Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 42 - Phantom Of The Night

The instant where the huge snake moved, Qin Mu leaped forward as well. With his Pig Slaughtering Knife like the storm, he frantically cut down on the frail spot between the snake's head and the snake's body!

Pig Slaughtering Knife Skill, Sun On East Sea Thousand Layer Waves!

This move of Butcher had to have the grandeur of a huge sun rising along with the thousand layers of waves overlapping each other. Using the matchless knife power to cut down and shatter every power in its way!

There was only one thought in Qin Mu’s mind. Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop!

I must behead it!


The blood of the snake splattered out. The triangular head of the snake which was as wide as a table was separated from its body but continued to fly towards the family of three with no idea that it was already dead.

Looking at the head of the huge snake that was about to reach the family of three, Qin Mu leaped above the head of the snake and forcefully kicked downwards, closing the snake’s mouth.

The youth dropped straight down along with the snake’s head and crashed in front of the family of three that had been scared shitless.

The three of them stared blankly at the youth in front of them.

Qin Mu bent down and gave the little girl a smile, revealing his white teeth, "Everything’s fine now, little girl."

Suddenly, the cries of a baby resonated out and a woman rushed out from the house that had been partially destroyed by the huge snake while smiling, "Congratulations! Both the mother and child are safe!"

Qin Mu immediately returned the Pig Slaughtering Knife back into the cowskin sheath and ran back into the courtyard. The young man had already rushed excitedly into the house while Granny Si came out to washed her hands and took a glance back at the loving family behind her.

"Are you satisfied, Mu’er?" Granny Si smiled.

Qin Mu looked at the sight of the loving family of three and nodded his head gently. His hand subconsciously rose up to hold onto the jade pendant on his chest.

Granny Si looked at his hand and gave a sigh in her heart.

Blind stepped forward and gave a yawn, "The matter here is settled so it’s time for us to sleep. Granny, they don’t have much room here so how about we squeeze…"

Granny turned her head back with a scary gaze. Blind shivered uncontrollably and jabbed his bamboo cane into the ground, turning away, "Nowadays, even the blinds also have to get fiercely stared at. People today have sadly degenerated. I shall sleep on the street…"

"Granny, how come no one in the village had noticed this huge snake all this time?" Qin Mu asked puzzledly as he saw the villagers dragging the snake’s tail out from the tree trunk.

He had lived in Disabled Elderly Village since young and all the villagers were disabled. Even Granny Si was a hunchback. However, the elders in the village to him were all capable of anything.

The villagers in this village were mostly ordinary humans. Even though there were practitioners, their cultivation and strengths weren’t very high, thus he had some doubts.

"In Great Ruins, there’s only one Disabled Elderly Village."

Granny Si had a peaceful gaze, "Most of the people here are ordinary humans who were too late to escape the Great Ruin’s catastrophe. There are also some people who were unable to continue living in the outside world and forced to escape here to hide from the pressure of exorbitant taxations of the landlords, seeking to survive here."

"The outside world?" Qin Mu’s eyes sparkled.

"The outside world is much more dangerous than Great Ruins!"

Granny Si gave a cold humph, "Otherwise granny and the rest wouldn’t be forced to hide here in the Great Ruins! Don’t always think about going to the outside world!"

Qin Mu scratched his head, having no idea why Granny Si who was always affable had suddenly blown her temper.

Granny Si lowered her voice and whispered, "There’s something strange going on with this snake. Strange beasts are normally unable to enter villages yet this huge snake could hide in the manor and for several years even. I’m afraid this huge snake could only be purposely let in by someone… This kind of breeding method seems to be a method of the devil cult. Hehe, something interesting might just happen tonight…"

The snake was purposely let into the village to harm the villagers?"

Qin Mu’s heart turned cold. How vile could the person be?

The snake had obviously eaten the souls of a few newborn babies! What good is it to him to feed infants to a snake?

"Mu’er, something weird might happen to you tonight but don’t you move or make a sound even when you see it. In the morning, the outcome would be revealed."

Granny Si chuckled, revealing the bits and pieces of teeth left in her mouth, "He used the snake to suck the infant’s pneuma and souls before sucking the essence from the snake to reverse his precelestial pneuma. He should have been cultivating for many years and should have an extraordinary ability. This method of cultivation would definitely cause him to be chased down by people against devils outside thus he could only stir up havoc here in Great Ruins. You can’t deal with the person coming tonight, Mu’er. Just look."

Qin Mu nodded his head as uneasiness welled up inside of him.

This family was pretty excited for quite a long time, laughing and crying before they remembered to arrange a place for Granny Si and Qin Mu to settle down. The couple gave out their central and inner room for Granny Si and Qin Mu to rest. Qin Mu felt it was inappropriate but Granny Si didn’t reject and made Qin Mu sleep in the central room while she slept in the inner room.

Not long later, both of them fell asleep. Qin Mu had originally tried to keep himself awake but as time went by, his eyelids drooped and gradually closed. In the middle of the night when all was quiet and still, Qin Mu suddenly shivered uncontrollably and immediately opened his eyes only to find out he couldn’t move!

The door to the central room creaked open and dim light shone in through the door crack. A long shadow then appeared on the ground.

Qin Mu opened his mouth yet he wasn’t able to make any sound to warn Granny Si!

The shadow on the ground flickered and started to move, climbing onto the wall. The shadow on the wall distorted and revealed sharp teeth and claws, making it seem even more menacing.

Cold sweats broke out on Qin Mu’s forehead and the shadow climbed its way to the ceiling before hanging straight down to stare at him.

Qin Mu stared back with his eyes wide open. It was a real shadow that was hanging down at him. It was flat yet incredibly flexible as if it were a practitioner skilled in contortion!

However, it was clearly just a shadow. How was the shadow able to move freely? Where could the owner of the shadow be?


A gust of wind blew in from the door crack and brought a small triangular white banner along with it which was caught in the hands of the shadow as it waved it towards Qin Mu.

At this moment, the door of the room which Granny Si was sleeping in suddenly creaked open and a silver bead flew out. It was like the silver pellets that Qin Mu had seen in Granny Si’s room. The bead stopped at the heart of Qin Mu’s brow and remained spinning on the spot without letting out a sound. Hair-like swords that almost couldn’t be seen continuously flew out from the silver bead.

The black shadow on the ceiling waved the white banner around as it floated around in the room. The white banner was as fast as lightning as it repeatedly attacked Qin Mu who was laying on the bed. At this moment, the bead moved too and clashed silently with the white banner, blocking all its attacks.

No matter how much the two strange objects clashed together, no sounds were emitted and no items were destroyed throughout the eerily quiet showdown.

After some time, the shadow trembled and spat out blood from its mouth. The white banner fluttered away while the black shadow flowed out of the house like water and vanished.

The silver colored bead stopped spinning and returned back into the room without a trace.

Only now could Qin Mu feel that he was able to move once again as he gasped for his breath. He didn’t understand what had just happened but the bloodstains on the ground proved that everything he had witnessed had really happened.

Outside the house, no sound could be heard except the beating of the gong. It was the night watchman announcing the period of the night, to prevent the villagers from waking up early and getting swallowed by the darkness outside of the village.

The night watchman beat the gong thrice and kept his gong to go home. When he reached the front of his house, he saw a blind man walking by with his bamboo cane.

"Old brother, find a place to take a rest!" The night watchman quickly stopped Blind and smiled, "It’s already so late, be careful not to walk out of the village and get eaten by the monsters!"

Blind gave a smile and tapped his bamboo cane on the night watchman’s shadow, "Thanks for the warning." After saying his thanks, Blind tapped his way forward with his bamboo cane and slowly walked away.

Pop pop—!

Two bloody holes exploded in the night watchman chest as his body swayed and collapsed to the ground.

What a fast spear to be able to break through my spell! Keke, I know who you are. You may be blind now but you are even stronger than before…"

The night watchman took his last breath and died.

From above, a triangular white banner floated down and covered his face.

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