Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 427 - Of a Common Origin

Village Chief followed that man and saw traces of battle in Fengdu City. Some gods and devils could still be seen encircling paper men and paper horses, which bewildered him.

"Fengdu just went through a huge battle. King Yama had personally led us to fight against Youdu," the man said. "This isn't the first time, though. We've fought quite a lot of times in the past. This time it was because of Youdu's invasion. Youdu is always observing the world outside Great Ruins and they felt that Eternal Peace Calamity was about to erupt so they got ready to collect their souls, but they were forced back by us."

Village Chief was dumbstruck. War between Fengdu World and Youdu World?

He had no idea that such a thing had actually happened in Great Ruins which were shrouded in darkness!

There had been a war between two worlds yet Great Ruins was still calm and peaceful. No traces of anything happening could be detected, which was simply inconceivable!

As for 'Eternal Peace Calamity' and 'collecting the souls' that his master had mentioned, it was even more terrifying. He shuddered not from the cold. Just the couple words from his master contained enough information for him to lose himself in deep thought.

If that wasn't enough, he learned that Fengdu had fought with Youdu numerous times in the past, which meant that were numerous other secrets about which people didn't know.

They came to a mansion and the man knocked on the door, smiling at the elder who opened it. "Old fart, I've brought your disciple's disciple to see you! Good disciple, come and greet your grandmaster!"

Village Chief aimed a kick at his butt and balls before saying angrily, "How could you speak like that to my grandmaster? My grandmaster is still your master yet you show no etiquette at all!"

His master grew furious. "He tricked me to take up this role, and can you imagine how much hardship I suffered for it? A family wrenched apart, friends dying one by one, so calling him old fart is already letting him off lightly! Besides, I'm your master, so where's your etiquette? Your temper has grown eh, you need a beating!"

"Stop quarreling!" The elder was also furious. "We are all human emperors, so how can we quarrel every time we meet? I'll bring you to meet my master. That old scumbag will definitely be happy seeing you guys dead as well!"

Village Chief and the tall and sturdy old man were both slightly unhappy. Village Chief said, "Grandmaster, even though he's your master, he's also my great-grandmaster, so isn't it slightly disrespectful to call him old scumbag?"

The elder sneered at him. "That old scumbag tricked me to become the human emperor and made my life hard, taking away all the fun from it. If he wasn't already dead, I wouldn't want anything more than to beat him to death! Let's go, I will bring you guys to meet him!"

Village Chief and the tall and sturdy man looked at each other in dismay. The master dusted off his clothes and asked in a low voice, "Good disciple, have you passed down the position of the human emperor?"

Village Chief nodded.

The tall and sturdy man let out a shaky breath and said, "After your disciple dies, he will definitely find this place to scold and beat you, saying that you have ruined his life."

Village Chief became nervous and shook his head. "Mu'er is a good child and wouldn't do this. Mu'er is the most filial…"

The tall and sturdy man sneered at him. "I thought you would hug me with a face full of tears after you died, yet you ended up giving me a kick! If you are like this, then what could be said about your disciple? Just wait for him to beat you up after he dies! That's right, have you lied to him before?"

Village Chief's face instantly blackened as he muttered, "I lied to him, saying that he's an Overlord Body, and he ended up pretty hardworking."

"What Overlord Body?" The elder turned his head back, looking rather curious.

Village Chief told them the whole story, and the two devils were dumbfounded. They were speechless for a long time and could only raise their thumbs up at Village Chief.

"You are definitely dead!" the two of them said over and over again. "Your lie is the most ruthless; you're definitely going to die! Even though we also lied to our disciples, we didn't lie this horribly. You are good, making him live his whole life in a huge lie. After he dies, he won't just stop at kicking you and calling you an old fart!"

Village Chief's face grew black as charcoal. He consoled himself, "Mu'er won't do that, he won't do that, Mu'er is the most filial…"

"You were also very filial back then. You were the most filial to me, but didn't you kick me down the bridge the moment you saw me?"

"Shut up, old bastard!"

The divine flood dragon king chased after the traces of the injured god, all the way to God Broken Mountain Range. Qin Mu suppressed his feebleness and refined spirit pills to heal the divine flood dragon king's injuries.

Driving Moon Ship had exhausted him greatly. The moon was a treasure forged by God Zi Qing, but it was already extinguished, so it wasn't able to supply the humongous energy that Moon Ship required. To drive it then, Qin Mu had to sacrifice his lifeforce.

When he had fished out a new sun for the sun herders, he had exhausted a huge amount of life force and could only barely recover by soaking in the pond of pure yang. Controlling Moon Ship had also exhausted him greatly. It was a pity that the degree of damage to Moon Ship was much more severe than that to Sun Ship, and the pond of pure yin had also dried up, so he was unable to replenish his life force. He could only rely on himself to slowly recover.

However, since he had to chase after the injured god so he wouldn't be able to reach Eternal Peace, Qin Mu had no time to treat himself.

"This god of High Heavens didn't go by Surging River…"

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes wrinkled and his heart sank.

If the god of High Heavens had taken the path of Surging River, he could use Dragon King to block him. With his battle power added to that of the divine flood dragon king, they should have been able to take him down.

But since he didn't walk by Surging River, even if the divine flood dragon king caught up, it was unknown if he was strong enough to take down that god.

"If I use Secrets of Dragon Control by Dragon Rearing Sovereign to borrow the power of the flood dragons, I might be able to fight."

Qin Mu turned back to have a look at the flood dragons beside the dragon qilin. He was slightly reluctant since a life-and-death battle would mean that the flood dragons would either end up dead or injured. Once that happened, he would be powerless to defend even himself.

God Broken Mountain Range at the border of Great Ruins was three to four thousand miles away from them, but they could already see the fierce battle there. Qin Mu could feel terrifying shockwaves pulsing from time to time, formed by the clashing weapons and divine arts.

He could even faintly see Butcher's knife lights. Mute's great furnace was burning the sky, giving it a scarlet red color.

Without Village Chief powerful existence, Butcher, King Yi, and Mute, how many of them could still survive?

"Village Chief…"

Qin Mu felt a sharp pain in his heart and immediately discarded his distracting thoughts, refocusing on refining spirit pills to heal the divine flood dragon king's injuries.

The sky was white in front of them, then the sun rose in the horizon, its first rays shining on the battlefield.

Qin Mu's heart sank. The god had already stepped into the territory of Eternal Peace Empire.

The meteorological weapons were all over Eternal Peace Empire, and if the god managed to find even one of them, he could cause catastrophic damage. The casualties would be in hundreds of millions!

The divine flood dragon king's injuries got much better, and their speed gradually increased. As he checked on the footprints of the god, the dragon king suddenly said in delight, "Your Majesty, the god's injuries has erupted and his speed is gradually slowing down! We will be able to catch up to him in no time!"

Qin Mu relaxed. "Just be at ease and give chase boldly. His injuries are extremely heavy, otherwise, he would have left without leaving a trace."

The divine flood dragon king felt much better. Even though his abilities were extremely powerful, his guts were inferior to even those of the dragon qilin. He did things with constant fear and nervousness.

As they covered three thousand miles of Eternal Peace Empire, they saw the speed of the god growing slower and slower. They got closer with the sight of the blood left behind in the god's footsteps forcing the grass and flowers in the surroundings to grow crazily. It was evident that his injuries had erupted and he couldn't control the divine blood in his body anymore.

But suddenly, the divine blood vanished along with any other traces.

"He detected that we are chasing him so he hid his trail!"

The divine flood dragon king sniffed the surroundings, but didn't discover any traces of the god. His body suddenly trembled, and he spread out like flood, changing into water flood dragons which flew off in all directions.

Si Yunxiang flew into midair and looked around. She could see a city in front of them, so she said, "Cult Master, it should be Purple Chaste City to the south of us. Would the god have gone there?"

Qin Mu wanted to get up from the back of the dragon, but his legs wobbled and he almost knelt down. He gasped for breath before saying, "Purple Chaste City? Does our sacred cult have any power there?"

"Yes. The border area situated at Purple Chaste City which faces Great Ruins is warm like spring for all four seasons. It is suitable to feed strange beasts, so the hall master of Ten Thousand Beasts Hall is there. It's a huge industry and the mountains in the surroundings are all used for feeding strange beasts. After being raised, they are sold to the imperial court for the military." Si Yunxiang was in the Si family which controlled all the money of Heavenly Saint Cult, so she was rather knowledgeable about it. "Ten Thousand Beasts Hall is a very important source of wealth for our sacred cult."

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and smiled. "Let's go to Purple Chaste City then, and call Ten Thousand Beasts Hall Master to meet me. The god entered our Eternal Peace, which means he entered the territory of our sacred cult. Even if he wants to hide, how can he hide from my eyes and ears?"

Si Yunxiang rode the dragon qilin to rush to Purple Chaste City. Qin Mu, in the meantime, had the dragons search everywhere, so he was slightly slower. Yet he still couldn't find any traces of the god.

After some time, they came to the outskirts of Purple Chaste City, and before Qin Mu could even enter the city, he saw a burly man following Si Yunxiang in a hurry. He bowed in greeting, and Qin Mu waved his hand. "Does Hall Master have any method to find the location of an injured god?"

"Does Cult Master have any of his clothes?" Ten Thousand Beasts Hall Master asked.

"Nope. However, I did get hold of some of his divine blood." Qin Mu took out a small bottle of divine blood and asked, "Can this be used?"

Ten Thousand Beasts Hall Master let out a sigh of relief and whistled. Suddenly, a bunch of big black dogs sprinted over. They had slim waists, necks, and legs, which resulted in their speed being extremely fast.

"These are hybrids between Great Ruins' Heavenly Dog and a native dog; they are the best at tracking."

Ten Thousand Beasts Hall Master received the jade bottle and let the big black dogs take a sniff. They bunch of them leaped up as though they were flying, then rushed away. After a moment, the ground trembled and a few behemoths dug out. They were big rats that looked like porcupines, but they were much bigger than wild boars. Ten Thousand Beasts Hall Master let them take a sniff of the divine blood, and they tunneled back underground to start their search.

Lonely cries of eagles came from the sky and a few huge birds came diving down. Before they even landed on the ground, dust rose into the sky. The next moment, a bunch of golden eagles with the wingspan of several yards landed. Ten Thousand Beasts Hall Master let them sniff the divine blood and they flapped their wings to leave.

"Cult Master, I still have to let the Blood Dragon Eels in the river take a whiff." Ten Thousand Beasts Hall Master said. "They are skilled in tracking in water."

"Hall Master sure is attentive," Qin Mu praised.

They walked into Purple Chaste City and Qin Mu asked, "Were there any abnormal sights in the surroundings recently? For example, stone statues popping out from underground or some treasure?"

"It's right in the city. Over ten days ago, the most famous Fragrance Well suddenly stopped producing water. The land trembled, and a huge gourd came from inside. It's fifteen yards tall and is plated with gold. There are many runes on it, but I didn't understand them at all," Ten Thousand Beasts Hall Master explained. "The magistrate ordered to lock the area around Fragrance Well, forbidding anyone from getting close. He said it was the emperor's order."

Qin Mu's heart picked up in speed, and he said, "Let's go over!"

As they walked quickly to Fragrance Well, Ten Thousand Beasts Hall Master smiled and asked, "In front is Fragrance Well… Eh?"

The golden eagles circled in the sky above them while big black dogs sprinted through the land, heading straight for Fragrance Well. Trembles even came from underground, big rats popping out from time to time to look around.

Qin Mu's heart instantly jumped into his throat—the god of High Heavens was right in the city and was near Fragrance Well!

"Have everyone leave Purple Chaste City immediately!"

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