Control to bring the flood dragons to attack, and when Xing An's arms attacked came for them, the incomparably strong supplement took the chance to enter Xing An's arms. It then went into his heart, and from there into all other parts of his body.

Qin Mu had created the strongest dose which could even recover the body of injured flood dragons. When the supplement entered Xing An's body, the medicinal energy came into effect and amplified the rejection of his immune system countless times!

Poisoning him wouldn't be a lethal attack, but supplementing him could make him break up into pieces. This was then the art of healing that Apothecary had imparted to Qin Mu.

Yu Zhaoqing, Empress Dowager, and the rest suppressed their injuries to come to fight once more. Since Xing An's body had been split into pieces, the heads on the ground flew up and shouted, "Trying to kill me like this? You guys are too naive!"

His scattered body suddenly landed fatal blows on everyone, but because there was no support of the corporeal body, his magic power was way inferior to what he possessed before. His divine treasures were also seized by others, and even his divine treasures had separated from his body, causing his magic power to be scattered. Any attack he made didn't have the power it had previously.

Even so, his abilities were still extremely strong. Furthermore, the heads, legs, arms, and eyeballs floating around made everyone's hair stand on end.

Suddenly, a few legs sprinted over and attached themselves to the bottom of Xing An's chest. They legs exerted strength and raised him into the sky.

"He's trying to escape!" Cripple used his hands as feet to sprint over at a flying speed, shouting as he grabbed onto the two legs, "Return me my legs!"

The chest opened up, and other heads and eyes flew over to attack Cripple.

Emperor Yanfeng shouted fiercely and spat out a blood arrow from his mouth. That blood arrow transformed into a blood dragon which soared into the sky. Emperor Yanfeng jumped onto its back and went straight for the chest in the sky.

Blind pushed himself up with his huge spear and leaped into the sky. Divine Spear Long Tuo shook its body to drag him along the air as it rushed toward that chest above.

Granny Si, Yu Zhaoqing, Empress Dowager, and the rest all executed their moves to rush into the sky, intercepting the chest.


Emperor Yanfeng fell down and crashed heavily onto the ground, coughing out blood continuously.

Cripple also fell right after, but he kept hugging the two legs tightly, not giving them up. Qin Mu sprinted over and stretched out his arms to catch, but his injuries all opened at that moment, and he stumbled. Cripple fell from his arms and crashed into the ground.

"Mu'er, you are unfilial…" Cripple bounced once before landing down again. His eyes rolled back and he fainted; however, he still hugged the two legs tightly, his grip not loosening in the slightest.

Qin Mu scratched his head and thought to himself, 'If I had used Secrets of Dragon Control to control those flood dragons, my speed could have been slightly faster…'

He immediately executed Secrets of Dragon Control and numerous flood dragons slithered to him while suppressing their injuries.

Bang, bang, bang.

Experts continuously fell from the sky while Emperor Yanfeng struggled to get up. When he saw Empress Dowager falling down as well, he struggled to run over and catch her. Blood spewed out from his mouth as he was crushed again.

When Qin Mu finally borrowed the power of the flood dragons, Yu Zhaoqing fell from the sky. He wanted to catch her, but saw her clothes transforming into scaled wings that flapped non-stop, stopping the momentum of her fall.

Qin Mu stopped, but then Yu Zhaoqin suddenly lost her strength, and her scaled wings fell limp. She crashed into the ground, since it was already too late for Qin Mu to go and catch her.

There was only Granny Si and Blind left out of those who were still attacking the chest. Qin Mu then immediately rose into the sky. The flood dragons that were on his body were heavily injured and couldn't last long before they would have to leave his body, so he needed to end the battle fast.

The battle in the sky was extremely strange. Granny Si and Blind were covered in heavy injuries while standing on top of a chest and defending against attacks that came from all directions.

What was attacking them were the body parts of Xing An. His divine eyes shot out divine lights, the top of his skulls flew up like alms bowls, his fists, legs, and even his heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, as well as skin, were all attacking them.

Such a bizarre method of attacking had never been heard of before!

Blind's black dragon coiled and spun frantically to defend so Granny Si had instead become the one with the strongest battle power. She used Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force to strike back the divine body parts that came for them.

Qin Mu sprinted straight for the battlefield in the sky, his speed extremely fast as he passed by an eye.


That eye disappeared, and a flood dragon left Qin Mu's body, moving away from the chest as fast as possible with the eye in its claw. The further it was, the weaker would Xing An's control become, and the harder it would be for him to collect back that body part.

Qin Mu turned back, and his Heaven Pilfering Divine Hands grabbed another eyeball that was shooting out divine light while flying in the sky. Another flood dragon then brought that second eyeball away.

As Qin Mu sprinted frantically through the sky, he 'stole' the various body parts that were surrounding the chest and had the flood dragons around him to bring them away.

There were fewer and fewer flood dragons, and his speed gradually slowed down. Suddenly, strands of hair filled the sky like a black rainstorm and came for him!

"Mu'er, watch out!"

Granny Si and Blind rushed over to his side to block that attack. Granny Si's palms faced the black rainstorm and pushed it back, causing countless black hair to fly back like black needles.

Blind's spear stabbed out and pierced the chest with a loud bang. Energy came bounding over from the inside, forcing Divine Spear Long Tuo back, and the body parts immediately swarmed back into the chest through the hole.

The chest then broke away and escaped!

Blind took a step to give chase, but he suddenly grunted. His wounds erupted, and he almost fell from the sky.

The speed of the chest was extremely fast, moving a thousand miles in an instant. At that moment, a resounding voice rang out, "Every cloud has..."— a horizontal and a vertical knife light shone in the sky before returning back into darkness—"a silver lining!"

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