Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 448 - Patriarch’s Descendant

Once Ge Ke said that, everyone in the building sneered endlessly.

Qin Mu paid no attention to it and smiled. "If it wasn't Great Ruins separating West Earth and Eternal Peace, West Earth would have been long ago wiped out by Eternal Peace. Truth be told, your paths, skills, and divine arts have already fallen behind times compared to those of Eternal Peace whose spells and divine arts are slightly behind times too in my eyes, so I'm seeking change. Brothers and sisters of West Earth, it's too dangerous to be this close to me. Not to mention those of Six Directions Realm, even the brothers and sisters of Seven Stars Realm, you, you, and you. When you are so close to me, in my eyes…"

He pointed at the experts of Seven Stars Realm present and shook his head. "You guys are all merely corpses that can move and talk. The only question is when you guys will become corpses."

Everyone was overflowing with murderous intent. Yue Qingshan suddenly stood up and sneered. "Cult Master Qin, how arrogant of you! City Lord Ge Ke, you are the owner of this place, and I would very much like to meet this Cult Master Qin. Is it possible?"

Ge Ke laughed and said, "Everyone here is guests attending Flowery Mountain Festival of Fragrant Bloom City so why do we need to draw our daggers? Everyone should find a lover they admire and have a fun night, wouldn't that be wonderful? Of course, if everyone is insistent on fighting, I won't be able to stop you guys, will I?"

It was clear that he wanted to watch a show.

Yue Qingshan walked out of the building while sneering. "Cult Master Qin, come out, I want to profit from True Heaven Palace."

Qin Mu revealed a smile and took out a two feet metal ball while shaking his head. "No need to go down, it's pretty good here."

He lifted the metal ball in his hand, and the building instantly shook slightly, gradually sinking into the ground. The building started to creak, and its first level sunk into the ground, followed by the second level, then the third level. Only then did it stop.

Everyone was astonished and Ge Ke praised. "What a heavy ball!"

"Everyone, please take a look." Qin Mu's left hand gently stirred the metal ball as he said, "This is my sword pellet."


The sword pellet split open and eight thousand swords as fine as thread spilled out. Their tips were pointed at the center of the ball. To be able to forge something so exquisite, one not only needed to have extreme craftsmanship, they also needed calculation techniques of the same level.

Cold lights reflected off the eight thousand swords, and the four walls of the building flowed continuously with lights. They even shone on everyone's faces.

Every sword was like the most perfect work of art.

Qin Mu lifted the sword pellet up, and it slowly floated up to spin slowly, allowing everyone to see its interior structure. "Everyone, without improvement, paths, skills, and divine arts would fall behind times in a hundred years, let alone a thousand. Your West Earth's paths, skills, and divine arts were imparted to your ancestors twenty thousand years ago to awaken the soul or spirit of all things so they could battle by themselves.

"However, the activation speed of your divine arts is too slow and even experts of Celestial Being Realm require a fixed time to activate them. However, divine arts have myriad changes in an instant, so who would give you the time? Let me execute a sword skill so everyone here can give me pointers. Don't move."

True Heaven Palace's Ting Fang sneered. "If we don't move, aren't we just going to let you kill us?"

Qin Mu smiled slightly and said, "If you want to move, you'll have to pay the consequences. Sword of Founding Emperor…"

The sword pellet in his hand suddenly split open and swords filled the entire building!

When eight thousand swords moved, almost everyone couldn't resist standing up to defend themselves. At that moment, all of the sword lights suddenly vanished, and along with them, even the building seemed to have vanished as well. What replaced it was a sea of blood that covered both heaven and earth!

The second move of Sword Picture, Sword of Founding Emperor Sea of Blood.

Once this move was executed, the vast and mournful feeling came sweeping over. Everyone felt like they could see countless gods and devils struggling in the sea of blood and yelling. Next, they became corpses in the sword lights and sunk into the sea of blood!

Sword of Founding Emperor sea of blood, mountains and rivers exist, vast and obscure heart, looking around left and right, no more people donning the clothes of homeland.

At that moment, they heard someone slamming the table and someone shouting angrily. There was also the sound of divine arts colliding and a brief period of clashing.

Suddenly, the color of the sea of blood faded away like fleeting time and they could see the back view of a man carrying a divine sword and turning his head back. Loneliness and decrepitness plucked on their heartstrings.

The back view vanished and the building appeared once again. Qin Mu's hand was still lifted up and in his palm was a sword pellet which was swirling non-stop.

All the plates and bowls, as well as the dishes in front of the guests, remained the same as earlier, untouched.

Cold sweat broke out on everyone's foreheads, and they hurriedly looked around with frightened eyes. They saw Yu Jinfang's corpse and that Ting Fang had collapsed on her seat with a red bloodstain at the heart of her brows. There was also two corpses of the servants.

They had slammed the table in Qin Mu's sword light and tried to contend with his sword light. The only result of that was their deaths. The other people had not moved, and so they were safe.

Yue Qingshan's face was pale white, but he hadn't moved. It wasn't because he couldn't see Qin Mu's terrifying sword will; on the contrary, he had clearly felt it which was why he didn't dare to move.

Ge Ke waved his hand and there were people who immediately went forward to drag the corpses out.

On the seats, everyone's faces were pale white and some were even ashen.

The astonishment brought by Qin Mu's move was simply too strong. The sword skill was too fast and made them unable to react. They could only sit there, and this kind of helplessness while awaiting death was not pleasant.

It was especially so for the experts of Seven Stars Realm. Even though they could let their primordial spirits leave their bodies, the battle power of the primordial spirit was too strong and the building was too cramped up. Qin Mu's sword was extremely fast, and the sword lights had drowned them before they could even react.

Qin Mu's move had an immense power, and every sword had been made using the best materials, thus everyone's lives were on the line!

On top of that, their divine arts of all things having spirits and all things having souls were indeed much slower than Qin Mu's sword in activation speed. If they were to fight, they could only try to pull a distance away from him before trying to execute their arts.

Because of that, in a building, they didn't have any chance at all.

Qin Mu put away his sword pellet and apologized. "Brother Ge Ke, I hope you will pardon me for dirtying your building."

"The exquisiteness of Cult Master Qin's sword skill is unmatched, opening my horizons. Even though you struck with countless swords, you didn't damage my building at all—this is then true ability. May I ask if this move is a sword move which was founded after Eternal Peace Empire's reform?"

Qin Mu shook his head. "This move isn't a divine art from after the reform, but was founded four to five hundred years ago. This move has also fallen behind times, but in West Earth, I can use it to kill all Six Directions and Seven Stars practitioners. No one is my match. Even though everyone here is very strong, you are all still inferior to Pangong Tso. He is much stronger than all of you, able to take this move of mine. At most he will only be heavily injured."

Everyone snorted coldly and wanted to say something, but their throats were all hoarse. Their voices were also trembling, and they immediately coughed to cover it up.

"City Lord Ge Ke, I have no face to remain here, farewell!" Yue Qingshan suddenly cupped his hands and turned to leave.

The moment he did so, other people also rose to bid farewell. Soon, the building was only left with Qin Mu and his host.

"Cult Master Qin, you didn't bring many experts with you this time, only a dragon qilin on Celestial Being Realm. On the other hand, my West Earth is full of experts, so aren't you afraid of dying here?"Ge Ke asked curiously.

Qin Mu smiled in a way that wasn't exactly smiling. "Brother Ge Ke knows the dragon qilin?" Ge Ke didn't reply and Qin Mu smiled. "There are many people who want to kill me, but as of yet, no one has ever succeeded. My journey this time wasn't to challenge all the elites in the world, but to tour the place and explore it. Does Brother Ge Ke know where's True Heaven Palace?"

"True Heaven Palace is the sacred ground of our West Earth and everyone knows it." Ge Ke smiled and said, "If Cult Master Qin wants to go there, I can point the way for you."

Qin Mu gave his thanks and smiled. "True Heaven Palace is after me yet Brother Ge Ke treats me like a guest of honor. Aren't you afraid True Heaven Palace might cause trouble for you?"

Ge Ke laughed loudly and shook his head. "Even though True Heaven Palace is strong, they are not at the point of behaving unscrupulously. Even though there's only this sacred ground in the whole of West Earth, it's not True Heaven Palace that's ruling West Earth, but High Heavens. True Heaven Palace won't alarm High Heavens just for this small matter. Come, my man, gift a copy of our West Earth's geographic map to Cult Master Qin!"

Qin Mu grew solemn. Ge Ke words had revealed an important piece of information—True Heaven Palace and High Heavens seemed to have some sort of relationship.

A servant came forward and offered the geographic map of West Earth to Qin Mu. As he took it, he couldn't resist asking, "City Lord Ge Ke, your manor seems to have been built in the style of Eternal Peace."

Ge Ke smiled. "Cult Master Qin, you should go. Killing Ting Fang of True Heaven Palace and Yu Jinfang of Yu Family is a huge trouble by itself. Those people who left in a hurry aren't going to attend Flowery Mountain Festival, but will report and call for reinforcements. If you don't go, you won't be able to leave anymore."

Qin Mu looked him deeply in the eyes and asked, "How long did Patriarch stay here?"

Ge Ke fell silent, then after a moment, he said, "Not for long. He would come once a year and teach me a lot of stuff. The last time he left, he told me he might never come again. Cult Master Qin, is he gone?"

Qin Mu was silent for a moment, then came to a window to look at the dragon qilin below. At this moment, the behemoth had straightened his ears and it was obvious that he was trying to eavesdrop on the conversation above.

"No." Qin Mu revealed a smiled and said, "Patriarch has probably become a god."

Below, the dragon qilin's ear lowered once again, and he just lay down on the ground with its tail spread out.

Ge Ke came to his side and looked down. He saw Xiong Qi'er climbing onto the tip of the dragon qilin's tail. The big fellow then raised it to let Xiong Qi'er slide down, causing this little girl to giggle non-stop with joy.

"I've met the dragon qilin when I was young, but he doesn't seem to remember me." Ge Ke shook his head. "You are bringing the little princess of True Heaven Palace and you still plan to reach that place alive? No wonder True Heaven Palace wants you to be captured so bad. Do you really don't need my help? For me to become the lord of a city, I naturally have some abilities and tricks! Father had taught me quite a lot of stuff!"

Qin Mu walked out of the building while shaking his head. "You have your own family, and I won't implicate you. Fatty Dragon, Qi'er, let's go."

Ge Ke saw them out of the manor and waved. Qin Mu seemed to notice it and turned back to wave back at him.

Ge Ke couldn't resist to asking one last question, "Can I meet him again?"

"After you become a god, you will probably see him," Qin Mu shouted back loudly.

Ge Ke smiled while seeing them off, but his expression dimmed when they were out of sight. 'Every time he mentions father, he says probably. Father really is gone…"

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