Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 453 - Power of the Devil Cult Master

Yu Bochuan's expression changed drastically, and he retreated in a hurry while shouting. "This guy cheated death! Disciples of True Heaven Palace, we can get rid of him by destroying this painting!"

Numerous women around him immediately went forward and attacked the painting. At the same time, sword light burst forth. It trembled, and a marvelous transformation was witnessed by the crowd. It was no longer sword light, but mountains and rivers flying at their faces.

The ten or so female disciples of True Heaven Palace were instantly drowned out by them. Their elegant bodies seemed to have been frozen in place before scattering like sand.

The speed at which the mountains and rivers surged forth was extremely fast and drowned out the carriage in an instant, swallowing Yu Bochuan who was behind it.

Formation Master He Yiyi didn't move, but astonishment could be seen on her face. "Truly superb sword skill. He's not much inferior to Sword Master Luo Yinyu."

Behind her, most of the experts of influential families in Bamboo City were stirring, ready to kill Qin Mu, but He Yiyi raised her hand. "No need to help. Young Master Yu has only invited us to lay a formation to hold Cult Master Qin of Middle Earth back. He only asked this from us, so we have no obligation to help him again."

Everyone was forced to remain in place.

Qin Mu's Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers didn't surge toward them, and He Yiyi said in a low voice, "He also shows proper restraint…"

The power of Sword Treading Mountain and Rivers had killed over ten beauties of True Heaven Palace. Yu Bochuan couldn't help shivering and shouted loudly, "Cult Master Qin, why don't we have a chat?"

His clothes fluttered. Even though he was a man, there were numerous accessories on his body. There were things like silver, jade, and chain bracelets, jade pendants, rings, necklaces, hairpins, and even longevity pendants that all came flying out.

They were his spirit weapons, and their power was extremely great. In the end, they weren't made by Yu Bochuan, but were treasures given to him by his elders to stay safe.

The spirit weapons had extremely terrifying power. A green dragon hairpin gently trembled and transformed into a green dragon. Its roar reverberated in the air, and, a huge hole was blown in the mountains and rivers.

Yu Bochuan was delighted and jumped out through the opening. But suddenly, he lost connection with the green dragon hairpin.

Next, he lost his sense of the other treasure, and terror filled him. Qin Mu's incomparably intricate sword skill had severed the vital qi connections between him and his treasures. This made him unable to use any treasures even though he had so many of them.

Such wondrous sword skill was truly terrifying!

Just as he jumped out of Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers, he saw the dragon qilin coming at him with his huge claws. He immediately took off his outer clothes and they floated up against the wind. They grew larger and larger as though they were a piece of cloud.

The dragon qilin's claw struck the clothes, but they were soft and seemed to be empty, and the dragon qilin sank deeper and deeper into them.

Yu Bochuan turned to leave while topless, but he heard a loud roar coming from the dragon qilin behind him. Fire blazed, and the clothing was burned to ashes in an instant.

"Formation Master, save me!" Yu Bochuan shouted out. "If I die in your Bamboo City, you guys won't be able to escape responsibility!"

When he voiced his plea, the hundred experts behind Formation Master all frowned.

A woman whispered, "Young Master Yu is the son of True Heaven Palace Master, after all. If he dies here, we indeed won't escape responsibility. No matter if it's True Heaven Palace Master or Ba Gou, they both aren't easy to deal with! Formation Master, think thrice."

He Yiyi shook her head. "Don't save."

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, not understanding why she was acting like that.

"I can't kill Heavenly Devil Cult Master of Middle Earth, but I have already attempted to lay my hands on him and formed a grudge. If I interfere and save Young Master Yu, the grudge between Cult Master Qin and me will never be able to be resolved," He Yiyi said indifferently.

"I have long heard about Middle Earth's Eternal Peace undergoing reforms. They are becoming stronger day by day and have already annexed everything in the six directions and swept the eight wildernesses. The prairie and the snow plains have all been entered into Eternal Peace. The next target, however, is not Great Ruins, but our West Earth. If True Heaven Palace loses against Eternal Peace, Heavenly Devil Cult will enter West Earth and it will be our end."

Everyone's blood ran cold.

But He Yiyi wasn't done yet. "On top of that, as the young master of True Heaven Palace, how could Yu Bochuan not have any methods to protect his life? Young Master Yu had chased Nai Kui to the brink of death, which is not something an ordinary person could achieve.'

Just as she said that, a jade belt flew out from Yu Bochuan's waist and transformed into a huge snake that bound the dragon qilin that was pouncing on him.

Yu Bochuan escaped in a panic, but sword light suddenly flashed thrice. Yu Bochuan's body separated into four sections in midair. His legs were still sprinting forward, but the head froze in a daze.

His chest also separated into two.

Qin Mu pulled back his sword. At that moment, Yu Bochuan who had been severed into four sections fell from the air as four chunks of wood.

"To substitute one thing for another?"

Qin Mu was astonished. He raised his hand to catch the sword pellet flying out from his taotie sack, then flung it out forcefully.

The two feet sword pellet whizzed forward while spinning. The flying swords within it into cold lights that shot into the ground and rushed through it!

A human figure burst out from underground, and it was none other than Yu Bochuan. Behind him were the sword lights which had entered the ground to force him out and were chasing him relentlessly.

Yu Bochuan raised his head to see the sword pellet coming at his head, and his expression shifted. If he was hit by that unimaginably huge sword pellet, his face would sink into his brain or even his whole head might sink into his chest.

Suddenly, his body transformed into earth and fell from the sky.

Layers of formation markings appeared in his eyes as he stared at the ground. His gaze was moving quickly when his arms suddenly trembled. He flew horizontally out of Bamboo City and hit a pile of mountain rocks in front of the city. The pile suddenly exploded and Yu Bochuan's body appeared among the scattered rocks!

"Formation Master, I will kill him outside the city, consider this giving you room for maneuver!"

When Qin Mu's voice rang out through the city, He Yiyi frowned. She raised her head to look into the distance and saw Qin Mu stretching his hand for his knife. Pig Slaughtering Knife automatically flew up, and he caught it in a reverse grip.

The bodies of the two youths crossed in midair like two spinning tops, exchanging strikes back and forth.


Blood light shone, and Qin Mu landed with a head in his hand. Blood was still dripping from the huge knife in his other hand.


Behind him, Yu Bochuan's corpse landed on the ground and bounced twice.

Within the city, the faces of Formation Master He Yiyi and the rest of the experts grew dazed when they looked at the youth carrying the head.

Raise the forbidden knife, and the emperor's head is in his hand!

Butcher's knife skills were as bold and haughty as his poems!

At that moment, Qin Mu was also haughty and unruly. He had killed Yu Bochuan who He Yiyi thought wouldn't die!

"The young master of True Heaven Palace is dead…"

The corners of everyone's eyes twitched, and their emotions were incomparably heavy.

Cult Master Qin had only brought a dragon qilin and a little princess, but dare to barge his way into West Earth while killing anyone that blocked his path. After he raised his knife and killed even the son of True Heaven Palace Master, he was truly like a starving tiger overflowing with haughtiness, living up to the reputation of Heavenly Devil Cult Master!

It is said that turbulent wind precedes a mountain storm.

True Heaven Palace Master and Ba Gou had Young Master Yu as their only son, but he died outside Bamboo City. Heavenly Devil Cult Master from Middle Earth's Eternal Peace was truly ruthless and decisive. As long as he found the smallest opportunity, he would not let it escape and give any hope for his enemies!

Wanting to escape alive from his hands was beyond difficult. Only the slippery beings on the level of Rolan Golden Palace's Grandmaster could slip through his fingers over and over again.

Yu Bochuan's ability to escape was obviously much inferior when compared to that of an old monster who had lived ten thousand years, even if he was the son of True Heaven Palace Master and Ba Gou.

He Yiyi walked out of the city and saw Qin Mu placing Yu Bochuan's head down. He took out a wine jar and poured a cup of wine to put beside his opponent's corpse.

"You liked to chat with a corpse after you killed them." Qin Mu raised his head and gulped down a big mouthful of wine, then placed the wine jar beside Yu Bochuan's head while saying leisurely, "But I don't like it. Not chatting, farewell." After he said that, he stood up and walked over to He Yiyi.

"Cult Master Qin," He Yiyi greeted.

Qin Mu returned her greeting with a pleasant expression. "Sister Formation Master, how may I address you?"

He Yiyi looked at him strangely, then asked curiously, "Cult Master doesn't know my name? My surname is He and my name is Yiyi. He is a big surname is West Earth and I have become erudite through paternal teaching and influence."

"So I see," Qin Mu said. "Sister Yiyi's attainments in formation skills aren't bad and even I couldn't solve them in a short time, so I had no choice but to use the world in the painting to escape. So Sister Yiyi received inheritance from her influential family. Your He Family is truly extraordinary in formation skills, so you can be said to be number three in the world."

Behind He Yiyi, everyone grew somewhat angry. He Family's formation skills were number one in the world, which was something everyone knew. Yet when it came to Qin Mu, they became number three, so how could they not be angry?

He Yiyi looked at Xiong Qi'er and seemed to recognize the little girl. She smiled and asked, "I don't care if I'm number three or number one. Cult Master bringing Little Princess to True Heaven Palace is quite a conspiracy. In my eyes, though, Cult Master is just throwing his life away by going to True Heaven Palace, but you don't look like someone who will just throw away their life. Can you solve this mystery for me?"

"Sister Yiyi, do you want to talk here?"

He Yiyi then invited him into the city and to the main hall. Qin Mu sat down there and said in a solemn face, "Formation Master should know why I'm here, right?"

He Yiyi's heart trembled slightly, and she cried out, "You are planning to help Nai Kui snatch back her position of the palace master! Nai Kui is also here! She's hiding somewhere!"

Qin Mu laughed softly before shaking his head. "Sister Yiyi is holding me under some contempt. My journey this time is under the emperor's order to enlist West Earth!"

In the hall, all the masters of the influential families of Bamboo City looked at one another. Under the orders of the emperor to enlist West Earth?

Just Qin Mu alone?

He Yiyi's gaze flickered. "Isn't Cult Master Qin's tone too overbearing. What qualifications do you have to annex West Earth?"

Qin Mu smiled. "I'm Heavenly Devil Cult Master and that itself is a qualification. My Heavenly Devil Cult has a million divine arts practitioners, and with a wave of my arm, that million would gather together. With a pointing of my finger, that army of practitioners would raze everything down in their path.

"Your West Earth has been at peace for far too long, and all your cities and lands do things in their own way. Not to mention the emperor's martial prowess, even my Heavenly Devil Cult's million divine arts practitioners would see you as merely chickens and dogs that can't withstand a single blow!"

He stood up with his hands behind his back. "I've forged Sunshot Divine Cannon that shot down Jade Sovereign of High Heavens. I've subdued Dragon Rearing Sovereign and ordered him to guard Surging River before subduing Bai Xi of High Heavens and ordering him to guard Hundred Years Mountains.

"My Eternal Peace fought at God Broken Mountain and eradicated all the gods of High Heavens!" His gaze was like lightning when he swept it through everyone. "If I wanted to wipe out your West Earth, it'd be as easy as snapping my fingers!"

Everyone's faces went paper white.

Qin Mu smiled then. "However, I don't wish for the people of West Earth to be wiped out or even spoil the peace here. If Nai Kui was to retake the position of palace master, she would lead True Heaven Palace to submit to Eternal Peace. Not a soldier would be mobilized and no lives would be harmed, so what's the harm in putting myself in danger? My safety is not as important as the lives of the people of West Earth after all. Sister Yiyi, will you lend me a helping hand?"

He Yiyi looked the masters of Bamboo City's influential families and saw that all of them were terrified.

She frowned, then a smile blossomed on her lips. "Cult Master Qin said that my formation skills are number three in the world, so may I ask who is number one? And who is number two as well? Yiyi would like to know about it."

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