Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 442 - Roaming Dragons in the Desert

That youth's reaction was extremely fast. He moved back the instant Qin Mu executed his swords, falling back into the goatskin tent.

It was cut to pieces when countless sword lights shot out into it from all directions. Suddenly, they paused and tunneled into the ground like a long dragon, for the youth had escaped into the ground after falling back into the tent.


About a mile away in the flaming desert, eight thousand flying swords flew out of the underground cave, chasing after the figure of the youth.

He leaped into midair and opened up his arms. Two golden wings spread out on his back and flapped frantically, causing countless yellow golden feather swords to face Qin Mu's sword lights. With the continuous collisions and sparks in midair, flying swords flew in all directions.

Qin Mu's hand grabbed forward, and the randomly flying swords suddenly paused in midair. They converged towards the center and clanked as they collided, transforming into a three yards metal ball that was whirling non-stop.

It was none other than Qin Mu's sword pellet!

It was huge and whirled non-stop in midair. The feel of metal was abundant.

A fire tornado swept over and swept up the youth, swallowing him whole. Yet the next moment, he appeared above that tornado and stood there while laughing. "Cult Master Qin! Human Emperor Qin! You really can't stop haunting me! Do you think I'll be afraid of your body covered whole by a tattoo? Receive one of my bow—"

That youth was none other than Pangong Tso, and he stood atop the tornado, paying his respects by bowing towards Qin Mu.

When he bowed, a sinister sacrificial altar appeared behind him and a devil god showed up on it, ready to bow and pay his respects as well!

Qin Mu's five fingers spread open and he pressed down with them. The ground under the fire tornado instantly warped, the sand and rocks swirling and swallowing everything above them into the ground.

Pangong Tso's footing became unstable and his bow became misshapen. When he raised his head, he saw that the sword pellet had separated at some point and the eight thousand swords were spinning crazily. They were like a huge mouth that was covered with sword tips that came with an open mouth toward him.

It was Spiral Sword Form.

"Stabilizing Mountains and Rivers with a Finger!"

Four continuous explosions rang out within Pangong Tso's body as his divine treasures opened and his magic power rose exponentially. When his left hand pointed toward the ground, a fire lotus bloomed underground, stabilizing it.

His right hand pointed toward the huge mouth that was going to swallow him and flaming lotuses instantly appeared in it as well. Those flaming lotuses collided with the spiraling swords and blocked Qin Mu's move.

Pangong Tso revealed a scornful look. "Cult Master Qin, I'm already on Seven Stars Realm. I'm a realm higher, which might as well be a heaven higher, I can totally overwhelm you! Do you feel my magic power making you despair?"

Suddenly, the fire lotuses shattered and Pangong Tso was astonished. 'His magic power doesn't lose out to mine at all! I'm already on Seven Stars Realm… How could he have polished his magic power to such a level?'

As an existence that had reincarnated over ten times, Pangong Tso might not dare to say he was number one in polishing his magic power on the same realm, but he was certainly one of the best in the world. There were not many people who could surpass the density of his magic power in the same realm. Even when Qin Mu did it, he hadn't surpassed him by much.

He had fought with Qin Mu numerous times in the past. The first time, both of their realms were the same. They were both on Six Directions Realm and their magic power had been nearly the same.

Qin Mu relied on the transformation of paths, skills, and divine arts to lead him along the way, adapting accordingly. This let him take the decisive opportunity which was why Pangong Tso had lost.

However, when they had faced off the second time, he had raised his cultivation realm faster than Qin Mu, and his magic power had also surpassed him by much. Qin Mu had then relied on his sickeningly huge sword pellet and eight thousand swords to be a match for him.

Yet now, he was already a divine arts practitioner of Seven Stars Realm while Qin Mu was still on Six Directions Realm. By right, Qin Mu should have been overwhelmed by his magic power, unable to even come close to breaking his divine art!

Even though it was just their first face-off right then, Qin Mu's flying swords had still destroyed Pangong Tso's divine art. He might have relied on the sharpness of his flying swords, but it also meant that Qin Mu's magic power wasn't much inferior to his.

When Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had attacked Rolan's Golden Palace, Pangong Tso had known that it was finished when Khan Ruandi surrendered. That was why had hadn't waited for Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor to attack and escaped, leaving behind all the great shamans, shaman kings, and even the Grand Shaman who didn't know he had escaped under the cover of the night.

Rolan's Golden Palace was wiped out and Grand Shaman was also slain by Imperial Preceptor. Pangong Tso pondered about the painful experience and knew that he could no longer stay in the prairie. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor would definitely order his subordinates to search everywhere for his trail, so he decided to hide in the flaming desert.

He was a reincarnated person so his cultivation advanced at a crazy speed. He had an advantage that no other divine arts practitioner could rival, and by hiding in the oasis, he could capture the people of West Earth at night and bring them over for cultivation. Like that, in just half a year, he broke through into Seven Stars Realm.

He planned to recover the cultivation of his previous lives and fight his way back to Eternal Peace to take revenge. When that time came, who would be able to block his bow?

Yet meeting Qin Mu made him somewhat flustered. He had raised his cultivation to Seven Stars Realm and should have overwhelmed him, but the other's abilities seemed to have advanced by leaps and bounds as well. He actually didn't manage to gain any advantage!

"Pangong Tso, you have already fallen behind times!"

Qin Mu suddenly rushed out of the oasis into the flaming desert and his body moved horizontally as he crossed a mile. It looked like he was controlling the wind. The muscles on his body moved like flood dragons coiling and his corporeal body was incomparably powerful.

"You've been hiding here so you might not know. After your Rolan's Golden Palace was wiped out, the paths, skills, and divine arts have advanced rapidly. We can already cultivate the primordial spirit on the Six Directions Realm so aside from a divine treasure in Seven Stars Realm, there's literally no difference. In terms of cultivation realm, you aren't any higher than me!"

Pangong Tso's body, which was like a golden buddha, collided with Qin Mu. Dragon roars and buddha voices rang out endlessly, and Pangong Tso's face instantly turned snow-white. His arm cracked and broke as he flew backward.

"You, this isn't Nine Dragons Monarch Technique!" he shouted fiercely.

Nine Dragon Monarch Technique had extremely high attainments of the corporeal body and was the ultimate art of Emperor Yanfeng. Even though Pangong Tso had not received it, he had exchanged blows with Qin Mu who used Nine Dragons Monarch Technique.

Even though it had been powerful then, there was still quite a number of divine techniques that could rival it, so Pangong Tso wasn't the slightest bit afraid of it.

However, he suffered a huge loss at that 'Nine Dragons Monarch Technique' right then. The moves Qin Mu had executed were extremely overbearing. The strength of his corporeal body was incomparably powerful as though he was a human-shaped true dragon. When its strength burst forth, his muscles, tendons, and bones were like brute dragons exerting their strength all at once!

Facing such brute strength, Pangong Tso's golden buddha body crumbled and his arm broke. A bone shard stuck out of his elbow.

"Sword explosion!"

Qin Mu pressed his palm downwards. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. Countless flying swords fell from midair like rain, and sword lights fell forward like a tidal wave raised by an explosion, drowning out Pangong Tso.

He endured the sharp pain, and his body sank downwards, escaping into the desert before the sword light could touch him.

Eight thousand swords landed, and the desert nearly boiled. Between the particles of sand, fine sword lights were shuttling to and fro!

Qin Mu landed on the ground and his clothes fluttered. He raised a huge wind to forcefully suppress the flames of the desert. The tip of his foot tapped on the ground, then he raised again. Everywhere he passed, the flames would automatically split to two sides.

Several miles away, the desert was boiling. Countless sword lights rushed into the sky, and Qin Mu let out a roar while his vital qi went berserk, rushing forward while staying close to the red colored sand and rocks. Instantly, there were trails of red sand dragons in the desert.

Dozens of them were shuttling to and fro in the red sand, popping in and out. In no time, they came to where the sword light was overflowing into the sky. The power of his divine art suddenly exploded, resulting in a powerful dragon roar which reverberated through the air and sand being blasted into the air!

In the sandstorm, flying swords were flashing while Pangong Tso's figure could be faintly discerned as well. He stood on a huge cauldron which was trembling. Its soundwaves materialized and flicked the flying swords away.

The huge cauldron suddenly escaped into the ground and left through the sand.

Qin Mu quickly gave chase and shouted, "Qingqing, go fetch some water and hurry over with Fatty Dragon!"

Bewildered, Xiong Qi'er said to the dragon qilin, "Big brother is muddle-headed. He called me Qingqing."

The dragon qilin shook his head. "You don't know the ability of that Pangong Tso. If he knows your name, he can kill you by paying his respects to you from a thousand mile away, so Cult Master didn't call out your real name.

"It should be because Cult Master doesn't have absolute confidence in killing him, so he asked us to fetch some water and follow after him. Cult Master is an abandoned person so he can't stay long in the flaming desert. There's also no water vapor in the flaming desert so he can't use water attribute divine arts as well. Let's quickly fetch some water and hurry after him!"

Xiong Qi'er understood his words and was about to fetch the water from the lake when she cried out in astonishment.

The dragon qilin immediately went over and saw that there were white bones all over the lake's bottom. It was hard to count how many corpses had been thrown inside it!

Pangong Tso relied on the spirit and soul of other people to cultivate. For that, he had killed countless experts of West Earth and thrown their corpses in the lake.

"Do we still fetch water?" Xiong Qi'er's face was pale white.

The dragon qilin bit his tongue and spat a small mouthful of blood into the lake. Its surface instantly churned. Countless soul bugs splashed around the lake, fighting over the blood.

The dragon qilin immediately bit onto Xiong Qi'er's collar to lift her up and retreated, preventing any water from touching either of them both.

"This lake has been poisoned and can't be drunk." The dragon qilin placed the little girl down a bit farther away and said, "Climb to the tip of my tail, sit down properly, and lean back."

He lowered his tail, and Xiong Qi'er immediately climbed on. She sat down properly, not forgetting to lean back.

The dragon qilin raised his tail and Xiong Qi'er slid down from the tip to his back. The little girl squealed in delight. "One more time!"

"We can't play anymore. Grab tight onto the mane around my neck. I'm going to chase after Cult Master," the dragon qilin instructed.

Xiong Qi'er climbed over to his long long mane, and her tiny hands grabbed tightly onto two tufts. Suddenly, a dragon's scale rose on the side and covered her. The dragon qilin did it since he was afraid it would be easy for her to slip off if he ran too fast.

Before, there was Qin Mu protecting Xiong Qi'er so the dragon qilin didn't need to worry, but when Qin Mu wasn't around, he had to care for Xiong Qi'er himself.

The dragon qilin also used magic power to form a barrier around Xiong Qi'er and gave her a warning to be careful before taking the first step to rush after Qin Mu. His speed gradually grew faster as he didn't dare to suddenly increase his speed. He ran faster and faster, soon surpassing the speed of sound. The flaming dunes passed by them like flickering lights and shadows.

"Fatty Dragon, your speed is even faster than last time!" Xiong Qi'er cried out. "Why didn't you run so fast in front of big brother?"

"What does a little girl like you know? If you want a horse to run faster, you need to feed the horse well." The dragon qilin was pleased with himself and smiled. "I purposely run slower so Cult Master will give me better spirit pills in hopes of me getting faster from good food. If I slowly increase my speed, he will know it's the effect of the better spirit pills, in that way he will work harder to improve the spirit pills.

"On top of that, he will still take care of how the pills feel in my mouth. If I suddenly raise my speed drastically, he won't improve the spirit pills and will just feed me the substandard product of Fire Element Divine Vitality Pills. Don't tell Cult Master that though, or he will become lazy."

Xiong Qi'er didn't understand what he was saying, but she still nodded repeatedly.

The dragon qilin ran for a long while, but he still didn't catch up to Qin Mu. On the way, he was aghast when he saw the sight of the exploded dunes. It was evident that Qin Mu and Pangong Tso had clashed nearby.

Not long later, the dragon qilin saw a dune in the distance transforming into a red sand giant which punched the ground ruthlessly.

"That's the technique of my West Earth's True Heaven Palace!" Xiong Qi'er cried out in astonishment. "Is that big brother?"

The dragon qilin shook his head, a little worried. "Cult Master doesn't have magic power that is that dense. Let's take a detour."

He took a roundabout way and couldn't help being stunned when he saw the sand giant.

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