Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 413 - Astonishment at the State of the World

In the capital, Elder Fu went into Imperial Preceptor's manor in a fluster to report, "Old master, His Majesty is here to visit!"

Imperial Preceptor rose to welcome the guest, and the two heroes of Eternal Peace Empire met. Ling Yuxiu came after Emperor Yanfeng who gave his friend a deep look. Understanding his meaning, Imperial Preceptor waved his hand for Elder Fu to fall back.

"Your Majesty came to find me before even going to the palace, so something big must have happened." Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor looked with inquiry at Ling Yuxiu. "There's only three of us here, so Your Majesty can speak."

"Did Imperial Preceptor felt it?" Emperor Yanfeng asked. "Five days ago, the fluctuation of heaven and earth."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor nodded. "It was a very marvelous fluctuation. The law changed and the path changed, and there was an abnormal change in the great Dao of heaven and earth as well. Someone created a reform and it touched me greatly."

Emperor Yanfeng took out the two version of the technique of Primordial Spirit Guide and handed it to him. "Imperial Preceptor, take a look."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor flipped through the pages in detail, his expression growing more and more solemn. After some time, he closed Primordial Spirit Guide and said, "It's princess and Cult Master Qin's handwriting. Six Directions's reform changed Seven Stars, Celestial Being, Life and Death, and Divine Bridge, so no wonder there was such a huge motion. Princess Xiu is not bad, her achievements in the future won't be inferior to yours and mine."

He was extraordinary wise and didn't need Emperor Yanfeng to give him a hint to know that it was made by Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu. On top of that, he also guessed what consequences their work would bring.

Emperor Yanfeng nodded. "The source of the reform comes from these two scrolls. I came to find you without stopping for rest because the situation is grave. The effect is still very mild, so those who aren't great masters who had reached the level of skill won't be able to detect it. But for existences who had reached the level of the path, the effect is blatant. You said it touched you greatly, so looks like you entered the path a step earlier than I."

"I reached the path not long ago so it isn't clear yet. However, that fluctuation flooded in like waves from all direction, and I was standing among them, experiencing that fine change of the great Dao of heaven and earth."

Emperor Yanfeng listened carefully to his words and praised, "The realm of the path is truly marvelous. You've been affected this much, so how would the gods feel?"

"Even worse!" Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's eyes shone with hazy rays as he said, "Your Majesty wasn't in the capital these few days, so you don't know that memorials have been flying in like a flurry of snowballs. Your Majesty, please take a look."

He took out dozens of memorials which were from various country magistrates all over the empire.

Emperor Yanfeng opened one which was by the county magistrate of Initiate Peace County. It said that an earthquake had happened at Grandma Qi Yue Temple. Other places had no tremors, except for Grandma Temple which had collapsed, crushing over a dozen believers.

When Initiate Peace County Magistrate brought a group of people to clean up the debris, they saw that the mountain on which the temple had been built had split apart. In the huge crack, there was a god statue of a giant's upper body. It was the color of flesh, and the light of runes flowed across its body.

Emperor Yanfeng frowned slightly as he thought for a moment. He passed that memorial to Yuxiu and picked another one for himself.

It had been sent by the magistrate of Bent Prefecture and spoke about strange incidents happening at Great Bent Lake. When it was midnight, abnormal lights would burst into the sky from the lake, covering its whole surface. There was a huge lifeform rising from the lake with eyes like lanterns. It was said that it was Bent Lake Sovereign which wanted the people at the shore to offer virgin men and women as tribute. The magistrate sent his bailiff to investigate, and numerous divine arts practitioners had already died.

Emperor Yanfeng's brows tensed up as he flipped through the other memorials. Some were about shrines splitting apart, with extremely ancient god statues appearing and shattering the god statues that the people were worshiping. Some spoke of earth shakes and god statues rising in riverbeds. Some of those statues didn't move, but others demanded tribute from people living in their region.

There were also numerous places that burst forth with strange lights or had strange creatures appear in their territory. However, no one could take them away.

"There's no such gods in our Eternal Peace Empire." Ling Yuxiu looked through the memorials, then placed them down. She pondered over what she'd read before asking, "Where did those god statues come from? They definitely couldn't have just popped out from the ground. Also, the treasures mentioned in the memorials don't seem to have been left by someone, for they are treasures of gods."

"Not from underground," Emperor Yanfeng said. "If they had existed underground, they would have been found long ago. Those stone statues and treasures should have come from another world."

"It should not be just one world," Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said solemnly. "Great Ruins have similar stone statues, and rumor says that they are gods who had petrified their bodies. They are in slumber, waiting for something, but they can transform back into their real bodies anytime. If these stone statues came from another world, the timing they chose is very peculiar."

"Princess and Cult Master Qin created Primordial Spirit Guide, changing the great Dao of heaven and earth, and the next moment, numerous stone statues and strange treasures appeared all around the world; there's definitely a connection between them," Emperor Yanfeng said. "Imperial Preceptor, the origin and aim of those stone statues have to be investigated."

"This reminds me of the incident two years ago when Dutian Devil King descended. Back then, he relied on Cult Master Qin's sacrifice and a sacrificial altar to be summoned into our world. Furthermore, only his consciousness and part of his power had come to Eternal Peace, since his body required even more deaths and live sacrifices."

Emperor Yanfeng and Ling Yuxiu listened quietly without interfering. What Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor wanted to say was extremely important, so they couldn't be careless.

"This means that traveling through different worlds requires an immense amount of energy. The stronger the existence that is traveling to another world, the greater the energy required.

"Since the great Dao of heaven and earth changed, the stone statues of those gods descended. Yet they should have only been able to send their stone statues over, while their power is unable to transfer for the time being. They need countless sacrifices of flesh and blood to call over their true bodies."

Emperor Yanfeng and Ling Yuxiu's hearts stirred as a terrifying thought suddenly formed in their heads. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor helped them by saying it out loud. "They need to create a large-scale natural disaster for many people to die, for only then could their true bodies come to Eternal Peace!"

Emperor Yanfeng and Ling Yuxiu's blood ran cold.

The previous natural disaster had already caused countless people to lose their lives, and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had yet to recover from his encounter with the god. If another natural disaster was to happen, the empire was definitely going to fall into ruin, and countless living beings would fall into utter misery!

"According to my guess, the gods of High Heavens will soon receive an order to send disaster for our Eternal Peace," Imperial Preceptor said solemnly. "This natural disaster will definitely not be inferior to the snow disaster before. It can be an earthquake, eruption of volcanoes, tornadoes, floods, or even snow disaster or drought. As long as it's a disaster that can kill billions of people, anything is possible!"

Emperor Yanfeng croaked out in a hoarse voice, "What you mean is…"

"Eradicate High Heavens," Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said indifferently. "We need to eradicate the gods of High Heavens, since if I didn't guess wrong, the ones in charge of sending disaster to this world is none other than High Heavens. If we get rid of it, all the stone statues around the world won't be able to transform into gods or devils, and the people will then be spared from death. We need to make a move first, eradicating all the gods of High Heavens!"

Emperor Yanfeng felt a splitting headache. He raised his hands to hold his head and gritted his teeth. "High Heavens is in West Earth and we don't know how many gods and devils they have, so how would we gain the ability to eradicate High Heavens? If we could wait a few more years, allowing more experts to patch their divine bridge and cultivate to the god realm…"

"Your Majesty, they won't give you the time. If what I guessed is correct, the treasures mentioned in those memorials are meteorological weapons!"

Emperor Yanfeng and Ling Yuxiu's blood ran cold.

Meteorological weapon was an idea suggested by Qin Mu. By keeping meteorological phenomenons—for example, snowstorm, hails, tornados, floods, volcano eruptions, and earthquakes—in bottle gourds, they could adjust the weather during normal times.

If they were to attack enemy countries, they could also use the meteorological weapons to kill the enemy troops.

The time Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had attacked the prairie, Pangong Tso had made the great shamans poison all the water sources. To get rid of the shaman poison and save the herdsmen of the prairie, Imperial Preceptor had then used bottled storms to make it rain for ten days, which cleansed the land and washed away all of the poison.

However, quite a number of herdsmen had drowned in the flood. Because of that, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had been accused of misconduct by the contrarians which caused him some trouble.

If he wasn't wrong and those treasures of gods and devils were all meteorological weapons, the gods of High Heavens just needed to come over, and they would be able to activate them, releasing all kinds of meteorological phenomenon to cause grave casualties in Eternal Peace Empire!

With that many people dead, the stone statues would receive enough flesh and blood sacrifices for the power of those gods and devils to flow in like a long river. Once the stone statues regained their true forms, a massacre would begin, and they would wipe out the whole world!

"I shall immediately send orders and command people to guard the stone statues and treasures. I can't let those things fall into the hands of High Heavens!" Cold sweat started rolling down Emperor Yanfeng's forehead, and he started walking to and fro. "We definitely can't let them find them… Why are they doing this? Can't they just let the people of this world live better lives? I-I don't understand!"

"The reform touches the benefits of the gods and devils. It changes the Dao and the gods and devils won't be tolerated by it if they can't change accordingly," said Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. "There is definitely an even deeper reason for it, but we are lacking too much information to deduce the truth. Your Majesty, I need Human Emperor to come personally."

Emperor Yanfeng looked at him.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor looked into the distance and muttered, "Only when Human Emperor calls for it would all the sacred grounds and strong practitioners listen and join hands to wipe out High Heavens! Only the human emperor that all the sects revere can make them follow him wholeheartedly!"

Ling Yuxiu was stupefied. Wasn't the current human emperor Qin Mu?

Wasn't Human Emperor's Seal in Qin Mu's hands?

Based on that logic, didn't it mean that Qin Mu also had to attack High Heavens?

"I'll go speak with Human Emperor!" Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor rose and left.

Qin Mu was cultivating his primordial spirit with Si Yunxiang at that moment, the two of them roaming around. When they came to a spot, a majestic mountain there suddenly split, and a huge stone statue rose from the depths of the crack.

"What's happening? Is this Great Ruins?"

The two of them were astonished. They suddenly smelled a fragrance, and their hearts couldn't help shaking. "We had just lighted Soul Guide Incense to come to play around, and it couldn't have finished that fast. Someone had to have blown the incense all the way to the bottom!"

Their primordial spirits were summoned back into their corporeal bodies. Qin Mu opened his eyes and saw Village Chief, Butcher, Mute, and even Old Ma!

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