Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 451 - The Eighteenth Form

The dragon qilin immediately turned and ran while shouting in exasperation, "The divine arts practitioners of West Earth are crazy! Cult Master, they must be crazy! Who awakens an entire city and use it as a weapon?"

Behind them, everything Bamboo City passed over was razed to flat ground.

The big city was like a fresh life form taking big strides to chase them. It flipped over the mountain ridges at an extremely fast speed. Everything it passed over was flattened.

The city was like a terrifying mouth that could swallow and crush everything. Not only that, the thousands of giants in the city swung their bodies like huge hammers, and all that couldn't be chewed into bits and pieces by the city was smashed into smithereens by the giants.

On top of that, behind the city was a rolling dust cloud of all the things that had been broken down into pieces.

The dust spread in a hundred miles radius, obscuring everything in sight.

The city swallowed with its front and spat out what was left behind itself. One could well imagine what the consequences would be like if they were to be caught up in its mouth.

Qin Mu hurried non-stop, and the dragon qilin was putting his utmost effort into sprinting. At that moment though, a huge river suddenly lashed out from within Bamboo City like a long whip.

The dragon qilin immediately dodged, but the huge river was extremely nimble. It moved right and left, forcing the dragon qilin to dodge in all directions. His speed decreased, and Bamboo City gradually caught up with him.

"Big brother…"

Xiong Qi'er's voice was trembling when she looked back in fear. The ground trembled and stones that were the height of humans were thrown midair. Bamboo City opened its gate wide and started crunching with sharp teeth in preparation.

"No worries, Sister Qi'er, don't be afraid."

Qin Mu turned around and his sword pellet floated into the air, moving in front of his body. The dragon qilin had been forced by the huge river to dodge right and left, and if it continued, they would soon be swallowed by Bamboo City.

"Who is blocking us?"

Qin Mu looked at the approaching thing. The city gate and wall constantly moved up and down, making the thick and sharp spears look like teeth. It sowed doubt in the youth's heart.

'Is there a need to have such a grand parade to kill a divine arts practitioners of Six Directions Realm? Pangong Tso's with his relations shouldn't have been able to mobilize such a huge treasure like Bamboo City, so who is it that wants to get rid of me?'

He suddenly thought of a person and smiled while muttered to himself. "It must be him. The young master of True Heaven Palace. His prey was snatched right under his eyes when I saved Xiong Xiyu and her daughter, so he and I can be considered as old friends. Is he planning to give me an unexpected surprise?"

At that moment, the dragon qilin howled. "Cult Master, this definitely isn't a surprise! This is a shock! Crap…"

Another huge river lashed out from the mouth of Bamboo City and wrapped itself around dragon qilin's tail before pulling him toward the huge mouth. The dragon qilin clawed furiously with his four feet, but he still couldn't prevent himself from being dragged closer to his doom.

"Fatty Dragon, cut off your tail like a brave warrior!" Xiong Qi'er said with a solemn face and clear voice.

Tears flew down dragon qilin's cheeks. "Sister Qi'er, we won't be able to escape even if I cut off my tail, so let me die with an intact corpse… Although I don't think that's possible either…"

The gate was like a huge mouth, opening and closing, crunching on anything that came close. Whatever survived it went through the giants transformed from buildings that were smashing around as they wished, so preserving an intact corpse was something nearly impossible!

Cold light flashed on every spear tip which was as thick as the opening of a bottle. They were like iron bars on top of the city wall. The tips were sharp as swords while the flat sides were filled with strange markings. It was obvious that every spear was a spirit weapon!

If one got next to the gates, it would be equivalent to dozens of spirit weapons piercing through their corporeal body and leaving dozens of bowl-sized blood holes in the body.

Combining that with the explosive power of the city gate and wall opening and closing, one would most likely become a bloody mess instantly.

Still in a daze, Qin Mu said, "As expected of the young master of True Heaven Palace. But he shouldn't have the ability to awaken Bamboo City's spirit, right? His cultivation may be higher than mine, but he's at most on Seven Stars Realm…"

"Cult Master!" The dragon qilin was still being dragged toward the mouth of Bamboo City.

Qin Mu shook off his surprise. His sword pellet suddenly burst forth, and countless sword lights flew out. The eight thousand swords executed Wave Sword Form at the same time. It was an incomparably majestic sight.

With treasure swords like clouds circling past the sharp spears of the city, countless teeth of Bamboo City's mouth were instantly sliced apart.

The city gate still chomped down heavily, and just with its astonishing biting strength was able to squash the art into a pulp.

Qin Mu stretched out his hand to grab his sword. He might not be able to unleash Carefree Sword's divine power, but its sharpness alone could allow him to slice everything apart!

Carefree Sword lit up in his hands. Dot Threading the Vast Movements, Yin and Yang Come and Go within Two Modes!

The power from the first form of Dao Sword exploded, and the sword light separated in black and white as yin and yang stirred up, swirling around each other to form the shape of taiji. However, it was just the vision caused by the sword skill.

The sword skill was actually executing extremely high algebra attainments. What formed every dot and every line of the taiji diagram had gone through incomparably detailed calculations, and the movement of every sword light contained incomparably complicated algebra calculations. It was the marvel of Dao Sect explaining the universe.

Bamboo City bit down on it forcefully, and a section of the city wall vanished with the sword light that had black and white replacing each other.

Qin Mu rose into the sky and raised Carefree Sword above himself. He used his magic power to hold the sword back as eight thousand swords flew back, overlapping with it. With the child swords fusing into the mother sword, the eight thousand swords combined into one, and Qin Mu instantly felt the sword in his hand becoming incomparably heavy.

It was the second form of his sword pellet.

It had two forms. One was the pellet, and the other was the fusion with the mother sword.

The weight after fusing made Carefree Sword so heavy that he could no longer use magic power to execute any power of this sword.

Qin Mu raised this sword even high, and at that moment, he could only do one move.


Hacking forward!

In front of him, behind the dragon qilin's butt, was Bamboo City. It had already dragged them past its mouth and was then pulling the dragon qilin to the street.

On both sides of it, the giants of awakened buildings were lined up in preparation to smash them into meat paste.

In the center of Bamboo City, even magnificent palaces had stood up. They weren't made out of wood or stone, but had been meticulously constructed from black gold, black iron, and black copper.

The divine arts practitioners of West Earth didn't seek to be strong themselves. They borrowed power from the heaven and earth and changed nature itself, gathering black gold and black copper to forge their spirit weapons. The better spirit weapons were forged, the stronger they would be when they awakened.

The palaces in Bamboo City were spirit weapons forged by the strongest divine arts practitioners, so their power was on an entirely different league when compared to the wooden and stone houses.

The palace giants had stood up to block the end of the street and were overflowing with murderous intent.

Such a sight was never before seen or heard!

Qin Mu hacked down with this sword, and the tremor that came out from the incomparably heavy Carefree Sword immediately shattered the huge river which had coiled around the dragon qilin's tail.

It was like a huge snake whose tail got severed, and it twisted about, wiggling around in the city.

When the sword tip of Carefree Sword touched the street, its incomparably terrifying strength exploded, and the limestone slabs on the street overturned one after another while rising up into midair. An astonishing crack appeared on the street, and it exploded and frantically spread forward. More limestone slabs were flipped up and exploded into pieces in midair!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Flying swords flew out from the tip of Carefree Sword, and Qin Mu's violent vital qi surged into them. They swirled and slashed all around the street. With eight thousand flying swords slicing and cutting everything in their way, everywhere they passed, the giants were left in pieces.

When eight thousand swords combined into one, Qin Mu couldn't execute the power of each and every one of them, but when they separated, he could instantly do so.

Countless sword lights were circling in wheel-like motion while rushing toward the end of the street among pieces of wood and stone. In an instant, they cut deeply into the palace giants and pierced them!

Qin Mu's arms were trembling, for the sword had nearly torn apart all of his muscles. Nearly all of his bones had shattered, and his tendons had nearly snapped. His magic power was also already half depleted!

The reason why he had used the first form of Dao Sword and not the first form of Sword Picture when Bamboo City was about to swallow them was because he wanted to save magic power. The amount required by Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers was much higher.

Yet his slashing motion had instantly depleted close to half of his magic power!

However, the result was also brilliant; he razed an entire street with just one slash. He had never expected he could achieve such a powerful force of destruction.

Qin Mu let go of Carefree Sword and used his remaining vital qi. Carefree Sword trembled, and the other flying swords flew over from the end of the street.

This time, Qin Mu didn't dare to use the second form of the sword pellet. Instead, he collected the eight thousand swords into a circular metal ball.

He opened his taotie sack and put the sword pellet away. He then went into a daze again. 'I seemed to have found a basic sword form that is unprecedented. This sword move isn't in the seventeen basic sword moves…"

The move with which he had slashed downwards earlier had caused countless swords to spin like a wheel as they swooshed out from Carefree Sword with about half of his magic power in an instant. This kind of sword form that spun like a wheel was different from all of the seventeen basic sword forms. The most similar one to it was Wave Sword Form, but that one was using the wrist to draw out a circle with the tip of the sword.

The sword form that Qin Mu had unintentionally executed, however, could spin like a wheel and had the power of hacking, the technique of pare, and the agility of wave.

This was the eighteenth basic sword form!

Within Bamboo City, wooden giants were rushing over, and at the end of the street, the tattered palace giants were raising their circular and yellowish palaces as 'hammers' to smash them against the intruders.

The huge rivers in the city surged forth and gathered together, transforming into a huge giant with a water dragon coiled around it. Raising its fists, it came with fists raised as well.

Qin Mu was in a daze again. 'It's just that this basic sword form seems to be too crazy in regards to consumption of magic power. Not only that, it also seems to require a lot of money, for only with plenty of money can one forge these many flying swords. The most crucial point is that the flying swords need to have tips on both ends to maximize the power even more.'

The dragon qilin roared fiercely and spewed fire from its mouth. The flame pillars set the street of Bamboo City ablaze, and the wooden giants began to burn. The water giant hurriedly extinguished the fire everywhere, and the water fizzled from the heat. This led to the water giant shrinking down.

Qin Mu remained in a daze. 'But come to think of it, what I have is money.'

The dragon qilin grew merciless. He spewed fire in all directions and set the whole city ablaze. He had been chased until he had no place to escape and was dragged into the city, so now his power doubled when paying back his oppressor.

Suddenly, Bamboo City gave a strong jerk and became motionless. The house giants, building giants, and palace giants also ceased moving instantly, returning to the ground and transforming back into buildings and palaces. The water giant also collapsed back into the river, becoming running water.

Bamboo City quieted down instantly. In the messy street, only Qin Mu, Xiong Qi'er, and the dragon qilin were left.

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