Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 416 - With Human Emperor’s Seal Out

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor walked into the manor and looked around in astonishment. He praised, "When I finally retire after the success of the reform, I would also like to find a pleasant scenery like this to enjoy domestic bliss with my wife and children."

Qin Mu welcomed him with a smile. "What has Heavenly King come here for?"

"I'm not here as Heavenly Saint Heavenly King to meet Cult Master, but as Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor to meet Human Emperor. May Human Emperor assist us!"

Qin Mu's expression instantly became solemn. "Imperial Preceptor, please speak!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor looked around before saying, "Where's Old Human Emperor? Can I invite him over for a talk too?"

"Village Chief is basking in the sun and drinking tea."

The two of them found Village Chief drinking tea with Apothecary. Numerous women surrounded them, holding the teacups to their lips, so the two didn't even need to stretch out their hands. The corners of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's eyes twitched. Empress Dowager was among those girls.

He immediately covered his face and pretended not to see her.

He had always been at loggerheads with Empress Dowager, who had gone against him time and time again. On top of that, Little Poison King Fu Yuanqing poisoning her was also his idea.

However, he was still a subject of the empire, so when he saw Empress Dowager serving a man like that, he naturally had to avoid it.

Empress Dowager saw him and sneered, but didn't avoid him.

Apothecary saw the situation and smiled. "There are too many mortal affairs here, so let us go elsewhere. I know a place with an extremely beautiful scenery. Bring your musical instruments so we can go there and play."

The women danced and sang in delight as they left with him.

Only then did Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor move his sleeves away from his eyes and greet Village Chief. After Qin Mu sat down, he also followed.

"Abnormal events have been happening in Eternal Peace Empire one after another. Numerous treasures and a hundred stone statues had appeared, but this shouldn't have escaped from both of your ears, right? I'm sure I don't have to explain the danger of it to the two human emperors."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor went straight to the main point and said, "My visit here is to ask Human Emperor to take out Human Emperor's Seal to command all the heroes of the world to wage war against High Heavens, to prevent the people from suffering again!"

Village Chief looked at him peculiarly and asked, "Has Imperial Preceptor ever been to High Heavens?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor shook his head.

"If you knew the true power of High Heavens, you wouldn't think this way. Back in the day, I took all the heroes under my command and planned a life-and-death struggle with High Heavens at West Earth, but it resulted in only me losing my arms and legs. High Heavens don't only have the four sovereigns of High Heavens, but other fake gods as well. The four sovereigns are nothing to be feared, but you will meet a real god, a true god."

His old face was filled with wrinkles that were very deep. There seemed to be an old farmer who had his back toward the sun in them, the wrinkles themselves being the land he plowed.

"A true god who is god realm in every aspect," Village Chief said calmly. "My sword skill lost to his sword skill, and he severed my legs and arms. Human Emperor? Chey! That was what he said before throwing me away like garbage."

He looked at Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. "At that time, you hadn't been born for long, so you wouldn't know about this. The strong practitioners who had followed me either died, escaped, or disbanded. I, this human emperor, had failed completely. I suffered an utter defeat. Your attainments in sword skill have already surpassed mine, even if your attainments in sword path are still slightly inferior to mine. However, if you go to High Heavens, your end will be the same as mine."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor frowned. "In that case, what should we do?"

"Don't go to High Heavens, but intercept them," Village Chief said. "Whoever comes down has to be killed. One comes down, we kill one. All come down, we kill all. Don't worry about that true god. He needs a lot of flesh and blood sacrifices to come down. Back then, he managed to come only because a god of High Heavens was used as a sacrifice."

"In that case…" Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor looked at Qin Mu and asked solemnly, "May I ask for Human Emperor's Seal?"

Qin Mu took out the black lump which was a seal. It was not eye-catching at all, but it was made from all the best treasures in all the clans and sects. They were forged into one and represented the authority of the human emperor.

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows and took out the seal. This action would mean that he, the human emperor, would be walking from the backstage to the front, bringing a lot of danger to himself.

Like Village Chief back then, he had become the human emperor and had no choice but to deal with the life-and-death situation of the human race. There were many hidden arrows coming for it!

According to the teachings of the people in the village, things like Human Emperor's Seal had to be thrown as far away as possible, but the people in the village had also taught him to be responsible.

All the nine elders in the village taught him different things, which sometimes conflicted among themselves, so he had to choose and follow his heart.

Qin Mu took in a deep breath and asked, "Village Chief, how do I use this seal?"

"Pour your vital qi into it, then let us help you."

Qin Mu pushed his vital qi inside, and it poured into Human Emperor's Seal. The black lump seemed to have a kind of consciousness which activated and flowed out back to the owner.

Qin Mu instantly felt an explosion in his head as though unyielding strong practitioners and their unyielding spirits had been hidden inside and were now rushing out at him.

Dazzled, he thought he saw a bunch of people wearing ragged clothes walking toward him. Behind them were countless commoners of different races who belonged to every clan and sect of Eternal Peace Empire. They were the ancestors of the people of this land.

Their faces had an emaciated look and held traces of hardship and the fire of war along with knowledge of many casualties. Their gazes were filled with sorrow and fear. They carried a history which would make people despair as disaster went through the land. The gods and devils had spread havoc, and it had been Human Emperor who had brought them out of despair, bringing them to this new land.

Each of them had taken out their treasures and imprinted their consciousness inside them. The treasures were then smelted and forged into a huge seal before respectfully offered to that person.

"The one who wields this seal will be the human emperor!" Their consciousness transformed into voices which exploded in Qin Mu's mind. "With Human Emperor's Seal out, none will disobey!"

Qin Mu's heart trembled. At that moment, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Village Chief released their vital qi to help activate the Human Emperor's Seal. With a hum, it floated high up into the sky and gave off a radiant glow!

The unyielding consciousness transformed into physical substance, and the apparitions of the patriarchs and emperors who founded sects and countries shone, imprinting their majestic figures on the heaven and earth.

Terrifying consciousness rushed out in all directions, bringing to their successors of the same bloodline the summons, calling them to come forward.

That was their promise, the undying pledge they made to the Human Emperor for his deeds!

With Human Emperor's Seal out, none will disobey!

The promise the ancestors had made twenty thousand years ago had to obey even after that much time had passed!

After a moment, Village Chief and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor pulled back their magic power. Qin Mu dispersed his vital qi with his mind was surging.

That was Human Emperor's Seal, the treasure that all clans and sects had offered to Human Emperor together. It clearly had no power in itself, but it had an immense ability to rally supporters!

"Let us wait here for a few days. What will come will come," Village Chief said indifferently.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor agreed. "May I ask how many experts will come? Strong practitioners of ordinary Divine Bridge Realm won't be too useful. They will only be able to give up their lives even if they come."

Village Chief smiled. "Those that dare and can come will naturally be experts."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor still wasn't at ease. The experts of this world were usually in the sacred grounds, and those that could be on par with them were only Old Rulai, Old Dao Master, and the experts of Little Jade Capital. However, it stood aloof from worldly affairs while Old Rulai and Old Dao Master had retired. Those who could come were not that many in number.

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly. "When I saw the apparitions just now, not all of them were humans. Some of them clearly belonged to others races."

"I also saw numerous strange races," Imperial Preceptor said as well.

"Back then, the clans that Human Emperor rescued didn't consist of only humans. Some of them gave up this land of Eternal Peace to find other homes, in other territories."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor expression filled with astonishment. "They went overseas?"

In East Sea, a huge island was moving slowly in the ocean. Within it lived a strange race. The men had horns on their heads and fished for a living while the women had no horns.

When the men jumped into the sea, their bodies would shake and transform into those of huge whales. Their head would still, however, retain the sharp drill-like horns which they used to travel through in the water as though they were flying. The monsters in the sea were simply not their opponents.

Every time there was a catch, the whales would jump back onto the islands, transforming back into men when they landed on the ground. They would then carry their catch to the village.

Suddenly, all the people on the island could sense an ineffable call from their bloodline. They all look toward a faraway land.

"The summon of Human Emperor's Seal!"

In the shrine that was at the center of the islands, the heart of the elders in white throbbed as they shouted out, "Quickly, wake Old Ancestor up!"


Melodious cries of a whale came from the bottom of the sea, and the island trembled, for it the back of a whale. When it was awoken, it spewed out a water pillar that was hundreds of yards tall.

Far away, there were a few more islands floating around, also belonging to the huge whales.

The people and palaces on one sea island flew up and left, coming to the other islands. That huge whale then gradually sunk to the bottom of the sea, and after a moment, a topless, long-haired, and sturdy man walked out from the sea and stepped onto the island.

In the Hall of Sea King, numerous elders in white were waiting. When they saw the sturdy man, they all bowed. "King Kun!"

"The ancestor of Kun race made a promise twenty thousand years ago and it still flows in our blood today. It is still within us!" King Kun surveyed the surroundings and said, "Human Emperor's Seal is summoning me, so I need to go personally. Call the sacred artifact!"

Numerous elders in white split into two rows before a sacrificial altar in their Hall of Sea King. Within it, was a long, spiral-shaped, golden horn which looked like a golden lance.

King Kun paid his respect and pulled out the long horn. Instantly, huge waves splashed into the sky around the island, and the elders in white sent him off respectfully.

King Kun held the golden lance as he sprinted over the sea, transforming back into a huge long-horned whale that surfed toward Eternal Peace. Just as King Kun leaped from the waves, a huge bird flew past him, its spread out wings covering an area of a few hectares.

When that huge bird saw him, its body did a sudden spin and flew over like an arrow. Countless feathers fluttered in the wind as it transformed into a woman who landed in front of King Kun. Her legs were talons, while on her head there was a victory headdress made from plumes.

King Kun smiled and said, "Queen Yi, you also came?"

"Human Emperor has summoned us again, and we need to come and fulfill the promise our ancestors made. How can I not come?"

Suddenly, the sea churned and a pitch black tortoiseshell ship broke out from the bottom, leaping off the sea surface before smashing back down again. It swayed for a moment before steadying itself.

"Raise the flags!" a voice called out on the ship.

Whoosh. A huge drenched flag rose, revealing a tortoise and a serpent painted on it.

In Little Jade Capital, Old Rulai frowned slightly and sighed. "I thought we could have some peace, yet here we are in need to leave the mountain so soon."

Old Dao Master smiled and said, "If we don't leave the mountain, our successors will have to, and won't they be just seeking death? Let's go."

Old Rulai nodded and sighed, rising to follow him out of Little Jade Capital.

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