Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 438 - The Plaguing of Sins

What Qin Mu cultivated was the teleportation divine art of Heavenly Devil Cult, and it was very different from the blood sacrifices used by the devil gods of the other world. Their blood sacrifice was more primitive and ancient while the teleportation divine art of Heavenly Devil Cult was built on space algebra. It required extremely high attainments in algebra in order to achieve it.

The biggest difference in the two kinds of divine arts was that the teleportation divine art of Heavenly Devil Cult knew what it was and the reason why, seeking a solution and reaching it. However, blood sacrifice teleportation knew what it was but did not know the reason why. It did not seek to understand, but to be convenient.

This gave Qin Mu and the rest the possibility to interfere with it.

"Rat Immortal, bring me and Grandpa Deaf underground. I need to see the rune layout on their sacrificial altar, then I will execute teleportation divine art and Grandpa Deaf will paint it. Divine flood dragon king, follow me, I will need your magic power," Qin Mu quickly ordered. "Grandpa Apothecary, you guys shall stay here and guard Granny Si and Imperial Preceptor's corporeal bodies."

The plan was set, and Rat Immortal immediately brought them out of Sun Ship. "Don't move, I'll bring you guys underground." After he said that, he shook and transformed into a huge rat. A lump of demon wind swept Qin Mu, Deaf, and the divine flood dragon king up, pulling them down into the earth.

Qin Mu only felt himself traveling quickly through the ground, and not much later, his body suddenly paused. The space in front of his eyes became incomparably vast. When he looked around, he saw the majestic sight that Rat Immortal had described.

A huge god statue had risen from the ground and got trapped. Wherever the incomparably thick chains converged, there were palaces holding onto them, and below, there were even more chains wrapped around a long knife stretching from the north to the south.

The long knife was incomparably bright and chained down by as if someone was afraid that it would fly away.

Its length was too great though, to the point that Qin Mu couldn't imagine who could control it.

When the unlucky god statue had risen, it had knocked against the blade, and its incomparably sturdy head was sliced at the heart of its brows.

On the raised palm of that god statue, there were over ten tall and sturdy stone statues hurrying to and fro to construct a huge sacrificial altar. Both they and their project were huge, but when compared to the god statue, they seemed extremely small.

Of course, Qin Mu, Deaf, and the rest were even more insignificant.

Qin Mu executed Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill to carefully examine the runes on the sacrificial altar and memorized them. Rat Immortal brought him back and forth through the surroundings to observe it from all sides. After some time, he finally memorized all the runes.

"Rat Immortal, enough," Qin Mu muttered irresolutely. "Let's go to that palace, I will take a break there to calculate."

Rat Immortal brought them to one of the palaces which was connected to a long floating bridge that connected to the cliffs in the distance. It seemed like there had been people living there in the past, looking after the underground space.

Qin Mu stepped on firm ground and looked around. He saw that the door to the vermillion red hall was tightly locked. With his divine eyes, he saw an extremely complicated seal which made it hard to enter.

"Right here then."

Qin Mu took out a taotie sack and rummaged through it. He brought out all kinds of calculation tools like wuji plate, taiji plate, five elements beads, eight trigrams plate, which made for a dazzling lineup. Even if it was the same old eight trigrams plate, there were different structures. All the kinds of solid and broken lines could be shifted, so different structures required different tools of calculation, so he took out an extremely large number of them.

He used vital qi to lift these tools of calculation up and instantly, countless calculation tools split apart in the air and reassembled themselves. The complication of the calculation made Rat Immortal and Deaf dumbfounded, dazzling their eyes.

After a moment, an incomparably complicated tool of calculation that took up a radius of numerous yards appeared in the air. Binary, quaternary, senary, octal, novenary, decimal, hexadecimal. and base64—it had countless strange components moving along with his vital qi as crunching sounds rang out non stop.

All kind of calculus beads appeared in the sky and jumped up and down continuously.

There were also cubes and cube pillars. They were sometimes long and sometimes short as they constantly progressed forward.

"Can you understand it?" Rat Immortal secretly asked Deaf.

Deaf waved his hand. "I can't hear you."

Rat Immortal didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Suddenly, Qin Mu shook his taotie sack, and all the tools of calculation flew back inside, vanishing without a trace.

"The calculation is done! Grandpa Deaf, it's up to you now!"

Qin Mu roused his spirit and executed his vital qi. Suddenly, a set of teleportation divine art formation appeared in the sky, and all kinds of runes lighted up.

Deaf raised his eyes to take a look and painted in the air. The brush moved like a dragon and snake as he quickly laid down the formation. All the rune markings were no different from Qin Mu's teleportation divine art.

What he used was the technique of the painting path, and it was none other than the world in the painting technique Qin Mu had once mentioned to him. In the past, his painting path was from inside out. When he drew wind, wind would appear, and when he drew lightning, lightning would appear. But now, his painting was outside in, having a world hidden inside it.

Qin Mu dispersed his teleportation divine art and executed his vital qi again. Another kind of teleportation formation then appeared in the air.

Deaf painted the second teleportation formation as well. When Rat Immortal looked toward the painting, he couldn't help becoming stumped for words. Deaf had clearly painted on a flat surface, but looking in, he could see the space inside, and there was no difference from the teleportation divine art that Qin Mu had executed!

Because of limitations in cultivation, the area covered by the divine art wasn't huge and the power wasn't strong. Yet even though the painting that Deaf drew didn't look huge, Rat Immortal was shocked when he looked inside it. The space in the painting was extremely vast, covering the area with a radius of a mile!

Qin Mu executed the teleportation divine art again, and Deaf drew the third painting. After he was done, Qin Mu asked him to paste the third painting under his feet.

Deaf was slightly stunned, not understanding the meaning of it. However, he still did it.

A beam shot out from Qin Mu's eyes and went for the space above the huge knife. "Grandpa Deaf, place the first painting there."

Deaf flicked his brush, and the first picture flew out, landing where his gaze had fallen. It then gradually vanished without a trace.

Qin Mu calculated silently for a moment and a beam of light shot out from his eyes again, landing at the abdomen of the god statue. "The second painting shall be placed there."

Deaf gave a huge stroke, and the second painting flew out without the slightest delay. It then also vanished without a trace.

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and smiled. "This way, the devil army will be unable to teleport here with the help of the blood sacrifice sacrificial altar."

Rat Immortal frowned slightly. "It's going to be fine with just this?" Qin Mu nodded, but Rat Immortal still wasn't at ease. "Are you sure? If the devil army gets teleported and sacrifices themselves for this god statue revive, it will be an unstoppable disaster! Are you sure these two kinds of teleportation divine art of yours will be able to disrupt their blood sacrifice sacrificial altar?"

Deaf also wasn't too at ease. He asked with nervousness, "Mu'er, where will these three paintings of yours send the devil army?"

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment before saying, "I can't alter their teleportation, just disrupt it…"

Rat Immortal sighed. "Since it's only disruption, doesn't it mean that that army will still be transferred?"

Qin Mu nodded and explained, "Teleportation involves a shift in space, which requires very precise algebra calculations. I used two kinds of teleportation formations to disrupt the mirror images of the two sacrificial altars. Even though the extent of the disruption won't be big, but to an incomparably precise algebra calculation, even an inch of difference can be a difference of a thousand miles. No mistake can be allowed there. As long as they activate the two sacrificial altars, they will—"

"Human Emperor Qin, this is a no go!" Rat Immortal said resolutely. "This is a huge matter regarding everyone's survival and destruction. We can't rely on just an inch of difference! I need to find Poison King to poison all the devils that are teleporting over! Follow me out of here!"

His demon wind swept the three people and was about to leave the underground space when an imposing energy crossed time and space and bombarded them from the other world!

The space around them warped, and above their heads, the vast stone ceiling warped and distorted, forming a huge whirlpool. Everything in it distorted and gradually turned into a void.


Incomparably bright teleportation light shone over from that whirlpool, lighting up the grand sacrificial altar that was on the god statue's palm.

That light shone from the deep sky of another world, passing through Deaf's first painting and landing on the sacrificial altar!

On that palm, stone statues stood upright. They half knelt in the surroundings of the sacrificial altar, chanting in resounding and profound devil language as if they were speaking some incantation.

At that moment, the second teleportation formation lighted up and the incomparably bright teleportation light had a slight change. It was so small that it was hard to notice.

Suddenly, countless troops of the devils appeared in the teleportation light, and tens of thousands of soldiers hurried over from the other world!

"It's too late…" Rat Immortal felt a chill in his heart.

But just as he thought that, an abnormal change happened. In the teleportation light, the bodies of countless soldiers suddenly warped and broke into pieces in the flowing light. All of those people became corpses!

The teleportation light pillar became blood-red, and countless lifeforms were screaming in agony within it, but all their actions were completely useless!

While Rat Immortal was astonished, Qin Mu said, "Divine flood dragon king, join me!"

Rat Immortal immediately looked at Qin Mu and saw him standing in the center of the third painting. The divine flood dragon king attached himself to Qin Mu's back and transformed into a dragon-shaped tattoo.

Qin Mu's aura rose exponentially and his face slightly dimmed. "Gate of Heaven Influence."

A majestic gate appeared behind him, and the teleportation light pillars warped in his direction. The countless soldiers of the devil race passed through the gate one after another.

Suddenly, a corpse flew out from the gate and landed beside his feet. It was the corpse of a devil that had transferred over. Its limbs were twisted and his head had become part of his chest. It had to be a mishap which happened during the space teleportation. It had reassembled his body and primordial spirit, but due to the error in calculation, they were in disorder!

The corporeal body had died unnaturally while his primordial spirit was left in Youdu!

Bang, bang, bang!

Suddenly, countless corpses poured out from Gate of Heaven Influence, and in an instant, there was a corpse mountain around Qin Mu!

It piled up higher and higher, filling up the hall.

"Everyone, please don't blame me…"

Suddenly, the third painting was activated, and the huge teleportation formation burst forth. Light dazzled the eyes and swept in everything around the palace.

Rat Immortal and Deaf were teleported out, and their bodies appeared in midair. Before they could land on the ground, numerous broken limbs appeared in the sky alongside them, and a corpse rain fell on Great Ruins.

They raised their heads, and on the other side of the teleportation light, Gate of Heaven Influence towered aloft. The eyes of the youth in front of the door were moist as he buried tens of thousands of soldiers from another world.

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