Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 435 - Return Just Like the Swallows

Qin Mu suppressed the unease in his heart and shifted his gaze from Granny Si's body. He then saw Butcher with his knife standing on a heavenly star.

His body was tall and sturdy. The two knives were side by side, but he didn't move as well.

Qin Mu then saw Hermit Qing You. He was wielding a horsetail whisk, which at that moment was placed next to his elbow. He sat in a lotus position, and the thing upon which he was sitting was also a star.

Next, Qin Mu saw Mute standing on a fire star of Great Overarching Heavenly Stars.

Qin Mu's heart shook violently, and he nearly vomited blood. He shifted his gaze with difficulty and saw Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor.

The man sat on Earthquake Cauldron below which was one of the stars of Great Overarching Heavenly Stars.

Qin Mu shifted his gaze from his body and saw Rat Immortal, Fox Immortal, and the other people. Cripple had brought Apothecary, who was still bleeding, to sit on one of the stars as well. Blind had his head lowered while leaning on his bamboo cane. There was also a star under his feet.

Old Ma was like a buddha, Deaf was holding onto a brush, Queen Yi held her wing knife, and King Kun still possessed the horn on his head. They were also within Great Overarching Heavenly Stars that had burst forth from Granny Si's palm. Each and every one of them was standing on a star.

"Where's Sister Jing? Why is she not here?"

Qin Mu hurriedly looked around, trying to find traces of Yan Jingjing.

"Even if it was Sun Ship, it couldn't block the gods of High Heavens, right?"

Suddenly, a beam of bright light swept past them, and Qin Mu saw a sun. It was half black, so only when it turned over were they basked in its bright rays.

Sun Ship was extremely huge, so even if its body was blocked by a mountain peak, the sunlight could still be faintly seen coming from the other side.

Yet Sun Ship showed no movement. Its aura could not be felt.

Qin Mu's heart suddenly sank. Hu Ling'er at that moment said, "Young master, I don't see Yellow Immortal and Tuxing Feng…"

Qin Mu composed himself and continued to look around with the two divine rays shooting out from his eyes. He saw a god standing behind Granny Si with his fingers put together like a sword, pointing at the back of her head.

Yet that god was frozen in place and couldn't move.

Next, Qin Mu saw Flower Sovereign of High Heavens. She was a woman with flowers blooming under her feet, filling the sky as though they had grown from the sky. She stood upside down on one of the flowers as though she was walking on the sky to attack Great Overarching Heavenly Star Force Field.

Yet she also was frozen, not moving at all.

Qin Mu then saw a third god which was in the sky above Sun Ship. He was stretching his claws out as though to attack someone on the ship. Yet he was also frozen in the air.

Qin Mu looked farther back and saw other gods of High Heavens. They were in different poses, like they had been caught in the middle of battle. Not one god was still able to move.

"Are they dead?"

Qin Mu wanted to stabilize his mind, but he kept finding it hard to do so. This sight was simply too peculiar. Everyone was standing motionless as though time had stopped. But if the time had truly stopped, how were Qin Mu and the rest not affected?

"Your Majesty, they should still be alive," the divine flood dragon king suddenly said. "I can still feel their aura. Their breaths are long and drawn out. Only a few of them don't have any breath left. What's weird is that their primordial spirits are not in their bodies. It's as if they had been pulled out from within them…"

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. "Primordial spirits were pulled out of their bodies?"

The divine flood dragon king nodded and said, "There are no primordial spirits in these bodies. I can guess from Granny Si and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's positions that it should be some sort of primordial spirit formation. When their divine arts suddenly burst forth, everyone's primordial spirits were forcefully dragged out of their bodies. If I were to continue with this guess, their injuries had to have been so severe that they could only decide to use primordial spirits to fight."

Qin Mu left out a sigh of relief, and his heart relaxed a little. "They aren't dead, they're just fighting with their primordial spirits… Divine flood dragon king, you are more knowledgeable in this, do you know where their primordial spirits go?"

"The speed of a primordial spirit is very fast; it can travel tens of thousands of miles in a flash, moving through the boundless void. So their primordial spirits shouldn't be here. Their destination is not something I could know."

Qin Mu was stumped for words. The next moment though, he asked in an astringent voice, "Which of them have no more breath left?"

The divine flood dragon king pointed at Apothecary, then Cripple, Deaf, King Kun, and Rat Immortal.

Qin Mu's heart became heavier and heavier.

"There are also some gods of High Heavens who have no more breath left. Their primordial spirits must have lost the battle…" the divine flood dragon king said in a low voice.

Qin Mu's face darkened, and he rose to reach Sun Ship. He saw that everyone on it was frozen. From that, it was obvious that when Granny Si and the rest have executed the primordial spirit formation, the primordial spirits of everyone in the surroundings were brought away, no matter if the were mortals or gods!

"Young master…" Hu Ling'er saw Qin Mu's face, and her heart grew uneasy. "Young master, they…"

"They won't die." Qin Mu closed his eyes before opening them up again with determination. "Divine flood dragon king, come and lend me your power! I want to use the magic power of god to execute Soul Guide! As long as their souls aren't extinguished, I'll be able to summon them back!"

The divine flood dragon king hesitated for a moment before saying, "Young master, your corporeal body might not be able to handle my magic power. I'm different from these flood dragons—I'm a god and they aren't. You can withstand with your Divine Bridge Divine Treasure the borrowing of their power, but if you borrow my magic power, you will only burst your Divine Bridge Divine Treasure, since the bridge itself is broken…"

"I tell you to lend me so just lend me!" Qin Mu said firmly.

The divine flood dragon king was helpless and could only place the corpses of Old Dao Master, Old Rulai, and the rest down. "Your Majesty, I will transform into a huge dragon which will lie on your backbone to support your corporeal body so it won't be blown into pieces. However, I can't protect the divine treasures. If Your Majesty can't endure it, just give me the word and I will take back my magic power."

"Do it!"

The form of the divine flood dragon king rapidly shrunk and transformed into a three yards long sapphire blue flood dragon which stuck itself to Qin Mu's back. It then gradually faded out, transforming into a sapphire blue marking of a flood dragon on Qin Mu's back. It was like a tattoo.

Qin Mu executed Secrets of Dragon Control and instantly borrowed the magic power of the flood dragons. Explosions could be heard coming from his body as his Seven Stars Divine Treasure, Celestial Being Divine Treasure, Life and Death Divine Treasure, and Divine Bridge Divine Treasures were all awakened!

The magic power of the flood dragons was already extremely dense and filled his divine bridge to the brim. Next, he directed the magic power of the divine flood dragon king, and instantly, his vigorous magic power broke through Divine Bridge Divine Treasure and went straight to Celestial Heavens!

Qin Mu's primordial spirit was struck by all that magic power and crossed over to the other shore, past the divine bridge. He was lifted by the violent magic power toward the celestial palaces.

However, the magic power of the divine flood dragon king wasn't enough to bring him all the way to Celestial Heavens. He was forced to stop at the Southern Heavenly Gates, which was considered just having entered the realm.

'Your Majesty's divine bridge is not broken!'

The divine flood dragon king was ineffably shocked, but at that moment, Qin Mu roused his incomparably vigorous magic power and cryptic devil language came out from his mouth as he executed Soul Guide!

It was the spell of Nine Spectres Sect and no remarkable divine art in Eternal Peace Empire, but it was something which had once caused turmoil in the land.

When Qin Mu had first entered Imperial College to learn techniques and divine arts, he didn't choose any with astonishing power. Instead, he found Soul Guide and Ghost Transferring Gods Dispatching Runes Command as he felt that these two spells were exotic and able to unleash power beyond one's imagination.

Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command was a spell left behind in Eternal Peace Empire by Dutian Devil King who had schemed to use it to seize land for his people's new home.

The origin of Soul Guide should not rest with Nine Spectres Sect either. It was not something they could have founded. This spell seemed to have a connection with Youdu, and Qin Mu even suspected at one point that it was probably from there. It was a spell which belonged to the soul category of Youdu.

It was just that his knowledge of Youdu language was still lacking and he didn't know much about the mysterious Youdu World, so he couldn't develop the spell to its extreme.

Even so, his attainments in Soul Guide had already far surpassed what Nine Spectres Sect had shown back then!

"Gate of Heaven Influence, open!" Qin Mu shouted out, and a terrifying door suddenly opened up behind him.

His magic power was violent, and the Gate of Heaven Influence also became abnormally huge and tall. The two doors of the several hundred yards gate opened up, and Youdu World instantly appeared in the darkness. Devil qi rolled out and invaded the darkness of Great Ruins, giving off an aura that made the hearts of ghost gods pound!

Nine Spectres Sect's divine arts practitioners couldn't cultivate Gate of Heaven Influence. They could only borrow Soul Guide to form gates that connected to Youdu's gate, but Qin Mu could. The Gate of Heaven Influence that he had cultivated was authentic.

After the gate opened up, the power of the spell of Soul Guide instantly burst forth, and runes emanating with faint glow rushed into Youdu. They lit up a path in the darkness which looked like a floating bridge stretching non-stop into the depths!

After a moment, the mountain rocks suddenly overturned as skeletons tunneled out from underground, dancing and gesticulating in joy.

In Eternal Peace Empire and Great Ruins, the land bulged up continuously. All kinds of corpses and skeletons flooded out from the ground. Their mouths opened and closed, but no sounds came out.

Qin Mu frowned. More and more souls were being guided over by him out of Youdu. But even though they belonged to various lifeforms which had died nearby, he didn't manage to call over the souls of Apothecary, Cripple, and the rest!

"They are not in Youdu? No matter who took you guys away, I will find you!" Qin Mu gritted his teeth and gave an angry roar. Gate of Heaven Influence suddenly expanded and the power of Soul Guide increased drastically. "Grandpa Apothecary, bring your soul back here—"

"Fengdu is right in front." In the living realm of the dead, a bird-headed mutant was leading a group of people. He said to Apothecary, Cripple, and Deaf, "Your old friend is waiting for you on the Bridge of Helplessness."

"Old friend?" Apothecary was at a loss. "Which old friend?"

That bird-headed god smiled. "You will know when you get there."

When they came to the Bridge of Helplessness, Apothecary, Cripple, and the rest were stunned when they saw an able-bodied Village Chief standing at the center of the bridge. "Everyone, we meet again on the Bridge of Helplessness, you guys are still—"

Before he could finish his sentence, black fog churned under the Bridge of Helplessness and a huge whirlpool formed up. From it, an angry roar rang out, "Grandpa Apothecary, bring your soul back here!

Apothecary, Cripple, and the rest on the bridge suddenly felt their world start spinning as they got dragged into the whirlpool by the bizarre power. They fell into the depths without any ability to resist!

An imposing shout of anger came from Fengdu. "Which demon dares to create a ruckus in my Fengdu?"

King Yama's body gradually rose, and he looked down into the whirlpool in the depths of which he saw Qin Mu's face

King Yama was slightly stunned.

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