Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 447 - Look like Talented People

Even though the girls had cultivated some spells of West Earth and knew there was a place called True Heaven Palace, they didn't know its exact place.

West Earth was vast, no smaller than Eternal Peace or Great Ruins. Most of the people living in the latter knew about Dao Sect, but most of them also didn't know where it was located.

The people of West Earth were the same.

Qin Mu was slightly regretting killing that female disciple of True Heaven Palace.

In front, a magnificent city appeared in his eyes, and the maidens said that they were there for the fair. The city was called Fragrant Bloom City and was full of fresh flowers blossoming. Green vines crept over the city walls, and huge blooms rested on the wall. The tower was also draped with fresh flowers that bloomed in beautiful purples and brilliant reds. They were very eye-catching.

Upon coming closer, Qin Mu saw that those flowers were spirit-like, since beautiful maidens came out from within them. They gently sang folk songs that he didn't understand after having been awakened by spells of the people in the city. They adorned the scenery of Fragrant Bloom City.

There were scindapsus maidens wearing green dresses, and begonia maidens carrying brilliant red flowers among the tall buildings.

There were also giants formed by rocks knocking on drums and unknown flowers floating in the sky. Their spirits played flutes and pipas as they accompanied the giants.

Qin Mu felt like a country bumpkin. Humongous objects were walking on the streets, and they were houses which had grown feet. Boys and girls stood at the windows, looking around and giggling loud and clear. There were also streamers fluttering in the wind, flying out from one window to another, forming bridges. Girls wearing all kinds of splendid clothes stepped on the streamers to cross the distance and meet their loved ones.

"It's Flowery Mountain Festival!" Xiong Qi'er said excitedly. "My mother brought me to play here before! True Heaven Palace's Flowery Mountain Festival is even more bustling than this!"

Qin Mu parted ways with the maidens on the chest. The dragon qilin carried them down the magnificent street. The flourishing sight of West Earth was unimaginable. It was worlds apart from Eternal Peace, but it also had an unusual appeal.

They walked through the city which was filled with numerous girls throwing fragrance pouches at Qin Mu. There was even a daring one who stepped on a streamer and came over to pull his hand to rendezvous in the building giant.

Qin Mu let go of the girl's hand, and she was like a fairy when she floated back into the building, going off to look for other handsome men.

The disciple of True Heaven Palace he had met in West Earth was extremely fierce, and he didn't have a good impression of the woman of West Earth, but after coming to Fragrant Bloom City, he was attracted by the local conditions and customs.

Flowery Mountain Festival that happened once every year was extraordinary bustling.

Qin Mu passed through the crowd, building giants, and house giants until he finally reached the center of the city. It was much quieter and less lively.

"One of the people living here should be the landlord of Fragrant Bloom City. I should be able to get news of True Heaven Palace from him or other important personas."

At that moment, a green vine grew rapidly and floated to Qin Mu's face. There was a huge flower on the tip of the vine which suddenly bloomed. A girl in pink popped out from the flower and smiled sweetly. "Are you Young Master Qin?"

Qin Mu nodded.

That woman walked out of the flower, but there was a stamen connected to her back. She smiled. "Young Master, my owner has an invitation for you. Please follow me."

"There's someone here who knows me?" Astonished, Qin Mu climbed down from the dragon qilin's back. "Lady, please lead the way."

The woman also landed on the ground and led them to a huge house that was like a manor, looking pretty imposing in style. The two stone lions stood up and turned around to look at Qin Mu and the dragon qilin before squatting back down on the stone platform.

Qin Mu followed the lady in the flower into the house and saw numerous young men and women coming to and fro. It was very bustling, but they were mostly people changed from flowers, grass, trees, and jade. There were even some that were of black gold and black copper.

"This manor isn't in the style of West Earth, but that of Eternal Peace… Wait a moment, these black gold and black copper…"

Qin Mu was slightly stunned when his gaze fell on a walking cauldron with food inside. It jumped onto the head of a man of fire to cook the food inside itself.

"This huge cauldron is a spirit weapon! Even spirit weapon can transform into spirit?"

Qin Mu suddenly felt like everything had become clear. He couldn't help slowing down and entering into a daze.

He could sense another shortcut for the reform! It was bringing the ideology of all things having spirits and all things having souls into Eternal Peace, which would raise another wave of reform!

If the spirit weapons of Eternal Peace's divine arts practitioners could gain spirit, everyone's ability could be raised tremendously! Not only that, with the merge of the two kinds of systems, more spells and divine arts could be created and could become even more versatile!

The spirit weapons of the divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace Empire weren't truly spirit weapons, for they were merely born and nurtured in the divine treasure. But if they absorbed the ideology of West Earth, they could become spirit weapons in the truest sense!

'The spells of Eternal Peace place importance on attack power, and there are all kind of strange techniques and miraculous skills. The spells of West Earth are inferior in attack power and they also lack offensive methods; however, the method of all things having spirit could allow spirit weapons to become true spirit weapons! With two kinds of systems, we could complement each other! The most difficult problem was only how to merge the spells of all things having spirit from West Earth with the techniques of Eternal Peace Empire, allowing the divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace Empire to sense the spirits and awaken them inside the spirit weapons.'

'It's a man!'

Qin Mu was puzzled. Fragrant Bloom City was obviously an extremely flourishing city, so by right, it should have been a woman who was in charge of the household. Why was there then a situation in which a man was situated at a high position?

He looked once more at a handsome young man welcoming him. The youth gave him a familiar feeling, and he felt like he'd seen him somewhere before, even if he was sure he had never met him before.

The dragon qilin suddenly became excited and said in a low voice, "Cult Master, do you think he looks slightly similar to Patriarch?"

Qin Mu was stunned. He indeed felt that the two looked similar and couldn't help having a favorable impression of him. He greeted, "Heavenly Saint Cult Master Qin Mu pays his respects to the owner of this place."

The youth returned his greeting and his etiquette was that of Eternal Peace Empire. "Cult Master Qin, Ge Ke pays his respect to you. Not long ago, Cult Master's portrait has been spread throughout the whole of West Earth and your reputation rose and gave rise to a commotion. Many young talents are planning on meeting Cult Master Qin. Over here please, Cult Master Qin."

Qin Mu's face darkened. Since he'd brought Xiong Qi'er with him, he had planned to have Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Xiong Xiyu to be the vanguard. Their reputations were much far spread than his as one was the reputable Imperial Preceptor of Eternal Peace Empire while the other one was the former palace master of True Heaven Palace. They would naturally catch West Earth's attention, and in that case, no one would notice him and Xiong Qi'er, which would make their journey much safer.

His motive for coming was to familiarize himself with the social customs of West Earth. In the future, Eternal Peace Empire would definitely move their troops here and annex this place, adding it to its territory.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's goal was a top-down approach. By getting True Heaven Palace into their hands before calling war and having it surrender and pay allegiance to Eternal Peace could minimize the casualties by a lot.

But Qin Mu hadn't expected that because of Pangong Tso, that scoundrel's meddling, his presence in West Earth would be known by the whole world while his wanted posters would fill every city and town in West Earth.

"Brother Ge Ke is courteous."

Qin Mu walked with him and saw that the men and women around Ge Ke were all not weak, possessing quite remarkable abilities. However, they were all throwing unpleasant looks at him, unable to wait for a fight. But with Ge Ke as the landowner, they didn't make a move directly.

Qin Mu looked at Ge Ke and was slightly suspicious. The young man looked somewhat similar to the young patriarch and the manor was also in the style of Eternal Peace Empire and not West Earth's circular construction. Ge Ke's etiquette was also the familiar one, so could he really be the result of Patriarch going to West Earth for a visiting marriage?

'That's not right! He doesn't look too old, but some sixteen-seventeen years old. Even though Patriarch is slightly charismatic and flirtatious, he was still just a bunch of old bones seventeen years ago, so how could he still run over to West Earth for a visiting marriage? Then again, Patriarch also looked like a youth, so Ge Ke might have also cultivated the creation techniques in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures and thus halted his aging.'

Ge Ke led everyone to a tall building, and there were vehicles arriving from everywhere. The people coming had to have extraordinary status. Qin Mu saw some which rode on clouds which were tied to an ancient tree. There were all kinds of strange beasts and even a small mountain!

The people who could enter the manor could only be those who had quite a reputation. They all looked young and were probably various important figures coming to attend Flowery Mountain Festival. After all, no one would choose an old man or old woman as their partner for Flowery Mountain Festival.

Ge Ke invited them to take their seats, and Qin Mu suppressed the doubt in his heart while sitting down. Ge Ke clapped his hands and a servant fetched a painting.

The young host unscrolled it, and it portrayed none other the Devil Cult Master. He then said with a smile, "True Heaven Palace sent Cult Master Qin's painting over and said that you are a fugitive from Great Ruins. I wondered if this daring Cult Master Qin would enter my Fragrant Bloom City, but I never thought that he would really do it. Cult Master Qin has remarkable skills and huge guts, so come and take a look at the elites of my West Earth. The female hero here is our Fragrant Bloom City's Yu Jingfang with a deep family background. The reason why Sister Yu's surname is Yu is because her ancestor is from the branch of West Earth's Yu Family. YCult Master Qin should know it, right?"

Qin Mu nodded and said, "The palace master of True Heaven Palace today belongs to Yu Family."

Ge Ke smiled and said, "Sister Yu has ten thousand grand fields, eighteen mountain ranges, and is the successor of Yu Family. Her cultivation is on Seven Stars Realm."

Qin Mu nodded at Yu Jingfang with a smile.

She gave a slight smile in return.

Ge Ke then spoke again. "There are also men who are in charge of households in West Earth. This is the young master of West Earth's Heavenly Province Sect, Yue Qingshan. Heavenly Province Sect is led by men and their cultivation methods are similar to those of Eternal Peace Empire. They are quite well known in West Earth. Brother Yue Qingshan's cultivation is on Six Directions Realm."

Qin Mu greeted him.

Yue Qingshan was rather conceited and said, "Even though I'm on Six Directions Realm, the spells and divine arts of my Heavenly Province Sect have ancient origins. They were imparted to us by gods."

Qin Mu's interest was aroused and he said with a smile, "I've seen a lot of techniques of gods. They are indeed not bad."

"Now this lady is extraordinary, but she's not from our Fragrant Bloom City. She's from True Heaven Palace, Senior Sister Ting Fang," Ge Ke said.

Qin Mu looked at that woman and saw that she was coming forward in splendid clothes. She had extraordinary good looks and he praised, "A garden full of blossoms, Senior Sister Ting Fang has a nice name."

Ting Fang smiled and said, "Cult Master Qin, the elders in the palace want to bring you to justice. It's not me who's against you, so please pardon me."

Ge Ke then introduced everyone else, and that had quite the backgrounds.

Qin Mu smiled at everyone single one of them. The cultivations of those people were high, and they were considered quite impressive in the younger generation.

Once the introduction was concluded, Qin Mu smiled and asked, "Brother Ge Ke has introduced so many people, so why don't you introduce yourself?"

Ge Ke laughed and said, "I'm just the landowner of this place; Fragrant Bloom City is a property that my parents left for me and is nothing worth mentioning. Cult Master Qin, with all the elites coming forth and wanting to take you down, how will you react?"

Qin Mu looked around and said sincerely, "Brothers and sisters, you all look like talented people, so why did you come to die?"

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