Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 434 - Impressive Sight of Heaven and Earth

In front of them, the sky and the land seemed to be connected together. The already strange sight was made even more shocking by a huge hole blown between them.

It was difficult to describe it since the sky was empty before, so how could a hole be blown through it?

The land was incomparably thick. It couldn't be penetrated even if a huge hole had been drilled through it, which presented another kind of inconceivable and impressive sight.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had to have used Earthquake Cauldron at the crucial moment, borrowing the divine art of the meteorological weapon to pierce through the land and the sky of this world and another world, creating the magnificent sight of the two coming together!

Furthermore, the power of Earthquake Cauldron was extremely great, to the extent that the wound between two worlds still hadn't recovered. The barriers of the two worlds couldn't heal themselves!

In front of the huge hole, Great Ruins and Eternal Peace were at night while behind the hole, there was a sun rising, shining on a black and tall devil castle.

The sky of the other world was situated under the horizon of God Broken Mountain Range while the land was in the sky above God Broken Mountain Range. From Qin Mu's angle, he could see the land of that world, and there were all kinds of sharp buildings which looked like long knives, long swords, and spears. Those buildings were ten thousand feet tall and were built with great denseness.

It was a completely different style of construction compared to that in Eternal Peace. Grand and sinister devil castles were situated up and down huge mountains extending without end into the distance. Some of them were even floating in the sky. Sunlight shone on them, casting shadows on God Broken Mountain Range.

The trees and mountains of that world had abnormal shapes. They were twisted and terrifying.

Sunlight from the other world shone over from the ground and hit the bodies of Qin Mu and the rest. Standing in front of the incomparably huge circular hole, they were miniature like ants.

The sunlight from the other world lengthened their shadows, but compared to the hole, the shadows were incomparably fine.

Under their feet was the sun and the land was above their heads. It was like they were standing in front of a mirror which reflected things upside down.

On top of that, the hole was still trembling gently, making the rocks in the surroundings of God Broken Mountain Range rise in the air from the continuous shakes.

The bodies of Qin Mu and the rest turned numb from the tremors, and their primordial spirits grew unstable.

One could only imagine what terrifying energy had been unleashed when Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had used Earthquake Cauldron!

"The earthquakes here are coming from the hole. It isn't Imperial Preceptor who's still using Earthquake Cauldron."

Qin Mu's heart sank. After going into God Broken Mountain Range, he sensed tremors from time to time and thought that Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was still using Earthquake Cauldron. Never did he expect them to be coming from the hole that connected two worlds.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor wasn't there, and his life and death were unknown.

Qin Mu raised his head and looked at the land floating in the sky. A powerful devil god stood there, sending out his primordial spirit as his corporeal body petrified.

There were numerous strangely-shaped devils that were like hard working ants surrounding the devil god's petrified body to construct a large sacrificial altar. Tens of thousands of slaves were led up them to be executed, creating the blood sacrifice to send the devil god's stone statue over.

A wizard wearing white bones and feathers on his head was casting a spell on the large sacrificial altar. The sight of blood flowing around it was captured in the eyes of Qin Mu and the rest. It was a kind of cruel beauty.

The sight was shocking, cruel, and terrifying.

That world was still in a barbaric and bloody era. Their divine arts were very primitive and reeked of blood.

"Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor can be said to have brought huge trouble!"

Qin Mu's scalp crawled. Earthquake Cauldron had opened a passageway to another world, and there seemed to be numerous devil gods in that world. When they saw the world of Eternal Peace Empire, they were naturally happy at seeing a new prey. Desire to conquer rose in their hearts, and they didn't hesitate to even petrify their bodies to send themselves to Eternal Peace!

However, what was weird was that after the stone statues of the devil gods passed through, they didn't try to execute an even larger sacrifice to open up the hole created by Earthquake Cauldron. Instead, they were searching around for something.

"Besides, it's such a huge hole, so why can't we see any devils coming through it?" Qin Mu was puzzled.

The divine flood dragon king seemed to have discovered something, for he said, "Your Majesty, the army of the devils is on the sacrificial altar over there!"

Qin Mu looked in the direction, and his heart filled with fear.

The slaves of the devil world were constructing a large sacrificial altar that was numerous times larger than the one he'd seen earlier. Its body was like a huge mountain shaved flat, and tens of thousands of devil wizards were floating around, using the blood of the slaves to paint various runes.

Meanwhile, at the border of the sacrificial altar, the devil army was walking with grandeur toward the center. They had to be preparing to use the opportunity presented to them to send their army into Eternal Peace!

"Could it be that they can't cross this hole and have to rely on the power of blood sacrifice for their warriors to pass?"

Qin Mu stared blankly. He stretched his hand out to try to cross into the other world, but he met an invisible barrier. There was clearly another world in front of him, but he couldn't enter it.

The divine flood dragon king and the dragon qilin also tried it. The stronger they were, the stronger the resistance. They couldn't enter another's time and space.

Suddenly, they heard a loud sound as though a heavy object had landed on the ground. It startled Qin Mu and the rest back to their senses.

A devil god's stone statue had been sent over from the world on the other side. The three hundred yards tall stone statue stood quietly to their right, about three hundred yards away.

On its surface, runes formed by fresh blood moved continuously and changed shape, gradually sinking into the stone.

The statue suddenly twitched and slowly moved its body. It was evident that the wizards in the other world had used the slaves as blood sacrifices to give it the ability to move by itself.

It's just that the devil gods still couldn't transfer their massive energy over, so the stone statues couldn't change back to their corporeal bodies.

"Quickly, go!"

The divine flood dragon king immediately sprinted into the distance, circling the huge hole

Qin Mu stood on its back and looked behind them. He saw the stone statue bend down and crawl toward the earth. Its arms pushed into the earth like drills, and soon the whole stone statue went head first into the earth. In no time, there was no longer any sign of it having ever been there.

'This stone statue seems to be searching for something too! What is it exactly? Imperial Preceptor, Grandpa Blind, are they still all alive? If they are alive, where are they hiding?'

Qin Mu executed Nine Heavens Divine Eyes and carefully searched for traces of Imperial Preceptor and the rest. As they continued to head north, he saw more signs of battle. There were marks left behind by Butcher and Blind as they fought the gods of High Heavens.

"Divine flood dragon king, be careful!"

Qin Mu saw a black line that was staying still in the air, and the divine flood dragon king stopped. He was slightly stunned as he also saw something wrong.

He went around the black line. When his line of sight shifted, he saw the black line become wider. It was a knife light that had paused in the air. It had sliced apart space, but then got stuck. However, the power of the divine art in the knife didn't fade away, so the space couldn't heal!

"What a terrifying knife skill!"

The divine flood dragon king couldn't help shivering. Such a knife skill could be known as a divine knife. When it reached the realm of Dao, it was invulnerable and extremely terrifying.

"Grandpa Butcher is Heaven Knife, and this is Pig Slaughtering Knife Skills!"

Qin Mu couldn't help exclaiming in astonishment. He had also learned Pig Slaughtering Knife Skills before, but he could never match Butcher's level.

Butcher's knife was too wild. Even if other people learned his skills, it would be difficult for them to unleash their power. Only by becoming as crazy as Butcher could they unleash the power of his knife skills.

Next, the group saw a sea of scorching flames smelting the mountains. Even the darkness found it difficult to consume that sea of flames.

'Grandpa Mute's furnace has been shattered!'

Qin Mu was astonished. The reason for the sea of flames was Mute's furnace. Once it shattered, the flames inside spilled out in all directions.

'Could Grandpa Mute have died?'

They crossed the sea of flames and Qin Mu suddenly saw Old Rulai.

He was sitting in a lotus position, with twenty heavens surrounding him. Gods and buddhas of all sizes sat in his surroundings.

Beside them was a god of High Heavens, and the two men were facing each other.

For a moment, Qin Mu was stunned, then sighed. He bowed at Old Rulai and picked him up to bring him to the divine flood dragon king's back. They then continued on their way.

Hu Ling'er turned her head back to ask curiously, "Young master, why is that old monk not moving and even need you to carry him?"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "He has already taken that god down with him."

Hu Ling'er was stunned.

Not long later, Qin Mu saw Old Dao Master. The old Daoist was clutching a sword technique with one hand and holding a sword with another. There was a celestial air to him as he stood with his head raised to look at the god who had pulled half of his body out from the mountain he had possessed. The was a smile on Old Dao Master's face.

Divine lights shot off from Qin Mu's eyes, and he saw that the heart of the god's brows had been pierced by a sword. The wound left behind was very fine and hard to notice.

He looked at Old Dao Master and saw that his body was tattered. There were injuries everywhere, but they were no longer bleeding.

"Is the old Daoist still alive?" Hu Ling'er asked.

Qin Mu shook his head and walked down to bring Old Dao Master up while saying softly, "His blood ran out. His last attack much have changed his primordial spirit into a sword which he stabbed into the heart of that god's brows. His primordial spirit transformed into Dao after the stab and exploded with power, destroying itself as well. Once the power of the move was exhausted, the primordial spirit also dispersed."

People who walk different paths cannot make plans together. Even though Heavenly Devil Cult and Dao Sect's paths were different, Qin Mu was still extremely respectful to this Old Dao Master.

Hu Ling'er became solemn and straightened her clothes. She then bowed respectfully to Old Dao Master. "A high-minded and righteous person in his old age, one with heart full of fierce passion. Salute!"

When the flood dragons saw this, they all stood up on their hind legs and cupped their claws together. "Ma ha!"

They continued to walk forward until they saw a huge snake lying on the ground. It was Willow Immortal.

The group saw less and less of the stone statues from the other world, but the atmosphere became more and more somber. The corners of Qin Mu's eyes wrinkled in fear of seeing the corpses of Cripple, Granny Si, and the rest.

He dragged Willow Immortal on the divine flood dragon king's back as well."Village Chief said that there needed to be a person to collect the corpses. Senior Sister Willow Immortal, I'm here. Follow me home…"

They then saw White Immortal who was covered in silver-colored spikes upon which a ball of thread was tangled. He held a plate with silver needles in his hand.

There was a huge hole in his chest, a hand still sticking out from it. He had to have killed his opponent and not expected him to still manage to take his life before succumbing to death.

The surroundings were completely silent, with only mountain rocks floating in the darkness and fog.

Qin Mu and the rest walked over, and a magnetic force under their feet seemed to vanish. There was a strange force field there, and Qin Mu raised his head to look at the stars.

"Great Overarching Heavenly Stars!"

'Granny…' His heart couldn't help skipping a beat.

Above them was the starry sky formed by Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force, and he saw Granny Si sitting motionlessly in the starry sky. The beautiful woman had her palm stretched out as if she had just used her art.

She looked magnificent.

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