Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 412 - A Storm is Brewing

Primordial Spirit Guide was devised by Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu by combining the theory of the most basic technique of Overlord Body Three Elixir Body. Its basis rested in Daoyin Technique who was used to guide the vital qi.

Meanwhile, Primordial Spirit Guide guided one's spirit embryo to mix with another person's soul before flying out of their bodies. The soul and spirit would then swap back, taking the chance to merge into primordial spirit.

Therefore, the technique needed to have a 'guide' word in its name.

The reason why Qin Mu's primordial spirit could resonate with Si Yunxiang's primordial spirit was because of his spirit embryo. It had no attributes, which was unlike the spirit bodies of Si Yunxiang and Ling Yuxiu who had their own attributes.

The resonance between spirit embryos came from primordial spirits fusing and producing a fixed frequency. Because everyone's attributes were different, there would be greater or lesser differences in everyone's primordial spirits, and the frequency would be different.

A couple dual cultivating their primordial spirits would resonate together and coordinate to be on the same frequency, forming a unique one for themselves. When they dual cultivated with other people's primordial spirits, they wouldn't be able to achieve resonation of the primordial spirits because they wouldn't be on the same frequency.

Qin Mu's primordial spirit and spirit embryo coincidentally had no attributes of any spirit body, so it was like a white sheet of paper. When it dual cultivated with Ling Yuxiu, the frequency was Ling Yuxiu's frequency, and when he dual cultivated with Si Yunxiang, it was Si Yunxiang's frequency.

Emperor Yanfeng had never experienced how weird Qin Mu's 'Overlord Body' was, so he hadn't paid any mind to it, and thus didn't tell Ling Yuxiu about the taboo of the resonation of primordial spirits. Now he was full of regrets.

Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu finished up the male and female techniques of Primordial Spirit Guide, writing down the cultivation method and the method of replacing souls in detail. They were both very happy.

Suddenly, they came to an indescribable comprehension. It not only concerned the Dao, but also their Dao heart.

By experiencing the process of founding the technique together, their Dao heart took a leap, a one-time qualitative leap!

It could be said to be sudden, but it actually wasn't sudden at all.

Creation was the hardest.

They had created a technique out of nothing and changed the cultivation system of Six Directions Realm and after, pulling primordial spirit to Six Directions Realm. This change far surpassed the three basic sword forms that Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had founded!

It could even be said that if Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu could develop the marvel of Six Directions Primordial Spirit to the extreme, it was possible that this change could make people arrive at Celestial Being Realm much earlier, fusing it with Seven Stars Realm and changing the two realms into one!

Furthermore, this change would affect all the divine arts practitioners of the future generations!

Spirit Embryo Realm and Five Elements Realm were the realms of martial arts practitioners, the people who had yet to step into the door of divine arts.

People on Six Directions Realm could be called divine arts practitioners and be considered to have officially stepped through the door of divine arts.

After Six Directions Realm, there were Seven Stars, Celestial Being, Life and Death, Divine Bridge. All of them were realms that divine arts practitioners had to stride forward step by step to the realm of gods in the legends. The four realms were four steps, but each one was much harder than the previous, so taking each step took an extremely long time.

What Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu had founded could possibly change four steps into three steps, allowing divine arts practitioners to reach the god realm in an even shorter time!

This was a huge achievement and a great virtue to take part in creating such a technique!

The world had no roads, so where many people walked, there would show up a road. The change in the cultivation system could cause the paths, skills, and divine arts to change. The great Dao of heaven and earth would also change according to it.

The huge change Primordial Spirit Guide would bring was something the two youths did not expect.

Founding a technique was difficult, so they had to comprehend a lot of matters. Their Dao heart topped those of great masters and both of them sunk into their own comprehensions.

The moment Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor founded the three basic sword forms was also the moment he became a great master. His frame of mind had also risen from technique to the realm of skill.

What Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu were experiencing was the same kind of change.

They could be considered to have completed Primordial Spirit Guide, but how to strengthen their primordial spirits on Six Directions Realm was still a blank area to be explored.

Strengthening their primordial spirit by cultivating was actually a matter of Seven Stars Realm. No technique on Six Directions Realm had a method to strengthen the primordial spirit, which meant that as the founders, they could be a step ahead of others in comprehending cultivation techniques of Six Directions Realm, creating even more things.

"Emperor!" Blind suddenly kicked Emperor's Yanfeng's thigh, not looking like he was joking. He said with a solemn face, "Do you feel a change in the heaven and earth?"

Emperor Yanfeng wanted to blow up, but was too stunned by the words. He said in astonishment, "There's indeed an indiscernible change, so strange…"

"Deaf, Cripple, wake up, carefully sense the great Dao of heaven and earth!"

Blind summoned Deaf and Cripple over, and the two old men also felt an indiscernible motion as though the spring rain was joining with the wind into the night. The action was mild and slow.

"What happened?" Deaf asked in astonishment.

"When Mu'er and Princess Xiu founded Primordial Spirit Guide, this change happened. How bizarre," Blind said. "Sense carefully, the Great Dao of heaven and earth seem to be undergoing a marvelous change somewhere. This throbbing is very faint, but it can't escape my Dao heart!"

No matter if it was Cripple, Deaf, or even Emperor Yanfeng, they were all great masters. Cripple had comprehended the marvel of divine legs by himself to push his speed to the realm of god. What he used was the technique he had founded, so his Dao heart was also extremely strong.

Deaf had pushed his painting path to the extreme, transcending to the level of god and saint!

Emperor Yanfeng, in the meantime, relied on the not so outstanding Nine Dragons Monarch Technique to develop it to the highest level in one go, making it become on par with the ultimate arts of the three big sacred grounds. Furthermore, Nine Dragons Monarch Technique he had relied on was merely a few primitive dragon writings on the Emperor's Disk!

The other people in the manor, even if it were experts like Granny Si, Yu Zhaoqing, and Empress Dowager, hadn't reached that frame of mind of a great master, thus they naturally couldn't sense the throbbing and indescribable change in the great Dao of heaven and earth.

"Your Majesty, your daughter's accomplishments in the future are going to surpass yours by far," Deaf suddenly said. "Have you ever thought of making her the crown prince?"

Emperor Yanfeng was slightly stunned as he looked at Ling Yuxiu who had sunk into an ineffable realm.

Making Princess Xiu the crown prince?

He did have that kind of thought at that moment.

"Have Yuxiu head to the border army to train for a period of time. There is still some rebel army left in the snow plains in the north which haven't yet been eradicated. Let her and Yushi lead an army each."

Emperor Yanfeng's heart calmed down. It wasn't that there had never been a crown princess before, but just that their numbers weren't as high as those of princes. After all, there were plenty of female divine arts practitioners and some of the sects even had women as sect leaders. With that, it was easy to see that there could be empresses, it was just that they were in the minority.

'If Xiu'er could do better than Yushu…'

Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu woke up from their comprehensions. During them, they had comprehended numerous marvels about the primordial spirit and it resulted in cultivation methods for it on Six Directions Realm. Some could be written down for others to learn while some could only be comprehended by oneself. They could be understood, but not taught with words.

"Xiu'er, my injuries are almost healed, so follow me back to the capital city," Emperor Yanfeng's said.

Ling Yuxiu acknowledged him as her gaze landed on Qin Mu's body. "The one who herds cows, are you going back to the capital with me? We can continue to dual cultivate there…"

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment, then shook his head. "You go ahead first. I need to wait here for Grandpa Butcher to come back. I still have some stuff I need to ask him. He handed a complete version of the male technique of Primordial Spirit Guide to Ling Yuxiu and said, "Hand it to Imperial Preceptor so he will promote it."

Ling Yuxiu nodded, then hesitated for a moment. "Nine Dragons Monarch Technique that you improved, can I teach it to my father?"

"It was your Ling Family's to begin with, so just teach," Qin Mu said with a smile.

Ling Yuxiu suddenly moved forward to give a peck on his cheek and ran away like an alarmed sparrow.

Emperor Yanfeng shook his head and brought her to bid farewell to Empress Dowager. "I didn't let the officials who followed me to come over, but had them stay at Overlord Prefecture. It's best for them to not know about all that happened in this manor. Mother, take care of yourself."

Empress Dowager sighed and said solemnly, "You have to take care of yourself as well! What you and Imperial Preceptor want to do won't end with simple death, so you have to be careful. Even though you have already grown up, I'm still worried about you."

Emperor Yanfeng turned around to leave and Ling Yuxiu followed after him. "Father, the one who herds cows taught me Nine Dragons Monarch Technique which is different from what you taught me. I would like to teach it to father. Does father want to learn?"

Emperor Yanfeng laughed out loud and shook his head. "Even though your little lover is overflowing with talent and has extraordinary abilities, having accomplished an astonishing feat with you this time, which made even me feel ashamed for being inferior, it's not enough. When it comes to Nine Dragons Monarch Technique, your little lover is way inferior. The technique he learned was still taught by me."

"Are you learning or not?" Ling Yuxiu asked with anger in her voice.

"Okay, okay, tell me about it."

Ling Yuxiu told him about the Nine Dragons Monarch Technique that Qin Mu had taught her, and Emperor Yanfeng's expression became more and more solemn. When she finished, his face was black as he asked coldly, "He taught it to you?"

Ling Yuxiu could feel his overflowing murderous intent and couldn't help shuddering. "Father…"

"Emperor's Disk is on him!" Emperor Yanfeng's face was filled with fury as he laughed from extreme anger. "This is a technique comprehended from the Emperor's Disk! The treasure of our Ling Family was on your little lover all along! I shall now—"

He was about to fight his way back when he suddenly stopped in his footsteps and gazed at the snowy white manor. He stared blankly at it for a moment before shaking his head and saying to the flustered Ling Yuxiu, "Return to the capital."

"Emperor's Disk is with him, so I'll go ask him for it. Father, don't be angry."

Emperor Yanfeng shook his head. "I have examined that piece of Emperor's Disk for thousands of times yet I never comprehend anything out of it. The ancestors of Ling Family have also examined it countless times yet never found the marvel within it. The throne doesn't belong to Ling Family due to that Emperor's Disk. There's no need to completely fall out with Heavenly Saint Cult."

Ling Yuxiu sneaked a look at his face. Emperor Yanfeng looked calm, like water without any ripple. His true intentions were unknown.

"Xiu'er, never mention that Primordial Spirit Guide was founded by you and Minister Qin. This matter cannot be told to anyone," Emperor Yanfeng said solemnly. "If you say it, I won't be able to protect you."

Stunned, Ling Yuxiu still nodded silently.

In the manor, Qin Mu went to check Blind's eyes. The injuries on Blind's legs had already healed, but his eyes were still wrapped with ribbons which had to be removed from time to time to change medicine.

"Mu'er, regarding that matter of founding Primordial Spirit Guide, don't say you've done it," Blind suddenly said. "Everyone who saw it must keep their lips sealed, so no word would get out. Understood?"

Qin Mu was puzzled. "Why?"

The ribbon was undone, and Blind gradually opened his eyes. They had no spirit, but slowly, their black pupils filled with divine light. Layers and layers of formation markings swirled in them, and incomparably deep nine heavens took shape.

Blind's voice was abnormally calm when he spoke next. "The law has changed, the path has changed, and the heaven has also changed. The change of heaven will result in death. All the great masters in the world will sense a motion that's out of ordinary. A storm is brewing…"

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