Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 411 - Success

In the manor, cauldrons were raised and each one had a deer demon guarding it and adding wood to the fire continuously. Within them, experts were being cooked, and a medicinal smell wafted out.

Besides the cauldrons, there were also huge steamers in which experts were put to be steamed. Qin Mu patrolled around them and checked on the medicinal concoctions, changing the herbs a few times and applying needles to the experts whose divine treasures had been damaged. The hollow silver needles directed steam into their bodies.

Emperor Yanfeng's body was covered in silver needles while he looked at Qin Mu with a black face. He was pressed down into the steamer by the youth, but then sat upright again to continue glaring.

Qin Mu smiled and said, "Does Your Majesty have anything to say?"

Emperor Yanfeng's expression suddenly changed, and he said with a pleasant face, "Minister Qin has worked hard and his merits are high. Do you want a promotion?" Qin Mu was puzzled as Emperor Yanfeng's expression became even more pleasant. "You are still on the fifth rank now, but you have contributed so much: improved our flying ships, crafted True Origin Cannon, and Sunshot Divine Cannon, followed the crown prince to open irrigation works and transportation, and even saved me numerous times from danger.

"This time, you even brought Heavenly Feather Clansmen over. Your contributions are just too great, to the point I don't even know how to reward you. Tell me, what do you want?"

Qin Mu scratched his head, racking his brain. "Your Majesty, the amount of money required for all the herbs which are needed to heal everyone is quite high. I also spent quite a sum to buy cauldrons, steamers, and silver needles. All that money was paid in advance by me, so can Your Majesty…"

Emperor Yanfeng's face instantly turned black. "This is not considered a reward, Ministry of Finance has the money for it! The reward I want to give you is something Ministry of Finance can't give! What do you want?"

Qin Mu thought about it for a moment. Money? He never lacked money. Official position? He didn't really have an interest in that. Fame? Heavenly Devil Cult Master was known throughout the land so what fame did he need?


He had seized many treasures and even plundered Dragon Rearing Sovereign's pouches. Hu Ling'er even got him a hundred treasures from Rolan's Golden Palace. He also had Carefree Sword and his sword pellet, so he didn't lack treasures as well.

Precious herbs and materials, spirit pills, or miraculous medicines? He didn't need that as well because he was a divine physician himself.

Qin Mu shook his head and finally understood hoe Imperial Preceptor felt. The things that the emperor could reward him with didn't catch his eyes, so he didn't want any reward.

"Think again." Emperor Yanfeng slowly guided him. "There's definitely something you want that I possess. It doesn't have to be an item or an official position, but can also be a person…"

Qin Mu came to realization and smiled with understanding. "So Your Majesty is thinking of granting me some palace maids. I wander around most of the year, so I don't need any palace maids to serve me. However, granny stays here and there are just demons and monster who are all ugly around here. If Your Majesty can grant me some palace maids to tidy up the manor, I will definitely not reject! Two girls like Jian Qi and Qin Qi beside Empress Dowager would be just fine. They aren't bad-looking and are also gentle and understanding…"

Emperor Yanfeng was furious and lay down in the steamer. "Scram!"

"As you command." Qin Mu closed the steamer while muttering under his breath, "Acting all generous, saying he wants to reward me, and then he can't even bear to spare some palace maids. What miser…"

"What did you say? Say it once more!" Emperor Yanfeng who was in the steamer was furious. "Off with your head!"

Emperor Yanfeng then heard Qin Mu complaining outside. "Yuxiu, you came at the right time. Your father said he wanted to reward me, then he didn't want to reward me, and now he even wants my head."

"Why are you paying attention to him? He has been quite agitated these few years, wanting to off with this head and that head all the time. It's all from the stress of politics. In the end, even though he had said to off many heads, he actually didn't really kill many people. Ignore him, and he will calm down after creating a ruckus."

"Did you find me for dual cultivation?"

"That's right. Our technique is almost complete, but delayed it to come and treat everyone's injuries. We need to hurry and beat the metal while it's hot. Otherwise, once father's injuries are healed and he decides to bring me back to the capital, I don't know when the technique will be completed…"


The two of them walked away and Emperor Yanfeng who was in the steamer was disappointed as he thought to himself. 'Xiu'er, father can only help you this much. That brat is too dense, so you can only rely on yourself.'

After a couple of days working on it, Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu finished tidying up the complete technique of Six Directions Primordial Spirit. They were slightly anxious as they didn't know if that technique would really allow others to cultivate their primordial spirit on Six Directions Realm.

"Let me try! I'm on Six Directions Realm!" Si Yunxiang said excitedly.

Qin Mu shook his head. "This technique is actually two techniques used as a set. It's separated into male and female which have some slight differences. Because of that, two people must cultivate it together and they can't be on guard against each other. They also can't have crooked thoughts, or they won't be able to cultivate their primordial spirits. But once it succeeds, both of them will succeed together."

"Cult Master, train with me," Si Yunxiang said in a hurry.

Qin Mu's voice became more serious. "Saintess, we need to be so intimate that nothing can come between us. We need to share mutual trust and have no crooked thoughts!"

Si Yunxiang giggled and said, "You're the cult master, how can I harbor any crooked thoughts about you?"

Qin Mu rolled his eyes. No crooked thoughts? That little woman saw Granny Si as an example, always thinking of how to replace the cult master without learning any of Granny Si's good points.

However, Si Yunxiang still had a side that was similar to that of Granny Si, and that was whenever they met danger, she was always the first one to jump in and save people without hesitation. This showed that her nature wasn't bad, she just lacked a good upbringing.

'If she'd had such an excellent upbringing as I did, she wouldn't have ended up walking a crooked path.'

Qin Mu sighed ruefully. Si Yunxiang might have crooked thoughts, but he needed to confirm the technique that he and the princess had created worked. He nodded and said, "I can't do anything if you have crooked thoughts. I will believe you once, but only once. If it doesn't work, you can find another person you can trust."

Si Yunxiang rushed excitedly to Ling Yuxiu and asked for the technique for women. Ling Yuxiu taught her without holding back. Yan Jingjing also came over, and Ling Yuxiu smiled. "Sister Jing, do you want to cultivate your primordial spirit with the one who herds cows?"

Yan Jingjing shook her head. "I had cultivated my primordial spirit long ago. You two can cultivate, I will just look."

"Primordial Spirit Dual Cultivation is very comfortable!" Ling Yuxiu said seriously.

Yan Jingjing's heart was moved, but she was also slightly embarrassed. Si Yunxiang then asked curiously, "Jingjing, what's your cultivation now? How did you cultivate primordial spirit this early?"

"It should be Divine Bridge Realm," Yan Jingjing said in a soft voice with some embarrassment. "I did not cultivate it, however; it's from Sun Ship. I'm a body of pure yang, and because I had control of Sun Ship and borrowed its energy for many years, I used it to open all my divine treasures. When I parted from Sun Ship before, my divine treasures would close back, but after using it many times, the divine treasures no longer closed."

Si Yunxiang and Ling Yuxiu were stunned. Qin Mu also stared with eyes wide open, hardly able to believe it.

Yan Jingjing's age was similar to theirs, but she was already an expert of the cult master level!

They still couldn't see it earlier that Yan Jingjing was then the strongest among them!

Qin Mu had also once driven Sun Ship and Moon Ship, but his divine treasures would close and seal up after he separated from the ships. Never would he have thought that after driving one numerous times, the divine treasures would remain open!

"In this case, does it mean that we can use Sun Ship to create a bunch of existences of the cult master level with Sun Ship?" Si Yunxiang suddenly suggested.

Ling Yuxiu shook her head. "Impossible. One needs to be the body of pure yang to become the sun guardian. Sun Herder Tribe can't even find a second body of pure yang, so what is there to talk about other places."

"Cult Master can!" Si Yunxiang immediately looked at Qin Mu. "Cult Master can control Sun Ship and can most likely borrow the power of Sun Ship to open all his divine treasures in one go!"

Qin Mu's heart was pretty moved, but Yan Jingjing immediately said, "By borrowing Sun Ship to open divine treasures, it's easy for the realms to become unstable. Grandpa said this was an opportune shortcut, but it's not as solid as cultivating step by step. My trip this time is also to take a look at how you guys cultivate and see if there's any remedy."

Qin Mu could only give up on that idea.

Cultivating step by step indeed contained more fun and surprises. If he hadn't done that, he would have never discovered the god transformations of Five Elements Realm or Six Directions Primordial Spirit.

Yan Jingjing, who had opened up all her divine treasures with Sun Ship, might still have to cultivate from the beginning again, comprehending the meaning of every realm in detail to comprehend the marvel within them.

Yet when the height one stood at was too high, it was hard to clearly see the bottom.

Si Yunxiang comprehended the female version of the technique, then asked Ling Yuxiu for guidance to make sure there were no problems with her cultivation of it. Only then did she start to cultivate her primordial spirit with Qin Mu.

Far away, Blind said to Emperor Yanfeng with his eyes blindfolded, "Emperor, your daughter is pretty generous, giving your son-in-law away for Lassie Xiang to enjoy."

Emperor Yanfeng snorted coldly. "Xiu'er clearly doesn't understand the meaning of Primordial Spirit Dual Cultivation; she has no concept of that. If she knew Primordial Spirit Dual Cultivation could only be done between husband and wife, she wouldn't be that generous."

"You are going to tell her?" Blind asked with interest.

"There's no need." Emperor Yanfeng shook his head. "Only one couple can do Primordial Spirit Dual Cultivation. After their primordial spirits resonate with each other, there can't be a third person's primordial spirit resonating together. Minister Qin has already resonated with Xiu'er's primordial spirit, so even if Saintess Xiang cultivates with him, they won't be able to achieve resonation of primordial spirits and she won't be able to cultivate her primordial spirit. They are all just kids, so they don't know the real stuff."

He sighed. "Since ancient times, the emperor's chamber of imperial concubines has had three thousand beauties, but no one knows that the emperor also has imperial troubles. Only the empress can resonate her primordial spirit with the emperor, so even if the emperor goes to love his other concubines, they can't resonate together and it's hard to ascend to extreme happiness. This is why there are not many people in the royal family."

Blind smiled. "When together with the other concubines, the pleasure isn't as great, so the younger generation of the royal family is lacking in numbers."

Emperor Yanfeng nodded. "That's why I'm not worried about Xiu'er at all. She has already taken the opportunity, so even if Minister Qin has other women, he will still return to her side. That is because he cannot resonate with other wo—"

"My primordial spirit was cultivated!"

Si Yunxiang's cheers suddenly rang out, and Emperor Yanfeng's' eyes went blank as he listened to Si Yunxiang frolicking around in joy. Ling Yuxiu was also overjoyed and celebrating with her, and so was Qin Mu.

Emperor Yanfeng didn't come back to his senses even after a long while.

"You forgot that Mu'er is the Overlord Body. Primordial spirit of ordinary spirit body cannot resonate with others once they have a partner, but an Overlord Body can." Blind propped himself on his cane and said calmly, "Emperor, I admire your expression very much, but I'm not a painter; otherwise, I would draw it and admire it whenever I'm free."

"I have painted it," Deaf said from nearby.

The two old men chuckled, sounding very pleased with himself.

"Cult Master, Princess Xiu, what's the name of this technique that you two have founded?" Si Yunxiang asked.

"This kind of Primordial Spirit Dual Cultivation Technique, let's call it Primordial Spirit Guide," Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu said in unison.

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