Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 420 - Vanishing Sounds in the Darkness

The darkness in Great Ruins was silent yet bustling. The former was for people who had no abilities, hiding in the villages and ruins. If one was powerful enough, the night in Great Ruins was extraordinary bustling.

Walking at that time, one could see all kinds of strange sights and encounter countless supernatural incidents. If there was fate, they could even enter marvelous worlds. Of course, it was another matter regarding if they could come back alive.

The night in Great Ruins was exceptionally charming. Since a snowstorm had just ended, lumps of snow hung on the branches which shone when light landed on them It was as though the surroundings were adorned with silver clothing.

The sky suddenly became incomparably bright, and numerous lifeforms raised their heads in Great Ruins. The darkness was suddenly filled with numerous bright colors.

But they weren't formed from natural phenomenon. Instead, they were originated from the explosions of magnificent divine arts that burst out into balls of light, lighting up the world.

The darkness seemed to be a substance, however. It might get forced back by the lights, but it would flood back every time, filling up the void.

The rays of light changed, growing weirder and weirder. The lifeforms in Great Ruins saw the stars moving quickly, tussling and battling against one another.

The movement of the stars in the sky was very weird. There were eighteen at the front and two stars behind them. The stars at the front were rushing ahead while the other two were chasing and harassing them.

Every time the eighteen stars stopped and prepared to encircle their pursuers, the two stars would run to the west. The eighteen stars wouldn't chase, and the two stars would then catch up to harass them again. When the eighteen stars gave chase once more, the two stars would escape with all they had.

This happened over and over again, halting the progress of the eighteen stars, making it hard for them to unleash their full speed.

Beside the bonfire in a ruin, Elder of Discipline looked at that sight, and a slither of hope renewed in his heart. Heavenly Devil Patriarch and Daoist Ling Jing's motive was to delay the gods of High Heavens and not clash with them head-on. If they continued with that, there might still be hope of surviving.

Suddenly, the stars in the sky dimmed and disappeared

Elder of Discipline's heart sunk. The gods of High Heavens had decided to hide their traces, baiting Heavenly Devil Patriarch and Daoist Ling Jing to go search for them. As long as they came forward, they would be encircled.

"Don't go…"

Elder of Discipline grew nervous, and he grabbed his collar as though he was grabbing his heart. He stared relentlessly at the two stars that were moving in the sky.

"Don't go close, don't go close! Quickly run—"

The two stars moved about in what seemed like hesitation. Suddenly, they also dimmed and could no longer be seen.

The sky turned dark once again, once everyone hid their traces.

The corners of Elder of Discipline's eyes twitched, and his heart pounded heavily, each beat being more violent than the last one. He was extremely nervous.

Everyone had hidden their traces, and they had to fumble and seek each other in the dark. This period of time was the most dangerous. Heavenly Devil Patriarch and Daoist Ling Jing's options were much more limited than those of their opponents, who could wait or just leave. Heavenly Devil Patriarch and Daoist Ling Jing couldn't wait too long, since they had to ensure that the other party did not leave!

Finally, a star lit up. One star gave off light.

The next instant, the sky flared up when all kinds of strange divine arts burst forth, drowning out the star. There were dragons and phoenixes, clocks, buildings, cauldrons, and pagodas of all kinds of strange shapes, all of which were dazzling to the eyes.

The power of those divine arts erupted, and the dark sky was once again lit up with different colors, driving away all the darkness at once. Eighteen majestic gods and devils could be faintly seen flying above, their faces either solemn or malicious. Their limbs were sturdy, and as the rays of the divine arts fell on their bodies, runes of all colors floated up.

The one who was encircled by their attacks was Daoist Ling Jing; Heavenly Devil Patriarch was not with him.

"Daoist Ling Jing is the bait!"

Elder of Discipline's heart trembled violently. As the bait, Daoist Ling Jing would surely die. No one could survive after being surrounded by the attacks of eighteen gods and devils.

Daoist Ling Jing's aim was to use himself as a sacrifice to lure out the eighteen gods of High Heavens!

That would give Heavenly Devil Patriarch a chance to land a sneak attack!

Daoist Ling Jing's abilities were extremely powerful. He was also one of the strongest people back in the day, even daring to fight with Village Chief for the title of number one in the world. However, he was defeated and lost a finger.

Yet when it came to launching a sneak attack, he couldn't do much with that.

Heavenly Devil Cult's teleportation clothes and teleportation flag were the best methods to go about something like that. If someone lured out the eighteen gods out, Heavenly Devil Patriarch could easily launch a sneak attack, which would be their only chance to severely injure them!

"Ling Jing Eight Methods!" An inspiring shout came from the sky and shook the hearts of the people. "Cease to exist from now on!"

Elder of Discipline raised his head to look at the final sight of Daoist Ling Jing. Even though his Ling Jing Eight Methods were not inferior to Village Chief's Sword Picture, they were useless against the attacks of eighteen gods.

He was simply going to unleash his ultimate art of which he was the proudest. He was like an artist splashing ink as much as he liked to exhibit his talent, like a scholar using all he could to write an essay. He wanted to leave his mark in the world, his shadow.

At that moment, a huge flag swept open, and Heavenly Devil Patriarch appeared behind the devil gods, landing lethal attacks on them.

The flag swept over him, and his figure seemed to appear beside all the gods at the same time, attacking all of them at the same time. In just an instant, he injured over ten gods and devils.

Thunder rumbled in the sky. When the sounds of the explosion from the divine arts traveled outward, many new attacks had been made.

The shockwaves of the divine arts caused the air to be sometimes warm and sometimes freezing cold. Hurricanes swept down from the sky, and the snow melted before coming back just as quick.

Heavenly Devil Patriarch's teleportation flag was shredded. It was destroyed in the terrifying shockwave of divine arts, but he still had his teleportation clothing.

Elder of Discipline raised his head to look and saw blood raining down from above. It started with a drizzle before becoming heavier and heavier.

One of the twenty stars moving in the sky dimmed and wavered. Suddenly, it went out in a fierce collision, falling from the sky.

Daoist Ling Jing was dead.

Elder of Discpline's face dimmed. Only Heavenly Devil Patriarch was left. and he was still battling. Even if he was skilled in the Seven Writings of Creations in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, it would be hard for him to change the outcome of the battle.

In the ruin, Elder of Discipline didn't raise his head to look at the battle in the sky anymore. Instead, he stared at the flames of the bonfire, subconsciously adding more firewood to it.

The flames grew taller and taller, and the intensity of the heat also grew, yet he couldn't feel anything at all.

"Why is this winter so cold…"

He shivered from the cold and added more firewood. "What's wrong with this fire? No matter how fierce it is, it's still so cold. How is it still so cold when I added so much firewood…"

Another star dimmed in the sky, before bursting forth with light again. It was exceptionally gorgeous, lighting up the sky.

"A marvel of creation, the light and shade it dominates!"

A shout tore through the darkness, inspiring and shocking.


The melodious sound of a bell came from the sky, rushing in all directions. It faded away soon after, and the marvel of creation ceased to exist.

The lights in the sky gradually dispersed, and the darkness slowly came back after the explosion.

A star had fallen.

Elder of Discipline buried his head in his hands and didn't say anything.

He was waiting for daybreak, to retrieve the corpses of the two old men.

In the sky, the eighteen stars paused for a moment before continuing to head east.

Great Ruins' God Broken Mountains were sharp as a blade, their peaks were covered in snow. In the sky, flood dragons were rushing toward them.

The wind was strong and blew their whiskers and mane backward.

Beside Qin Mu, Si Yunxiang was trying to use Heart Inspection Mirror to contact the young patriarch. Moments after, she fell into a daze. "Patriarch said that he won't be coming back. He said that you guys don't need to miss him."

Qin Mu was stunned, and Granny Si turned her face around to secretly wipe away her tears.

"That old guy actually left earlier than us." Village Chief was stumped for words and could only sigh. "He's as impatient as ever."

They came closer and closer to God Broken Mountain Range, and their eyes went past, looking into Great Ruins that were shrouded in darkness.

Over there, they could see stars moving in the sky, rushing in their direction.

"Mu'er, stop on the mountain!" Village Chief suddenly ordered.

Qin Mu gave a command, and the flood dragons lowered their speed. They stretched their bodies while their bladelike claws clasped onto the mountain peaks to stop themselves. With their fluttering whiskers and strong bodies, they crushed numerous Mysterious Pearl Crossbows.

The snow was white while the mountains were black. The flood dragons, however, were of all colors, like white, black, red, and even sapphire blue. Their bodies shone with light which came from the natural rune markings of their race. They shone upon the snow, giving it a colorful hue.

"Let's have the battle here." Village Chief looked around and asked, "What do you guys think about this place?"

King Kun examined his surroundings and said, "Very good, it's just a little cold."

Tuxing Feng jumped down from a dragon's back and pulled his clothes tighter around himself. He muttered, "This damned place is still so cold, being warm underground is still the best. Human Emperor Qin, if you go to the underground world of our Earth Travelers, your horizons will definitely expand.

"The whole underground world is covered in jade glass and thick crystals hanging from the ceiling. There are those with six and eight edges, all clustered together like brightly colored decorations. With the light from the magma reflecting off them, they are so pretty. There are also numerous plants that grow in the magma and taste amazing. They burn your throat like fine wine, but the taste lingers on—"

"Stop speaking." The serpent on Xu Shengwu's shoulder gulped down its saliva. "I'm getting hungry just from your descriptions."

Tuxing Feng raised his head to look at the stars that were closing in, and he grabbed his sharp horn-shaped hammer while muttering, "I wonder if I'll have the chance to return underground for another bite. Our underground world still has Flaming Fruit, which is born from the magnetic element force. That taste…"

Village Chief looked at Qin Mu and said, "Mu'er, bring the dragons and your little wives down the mountain. You are not needed here anymore, just remember to collect the corpses tomorrow."

Qin Mu nodded and called the dragons over. He then brought Si Yunxiang, Hu Ling'er, and Yan Jingjing down the mountain. In the sky, the stars were getting closer and closer.

"Are we just going to look at them fighting for Eternal Peace?" Si Yunxiang was not willing to just leave like that. "What can we do? Can we really not do anything?"

"We can go to Great Ruins!" Qin Mu's gaze flickered. "We can find Sun Ship and Moon Ship! But this darkness is blocking our path! However, we have a powerful bodyguard. Where's Surging River Dragon King?"

"Dragon King is here!"

Under God Broken Mountain Range, river water churned as a huge dragon rose from the darkness. Coiling himself, he lowered his huge head. "What's Your Majesty's command?"

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