Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 424 - Shariputra

The battlefield stretched for several hundred miles and was separated into a few areas; however, all of them were along the line of God Broken Mountain Range.

The five immortals of the demon race, King Kun, Queen Yi, Blind, Old Ma, Butcher, Mute, Deaf, Imperial Preceptor, Village Chief, Granny Si, Old Dao Master, Old Rulai, and Hermit Qing You were all engaged in their own battles. Since they were the strongest of their respective races, it was rare for them to meet a worthy match. However, when compared to the gods of High Heavens, they were still a level lower.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Tuxing Feng were already top-notch practitioners. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had struggled with all he had to kill the one-eyed god, yet he still suffered heavy injuries while Tuxing Feng's battle ended in mutual destruction. This showed the gap between their abilities.

The abilities of the five immortals and Granny Si were slightly inferior, but they had many tricks, so they relied on wandering around and fighting with divine arts. The opponents' abilities were too strong, however, tiring them out.

Yan Jingjing had come at just the right time. When the sun of Sun Ship landed, Yellow Immortal opened up the sack on his back. Yellow smoke which stank spewed out from inside, sickening his opponent until his liver and guts felt like they' been cut to pieces, making him vomit badly.

Yellow Immortal went forward to suck his souls and spirits, but he was pushed down by his opponent.

Elsewhere, Willow Immortal showed her true form of a huge green snake which was like a green dragon coiled around the top of a snowy mountain. Her opponent then also revealed his true form. He was the height of a mountain, covered in white fur, and with a gaze like sparks in the darkness. Willow Immortal vomited blood from the beating she received after, the blood flowing non-stop from her eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.

White Immortal, Rat Immortal, and Fox Immortal suffered from injuries as well. Granny Si was the only one who could still hold on with teleportation flag and Great Overarching Heavenly Star Palm Force, avoiding the attacks from her opponent.

The five immortals would usually choose to work together to fight against one enemy, but due to a lack of manpower, they had to drag two gods back, and it was very exhausting for them. With Granny Si, the pressure was lessened a bit, but it still wasn't enough for them to contend with two gods.

On the other side, Old Dao Master's Dao Sword had already executed to the fourteenth writing. He had only cultivated half a move of the fourteenth writing which he used to contend against his opponents, splitting the mountains and cracking the earth. However, the flaw in his move was soon caught by his opponent. A trail of divine light shot through the layers of sword lights, nailing Old Dao Master to the cliff.

" Dao Sword… is only so-so!" The god's huge palm smashed toward Dao Master who was on the cliff!

Old Rulai executed all twenty heavens in his Rulai's Mahayana Sutra, and his body became like a huge buddha. Ten thousand buddhas surrounded him, and he clashed with his opponent with brute force. However, he also landed in a disadvantageous situation, and his twenty heavens went to ruin.

The three-headed and six-armed god that he was fighting was next to him, trading fist for fist. Soon, Old Rulai was covered in bloody splotches which dyed his white eyebrows red.

He was already old and his qi and blood weren't as vigorous as they had been before. His constitution wasn't as good either.

If it was in the past, with the power of Rulai's Mahayana Sutra, he could have continued fighting without tiring out. His vigorous qi and blood could increase the power of his divine arts by leaps and bounds. But he was less capable now, ending up suppressed by his opponent.

From nearby, Old Ma had wanted to come forth and rescue him several times, but he was always hindered by his opponent, which prevented him from giving aid. His situation was almost the same, since he had also cultivated to the last realm of Rulai's Mahayana Sutra, the Brahma realm. Gods and buddhas surrounded him with twenty layers of precious images.

Old Ma was strength lay in his youth; his body was strong and sturdy, while Old Rulai's qi and blood had withered so he couldn't last for a long time.

"Shariputra, form does not differ from emptiness, emptiness does not differ from form!"

Chantings came from Old Rulai's mouth, and his qi and blood suddenly became vigorous. The power of his moves became more and more terrifying, surpassing those of his opponent.

Old Ma's heart trembled and he shouted, "Master!"

Old Rulai turned back to look at him and smiled. "Buddhism is left to you, pass it down for me!"

"The same is true of feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness!"

The buddha light shone brightly, drowning out Old Rulai and his opponent.

Unlike them, Blind flew around between all the battlefields, using his divine mind eyes to break through the enemies' flaws and land sneak attacks. However, he could only make the gods defend and save the lives of his people, not land any critical hits.

Butcher and his opponent, Star Sovereign Yan, could be said to be crazy. They were fighting with all they had. Once they drew their knives, there was no one else for them. One person - one knife. No matter how heavy their injuries were, no matter how strong the opponent's attacks became, they just wielded their knives to slash forward!

The great furnace on Mute's back overflowed with divine flames, and the silver pellets in the chest flowed out, changing without end, evolving into all kinds of divine weapons. There seemed to be a great furnace with boundless energy in his dantian, and with the two furnaces blazing, he possessed unmatched strength.

Deaf painted with ink, and it dyed the heaven and earth. He painted on the snow mountains and land, allowing his paintings to overlap with reality. They were hidden in the mountains and rivers which overlapped with his paintings, presenting a strange and elegant world. He brought his opponent to travel between reality and his painting yet he didn't fight with him.

He was definitely not his match in a head-on collision.

Right at that moment, his brush painted a hundred miles of mountains and rivers. There was a painting in a painting, a world in a world. It confused his opponent, stealing away their sense of direction and making them unable to find their way out.

Deaf jumped out of the painting into the world, thinking of destroying the mountains and rivers along with the world in the painting. But suddenly, a sword light flew out from the painting and pierced his chest.

Deaf was blown backward and used all his might to execute his brush. With a strong stroke, all the mountains in the area of a hundred miles crumbled one after another, disappearing inwards and exploding with extremely terrifying energy!

"A mere mortal shouldn't possess the power of gods and devils!"

Angry roars came from the explosion of the crumbling world, and a bloodied palm stretched out, grabbing for Deaf who was flying backward.

Queen Yi and King Kun had revealed their true forms and were traveling back and forth through the sea and sky. They were like two indomitable beast gods whose roars were deafening to the ears. Huge beasts and gods waged a battle against each other, splitting the heaven and rending the earth. Dark clouds concealed the moon, but they were split from time to time. Only then would moonlight shine down.

King Kun and Queen Yi were covered in injuries, but their fighting spirits were still overflowing. Queen Yi was in the form of a huge bird, flapping her wings to travel over the sea. Wherever she passed, the sea would be churned up, and whenever she spun rapidly, she would unleash her knife, splitting the air with it and slashing at thee god suppressing King Kun.

Her knife sliced open the sky, but fell down wasn't moonlight. Instead, a sun fell out from the slit she had sliced open.

Queen Yi didn't know what had happened. However, since her knife was already out, it was difficult to pull it back. She could only use all her might to slash at the god suppressing King Kun.

At that moment, the dark clouds split apart again, and another god popped out with a malicious face. His hand rose in Queen Yi's direction, and his five fingers were like mountains as they came for her!

The god hidden in the cloud then noticed the falling sun and was slightly stunned. It puzzled him.

"What's this divine art?"

At that moment, the sun burst forth, and from under it, rays of extremely sharp golden light rained on him!

Not only him, the other gods of High Heavens also suffered from the attack. The golden rays were incomparably sharp and pierced straight through the bodies of all the gods.

Yan Jingjing wasn't violent like Qin Mu. He had raised the sun of Sun Ship to use it to smash the opponent with astonishing destructive power, but it was a method which would easily damage the sun. The main reason why he did it though was because he didn't know how to control it, how to unleash its power, but as the sun guardian, Yan Jingjing had controlled Sun Ship many times in battle in the darkness, so she knew everything about the usage of Sun Ship and the sun, so she could control them freely.

Under her hand, Sun Ship could unleash the greatest power with the most minimal damage to the sun.

At that instant, thousands of miles around God Broken Mountain Range were lighted up. King Kun in the sea used his golden horn to pierce the lower body of a god that was stepping on him, nailing him to the sea surface. That god didn't have the time to avoid and shattered under the sunlight.

The hand that grabbed towards Deaf broke under the shine, and the palm which was about to slap Old Dao Master was also pierced by the rays. Under the sunlight, the face of the god was lit up.

Buddha rays were intense, but even they were driven away by the sunlight, revealing two figures that were standing straight within them. Old Rulai had taken the god down with him.

The rays continued to shine from the sun, lighting up the majestic snowy mountains. The one on which Willow Immortal stood was dyed red. The huge snake that was like a green dragon fell from the mountain while Yellow Immortal's sack was pierced with holes. Its owner who was under the god's leg was crushed into pulp while that god was covered with White Immortal's silver needles, looking like a huge porcupine.

The sunlight continued to shine into the distance, lighting up all the battlefield. Butcher and Star Sovereign Yan's body were lighted up in midair while Hermit Qing You and Flower Sovereign's bodies were stretched out as they fell down.

The rays of the sun shone into an even further distance, and the ninth move of Sword Picture could be seen. Star Sovereign Qiao and another god was being drowned out by it.

Below Sun Ship, the two heads of the three-headed god had just heavily injured Cripple and Apothecary. The two of them were blown high up. At that moment, a heavenly silkworm flew out from Apothecary's body, spitting silk with all its might to wrap Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor up, preventing him from dying from his injuries.


Sun Ship trembled violently, and the three-headed god recalled his two heads before landing on the ship. He rushed toward Yan Jingjing who was in the center of the four pillars. The face of Sun Herd Chief and the rest changed drastically as they tried to stop him. Countless sun herders were blasted into smithereens yet they still couldn't even slow him down.

The appearance of Sun Ship had a huge impact on the battlefield, so if Yan Jingjing was left to continue her attacks, the gods of High Heavens might just suffer an utter defeat.

Yan Jingjing controlled the ancient divine weapon called Sun Ship whose power was fierce, strong enough to threaten everyone. However, because she was controlling it, her movement was limited, and it brought great danger to her. If anyone closed it on her, it was extremely unfavorable for her.

When Sun Ship came out, the three-headed god had been chasing after Cripple and Apothecary who were in the surroundings. He was the closest to Sun Ship, but no one had expected him to just jump to the ship, abandoning his original targets.

Sun Herder Chief raised his Sun Bell and rang it loud, but he still found it difficult to block the opponent's attack. By then, the god had already come near the divine pillars. Two heads from flew out once again and passed by Sun Herder Chief to attack the god's real target. On head spewed out a jet of water while the other blazing fire toward Yan Jingjing.

She vomited blood as she stretched out her hand to defend. The power of the sun was then instantly decreased.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the power of the ninth move of Sword Picture was completely unleashed. The dazzling sword lights lit up the world, overshadowing the rays of the sun. But they dimmed soon.

Where they had originated, Star Sovereign stood straight. He stared coldly at the other side where stood his old foe, the human emperor.

"You're old."

Star Sovereign Qiao looked at him with scorn as a crack spread on the heart of his brows. "If you were during your peak, I would have definitely died from this move. But now, your qi and blood are almost exhausted. This move actually couldn't take my life, it's just…"

His body swayed while blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. He chuckled and said, "You still destroyed my life force, though. But I ain't bad as well, at least I can drag you down with me."

The god fighting by his side against the old sword god suddenly split into pieces, turning into chunks of flesh that fell to the ground.

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