Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 422 - Youdu, Fengdu

The sun rose in the west. Sunlight and fire spread at a great speed from the long chains to the whole of Sun Ship which repelled the darkness of Great Ruins, lighting up the surroundings. Numerous monsters in the darkness sizzled when they got hit by the sunlight, resulting in trails of black smoke.

In a village nearby, the abandoned people of Great Ruins were rudely awakened. They stared in a daze at the mountain-like Sun Ship which was striding with its twelve pillar-like legs. Sun Ship passed by the village, but there was no discomfort when the radiant sunlight shone on the villagers' bodies. Instead, they felt really warm, yet the monsters in the darkness were all fleeing for their lives.

Ever since Founding Emperor Era had ended, it was extremely rare to see this kind of sight.

At its end, the darkness had descended, and there were dozens of Sun Ships walking towards the west in Great Ruins, repelling the darkness and bringing light to people.

Yet after Founding Emperor Era, the last Sun Ship grew tattered and the sun was extinguished. Only Sun Guardian and the sun herders were left dragging a black sun, continuously protecting Great Ruins in secret. The former glory of the ship could no longer be seen.

Yet Sun Ship had revived and brought an intense blazing sun to pierce through the darkness. Wherever it passed, there was light.

On Sun Ship, there were giants bathed in the golden light. With the constant trembling of the huge ship, they were moving closer to God Broken Mountain Range.

"Sun Guardian, something seems to be moving ahead!"

On Sun Ship, Sun Herd Chief was extremely nervous when he sensed something humongous coming in their direction. He immediately reported it to Yan Jingjing who was controlling Sun Ship.

Yan Jingjing was majestic like a heavenly god at that point, and she looked into the darkness when she heard his words. She could sense a terrifying creature getting close. The newcomer was coming from behind Sun Ship and its speed was much faster.

The girl's gaze was like two incomparably thick light pillars which tore the darkness apart, showing her the truth hidden by it.

The fog parted, and towering mountains and precipitous ridges showed up. Yan Jingjing was slightly stunned. The incomparably tall mountains were formed by countless white bones, and when they were shined on by the divine light from her eyes, they squirmed and shrieked, trying to hide as though they were afraid of her gaze.

In the meantime, the fog behind the white bone mountain became even thicker. There was a sea of it with a continuous chain of mountains, two of which were like gates, leading to a hidden world.

They were Gates of Hell, leading to Fengdu.

The speed of Fengdu sweeping over was extremely fast, and it soon caught up to Sun Ship. The fog swept pass the surroundings of Sun Ship, and everyone on the ship realized that the law of heaven and earth had changed. The blood and flesh on their bodies disappeared, turning them into skeletons.

The white bones mountains in the fog passed through the people along with the ground and rivers. Even the sun of Sun Ship that was in the sky had also become dim, turning green and hazy.

Yan Jingjing stretched out her hand, and the law of Fengdu did not change her body. She was too powerful and no longer under the control of Fengdu.

She saw that Fengdu World didn't seem to have substance. It was in a different plane from theirs, and she couldn't touch anything from there.

Then, she saw Fengdu, the majestic ghost city. The indomitable hell gods were standing on the city walls and towers as though they were going to face a strong enemy.

Meanwhile, in the center of Fengdu, the cape of a devil god formed by darkness hung down and spread out in all directions. Its owner was even taller and more imposing than Sun Ship. It passed through their bodies, but Yan Jingjing didn't manage to see the person's face. She only saw two fire-red eyes in the darkness of the cape.


Fengdu World flashed past, the fog continuing to surge forward, vanishing into the darkness. The sun gradually regained its brightness, and the people on the ship looked down at their bodies to see that their flesh and blood had returned. They didn't know what had happened.

'The fog of Fengdu World is heading towards God Broken Mountain Range…'

Yan Jingjing raised her head to look at God Broken Mountain Range. It was where Village Chief and the rest had stayed to intercept the gods of High Heavens, and their battle was quite intense now. The mountains of God Broken Mountain Range sometimes grew high and sometimes sank down into the ground. Sword lights and knife lights would slice the sky from time to time, shocking people. All kinds of voices rang out like the bellows of devils and the whispers of gods.

'Brother who herds cows rode divine flood dragon king to borrow Moon Ship, but he said that it is very far away from here and he needs to bring the ship from Moon Well to Star Sea so he wants me to defend his elders for a moment for him. I wonder if he can come back in time— What's that?'

Yan Jingjing hurried with all her might, stunned. From God Broken Mountain Range to Great Ruins, balls of will-o'-the-wisp surged forth. She had no idea from where they had come.

"Pleiades Sun Star Hoops!"

Layers of fire changed into star hoops, and she looked toward the will-o'-the-wisps. Paper boats were actually floating within them from the endless darkness. On the bows of the ghostly boats hung lanterns which shone in the darkness. There were also numerous paper men riding paper horses and sprinting frantically into the fog.

On the paper boats, elders wearing tattered black robes sat under the lanterns, sailing the boats into the fog. Imposing shapes that looked like gods and devils could be faintly seen in the fog, fighting with those elders in the boats.

Ghostly light would shine in the two worlds from time to time, but what was peculiar was that the shockwaves from the two worlds had never reached this world. The shockwaves didn't affect Great Ruins and didn't have any impact on reality.

'Those are… messengers of death from the legends!'

Yan Jingjing was astonished. Youdu's messengers of death started to fight with Fengdu?

What was going on?

She couldn't bother to think much more. Sun Ship continued forward with rumbles, rushing towards God Broken Mountain Range. It got closer and closer to the battle of Fengdu and Youdu.

Meanwhile, the battlefield above was one of Village Chief, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, and the gods of High Heavens. It was also extremely intense, but it was still much inferior when compared to the battle of Fengdu and Youdu.

Everyone in the battle above the mountains was extremely powerful, and they were all equivalent to gods and devils, possessing remarkable abilities. Yet none of them had any idea that another battle was happening right beneath their feet, which was of an even larger scale and much more shocking.

Sun Ship sailed to the bottom of God Broken Mountain Range, but it was yet to get close when Yan Jingjing suddenly felt an ineffable palpitation.

Balls of will-o'-the-wisp floated over from the darkness and paper boats swarmed toward Fengdu World. Within them, all of the messengers of death seemed to look exactly the same. They were cold, silent, and examining them in detail with unseen faces. They were covered by a layer of fog which hid their true appearances. When looking at them, a person would only have a feeling that they had the most ordinary faces.

Countless paper boats shuttled forth like sharp arrows, while behind them Yan Jingjing saw an extremely terrifying sight. It was a pair of flaming bull's horns slowly rising from the darkness.

They were so huge that what formed them were pieces of land from destroyed worlds. Countless souls shrieked miserably and struggled, continuously falling off from the nine-bend bull horns!

"Earth Count!"

Yan Jingjing was extremely nervous. She clearly knew that the battle between the two worlds would be extremely dangerous, but the crucial point had been reached, so she had no choice but to brace herself and push Sun Ship to rush toward God Broken Mountain Range.

"Ba tu… si ba tu—"

Rumblings came from the darkness, and the sound seemed to be locked in the area. The strong practitioners that were fighting fiercely on the mountain didn't hear or detect any abnormalities. They could only see Sun Ship closing in.

Meanwhile, Sun Ship and Fengdu World brushed past each other. Yan Jingjing on the ship heard the cryptic Youdu language, but she didn't understand the meaning of the words.

In Fengdu, the clothes of King Yama who was under the cape of darkness fluttered. It swept around Fengdu Cit,y and the gods of all sizes looked tiny standing under it.

In the sea of fog, the paper men and paper horses were fighting with the gods and devils. The elders stood up and raised their lanterns. The light shone, and the skeletons that came rushing at them fell in waves, turning into black smoke.

King Yama raised his hand, and the whole of Fengdu seemed to stop. Everything seemed to become fixed in place, including time.

King Yama raised his hand, and a divine sword appeared, slashing towards the bull's horn of the other world. Wherever the black sword swept past, space was compressed into substance, causing layers of space to crumble.

Yan Jingjing's scalp crawled, but she couldn't care much more. She used all the power of Sun Ship to rush towards God Broken Mountain Range. Half of Sun Ship's body had already entered Fengdu and Youdu, making it extremely difficult for her to advance. But suddenly, she broke free of the restraint from the two worlds and escaped.

Yan Jingjing let out a sigh of relief and turned back to take a look once more. She then saw that Fengdu and Youdu, the two peculiar worlds, had disappeared. She could no longer see the sight of them fighting.

'Truly weird!'

On God Broken Mountain Range, Village Chief and the rest were fighting with the gods of High Heavens. The imposing gods all had four heads and eight arms or three heads and six arms, their whole bodies seeming to have been forged from gold. All kinds of treasures burst forth with boundless power, crumbling the heaven and rending the earth.

Everyone sank into a fierce battle, which was extremely exhausting for the Old Sword God who was covered in injuries.

Everyone's qi and blood were vigorous and surged into the sky with blood light, dying half of the sky red.


A huge figure came crashing down from the air and landed in front of Sun Ship. It was Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's primordial spirit which had been sent down. Even if he was the saint that was said to appear only once every five hundred years, he was still in a severely disadvantageous situation against absolute power!

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor rose into the sky and his sword light filled the heaven. His sword skill transformed unpredictably as he slashed toward a god with only one eye.

That god opened his eye and boundless divine light burst forth, flooding Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor!

Clank, clank, clank.

The sound of swords hitting each other rang out continuously as Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's sword light swirled and broke through the divine light of the eye, stabbing it and coming out on the other side of the head. However, the next instant, the one-eyed god's fist landed on Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's body. It squashed him and smashed him against a mountain peak, leveling it to the ground.

The head of the one-eyed god split open, and a huge eye tunneled out. Another fist then rose and smashed ruthlessly against Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor!

"So sinister…"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor coughed up blood and raised his head to look at the fist coming for him. The head of the one-eyed god actually twisted around, and he looked at him scornfully.

"However, I'm not bad as well…" Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor smiled. "First chapter of Sword World, Boundary."

That one-eyed god was slightly stunned. The sword light hidden in his head suddenly exploded!

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