Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 437 - Huge Knife

Giant stone statues came close to the which had come out from the ground and all of them began to dig frantically. Their arms were throwing earth upwards like whirlwinds, and huge rocks were unearthed by them.

Qin Mu and the rest on Sun Ship were astonished. The devil god stone statues dug the ground at an extremely fast speed, even if they didn't look too good. Soon, they dug out a huge pit and gradually sunk into the ground. But there were still mountain rocks that were thrown out of the pit continuously.

"These guys dig faster than dogs!" Cripple muttered.

King Kun looked at Rat Immortal and asked, "Talking about digging holes, other than Tuxing Feng, Rat Immortal is the next person in terms of ability."

Rat Immortal stood up and said, "Let me see what they are trying to do." After he said that, he shook his body and transformed into a huge gray rat. He leaped forward as though he was flying and ran down Sun Ship. In a few breaths' time, he reached the ground and tunneled into it, vanishing without a trace.

"Rat Immortal is skilled in finding treasures and is called Treasure Uncle Rat. He can travel underground without any obstruction, so he will definitely find something," King Kun explained

Qin Mu raised his head and looked at luxurious flowers filling the sky above their heads. They bloomed as they shrouded Sun Ship. Meanwhile, Flower Sovereign stood in the center of one flower as if she had grown out from it.

"We need to dispose of the gods of High Heavens!"

Qin Mu looked at Apothecary and the rest. "Do you have any ideas?"

Apothecary smiled. "We didn't have any ideas before, but now we have."

King Kun pulled out his golden horn and said, "Let me do it." After he said that, he rose from the pond and paid his respects to the golden horn.

It was his sacred artifact which had been refined into a golden spear. After he paid his respects, the golden horn flew out with a whoosh, and piercing sounds could be heard as a golden line rushed through the air. It was the trace left behind by the artifact.

The golden line pierced through the heart of Flower Sovereign's brows and came out from the back of her head. It then rushed toward another god and pierced him the same way.

The golden horn changed its direction once more at an extremely fast speed. After a moment, all the gods, including Star Sovereign Yan, had been visited by it.

A melodious whistling could be heard, and the golden horn landed back in King Kun's hands.

The golden line in the sky gradually dimmed and slowly vanished.

Qin Mu's heart trembled slightly as he looked at the golden horn. There was not even a drop of blood on it even if it had killed numerous gods, like Flower Sovereign and Star Sovereign Qiao of the four sovereigns of High Heavens. It was also undamaged.

One had to know that the corporeal bodies of the gods of High Heavens were incomparably strong and even cult legacy treasures couldn't harm them in the slightest. Trying to attack their corporeal bodies by force was like smashing an egg against a rock and expecting it to shatter.

But the sacred artifact of East Sea's Kun people wasn't damage in the slightest. This showed just how powerful was the treasure.

However, even though the sacred artifact was strong, one had to also look at the person using it. When King Kun had fought with the gods of High Heavens earlier, the reason he couldn't win should have been because his abilities were not strong enough.

"King Kun, the three bridges method to fix the divine bridge have already been made public to everyone by me, so why don't you come ashore and learn them?" Qin Mu asked.

Astonished, King Kun said, "So those methods to fix the divine bridge were spread by Human Emperor? I've already obtained the technique. Truth be told, our Kun people often come ashore to do business with Eternal Peace Empire, exchanging what we have for what we have not."

Qin Mu relaxed upon hearing those words. "I see."

Suddenly, a huge rat sprinted onto Sun Ship. Upon nearing them, it transformed into a gray-robed elder. He came to everyone's side and gasped for breath. "There's indeed something underground! I saw empty space with a piece of temporary imperial residence, a god statue that's outrageously large, and a huge knife!"

Apothecary immediately brought him to soak in the pond of pure yang before saying, "Your injuries have yet to heal, talk slowly."

Rat Immortal took in a few more breaths. "There's a passageway underground, and the stone statues have already dug until it. Heading down, there's the earth's core which is a piece of vast land. In the center of that space is a god statue that seems to have popped out from the underground. There are chains everywhere, and they are tethered to various palaces. I've no idea how that god statue had gotten itself into the chains, but they are even thicker than the chains pulling the sun behind Sun Ship!"

Astonished, everyone looked at each other.

The chains that held the sun were made in Founding Emperor Period. Such a divine artifact could no longer be forged.

Yet the chains beneath God Broken Mountain Range were actually even thicker than them. Could it be then they were also remnants of Founding Emperor Period?

"If the chains of Sun Ship are to tie down the sun, could the chains underground be meant to tie down that god statue?" Deaf suddenly said.

Everyone's heart trembled. Why would a god statue need to be chained down?

Rat Immortal shook his head. "No, you guys have guessed it wrong. The chains are connected to the palaces, passing through the underground. While following the digging stone statues, I saw the palaces floating around that god statue. It didn't seem to have been there from there from the start, but like it had just popped out.

"It was also quite similar to the god statues in Eternal Peace Empire. It should have shown up along with them, just that it was slightly unlucky and found itself at the bottom of God Broken Mountain Range. It hit the chains and became unable to push itself to the surface."

"There will definitely be quite a number of treasures in the palace, so let's go steal… Bah! Let's go pick up some treasure!" Cripple suggested with excitement.

"You have just gotten your life back, so stop running around and be careful of losing your life again! Rat Immortal, what else did you see?" Apothecary said with a frown.

"There's a floating bridge in the air, and it's connected to the palaces around the god statue…"

"There's already chains so what's the floating bridge for? What do either of them do?" King Kun asked in bewilderment.

Rat Immortal's face became weird as he wanted to say something yet did not dare. "There was also a huge knife above the god statue's head. The chains were used to chain down that knife… When the god statue tunneled out from the ground, it might have knocked its head on the knife which resulted in it being sliced…"

"What knife?" Apothecary asked in bewilderment.

"Huge knife, a very huge knife." Rat Immortal revealed two long front teeth, and his whiskers twitched. "Heaven Knife's knife is already not small, but in front of that knife, it's pitifully little. That knife stretches from the north to south and is now embedded in the head of a god statue. It's very very long. But when I saw that knife, I noticed something weird…"

He composed himself and said, "Granny Si, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, and the gods of High Heavens seemed to be in that clear knife. Its blade was like a mirror, and their primordial spirits were battling within it without finding anything wrong."

Qin Mu and the rest carefully imagined that sight and couldn't help shivering even without feeling cold. Granny Si and the rest had executed Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Formation to pull out all the primordial spirits of the gods of High Heavens, but they had all landed in the internal space of a knife?

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had planned to die with the gods of High Heavens, but the power of Earthquake Cauldron had been absorbed by a terrifying energy from underground. Could it be the doing of that knife as well?

King Kun looked at him with a blank face. "We had landed in a strange space that was boundless and completely empty, but I would have never thought that it might be inside the blade of a knife… We had battled for so long, but we actually didn't notice anything!" He was in slight disbelief.

Rat Immortal then added, "The stone statues had reached there a step ahead of me, and a few of them seemed to be building a sacrificial altar, a very big one. I've no idea what they are going to use it for."

Qin Mu's heart shook slightly and he asked, "Could Rat Immortal draw the appearance of that sacrificial altar?"

Rat Immortal used his vital qi as a brush to draw in the air. After a moment, a sacrificial altar showed up before him. It was similar to the one Qin Mu had seen in front of the hole to the other world which would be used for the whole devil army to pass through the barriers of the worlds and enter Eternal Peace.

The sacrificial altar Rat Immortal had drawn had similar runes to that sacrificial altar, but there were slight differences.

Qin Mu was slightly stunned and his curiosity was aroused. He asked, "Who has mirrors?"

Cripple smiled and said, "Deaf loves to show off his good looks shamelessly, so others might not have but he surely will."

Deaf snorted and took out a mirror. Qin Mu immediately said, "I need two mirrors, so who else has one?"

"I have one," Apothecary muttered.

Deaf stared at him. "You don't even have a face so why do you need a mirror?"

"Tidy my clothes," Apothecary said with righteousness.

Qin Mu took the two mirrors and placed them on the left side of the sacrificial altar that Rat Immortal had drawn and on the right. He then said, "Rat Immortal, can you push this sacrificial altar into the mirror?"

Rat Immortal's heart shook slightly, but the sacrificial altar formed from vital qi flew into the mirror. Qin Mu looked at it and was enlightened.

"These two sacrificial altars mirror each other! The one those stone statues are constructing mirrors the one in the other world. They should be planning to transfer their devil army directly to the sacrificial altar underground. The sacrificial altar should be a kind of teleportation formation, but it's different from my Heavenly Saint Cult's one. Their teleportation is much more primitive and requires blood sacrifices."

Cripple laughed. "Why are those fellows trying to send over their army? Are they planning to sacrifice it to wake up the god underground?"

Nobody laughed along with him, and Cripple soon couldn't continue laughing either.

If a devil army came over and sacrificed themselves to awaken the god statue with blood sacrifice, who knew what would happen?

"That god statue is most likely not a god, but the ancestor of their devil race. The stone statues had run over to save their ancestor," Deaf said. "After sacrificing the army, the god statue would revive. Hehe, no matter how hard we fought, it will all be for naught! The sons and grandsons of the god statue will end up reviving him!"

Everyone was silent. Village Chief was dead, Old Rulai was dead, Old Dao Master was dead, and even Xuan Shengwu, White Immortal, Yellow Immortal, and the rest were lost. Yet in the end, they still couldn't stop the descent of the true gods and devils.

They could no longer fight. After the true devil awakened, they were all going to die.

Qin Mu continued to examine the two mirrors, then suddenly said, "Anyone else has a mirror? Give me two more."

Apothecary flipped through his herb basket and took out two more mirrors, throwing them to him. Deaf raised his eyebrows and snorted coldly. "Flirty!"

Qin Mu placed a mirror between the two original ones to reflect the light. He then used the fourth one to bounce the light once again. After a number of reflections, the sacrificial altar in the last mirror was a mirror image. Qin Mu thought for a moment and said, "What if the devil army couldn't be transferred? Could the stone statues wake up that god statue underground by themselves?"

"What does Little Human Emperor plan to do?" Apothecary asked curiously.

Qin Mu revealed a bashful smile. "Grandpa Apothecary, don't joke with me… I just plan to forge two more teleportation sacrificial altars to interfere with their teleportation. After it, the devil army might not be able to come here. It's just like these two mirrors. If I adjusted the direction slightly in the middle mirror, the image wouldn't be able to transfer to the last mirror."

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