Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 408 - The Two Great Unscrupulous Businesswomen

Qin Mu executed Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill to look at the two vertical and horizontal knife lights. The chest was sliced into two, and it was hard to say how many limbs came falling out, scattering in all directions. Some flew into the sky, some went into the forest, and some escaped into the earth.

"Heaven Knife!" Xing An's voice came from all directions. "You will all become part of my collection sooner or later!"

A majestic figure rushed over and raised his hands with which the knives fell, mincing all the broken limbs that didn't escape in time.

"Grandpa Butcher, don't let go of Xing An!" Qin Mu shouted.

However, his cultivation wasn't strong enough for his voice to travel that far, so Granny Si immediately transmitted her voice, and Butcher exploded with a shout. A Pig Slaughter Knife fell from the sky and stabbed into the ground. Knife qi slashed in all directions underground, trying to force out Xing An's body parts that were escaping below. At the same time, another knife flew up and sliced through the air.

After a moment, two knives flew back, and Butcher grabbed hold of them while jumping away as though he was flying. On his way, he said, "He was struck by my knife qi and won't be able to escape from my sense! I'll come back in a bit!"

"Village Chief and the rest still haven't come back?"

"They are still guests at Old Ma's place. I was worried about here so I came back earlier!"

Qin Mu relaxed, but at that moment Blind, who was at his side, suddenly swayed and fell from the sky. Qin Mu immediately grabbed him, and his body suddenly became incomparably heavy. Blind's Divine Spear Long Tuo had lost its consciousness as well, since it had suffered severe damage just like its master.

It was just that the spear was from a black dragon's bones. It was a divine dragon, one who was both psychic and intelligent, as well as truly heavy, and it pressed down on Qin Mu with immense weight.

Granny Si stretched her hand out to grab him and was dragged down from the sky too. Only when they were about to hit the ground did they halt in the air.

The three people landed safely, and the final flood dragon on Qin Mu's body slid down and lay on the ground like a dead snake, gasping for breath. Bloody foam kept flowing out from its mouth.

Qin Mu forced himself to stand straight, even if his hands and legs were trembling uncontrollably. His injuries were also extremely heavy, barely not resulting in his death. If it wasn't for Blind, Cripple, and Deaf who had saved him in time, he would have been captured or killed by Xing An.

Even when he had borrowed the flood dragons' power to join the battle, he had shown a severe lack of battle power and experience. In a life-and-death fight with an existence like Xing An, he could only exhaust all his strength in turning the tables with some clever tricks.

Luckily, he still succeeded in that this time.

However, when he looked around and saw that the manor was covered with experts that were all heavily injured, he couldn't help being aghast.

Not to mention existences like Blind, Deaf, Cripple, Emperor Yanfeng, and Li Tianxing, even his flood dragons were all much stronger and terrifying than some existences of cult master level in the martial world!

Many strong practitioners, like Empress Dowager and various female heroes as well as existences such as Yu Zhaoqing, were actually all defeated. If it wasn't for that dose of supplement, everyone would have probably been killed by Xing An!

"Strong, he is really f*cking strong… Ow! Ow!"

Just as Qin Mu started speaking, his ears began to hurt as Granny Si pulled on his earlobes.

"Saying vulgarities again!" she said unpleasantly. "Who taught you that? Butcher, or is it Patriarch? Or is it some shady gang of scoundrels you have friended outside?"

"Ow! I will stop, granny let go, please!"

Granny Si let go, and Qin Mu sighed in relief. He rubbed his ear and probed, "Granny Si, now that Li Tianxing has left, you don't need to continue disguising yourself in ugly skins, right? Don't be sad…"

"Who's sad?" Granny Si walked forward while shaking her head. "Li Tianxing is dead, so I can finally be free of my burden. I should be happy instead." Even though she said that, she didn't show any smile, but instead had a sorrowful expression.

She avoided Qin Mu, for she didn't want him to see her when she was weak. She summoned the demons in the halls to carry everyone that was injured inside the buildings.

Qin Mu summoned the injured flood dragons over, and they brought all of Xing An's body parts they had snatched away, throwing all of them into the true dragon's nest.

The inner space within it could block any connection, but Qin Mu was still not at ease. He made the Emperor's Disk transform into the true dragon lord and had it enter the dragon's nest. Cripple was hugging his legs when he fainted, so Qin Mu had to waste quite some effort to pull them away. He then found Deaf's painting and threw it in the seal of the true dragon's nest as well.

After doing all of that, he let out a sigh of relief and walked into the hall to help treat everyone. However, there were some people whose injuries were too heavy and they could die at any moment. If he cured everyone one by one, it would take too much time, and before he could reach the end, a number of people would have already died.

Qin Mu could only call the dragon qilin over. "Fatty Dragon, I've reared you for a thousand days to be useful now, so go lick all of them."

The dragon qilin hesitated, whining, "Cult Master, where would I have that much drool?"

"Shhh, don't say drool." Hu Ling'er immediately jumped on the dragon qilin's ear and whispered, "Call it dragon's saliva. If you call it drool, we won't be able to sell it in the future. Lick them properly, and I'll ask young master to increase your meal."

The dragon qilin was instantly motivated and headed off for work. "Sister Ling'er, don't forget about increased meals."

Qin Mu picked out the people who had the most severe injuries and diagnosed them first. He fetched some silver needles to first seal their wounds and suppress their injuries. He then refined pills to treat them, but his hands were still trembling, and two furnaces of medicine were spoiled.

He composed himself and first treated his own injuries. Once his hands no longer trembled, he then started to diagnose others and refine pills for others.

There were a lot of casualties, and all their injuries were different. Qin Mu first treated them once just to prevent their injuries from erupting, so their lives wouldn't be in danger. Only after that did he start to carefully diagnose them.

His flood dragons were also injured pretty badly. They showed their wounds to the dragon qilin for him to lick, but he couldn't bring himself to do it, making those flood dragons curse him with 'ma ha ma ha'.

Ling Yuxiu, Yan Jingjing, Si Yunxiang, and Hu Ling'er also came to help. After treating everyone for half a day, Qin Mu was completely exhausted and simply couldn't hold on any longer. The injuries on his body were not yet healed yet, so he could only go and rest first.

Luckily, there were no more lethal injuries left. Most of the patients had already woken up, even if they still needed more attention to fully heal.

Qin Mu slept for the whole night. When he woke up, the sky was still not light yet, and he could hear Granny Si's voice. He walked out of the room to see her directing over a dozen mermaids to make breakfast.

He sat down on the stone stairs in front of the hall and looked at her back, his heart at peace.

It was Granny Si, not Li Tianxing.

The old Cult Master had really died.

What concerned that man, Qin Mu had no liking for him. Li Tianxing wasn't qualified for the title of cult master, making Heavenly Saint Cult miss out on forty years of development. If it wasn't for Patriarch, who acted as the stabilizing force, Heavenly Saint Cult would have long been annexed by Imperial Preceptor and Emperor Yanfeng.

However, at the end, he had still managed to do what a master should do. He had understood the great educational part of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. He had comprehended it and passed it down. However, when one looked at his life, failures were still in the majority.

Granny Si turned back to look at him, and Qin Mu who was on the stone steps smiled at her. The east was suffused in white as though a huge fish had flipped over on its belly. The sun rose and roasted its skin into a reddish yellow color.

After breakfast, Qin Mu treated himself first, then when his injuries were somewhat better, he went to treat others.

The girls also came to help. After being busy for more than half a day, it was hard to say how many furnaces of pills Qin Mu had refined. He had almost exhausted himself to the brink again, and the spirit herbs in his taotie sack were more or less used up. Those in Dragon Rearing Sovereign's taotie sack were also nearly exhausted.

Qin Mu wanted to go bring more himself, but he truly didn't have the strength, so he could only write down the names of what he needed and let Hu Ling'er ride the dragon qilin to Relax Prefecture to bring them.

"The owner of the herb shop is from Heavenly Saint Cult, so Saintess Xiang, you shall follow and get them to prepare the herbs. If there's no one there, use a fast ship to transport them from where you can. Also, prepare twenty-six huge cauldrons and a steamer that could be used to cook humans. Some of these people's injuries are very complicated, so I'll have to boil and steam them."

Yan Jingjing was excited. "I want to go as well!"

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment. "Good sister, I promised to bring you out to play, but I didn't expect to encounter something like that. I have no time to play with you now, so it'll be good for you to go to Relax Prefecture and take a walk there."

Si Yunxiang was delighted. "Even if it's the property of the cult, I will still have to charge for the herbs, mobilizing fast ships also requires quite a bit of great abundance coins."

Qin Mu waved his hand. "Ling'er has the money, don't worry."

Hu Ling'er and Si Yunxiang looked each other in the eye, and sparks flew between the demon and the human. There was an atmosphere like a huge battle was about to break out.

The two girls sat on the dragon qilin's back and went out of the manor. Hu Ling'er sneered. "Saintess Xiang, you can scam the young master, but you can't scam me. You can forget about taking advantage of me."

Si Yunxiang chuckled and said, "I naturally know how good Ling'er is, so I said those words to cult master. Think about it, most of the people injured are not from Heavenly Saint Cult. But since the cult master still wants the sacred cult to prepare the medicine, we naturally have to collect money, but from who? Not from the cult master, certainly. We will then collect it from the emperor! Sister Ling'er, stop haggling with me. Instead, you should raise the price as high as possible and let us ruthlessly earn money from the emperor!"

Hu Ling'er shook her head. "There's morality in trading. You can't scam the emperor either. You have to charge according to the prices of the spirit herbs."

Si Yunxiang argued with Hu Ling'er, but she didn't yield no matter what. The two girls settled on the prices, and Hu Ling'er thought to herself, 'After buying herbs from you, I shall give a false report to the emperor. That way, I will be able to earn a huge profit! If I wallow in the mire with you, I will have to split the loot with you, but if I cut you out of the equation, all of the loot will belong to me!'

Around ten days were required for the medicine shop in Relax Prefecture to prepare all the herbs. In the meantime, Qin Mu finished recuperating, but there were still some hidden injuries that were yet to heal. After doing nothing for a few days and not seeing Butcher returning, Qin Mu suddenly thought of something.

'Wang Muran's insight is extraordinary, and he had suggested Sister Yuxiu and I to work together to found the cultivation method of Six Directions Primordial Spirit which would benefit the future generations. I have been really busy these few days, so I had totally forgotten about it.'

He found Ling Yuxiu and told her about it. Astonished, she asked, "If the cultivation method of Six Directions Primordial Spirit was really founded by us, could we be considered masters?"


Qin Mu burst out laughing. "Is Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor considered a master?"

When Ling Yuxiu talked about Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, she was full of respect and said, "How could Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor be just a master? The three basic sword forms are enough for his name to go down in history and never be forgotten by the world!"

Qin Mu smiled and said, "The merit of his three basic sword forms is somewhat weaker than that of our Six Directions Primordial Spirit. As long as we can complete the technique and cultivation method of Six Directions Primordial Spirit, the paths, skills, and divine arts will all take a huge step ahead, benefitting billions of people!"

Ling Yuxiu's mind was blown; she found it hard to believe. "The Six Directions Primordial Spirit that we cultivated by accident is really that important? Then what are we waiting for?"

She immediately pulled Qin Mu's hand and walked out of the hall excitedly.

Emperor Yanfeng, Empress Dowager, and the rest of the patient had been brought out by the deer demons to bask in the sunshine. Emperor Yanfeng was injured pretty heavily and had been talking to Yu Zhaoqing when he saw the pair of youngsters running out excitedly. "Xiu'er, where are you going?"

"To cultivate Six Directions Primordial Spirit!"

Emperor Yanfeng stared at her blankly. "Six Directions Primordial Spirit? How to cultivate it?"

Ling Yuxiu held Qin Mu's hand as she ran into the distance, her voice coming from afar. "Primordial Spirit Dual Cultivation! My brother said this is called Primordial Spirit Dual Cultivation!"

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