Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 410 - Primordial Spirit Guide

"Young people know how to play." In front of the hall, Blind was basking in the sun and talking to Deaf. "Look at their sparkling youthfulness. They are brimming with enthusiasm and vigor, being so diligent with dual cultivating. Deaf, have you ever thought of finding a partner?"

Deaf ignored him and pointed at his ear holes, showing that he couldn't hear what he was talking about.

"Playing deaf!" Blind sneered and propped himself on his cane to stand up. He hobbled over to Emperor Yanfeng's side and said, "In-law, your daughter is currently dual cultivating with my Mu'er… Eh, why are you puking blood? You are still scolding me! How can an emperor be scolding people, where's the law? You still dare to hit me? You think I'm scared of you…"

Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu tried over and over again. When they had played enough, they finally agreed that they weren't going to finish the cultivation method of Six Directions Primordial Spirit if they continued like that.

The two of them then became honest and started to analyze the cultivation method of Six Directions Primordial Spirit.

"I feel we can start from the resonation of souls and the primordial spirits!" Ling Yuxiu said seriously. "If the souls and primordial spirits of two people were to resonate together, they could lend each other strength to make their primordial spirits leave their body."

Qin Mu nodded and pondered it for a moment. "However, that's when the primordial spirit is already cultivated. What if it isn't? Before the resonation of primordial spirits, the main thing is to fuse the spirit embryo and the soul."

Ling Yuxiu was excited. "In that case, we shall start from the resonation of souls! Resonation of souls, using it to guide the spirit embryo, then fusing the soul and the spirit embryo to form the primordial spirit!"

Qin Mu's eyes lit up and he said, "The technique will need two people to cultivate together! I will use my soul to guide your spirit embryo, and you will use your soul to guide my spirit embryo. At the instant when the souls mix, we will both leave our bodies. Our souls will then swap and the primordial spirits will naturally be formed!"

The two of them looked at each other with extreme excitement.

The theory had been voiced by them. Qin Mu's soul would guide Ling Yuxiu's soul and vice versa. The next step would then be the most important one. Their souls and spirit embryos would fly out of their bodies, and by borrowing the resonation to call out to each other, the souls would fuse with the other's spirit embryo.

The resonation of primordial spirit would then assure that it wouldn't separate back into spirit embryo and soul.

That way, primordial spirit would be cultivated in Six Directions Realm!

Ling Yu suddenly became worried. "The trouble here will be how to make this theory into technique, to guide one another's soul and spirit embryo."

Qin Mu muttered to himself irresolutely and walked two rounds. "This kind of technique needs one to mobilize their primordial spirit, soul, and spirit embryo at the same time. The most crucial thing is that both of them can't be on guard against each other, but must be the closest of kin, so close that they can't have any selfishness. Only then can they hand their own spirit and soul to each other without any reservation."

Ling Yuxiu nodded and felt a sweetness in her heart.

When Qin Mu said it like that, didn't it mean that she was his closest kin and he trusted her without any reserve?

"Don't ask how others can cultivate! Let's create the technique first!"

Qin Mu roused his spirit and he made a few more Soul Guide Incenses sticks. The two of them then used their souls to guide each other's spirit embryos, comprehending their own vital qi circulation method before recording it.

After trying it out a few times, they were slightly tired and could only stop to rest. They had played too many times earlier, which resulted in their vitality being somewhat lacking.

After six days, Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu tidied up the general idea of the technique and finally decided on the general principles. For everything else, they would have to make detailed corrections on the basis of the general principles.

Butcher had yet to return from chasing Xing An, which made Qin Mu, Granny Si, and the rest slightly worried. Xing An was too strong after all. If he solved the problem of the supplement and his corporeal body returned back to normal, Butcher might not be his opponent. Xing An's medical expertise was remarkable; otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to swap his body parts however he liked, so solving the problem with the supplement shouldn't have been too difficult for him.

Si Yunxiang, Yan Jingjing, and Hu Ling'er sat on a fast ship which sailed over from Relax Prefecture, bringing various herbs, cauldrons, and steamers.

Qin Mu placed the matter of Butcher chasing Xing An aside and immediately became busy again. He raised the cauldrons and worked hard to brew the medicinal concoctions, cooking and steaming all the patients.

"Mu'er, those with low cultivation can't be steamed, they will get cooked!" Granny Si immediately said.

"I understand."

Qin Mu arranged everything properly and had the deer demons pay attention to the heat control while he went to the true dragon's nest. He took out five legs and asked Cripple, "Grandpa Cripple, look at these legs, which two of them are yours?"

Cripple differentiated them and chose two legs. "These two. Mu'er, why do you have so many legs here. What are they for?"

Qin Mu smiled and said, "For spares. If Grandpa Cripple's legs go missing again, the other three legs can be used for replacement."

"Pah pah! Children's words carry no harm! Go knock on wood, knock on wood!"

Cripple spat twice, and Qin Mu immediately attended to him. He boiled a cauldron of medicinal concoction and prepared his Carefree Sword, ointment, and dragon's saliva to reattach Cripple's legs.

It was a walk in the park for him. After all, he had reattached Cripple and Butcher's body parts before, so attaching the two legs again was not difficult for him. It was even relaxing.

"Mu'er's craft is getting better and better!" Cripple praised.

On the side, Deaf raised his eyebrows and said, "That's because you got sliced apart by others too many times and he had many chances to train."

Cripple was furious, but Qin Mu was carrying him to soak in the medicinal concoction. "Pah, pah, old man's words carry no harm! Go knock on wood, knock on wood!"

Whiled the two of them squabbled, Qin Mu carried a Jade Dragon Bowl to find Blind. "Grandpa Blind, which of these divine eyes are yours?"

There were over ten eyeballs in the bowl, and every one of them was a divine eye collected by Xing An. If they weren't activated, he couldn't see which two of them had nine heavens hidden inside of them. The eyeballs were all similar from the outside.

Blind stretched his hand out to touch and picked out two eyeballs. He frowned and said, "It's been a long time since my eyes had been dug out, and the wounds have already healed completely. Is there still hope to reattach my eyes?"

Qin Mu threw the other eyes back into the true dragon's nest with the Jade Dragon Bowl before examining Blind's eyes in detail. He looked at them seriously.

Blind's expression was calm as he smiled. "It's okay if you can't reattach them. I'm already used to being like this."

"I can reattach them, but some of the nerves in the eyes have already withered. I need to nurse the eyes for a few days first, then I might just be able to use medicine to revive the activity of those nerves…" Qin Mu raised his head and smiled. "Grandpa Blind, don't worry, even though my medical expertise isn't as good as that of Grandpa Apothecary, I'm still number two in the world after all."

He pondered over the matter for a moment, then prepared herbs to refine medicine for Blind. The structure of the nerves in the eyes was even more complicated than in the heart. On top of that, the degree of delicateness was equivalent to the brain, so Qin Mu had no choice but to be careful in carrying things out. He made sure that all the herbs were pure and there wouldn't be any side effects. He used all he knew to ensure that the medicinal energy would be gentle yet able to activate the nerves.

It was one of the greatest tests for him.

Qin Mu prepared numerous methods to increase the activity of the nerves in the eyes. Other than what could be consumed orally and applied externally, he even made a small machine which contained a medicinal concoction. It was able to automatically heat up the medicine into steam to nourish Blind's eye sockets.

Other than that, a medicinal concoction which was refined over and over again was injected into the half-dead muscles of Blind's eyes using a hollow silver needle. This could be said to be applying all the methods together.

After several days of nursing, Blind felt his eye sockets burning, and there seemed to be many fine tentacles growing out in them. Only then did Qin Mu made his move to reconnect the nerves of the eyes for him. He used ribbons to wrap some crushed spirit pills around his head, covering his eyes.

"Grandpa Blind, after the muscles and nerves are completely healed, you can take off the ribbon," Qin Mu instructed, then summoned a tree demon over, reminding him to change medicine for Blind on time. That tree demon nodded repeatedly and just rooted himself in front of Blind to wait for the time to change medicine.

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and checked on the dragon's nest. He thought to himself, 'If I put all of the body parts from Xing An together, I can also piece a body of a god. It's a pity I don't know what weird technique Xing An has cultivated. He had definitely kept some body part of his own, or his primordial spirit; otherwise, he wouldn't still be alive. Strange, which part of his body has he kept?'

When he was fighting with Xing An, he had changed his head, so his brain had naturally been changed as well. His divine blood, heart, and legs had all changed as well.

What was even more terrifying was that he had different primordial spirits, and he could change them!

When he was fighting with Yu Zhaoqing, he used his primordial spirits, using different ones to attack and injure her severely.

Yet there had to be a part of his original body remaining, something which wasn't changed. All the other parts could be given up, but not that one.

It was the gate to his vitality!

Only by eradicating it could he be killed!

'All his body parts were replaced, but his soul definitely can't be replaced.'

Qin Mu's eyes it up, and he found Granny Si to talk about it, since her study on souls was much more profound than his.

"Soul is separated into souls and spirits. The souls are the Heaven Soul at the heart of the brows, the Earth Soul at the tailbone and the Life Soul at the navel. The seven spirits are the Canine Corpse at the top of the head, the Concealed Sparrow at the ajna, the Yin of Sparrow at the laryngeal prominence, the Seizing Thief at the heart, the Not Toxic at the navel, the Remove Filth at the perineum, and the Smelly Lung at the lungs. According to logic, changing these parts would mean that his soul wouldn't be complete, yet he clearly had a complete soul."

Qin Mu racked his brains. According to Granny Si's deduction, Xing An's head, dantian, backbone, neck, lungs, heart, and intestines had to be preserved, or he would need his soul to live in the body he had seized.

However, when Blind and the rest destroyed Xing An's heart, squashed his head, and even made his backbone slid out of his body, Xing An's soul didn't receive any heavy injuries and could still repair his body.

"This means that the head, dantian, backbone, neck, lungs, heart, and intestines of Xing An's original body are still around. His soul is still in his original body and would only live in the body he had seized when necessary! In that case, his original body parts should be hidden in…"

He and Granny Si looked each other in the eyes and blinked. Xing An's chest!

The original body should be hidden in the chest.

Butcher had split it open, but the original body might have escaped the damage.

"He still has a weakness." Qin Mu composed himself. "Even if Grandpa Butcher can't kill him, as long as he still carries a chest the next time he appears, it will confirm my guess!"

Granny Si nodded. "As long as he shows up with the chest, it means his original body is hidden inside and he isn't invincible! Killing him then will be much easier!

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