Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 449 - Big Bronze Bell

The dragon qilin, on the other hand, was very happy. He became more hardworking as he ran while carrying Qin Mu. He was as fast as lightning, much faster than he was in the desert.

Even though his thoughts were far-reaching at times, he still wasn't someone like Ge Ke. When he heard Qin Mu saying that Patriarch had not yet died to Patriarch's son but that he had become a god, the big fatty couldn't help celebrating and deciding to work much harder.

Qin Mu found it hard to lie to him.

'In the sea of fog in the living realm of the dead, Daoist Ling Jing was the boatman,' Qin Mu thought to himself. 'Based on that, Patriarch should be in the living realm of the dead as well. Village Chief gave me eight Fengdu coins, so I must go there once more and find the answer for myself!"

He took out the geographical map that Ge Ke had gifted him and unfolded it to look around. After a moment, he found the location of True Heaven Palace and Fragrant Bloom City. He then raised his head to determine his location and immediately told the dragon qilin to sprint in the southwest direction.

Right in front of them, a huge mountain stretched across the horizon, but it was somewhat strange. It was like a giant standing with two mountain peak hanging downwards from its shoulders. But what was weird was that when the two mountain peaks came to the bottom, they became thick and circular, like two huge bells hanging above ground.

While riding toward there, Qin Mu had two choices. He could cross between the two bells or take a detour around the strange body of the huge mountain.

When the dragon qilin sprinted over, Qin Mu raised his head and saw an elegant woman in black floating up the mountain.

She landed on its top, and there was a golden paper that looked like a seal near her.

Qin Mu's pupil contracted and he saw that the woman was tearing off that paper on the mountain!

"Not good! Fatty Dragon, rush through!"

Just as he said that, the huge mountain suddenly rumbled, and it raised its feet. The incomparably heavy mountain uprooted itself from the ground!

Qin Mu knew that it was bad, and Carefree Sword immediately flew out of the sheath behind him. The sword whizzed through the air and went straight for the woman on the mountain peak!

To catch bandits, first catch the ringleader. The mountain giant definitely required the magic power of a strong practitioner to sustain it. As long as the woman was killed, Qin Mu should be able to stop the transformation process!

The woman turned back to take a look at him and sneered. "Since you dared to kill a disciple of my Yu Family, even if you are the father of the emperor, who cares! I'll send you to follow her!"

The mountain giant pulled out a leg and stomped on the ground, splattering mud in all directions. It then pulled out the other leg, slowly standing up.

When the mountain giant stood up, the clouds were at its waist, and the two bell-shaped peaks were also raised. Rocks rolled down the secondary peaks, and when the huge chunks crashed down from the sky, they soon piled up on the road.

The woman remained standing on the giant's head. Carefree Sword instantly spun and transformed into Drill Sword Form to rush into the clouds.

The woman from Yu Family knew that her situation was also bad. She immediately shouted and flying hoops flew out. They went to bind Carefree Sword which was rushing at her from below!

Ding, ding, din,g ding.

Concentrated explosions rang out like rain. The flying hoops bound up Carefree Sword and rapidly shrunk; however, they were immediately shredded into pieces by the spinning sword.

The woman's cultivation wasn't weak, but the techniques of West Earth didn't take the path of strengthening themselves. Instead, they borrowed all things in the heaven and earth to fight, so their own battle power was much weaker when compared to that of divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace Empire on the same realm. When compared to Qin Mu, this Heavenly Devil Cult Master who had made his way by killing everything on the way, the woman was much inferior.

Carefree Sword was a divine sword and its sharpness was unmatched. After shredding all the hoops, its momentum didn't slow down at all. The sword pierced the woman's mandible and came out from the other side of her head.

A trail of blood appeared on the mountain peak.

Qin Mu called back his Carefree Sword back, but before he could let out a sigh of relief, he saw that when the mountain rocks fell from the two secondary peaks, they revealed the bodies of brass bells. The two peaks had really been bells and not mountains. They had only been covered by a layer of rocks!

Even though Qin Mu had seen quite a number of such huge spirit weapons before, they were all cult legacy treasures!

Even though the spirit weapons of West Earth weren't as exquisite as the spirit weapons in Eternal Peace Empire, cult legacy treasures were still extraordinary. They were treasures that contained the meticulous care of a strong practitioner throughout their entire life.

'That paper on the mountain peak should have been sealing this mountain giant! It should have been awakened long ago and then sealed by its owner to suppress the precious treasure of the family!'

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched, for he realized that their situation had just turned for the worse. The mountain giant raised the two huge bells and swung them without explanation. They collided with each other, and their openings were right toward Qin Mu!

The mountain giant wasn't awakened but simply sealed before. It always had spirit, which was why Yu Family had sealed it here. When it was needed, they just had to peel away the seal and could mobilize the terrifying giant!


The two huge bells collided, and a sound wave came rushing forward. Wherever it passed, the road would rise up and churn toward the dragon qilin.

However, the greatest threat wasn't the raised road, but the ringing of the bells. It was created by the collision of two cult legacy treasures hitting each other!

"The aristocratic family of West Earth is so fierce! Fatty Dragon, don't move!"

Qin Mu couldn't resist praising the enemy as his vital qi burst forth. Countless runes flew around his body, then swept forward to surround the dragon qilin. The devastating soundwave charged over, but before its destructive energy could reach the dragon qilin, the rune markings formed a teleportation formation. With the teleportation divine art activated, Qin Mu disappeared along with the dragon qilin.

The next moment, they appeared a mile away. If it was just Qin Mu himself, he could teleport twenty to thirty miles away. If he brought a person along, he could still teleport ten miles. However, when bringing along a behemoth like the dragon qilin, a mile was already his limit.

But the distance of a mile was simply too short for the mountain giant. With just one stride, it could probably travel over ten miles!

Qin Mu turned back to look and saw that the place where they had been at had flown up, trembling violently like streamers in the wind. Next, the road shattered into pieces from the violent soundwave.

It actually destroyed over twenty miles of road, leaving nothing in its path!

"The mountain giant doesn't have magic power, but just by smacking the two huge bells together, he unleashed such a terrifying power. It's truly amazing!"

Qin Mu couldn't resist praising the enemy. The dragon qilin immediately began to while behind them the incomparably humongous mountain giant turned to take its first step. Qin Mu suddenly saw darkness over his head, and when he looked up, the huge foot of the mountain giant was already above them.

The dragon qilin's speed instantly increased drastically, surpassing the speed of sound with a few ups and downs. The fatty's improvement shocked Qin Mu. He didn't know what kind of spirit pills Fatty Dragon had eaten for his speed to surpass what it was in the past by so much!

At such a dangerous situation, the dragon qilin couldn't be bothered about tricking his meal owner to improve his meals. He only cared about escaping with his life, and the speed he unleashed was simply astounding.


Behind them, the huge foot of the mountain giant landed on the ground, creating a lake underneath itself. The next moment, he raised his hand to smash down a huge brass bell.

The dragon qilin sprinted frantically, and the huge bell landed behind him. However, the power of that huge bell was extremely terrifying. When the soundwave entered the ground, its speed was three to five times faster than in the air.

Behind the dragon qilin, the ground exploded, and it was a horrendous sight. The soundwave even reached the dragon qilin and blew him up in the air.

Fire clouds immediately grew under the dragon qilin's feet, and he began sprinting again. Behind him, the mountain giant swung the other huge brass bell while the other one was raised upwards so they would hit each other again.


The bells rang out, and where the two collided, ripples from the soundwave compressed =space into physical substance. When the soundwave moved along it, its speed got even faster.

Qin Mu's hair stood up on ends as he hurriedly flipped backward and took out Moon Jade Eye. it lit up, and a beam of light went straight at the soundwave.


The destructive soundwave was split into two halves by the beam, and two waves of terrifying energy brushed past the dragon qilin. The tremors made Qin Mu's scalp crawl, and he shivered not from the cold.

If they had been struck by that soundwave, he, Xiong Qi'er and even the dragon qilin would have been shaken into countless shattered pieces and ceased to exist.

"West Earth still has its own knowledge, but this kind of knowledge is not good for cultivation."

Qin Mu looked back and saw that mountain giant had been sliced by the beam of Moon Jade Eye. Half of its left shoulder had collapsed, and the dragon qilin moved farther and farther away it. With the abilities of the mountain giant, it could no longer hit them with the soundwaves.

At that moment, the mountain giant suddenly squatted down. When Qin Mu saw that, his heart trembled violently. The mountain giant suddenly started to sprint, and its speed was simply unbelievable!

"My god… That's not right, there must be someone controlling this mountain giant. Otherwise, it couldn't so set on me and the dragon qilin, chasing us like mad!"

Qin Mu came to realization. The woman of Yu Family that had removed the seal had already been killed, so it couldn't be her. It meant that another person had to have hidden close by and their cultivation had to be extremely high as well; otherwise, how could they control such a huge mountain giant?

Just as he thought that, a sword light suddenly flew through the sky, and a human head fell from midair, followed by a few sections of a corpse. It was a silver-haired old woman who had been holding a cane in her hands. That cane had also been severed into two.

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. He looked at the mountain giant again and saw that it suddenly froze in place, giving up on his chase.

It thus should have been the white-haired old lady who had controlled the mountain giant in the dark to attack them. Otherwise, how would the mountain giant have immediately attacked Qin Mu the moment it awakened?

"Fatty Dragon, stop!"

The dragon qilin immediately stopped, even if he didn't understand why. Qin Mu opened Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes to look at the mountain giant and saw a figure standing on its head. It was Ge Ke.

The sword light flew back from the clouds and swirled two rounds around him.

Ge Ke bowed and bade them farewell. "Have a safe journey!"

Qin Mu also bowed as a parting. "Thanks for your auspicious words."

The figure then raised a flag to cover himself and vanished from the top of the mountain.

"Teleportation flag. Patriarch also gave him one." Qin Mu smiled. "He's like Patriarch. They both look indifferent to worldly rewards, but actually, they are both very warm-hearted. Ge Ke is no doubt Patriarch's son. Fatty Dragon, Patriarch has a successor."

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