Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 440 - Flower Blooming from Void

In Eternal Peace Capital City, Qin Mu was examining the true god stone statue which had tunneled out from underground. Three months had passed since the crisis of High Heavens. During that time, everyone who had been injured had undergone treatment. With Apothecary taking care of them personally, everyone recovered pretty fast.

Hermit Qing You returned to Little Jade Capital, but he would come back from time to time to visit everyone. Rat Immortal and Fox Immortal brought Willow Immortal, Yellow Immortal, and White Immortal's ashes back to Willow Prefecture. King Kun and Queen Yi brought Xuan Shengwu's tortoiseshell to the Black Tortoise people overseas, sending him back to his clan.

Elder of Discipline also brought over young patriarch's ashes, burying them under the sacred tree.

Qin Mu had personally sent Old Dao Master's corpse to Dao Sect while Old Ma welcomed Old Rulai's corporeal body back to Great Thunderclap Monastery, inviting him into Ten Thousand Buddhas Pagoda.

Tuxing Feng was also among the casualties, but he had buried himself and his opponent deep in the magma underground. Hermit Qing You took a trip underground and saw a woman that was almost as tall as Tuxing Feng and who was his widow. She paid her respects at where Tuxing Feng had died in battle and said to Qin Mu, "Earth Travelers will never go back on the promise made back then. When Human Emperor summons us again, there will still be men to come and join you."

After the battle, God Broken Mountain Range had vanished and the darkness had invaded Eternal Peace Empire. Qin Mu went to check on the flag he had stabbed into the ground and saw that the darkness was not spreading. That made him more or less at ease.

As for the huge hole that was blown in God Broken Mountain Range by Earthquake Cauldron, it had still not vanished. The situation in the other world could still be seen.

The devils in that world were busy preparing something once more.

The stone statues moving around the ruins of God Broken Mountain Range would show up from time to time, and there were devils frequently popping out from somewhere.

Imperial Preceptor had ordered the college scholars of all lands to go there for experience. They were to get rid of the scattered devils that popped out, which resulted in many adventurers there every day. The devils from the other world found it very hard to regain their power.

Everything in Eternal Peace Empire returned back to normal, and the commotion caused by the stone statues and abnormal treasures slowly died down. However, the huge and majestic true god statues still stood upright like mountains. They didn't vanish.

The stone statue in front of Qin Mu was one of them. It stood tall and upright, overlooking the capital city in front of it. The stone statue was so tall that even if it couldn't move, it still attracted many foolish people to pay respect to it and offer incense.

Qin Mu raised his head to examine it. His thoughts were like the clouds in the sky, gathering and dispersing.

"You know it, these stone statues will revive and destroy the world sooner or later, " said Xu Shenghua, and Qin Mu turned around. He saw the youth who was about his age carrying his luggage. Jing Yan followed beside him, and she also carried a tiny bag.

Xu Shenghua came to his side and examined the stone statue. "The natural disaster did not come and the fate of humankind will continue. There will still be war. Even if you prevented High Heavens from doing their task, there will still be numerous people dying every day, and they will be used as sacrifices by the god statues. One day, they will accumulate enough power to awaken, destroying this world."

Qin Mu continued to examine the stone statue with a calm expression. "I know, Imperial Preceptor knows, and Village Chief also knew it, but we had no choice but to do that. The longer we drag this out, the stronger Eternal Peace will become. In the past, we didn't have the power to fight back so it was easy for them to crush us, but given enough time, we can grow until the difference between us won't be so vast. Village Chief felt this way, and Imperial Preceptor felt that way too." He looked toward Xu Shenghua and revealed a pure smile. "As long as we live, there's hope, isn't there?"

His smile was very infectious, and Xu Shenghua couldn't help smiling as well.

Jing Yan felt a weird feeling rising in her heart. Xu Shenghua was an abnormally serious person and rarely smiled, yet every time he met Qin Mu, he would be infected by him.

Heavenly Devil Cult Master really possessed abnormal magic.

Xu Shenghua took out a bag of money and smiled. "I've come here to pay back the debt and also to take my leave. This is the money I owe you. As I return it to you, I'm also saying my farewell."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. He took the money bag and said, "Brother Xu earns money pretty fast, eh."

Xu Shenghua smiled. "I had taken a big job. The spirit weapons I forged gained some reputation, so when the emperor summoned all the able craftsmen in the world to restore Mysterious Pearl Crossbows, I had gone as well. At that time, only I was able to restore an old one and forge a new one, after which I offered a blueprint to the army. The emperor then rewarded me with a big sum of money.

"When do you plan to go?" Qin Mu asked.

Xu Shenghua tightened the strap of his luggage and walked away with Jing Yan toward the dock. "I came to Eternal Peace to kill you. After that, I was supposed to return to High Heavens to continue cultivating in silence. However, after meeting you, I felt that journeying through Eternal Peace was a better training for my frame of mind."

Qin Mu followed him. The dock was very far, and the two of them were starting to walk differently. They were contesting in secret again.

"After improving my Dao heart, I have obtained numerous comprehensions I have never thought possible before. However, my training has ended; it's time for me to leave Eternal Peace."

Xu Shenghua raised his head to look at the sky and said, "There are still many unsolved mysteries in my heart waiting for my attention. I need to find the answers to those mysteries."

"The gods of High Heavens have practically all died, so why aren't you returning to High Heavens? Now that there's no leader, you should go back to take charge of the general situation."

"I'm not going back," Xu Shenghua said. "High Heavens is known under such a name, but it's merely a void. The people there can't make their own decisions and can't lead their own lives; they are just the dogs of true gods. As a flower blooming from the void, I need to find my own path. Brother Qin, my training in Eternal Peace has ended, and I want to go to Great Ruins to find the answers to the secrets that still elude me. What about your training?"

Qin Mu was stunned, but he suddenly smiled. "My training has just begun."

They walked more and more weirdly, and stumbled all the way to the dock. When they reached it, the two of them smacked their palms out and the waves in the river suddenly overflowed into the sky. Wind rose and clouds surged as lightning criss-crossed in the surroundings!

Qin Mu laughed loudly and grabbed the other's palm tightly. Their shoulders collided.

The two of them let go, and Xu Shenghua brought Jing Yan aboard the ship. He turned his head back and smiled. "I've lost to you the previous time, and it's going to stay with me all the time. When I return, let's see who is the alpha and beta Overlord Bodies!"

Qin Mu smiled. "You are definitely the beta and I'm the alpha!"

Xu Shenghua laughed loudly and waved his hand before leading Jing Yan into the hold of the ship.

Qin Mu raised his head as the flying ship gradually rose, bringing them far away and vanishing into the clouds.

The radiant sun was dazzling and Qin Mu looked away, his gaze returning to the stone statue that overlooked the capital. There were numerous foolish people offering incense and prayers to it, hoping that it would bless them.

No one knew the deeds of the benevolent; they were nameless. Village Chief, Tuxing Feng, and the rest had died to save these people yet no one knew and no one offered them incense and prayers. On the other hand, the stone statues which had come to destroy the world were surrounded by incenses. How ironic.

'Xu Shenghua was right, the people of Eternal Peace Empire will be born, will grow old, will get sick, and will die. They will all become sacrifices to the stone statues and allow the true gods to accumulate power until they can revive themselves.'

Qin Mu walked toward the capital. The fierce fight over God Broken Mountain Range and the lives of numerous strong practitioners were merely just to drag out the time. Sooner or later, the stone statues would awaken from the sacrifices of the foolish people and use their power to wipe out the whole mortal realm!

'What I need to do is to make Imperial Preceptor's reform become even more spread. The fire has to burn even more fiercely in the hot oil. We shall await the day these stone statues awaken!"

It was time for Imperial College to choose imperial scholars again. The selection was very great in scale. Tens of thousand scholars from the whole world had hurried to the capital. The emperor and Imperial Preceptor had personally come to Imperial College. There was also Daoist Lin Xuan of Dao Sect, Rulai Ma of Great Thunderclap Monastery, Hermit Qing You of Little Jade Capital, and Qin Mu as Heavenly Devil Cult Master as well.

Emperor Yanfeng saw that there were too many scholars flooding into Imperial College and suggested to open other academies to split the responsibility of Imperial College. He founded River Tomb Academy, Surging River Academy, Li River Academy, and Heavenly Saint Academy. The scholars from all lands could take examinations for the four big academies.

They choose their people to learn paths, skills, and divine arts, and those who succeeded in their studies would later be able to enter the imperial court or become officials.

Heavenly Devil Cult had taken the name Heavenly Saint Academy, and as the cult master, Qin Mu became the first grand chancellor, which promoted him to the fourth rank.

For such a matter, Qin Mu worked hard for a time to set Heavenly Saint Academy at the manor where Granny Si lived. Only when it was scorching summertime was Heavenly Saint Academy prepared. All kinds of educational establishments were built and talents from all over the land attracted. The disciples of Heavenly Devil Cult's School Hall became the first batch of Heavenly Saint Scholars.

Qin Mu also invited Xiong Xiyu and Yu Zhaoqing to come and teach. He also asked Dao Master Lin Xuan, Rulai Ma, Hermit Qing You, and Fox Immortal to come to hold lectures from time to time, which made Heavenly Saint Academy truly extraordinary,

On that day, Imperial Preceptor came to visit and asked, "Grand Chancellor's Heavenly Saint Academy is pretty bustling and energetic."

Qin Mu smiled. "Heavenly King doesn't visit me without a cause, so what are you here for this time?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor paused for a moment before saying, "I'm preparing to wipe out High Heavens, but I need to scout the roads of West Earth first. I need a person who is familiar with West Earth."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned, but he soon called Xiong Xiyu.

"Does Palace Master want to reclaim True Heaven Palace of West Earth?" Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor went straight to the point.

Xiong Xiyu was surprised and delighted. "True Heaven Palace has been seized by traitors so does Imperial Preceptor have confidence in assisting me in snatching it back?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor nodded and said, "I want to take a trip to High Heavens to prevent future troubles. High Heavens is in West Earth so I can help you reclaim True Heaven Palace on the way."

Qin Mu's heart moved slightly as he looked towards Xiong Xiyu. She gritted her teeth and said, "After Eternal Peace razes the snow plains and the prairie, he will launch his army on West Earth sooner or later. For there to be fewer wars, I'm willing to submit to Eternal Peace!"

"In that case, Palace Master can go prepare, we will set off in the next few days. Does Cult Master want to go? We'll be going to West Earth not for war, but to scout the way, and Cult Master can help."

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment as Xiong Xiyu looked at him pleadingly. He then smiled and said, "It's good to go to West Earth as well. I have a promise with Poisoner Mu Yingxue, who had asked me to find her. However, before that, I need to summon some souls in Great Ruins."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was slightly stunned, then nodded. "In that case, Palace Master and I will set off first. If you meet that person, thank him for me and do pay half of the respect owed a master."

Qin Mu nodded.

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