Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 439 - Heart is Hell

This corpse rain lasted for an hour, and nobody could tell how many corpses had fallen. It was truly a horrifying sight!

When the corpse rain stopped, Rat Immortal hurriedly brought Deaf back underground. There, they saw the stone statues standing motionlessly around the sacrificial altar. However, the teleportation light had already extinguished.

They looked toward the palace and saw a sapphire blue flood dragon coiling around the roof of it with his head raised up. His long whiskers fluttered in the wind while Qin Mu stood on his head. He was currently looking at the sacrificial altar on the god statue's palm.

The two of old men hurriedly passed through a long bridge to reach the palace and ascended to the roof. Deaf looked down and was slightly stunned.

Below, even though the stone statues around the sacrificial altar were not moving, they had all raised their heads to look over with their stone eyes.

"Mu'er, what happened?" Deaf asked nervously.

"They are looking at me," Qin Mu said softly. "Do you think they blame me for killing their clansmen?"

Deaf shook his head. "In their hearts, the army was meant for sacrifice, so even if they hadn't died at your hands, they would have been sacrificed, so you don't have to trouble yourself with that. On the contrary, you stopped them from awakening the god statue, and that's a good thing. It saved the people of Eternal Peace Empire."

Qin Mu looked straight at him. "Grandpa Deaf, I have never killed so many people before. Maybe many people had died because of me, but to kill so many of them personally, I'm still a little shaken. When the devil soldiers were teleported, some of them were already dead. There were some that weren't, but after entering Gate of Heaven Influence, they were.

"I counted and there were over ten thousand people. I have never personally killed so many people before… In Gate of Heaven Influence, I saw numerous paper boats floating in the darkness. The messengers of death sat on them to guide the primordial spirits of all the people I had just killed..."

Deaf was stumped for words and didn't know how to console him. After a moment, he said, "When I was still the crown prince of Heavenly Painting Country, I woke up from seclusion to see my country having been wiped out. I walked alone through the palace and saw the streets littered with corpses. Because the resistance was too intense, the invading country, Military Wolf Country, had suffered great losses. To vent his anger, their ruler ordered to massacre the city."

He stared blankly ahead, as if he had yet to walk out from the shadow that event had cast. He stayed silent for a moment before continuing. "I saw father and mother's heads hanging on the palace doors, saw the corpses of the concubines and elderly ladies. Some soldiers even plucked father's head down to lift it up with spears, showing it off everywhere.

"I ran onto the street and saw the soldiers of Military Wolf Country pillaging everywhere, beheading anyone they liked and raping the women. I came to my Crown Prince Manor to find my wife and children dead, my daughter trampled by a war horse…"

He stared with eyes wide open, seeming to have come back to that dark period of time. In the depths of his eyes, the sight of Heavenly Painting Country being destroyed seemed to remain, and it was hell in the mortal world.

"I was drunk on calligraphy and painting, drunk on the painting path, and didn't care about the country affairs. I tore my ears off then. Since I didn't listen to the affairs of the world, what good were those ears?

"I used the corpses of the people as brush and the blood that filled the street as paint. I turned that place into hell. Hehe, the army of Military Wolf Country was dragged into hell, their army of million people was buried there by me… But so what? My homeland will never return, the dead will not revive. And so I went to hide in Great Ruins."

Deaf raised his head and looked at Qin Mu. He lifted a finger and tapped him on his heart. "Mu'er, steel your heart and don't be like me, only becoming ruthless after your home is destroyed. By then, it's too late. This is a battlefield, and there's no right or wrong. On the battlefield, your heart is hell, your heart is Youdu!"

Qin Mu's head suddenly became clear and he bowed. "I've benefited from your advice."

Deaf smiled and said, "This sin that plagues you, let Earth Count take care of those people after they die. Our mission is to send more enemies to see him!"

Qin Mu laughed loudly. "Send them to see Earth Count!"

Rat Immortal looked at the stone statue below and asked, "What happened to the stone statues?"

"I don't know, they suddenly stopped moving."

Qin Mu was also somewhat puzzled. "They're very strong. Because their bodies petrified, they became abnormally hard. Since their sacrifice failed, they will most likely do something again; they won't give up so easily."

Suddenly, the stone statues around the sacrificial altar jumped into the abyss below. Qin Mu hurriedly looked down and saw them tunneling into the ground, disappearing from his sight.


The three of them looked at each other in dismay, then Qin Mu moved his gaze to the knife above the god statue's head. It was incomparably bright and seemed like to have sliced the statue's head off without any effort, almost splitting the god statue apart.

The surface of the divine knife was incomparably smooth, without any veins to be seen. It was brighter and purer than the brightest mirror in the world. The primordial spirit of Granny Si, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, Mute, Butcher, and the rest seemed to be on its flat surface, fighting with the gods of High Heavens, but unable to see the sight outside.

Suddenly, gray fog poured over and filled the entire underground space. The group watched it become denser and denser. Mountains and rivers flooded over in the fog and drowned them out.

Not only that, even the god statue which had popped out from underground and the bright long knife was drowned out as well. Only the chains were faintly discernible.

After a moment, the fog stopped flowing in, and white bone mountains appeared. They were incomparably majestic, and the underground space filled with the white bones crawling all over them. It looked sinister and terrifying.

"The living realm of the dead!"

Qin Mu's heart trembled violently, and he looked into the depths of the fog. At the deepest part of the fog, there was a dock which was the only path into the living realm of the dead!

It and Fengdu had come to the underground of God Broken Mountain Range, overlapping with the strange underground space!

"Who has Fengdu coins?" Qin Mu asked in a hurry.

Rat Immortal and Deaf had never seen this sight before and shook their heads. The divine flood dragon king was a god of High Heavens so he naturally wouldn't have Fengdu coins, either.

At this moment, a tattered ship sailed over through the sea of fog and Qin Mu raised his hand to wave while shouting, "Boatman, can you give us a lift?"

The oar creaked as the boat sailed over from the skeleton mountains. Qin Mu was beyond excited while Rat Immortal and Deaf looked as though they were going to face a great enemy as they stared nervously at the tattered boat.

After a moment, it came to the front of the palace and floated in front of the divine flood dragon king's huge head, looking to be very small. The boatman wore a woven rush raincoat and a bamboo hat which covered his face.

The divine flood dragon king hung his head down and Qin Mu was about to jump into the boat when a white boney palm stretched out from under the woven rush raincoat. A sinister voice came from under the bamboo hat. "Little friend, do you have money?"

Qin Mu shook his head.

"The treasured boat doesn't ferry guests with no money," the boatman said. "I'm just doing a small business. When you have the money, it won't be late for you to enter Fengdu."

Qin Mu was disappointed. Suddenly, he saw that the white boney palm only had four fingers. One of its fingers had been chopped off, and it was most likely a sword wound.

His body trembled violently as he followed the boatman leaving into the distance with his eyes until he vanished into the depths of the sea of fog.

"When did Fengdu change their boatman?" Qin Mu asked in a shout.

A sinister voice came from the sea of fog, but what was weird was it actually held a hint of happiness. "The day I died, it changed the boatman!"

"Have you seen Heavenly Devil Patriarch?"

"Hehe, when you have the money, why don't you come over to take a look…"

Qin Mu stared blankly into the distance. Rat Immortal was beyond bewildered and asked, "Human Emperor Qin, you recognize that ghost?"

Qin Mu nodded. "He seems to be an old friend which only had nine fingers. That missing one had been chopped off by Village Chief."

"You're saying he's Ling Jing?" Rat Immortal instantly came to realization, becoming delighted and surprised. He also shouted loudly, "Senior Brother Ling Jing, do you still remember me?"

No reply came from the sea of fog.

Rat Immortal called out a few more times, but there was no reply. It left him disappointed and frustrated.

Suddenly, the fog moved once more and flowed away to the west where it quickly vanished without a trace. Qin Mu raised his head and saw that the divine blade was still on the head of the god statue. It was still incomparably bright, but there was no Granny Si and the rest within it.

"Granny Si and the rest were snatched away by Fengdu?"

Qin Mu was astonished, but he immediately rushed out of the earth's surface with Rat Immortal and Deaf. Suddenly, the bright light shone into their eyes, stinging them. The sun was rising in the east, and its first rays had shone onto their faces. Behind them, the darkness of Great Ruins was rapidly retreating.

"That's where the corpses of over ten thousands soldiers fell." Deaf pointed to some place in Great Ruins and said to Qin Mu, "You teleported them a hundred miles or so."

Qin Mu activated Fire Heaven's Eyes to look over and saw a mountain of white bones. The ten thousand or so soldiers of the devil race only had their bones left. Both their flesh and blood were gone, having already been swallowed by the monsters of Great Ruins.

The white bone mountain was also shined on by sunlight and looked very strange.

Qin Mu turned around and walked toward Sun Ship. "My heart is hell, who cares about the overflowing sins!"

Deaf smiled and walked after him. Near Sun Ship, the sky full of stars formed by Great Overarching Heavenly Stars was starting to rapidly dim. The woman who had laid it out her eyes and fell from midair.

Qin Mu immediately increased his speed, planning to catch that woman.

Another person fell from the air while crying out in a weak voice, "Aba, aba…"

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment, his arms going left and right. But at that moment, Blind also began falling down head first, so Qin Mu rushed toward him in a hurry.

"Mu'er, are you going to see me and Old Ma fall to our deaths?" Butcher asked loudly.

Qin Mu looked over and saw the two grandpas also falling from the sky. Cold sweat broke out on his forehead; he really didn't know who to catch.

As for Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Queen Yi who was falling down as well, Qin Mu didn't have any plans to catch them.

Hu Ling'er rushed out from Sun Ship and shouted, "Ma ha!"

"Ma ha! Ma ha! Ma ha!"

A bunch of flood dragons rushed out from her side like wind and caught everyone who was falling down.

Qin Mu finally let out a sigh of relief and wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead.


In the distance, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor crashed on the ground, and Qin Mu jumped in shock. He hurriedly looked at the flood dragon who was supposed to catch him and couldn't help becoming stunned. That flood dragon was carrying Earthquake Cauldron and crying out ma ha ma ha while happily running back to Sun Ship with the other flood dragons. It had absolutely no idea that it had caught the wrong thing.

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