Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 421 - Attacking High Heavens

Dragon Rearing Sovereign carried them through Surging River and leaped past Secret Waters Pass, swimming into Great Ruins. He swam close to Border Dragon City and behind them, the water churned as a flood dragon broke out through its surface.

"Your Majesty, I'm binded by the oath so I can't leave Surging River. The Pact of Earth Count ties me down, so I would die if I leave. You guys want to go to Star Sea, but I can't go there." Dragon Rearing Sovereign fell back into Surging River. "However, I can have divine flood dragon king bring you guys there."

That flood dragon who had showed up was almost the same color as the river water, and it was none other than divine flood dragon king. Its abilities were extremely powerful, and no inferior to those of Dragon Rearing Sovereign. With him carrying Qin Mu and the rest into Great Ruins, the darkness would be repelled.

Qin Mu brought Si Yunxiang and Yan Jingjing onto the back of the divine flood dragon king. Meanwhile, Hu Ling'er came to his shoulders. The flood dragons called out ma ha ma ha and climbed onto the divine flood dragon king's body, acting very intimate.

The dragon qilin also jumped over, acting very respectful.

The divine flood dragon king soared into the sky and went straight for Star Sea.

Qin Mu turned back to look, but could no longer see everyone on God Broken Mountain Range. Meanwhile in the sky, the stars were closing in rapidly.

Suddenly, it looked like someone had lit fire beacons on the mountains of God Broken Mountain Range, and they were extremely gorgeous. They linked up into a line, creating a very beautiful sight, decorating the monotonous night of Great Ruins with picturesque charm.

Divine flood dragon king carried the group into the abyss of Star Sea, where God Broken Mountain Range could no longer be seen.

"Why hasn't Patriarch arrived yet?" the dragon qilin asked in bewilderment. "He should be arriving soon, right?"

Si Yunxiang opened her mouth, but couldn't say anything. Qin Mu said, "The night of Great Ruins is very dangerous, so he might be a little late. Let's go to Sun Well first."

The dragon qilin nodded, then asked, "Why did Saintess say he wouldn't be coming?"

"The sky is dark so he naturally can't come. Fatty Dragon, stop asking."

On the peaks of God Broken Mountain Range, the furnace behind Mute was blazing furiously. Blind's eyes were like two stars while Butcher's clothes flapped in the wind as he held his knives in his hands. Village Chief floated in the air, his vital qi giving him a visible form, as if he'd grown back his hands and legs.

All of them stood upright on mountain peaks.

Cripple and Old Ma stood together. Granny Si, Deaf, and Apothecary shared one peak as well. Old Dao Master, Old Rulai, Hermit Qing You, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, and Yu Zhaoqing who each took a mountain peak.

Tuxing Feng, Xuan Shengwu, Queen Yi, King Kun. and the five immortals of the demon race had extraordinary abilities, so they stood by themselves as well.

Everyone's primordial spirit took shape, almost materializing into a physical form. They were like gods and devils, standing behind them and waiting quietly for the battle to arrive.

The sky was shrouded by the darkness, yet eighteen stars were growing larger and larger as they closed in at a quick speed.

Village Chief's aura burst forth, and a trail of sword qi burst into the sky from the peak like a precipice that stretched from the heaven to earth, blocking the path of those stars.

"Sun on East Sea Thousand Layers Wave!"

Butcher shook his knives, and knife lights rose like a huge sun. At that moment, soundwaves went out, and their momentum was like the sea. The waves reflected the knife lights shot out from the sun and shone in the dark sky.

"Truly the number one knife skills! Heaven Knife lives up to his name!"

Old Ma's body grew larger while a vertical eye grew out at the heart of his brows. He was like a giant with a green dragon coiling around his body. Behind his head, a huge sun formed up, accompanied by the rumbling of the wind and thunder. "Kua Fu Chasing The Sun!"


Mute placed his wooden chest down and raised his thumb at Old Ma. The chest opened, and silver pellets flowed and changed repeatedly. Venomous substances flowed out from Apothecary's herb basket and spread out in all directions around him like a flood. Suddenly, spiders jumped out and began to weave a web between the mountains. They moved in the air, working tirelessly.

The star image of Great Overarching Heavenly Stars suddenly appeared behind Granny Si, before growing smaller and smaller. It rapidly shrunk and landed into her palm.

Cripple, on the other hand, was nervous and looked around as though he was going to run away at any moment.

"Burn, underground fire!"

Tuxing Feng laughed loudly, and the God Broken Mountain Range below his feet suddenly erupted like a volcano. When he hit it with his hammer, the volcano became taller, growing spontaneously.

King Kun laughed and said, "Three Inch Nail is still full of heroic spirit. Look at my Water Breaking the Starry Sky!"

Behind him, a giant wave rose into the sky and erected itself between heaven and earth like a sea.

"King Kun, lend me your strength!" Xuan Shengwu laughed loudly and revealed his true form. He leaped into the sea and became a tortoiseshell ship sailing on the surface that was perpendicular to the land.

Queen Yi stretched out an arm and suddenly trembled. Feathers grew out of her arm and formed a wing. It clanked as the feathers rubbed against one another to make the shape of a goose wing knife.

The five immortals of the demon race brought out their weapons as well. Willow Immortal wielded a whip, White Immortal carried a ball of thread, Fox Immortal hugged her pipa, while Rat Immortal and Yellow Immortal carried a gray and yellow sack respectively.

"They're here!" Butcher shouted loudly. "They plan to barge through by force! Be decisive, we have to stop them at any cost, preventing them from crossing God Broken Mountain Range!"

The trails of starling came closer and closer, until they formed a straight line. They were like eighteen comets which aimed for the sea erected by King Kun, expecting to pierce it in one go.

Butcher's knife lights shifted and shone on the sea surface. In an instant, they reflected back to slash toward the stars.

Clank, clank, clank.

There was a loud clang when Butcher blocked the first star. The second star came straight after and destroyed Sun on East Sea Thousand Layers Wave, and Butcher couldn't help but grunt at it. He was blown into the deep sea, where he borrowed King Kun's power to disperse the attack.

Just as the second star crashed into the sea, it was tangled up by the webs shooting out from the butts of the spider sprinting over. The star crashed into the sea surface with the spider webs and got dragged back by them, unable to continue forward.

The third and fourth stars rushed over and smashed into the sea. Yet its surface suddenly split apart and revealed a sea of blood behind.

Sword of Founding Emperor Sea of Blood!

It was too late for the two stars to stop their momentum, so they could only brace themselves for the incoming attack and try to break the move.

Boom, boom.

Two violent collisions rang out, and a bloodied god and devil brought their broken bodies out of the sea of blood, shrieking miserably.

However, they were incomparably powerful. Even though they had lost their momentum, they were still a god and a devil. They thus worked together to break Village Chief's move.

However, what welcomed them right after was still a sea of blood.

Sword of Founding Emperor Sea of Blood!

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor trembled his sword, and what he executed was also Sword of Founding Emperor Sea of Blood. It was the same move as what Village Chief had used. Yet the moves were slightly different and their concept was worlds apart.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had comprehended the move from Deaf's painting of the Sword God's back. It could be said that it was the inspiration for his sword skills.

The god and devil were terrified, but they had no way to retreat. They could only rush into the sword lights that were like the sea of blood.

Chi, chi, chi, chi.

There was a screeching noise, and divine blood poured out along with a few divine bones rolling out.

Other star rushed over and collided with Sword Picture. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor coughed out blood as it was destroyed. Seeing that the other stars were about to cross God Broken Mountain Range, Rat Immortal opened up his sack and shook it in the wind. The sack expanded and turned into something like a huge cave, absorbing the stars inside it.

Rat Immortal hurriedly tightened the sack, about to land lethal blows on the gods and devils inside when the sack exploded, blowing Rat Immortal back. Willow Immortal hurriedly shook her arm, which seemed to be boneless as it swept Rat Immortal back.

Just as she caught him, she felt the terrifying power of the gods and devils coming from Rat Immortal's body. Her face twisted, and her arm distorted like twisted dough!

Willow Immortal flipped and tumbled, rolling frantically to shake off the terrifying energy. White Immortal saw the bad situation and immediately flew forward. The needles in his plate stabbed into Willow Immortal and Rat Immortal one after another, directing the terrifying energy out from their bodies. Only then were their lives preserved.

Pak, pak, pak.

Huge waves rose on the sea's surface, and majestic figures stood on them, pouring seawater in all directions. Star Sovereign Qiao, Flower Sovereign, and Star Sovereign Yan were in the lead, forming a triangular formation. The other thirteen gods and devils, in the meantime, were moving by themselves.

The sixteen gods and devils pressed down on King Kun until his arms were trembling, unable to hold the sea. He grunted repeatedly, then his arms suddenly cracked and broke.

The sixteen gods and devils were still pressing downwards, and King Kun couldn't help vomiting out blood. He immediately lowered the sea flat.

Mountain peaks broke through the sea surface, revealing everyone who stood on them while a sea churned around them.

The sea wasn't deep, only three hundred yards or so. The tortoiseshell ship which was Xuan Shengwu sailed upside beneath the surface. The eyes of the flying serpent and black tortoise flashed as they looked at the inverted image of the gods and devils, waiting for the chance to strike.

Village Chief looked at Star Sovereign Qiao, Flower Sovereign, and Star Sovereign Yan. "Star Sovereign, everyone, you should know the consequences of opening those treasures. Must you wipe out all the people in Eternal Peace Empire?"

Star Sovereign Qiao was expressionless when he said, "If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth. Since you angered High Heavens and those above, you can't blame us. Old Human Emperor, we are simply acting on orders."

"No room for discussion?"

Star Sovereign Qiao shook his head. "Even though I hate everyone here to the core, I don't hate the commoners of this world. I also don't want to do this, but when Emperor Yanfeng blew Jade Sovereign up with a cannon, the time for discussion was lost. There was even a change in the law and the path, which—"

Xu Shengwu used that time to come beneath Star Sovereign Qiao. With swiftness, the flying serpent pierced through the sea to bind its target. The black tortoise's attack then followed right after, attempting to kill him in one strike.

"—broke off all hopes of discussion."

Star Sovereign Qiao allowed the flying serpent to coil around his body, so the black tortoise attack. When he came out, he was suddenly faced with Flower Sovereign and Star Sovereign Yan stabbing a flower and a flute into his temples, crushing the brain.

The flying serpent hissed and wanted to save him, but Star Sovereign's Qiao's divine sword slashed at him, slicing him into chunks. "Only after wiping out all the commoners of this generation will the higher-ups be at ease."

"Xuan Shengwu!" King Kun shouted out, and the golden-horned lance in his hand shone with brilliant rays as he stabbed toward Star Sovereign Qiao. Tuxing Feng gritted his teeth and swung his sharp horn-shaped hammer to attack while the gods behind Star Sovereign Qiao moved to welcome them.

With their movement, Blind, Mute, the five immortals, and Queen Yi had no choice but to move as well. God Broken Mountain Range suddenly trembled and became a lot shorter when it got pressed down by everyone's divine arts.

In the meantime, Star Sea became brighter and brighter as chains rattled within it. A sun slowly rose from the abyss of Star Sea, repelling the surrounding darkness.

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