Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 450 - Flying City on Land

The dragon qilin stepped on fire clouds while heading southwest. Heavenly Province Sect was right in front of them, and its two mountains were like a heavenly gate. There were all kinds of palaces on them.

Yue Qingshan was heading to Heavenly Province Sect when he suddenly sensed something and turned back to see the dragon qilin carrying Qin Mu on his back.

Yue Qingshan jumped in shock and immediately stopped. 'His speed is so fast! If I go back to the sect and snitch on him, he might just kill me right there!'

The dragon qilin stopped and Qin Mu greeted him. Yue Qingshan returned the greeting.

"Why isn't Brother Yue attending Flowery Mountain Festival and is returning back to Heavenly Province Sect?" Qin Mu asked with a friendly expression.

Yue Qingshen immediately smiled at him. "I'm ugly and it's hard for me to please a beauty, so there's no point in participating in Flowery Mountain Festival."

Qin Mu smile grew warm. "How is Brother Yue ugly? You have the look of a talent and would definitely win a beauty's heart. It's best if you go back to attend Flowery Mountain Festival."

Yue Qingshan's hair stood up on ends. The last time Qin Mu had said a similar phrase was when he had executed Sword of Founding Emperor Sea of Blood and killed four experts on the spot!

Now he repeated it, if Yue Qingshan wasn't tactful and insisted on returning to the mountain, what awaited him was probably a sword to end his life!

"Much thanks to Cult Master Qin's auspicious words."

Yue Qingshan gave his thanks and turned to return to Fragrant Bloom City.

Qin Mu saw him off before letting the dragon qilin hurry up on their way, taking a detour around Heavenly Province Sect.

Yue Qingshan saw Fragrant Bloom City from far away and turned back to take a look, thinking to himself, 'True Heaven Palace ordered his arrest so if my sect could take him down and make our relationship with True Heaven Palace closer, my position in the sect would definitely rise greatly!'

He planned to return when he saw a huge giant-shaped mountain in the barren plains. It left him stunned. He then saw the shattered roads and the destruction caused by the sound waves.

Numerous experts of Yu Family were flying over the limbs of Yu Family's old grandmother while bawling loudly.

'Yu family's old grandmother is also dead?'

Yue Qingshan was stunned for a time, then went straight to Fragrant Bloom City. 'Even the old grandmother of Yu Family couldn't stop him with a huge mountain, so it would definitely be difficult for our Heavenly Province Sect to catch him. It is better to avoid unnecessary trouble so why don't I just meet with the beauties.'

"Bamboo City is right ahead."

Two days later, Qin Mu stood on the head of the dragon qilin with the geographical map of West Earth in his hands. He carefully checked and matched the astronomical phenomenon and said happily, "After reaching Bamboo City, we won't be far from True Heaven Palace. Fatty Dragon, you have been hard working lately, running very quickly this time."

The last two days, the dragon qilin didn't become lazy and worked very hard. With his leg power, traveling twenty thousand miles a day, they would take half a day at most to reach True Heaven Palace.

Along the way, they had met quite a lot of trouble. With the order of arrest from True Heaven Palace, there were numerous divine arts practitioners searching for his traces, and there had been quite a few fierce battles.

However, a battle as fierce as Yu Family's bell swinging mountain giant did not repeat. The battle power of the bell swinging mountain giant was simply too terrifying and those who could possess such treasures were usually influential families. The preparation time for this kind of weapon was too long so they had to have an awakened mountain giant in advance or something under a seal.

The dragon qilin's speed was very fast, so unless someone knew where he was going, it was impossible for them to prepare in advance to intercept him.

On the journey, Qin Mu had experienced the strangeness of West Earth's paths, skills and, divine arts. Other than using mountains and rivers as weapons, the divine arts practitioners of West Earth would also raise some monsters.

They would enlighten some strange beasts and awaken the spirits. By rising them since they were young, they would make them extremely loyal. On top of that, strange beasts were also their spirit weapons. They would be used as such, and when compared to mountain spirits and earth spirits, they were much more nimble and versatile.

West Earth's paths, skills and divine arts of all things having spirits was truly an eye-opener.

The dragon qilin sprinted, and they got closer and closer to Bamboo City. It was mostly a mountainous land before it, and they would meet divine arts practitioners rushing through the sky from time to time. Most of them were riding flying strange beasts.

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows at many divine arts practitioners of West Earth monitoring his movements.

'We are being monitored again, looks like we can't enter Bamboo City. There will definitely be traps laid there! We can only go through the wilderness."

Qin Mu's consciousness pulsed as he used the communication method of Heavenly Feathers to alert the dragon qilin. He then took in a long breath which filled his whole chest.


He spewed out all that air and instantly, fog spread in all directions, covering over ten miles of the sky.

The dragon qilin immediately sank into the woods. The divine arts practitioners rushed into the fog to search, but when the fog dispersed, Qin Mu and the rest were long gone.

"Young master is here!" a divine arts practitioners suddenly announced nervously.

A precious carriage flew over, with phoenixes pulling it along. In the carriage was a youth who looked stout but not fat. Beside him were numerous women accompanying him.

What was strange was that in West Earth women were clearly in a higher social position, but in front of that youth, the women of True Heaven Palace could only act servile and not be reckless.

Numerous divine arts practitioners greeted the newcomer. "Young Master Yu!"

Young Master Yu surveyed the surroundings and smiled. "He still managed to escape? It's no wonder. Back when I led everyone to chase after Nai Kui, he also interfered and let Nai Kui escape. That was in Great Ruins and not West Earth so I couldn't be reckless. Now that we're in my land, it's slightly childish if he still thinks he can escape from my grasp."

The youth was none other than Yu Bochuan who had chased after Xiong Xiyu and her daughter. He was the son of the palace master of True Heaven Palace, and even though he was young, his methods were ruthless and he was deceitful in many ways.

Xiong Xiyu had been the palace master of True Heaven Palace until she was overthrown by Yu Family. Yu Bochuan's cultivation wasn't considered great, but he could lead a crowd to chase after her, who was a cult master level existence, and nearly sent her to death after killing the strong practitioners beside her one by one. It showed Yu Bochuan's abilities.

His schemes were deep and extraordinary.

Yu Bochaun gently nodded, and a female of True Heaven Palace flew up to execute her divine art. Suddenly, the white clouds in the sky wiggled and transformed into an arrow shape that pointed downward.

The carriage drove into the forest below, and another woman stomped her foot. Numerous rocks started to roll together and formed a rock giant which pointed in the direction Qin Mu had left while saying, "The person riding a huge beast went that way."

The woman then dispersed her divine art, and the stone giant crumbled back into a pile of rocks.

Phoenixes pulled the carriage forward while Yu Bochuan sat in it with a smile. "In West Earth, no one can escape the tracking of our True Heaven Palace. The previous Nai Kui couldn't, and it's even more impossible for this Cult Master Qin."

"Young master, this time it was the grandmaster of the golden palace who came to inform us, asking Elder Bi of our True Heaven Palace to arrest this Cult Master Qin."

A woman of True Heaven Palace smiled in a charming way. "Elder Bi and the grandmaster of the golden palace have old ties, so ordering the arrest was expected. That grandmaster borrowed the power of our True Heaven Palace to get rid of a strong enemy so he will owe a favor to our True Heaven Palace. But why is young master helping him personally?"

Yu Bochuan smiled. "I'm not helping Grandmaster, instead, I'm meeting Cult Master Qin. I had suffered a loss under his hand the previous time and let him snatch Green Dragon Bead away, which is a precious treasure. Since he dared to barge into our West Earth again, I naturally have to teach him a lesson.

"Besides, coming to West Earth this time, he must have ill intentions. I suspect his motive isn't just simply touring around. Since he saved the previous Nai Kui and the little princess, I'm afraid he is going to try to help her snatch back the seat of the princess. With him around, Nai Kui is definitely not too far away!"

His gaze became cold and he said indifferently, "Even though my mother has become the master of True Heaven Palace, as long as she doesn't give birth to a little princess, her seat of palace master won't be firm. Nai Kui's motive for coming back is nothing unexpected. However, this Cult Master Qin and the previous Nai Kui will never expect how great my strength can be!"

He raised his head to look in the direction in which Qin Mu had left and said coldly, "Let me give them a big surprise!"

The dragon qilin sprinted among the mountains as though he was flying and passed numerous mountainous ridges. His speed was inferior to before, but it was still considered fast. Qin Mu surveyed the surroundings and frowned slightly. The terrain here was slightly different from the topology on West Earth's geographic map that Ge Ke had given him.

'The divine arts practitioners of West Earth like to fight around with mountains and I reckon they don't place them back after fighting. Using the terrain to determine my location is not a certain thing, I still require the astronomical observations.'

He raised his head and formation markings swirled in his eyes. He raised his head up to look at the sky and the stars and constellations that were blocked by the sunlight gradually appeared. He determined his location and let out a sigh of relief before smiling. "We have already passed Bamboo City…"

When he said that, rumbling suddenly came from the front, and Qin Mu frowned slightly. He raised his head to look ahead and saw dust permeating the sky, transforming into fog to shroud the mountain ranges. He couldn't see what had caused the world-shaking movements in front.

The dragon qilin also immediately stopped in his footsteps and looked nervously ahead. The dust became denser and denser as it rolled forward, swallowing forests and mountains.

"Cult Master, what's that ?" The dragon qilin gave an astonished cry.

The ground was trembling continuously, and the trees around them were also shaking. The rocks were jumping up and down on the ground like there was an earthquake. However, it wasn't what was happening.

Qin Mu opened Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes and looked at the dust surging forward, and his eyes went wide in disbelief. "There is a city in the dust…"

"A city?" the dragon qilin asked in bewilderment. "How can a city create such a big commotion?"

"Because this city is currently running through the forest!" Qin Mu's scalp almost exploded from his surprise, and he said sternly, "That city is running toward us! Fatty Dragon, let's go!"

The dust surged forth, and a magnificent city entered their eyes. It was running straight at them.

Below the city walls that were over numerous yards tall were incomparably thick legs. Behind the wall, huge houses had already become giants overflowing with murderous intent. Some were beating drums while others were carrying huge treasures. The gates of the city in the meantime opened and razor-sharp teeth grew out from them as well as the city walls. They opened and closed continuously, and everything that passed through them was chewed into bits and pieces, including mountain peaks!

All that couldn't be chewed into bits and pieces entered the city and were smashed into smithereens by the monster-like giants in the city.

The city kept on sprinting toward them, and on its gates, there were two words—Bamboo City.

The divine arts practitioners of West Earth had actually awakened an entire city!

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