Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 457 - God Burial Valley’s Liu Family

Xiong Qi'er hugged Green Dragon Bead, since it was quite big. It was the size of an adult's fist. She was too young and it took her some effort to carry it.

Qin Mu saw Liu Ruyin's actions and instantly knew that his guess was right. The Green Dragon Bead truly needed a pure and innocent little girl to unleash its full power.

It was no wonder then that West Earth placed so much importance on the little princess.

Liu Ruyin covered her face with a sleeve so only one eye was showing. It was ghastly white and only had a black pupil the size of a soybean; it was truly strange.

"Cult Master, don't be mistaken."

Behind Liu Ruyin, explosions rang out without end as the 'corpses' that were possibly dead or alive fell back into the coffins which closed automatically.

Liu Ruyin also jumped back into her coffin and lay down with a chuckle. "We just wanted to see if the little princess was fine. Now that we see the little princess is safe, Ruyin is at ease. Farewell!"

The coffins grew legs once again and were running up the cliffs.

"Master of the House Liu, please wait a minute," Qin Mu suddenly said.

Liu Ruyin, who had been about to close her coffin, stopped when she heard his words. She straightened her body and forced out a smile. "Cult Master, give us a way out and don't be ruthless."

Her voice was trembling, and it seemed like she was extremely terrified.

Qin Mu was bewildered. Wasn't it just the Green Dragon Bead?

Xiong Qi'er was holding onto, but even though she could unleash its power, it should not be too terrifying... Did Liu Ruyin and the rest really need to be that terrified?

"Master of the House Liu, you guys have come on the orders of True Heaven Palace?" Qin Mu asked with a pleasant expression. "Since it's on orders, there should be experts of True Heaven Palace in your clan, right? I would like to meet them, so could Master introduce them to me?"

Liu Ruyin was slightly stunned. Qin Mu's face was warm like the spring wind when he smiled. "Master of the House Liu might not know, but I've no ill intentions for West Earth. I'm just here to see the local situation and customs. The reason I brought the little princess is simply because she's a person of West Earth and is more familiar with the geography."

"Familiar with the geography of West Earth?" Liu Ruyin blinked at him.

Xiong Qi'er was around six years old and had lived in True Heaven Palace ever since she was young. The only thing she might be familiar with would only be the geography of her home, so how could she have any memory of West Earth's geography? Letting Xiong Qi'er lead the way was no different from a blind man touching an elephant.

'This Cult Master Qin from Middle Earth sure has a way with lies.'

Liu Ruyin's next words were chosen carefully. "Cult Master Qin, a strong dragon cannot suppress a snake. Even though your background is enormous, my Liu Family is not to be trifled with as well. Be careful of a life and death struggle."

Qin Mu looked at her with astonishment. "What is Master of the House Liu saying? I just want to see the senior sister of True Heaven Palace and resolve the misunderstanding between us. I have no ill intentions. If I really was thinking like that, I would have already asked the little princess to activate Green Dragon Bead, and do you think you guys would have been able to escape?"

Liu Ruyin's face flickered between dark and clear. However, Qin Mu's patience was extremely good. He just stood there and waited for her reply.

He didn't speak a word, and the 'corpses' in the coffins also didn't dare to move.

After a moment, Liu Ruyin chuckled and said, "Since Cult Master Qin had said so, how can I go against it? Cult Master, please enter my coffin and let me bring you to Liu Family to meet the senior sisters of True Heaven Palace. I wonder if Cult Master will have the courage?"

Qin Mu smiled at her. "What's the problem?" After saying so, he picked up Xiong Qi'er and jumped off the dragon qilin's back before coming next to Liu Ruyin's coffin.

When he looked inside, he couldn't help becoming stunned. The coffin didn't look big from the outside, but the internal space was astonishing. Its length and width were over thirty yards, and even the height was fifteen-eighteen yards. It was like a huge house.

On top of that, there were also tables, chairs, and even a jade bed. It was split into a few rooms, and there were dining and living spaces. There was even a place for a servant to live, which made it no different from a small and delicate palace.

Qin Mu clicked his tongue in wonder. When Liu Ruyin had jumped out of the coffin, he had risen in shock. He thought that a zombie had jumped out, never having expected that it would actually be her living space.

He looked at the other black coffins and wondered, 'Could all of them be like that? All places where the disciples of Liu Family live?' These coffins that grew legs to walk by themselves seem to be as wonderful even if they're using different methods which lead to the same result as Sister Yiyi's moving city.'

"Fatty Dragon, you can also come in!" Qin Mu turned back to smile at him.

The dragon qilin seemed slightly hesitant and shook his head. "Cult Master, I'm a bit superstitious, so I won't go in."

Qin Mu scolded him with a laugh, then brought Xiong Qi'er into the coffin, leaving the dragon qilin outside.

Liu Ruyin closed the coffin with a bang, and they immediately left with the coffins striding forward. Some of them even floated into the sky, escorting Liu Ruyin's coffin across the mountains.

The dragon qilin followed after them, and after crossing a few mountains, he saw a huge mausoleum among the mountains. Numerous black coffins of Liu Family were floating around it like black boats in the sky. They formed a line to enter the huge mouth of the mausoleum.

The dragon qilin shuddered as he complained in his heart. However, he still braced himself to enter the mausoleum with the coffins.

In the coffin, Q

in Mu sat with Xiong Qi'er in his arms. Liu Ruyin sat opposite of him, and the two of them looked at each other silently. The atmosphere was solemn.

Suddenly, Qin Mu smiled and said, "Master of the House Liu, who is the chief of your Liu Family?"

The black pupils that were the size of soybeans in Liu Ruyin's eyes swirled and returned back to ordinary size. She smiled back at him., "Cult Master Qin is an outsider, so you don't know about my Liu Family. I'm its head."

Qin Mu was astonished. "In that case, it was correct of me to call you Master of the House Liu just now. Sister Ruyin, your Liu Family's technique is very strange. When I saw you guys just now, I thought you were all corpses! Can you tell me the reason why you're doing this?"

Liu Ruyin couldn't help feeling a warmth well in her heart and threw a glance at him with joy she couldn't contain. "Your mouth is really sweet. The people of other clans, especially the men, which of them would dare to be so sweet when they see me? It's already fortunate if they aren't scared to death! Some of those stinky men piss their pants in terror while the souls of some scatter into nothingness. Cult Master, on the other hand, can still have a pleasant chat and call me sister."

Xiong Qi'er was bewildered and thought to herself, 'Big brother seems to call every woman he meets sister…'

The corpse air around Liu Ruyin's body became fainter, and she smiled. "The technique of our Liu Family is different from the basic one. None of us actually had the surname Liu when we were alive, and only after we died did we become Liu."

Qin Mu's heart trembled and he cried out, "You're all!"

"My West Earth's Liu Family has an extremely ancient background, which started when a spirit was born from a corpse. Rumor says that Liu Family's ancestor was buried under a willow tree, but soon, spirituality was born in the corpse, and he took the surname Liu.

"Because we are born from corpses, our corporeal bodies are dead and we can't give birth. However, we have a lifespan, and once our spirits' time is up, our souls scatter. The people outside say that our Liu Family is weird and don't interact with outsiders, but they are mistaken. It's not that we aren't willing to interact with the outside, but that we are all spirits born from corpses so we are scared of being captured to be turned into spirit weapons."

"When the experts of True Heaven Palace asked you to deal with me, you guys agreed. Could True Heaven Palace have the ability to take down your Liu Family and refine you guys into spirit weapons?" Qin Mu asked in a cold voice.

Liu Ruyin's face changed slightly.

Qin Mu laughed loudly and his expression became pleasant again. He smiled. "Sister Ruyin, for you to be able to become the chief of Liu Family, your cultivation surpasses mine by far, so how can you still be scared of me? Little brother is really just bragging and only knows how to scare people. I'm actually not confident at all."

Liu Ruyin let out a sigh of relief and smiled back at me. "You really gave sister a scare. What's Cult Master Qin's cultivation?"

"I'm only on Six Directions Realm. Can sister be at ease now?" Qin Mu said honestly.

Liu Ruyin was indeed at ease, but she was still worried about the Green Dragon Bead in Xiong Qi'er's hands.

That item was the biggest nemesis of Liu Family. When the power of this dragon bead was executed, no matter how strong the experts of Liu Family were, they wouldn't be able to contend against it!

The reason why Liu Family had submitted to True Heaven Palace was because of Green Dragon Bead.

"Sister Ruyin, who are the ones that came from True Heaven Palace? What's their cultivation?"

"The person that came is the elder of True Heaven Palace's Yu Family, Yu Ruyi," Liu Ruyin said. "The experts of Yu Family are on Life and Death Realm, and they are all extraordinary."

Qin Mu nodded gently. The people in West Earth didn't really see cultivation realm as important since Ten Thousand Spirit Nature Technique didn't rely on cultivation to achieve victory. It instead relied on comprehending nature and heaven and earth. The purer were one's thoughts, the stronger their senses would be, and then they would be even more likely to communicate with the heaven and earth.

Of course, the higher the cultivation, the stronger the creation divine arts would be. Cultivation was also extremely important to one's ability, but to the people of West Earth, the senses and comprehensions in regards to nature were the most important.

"Sister Ruyin should be at ease now, right?" Qin Mu smiled. "That Sister is on Life and Death Realm while I'm only on Six Directions Realm. Sister Ruyin, if Sister Ruyi wants to kill me, you will have to protect me."

Liu Ruyin gave a troubled expression and said reluctantly, "Yu Ruyi and I are friends and I can only assure you that she won't touch you in God Burial Valley. As for outside it, I can't guarantee the safety of Cult Master."

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and said his thanks. "Thanks for the trouble, sister. What kind of place is God Burial Valley in which you guys live?"

Liu Ruyin smiled. "We are at God Burial Valley now. Cult Master Qin, please go out of the coffin!"

The coffin opened, and Liu Ruyin brought him out to look around. They were in an underground world that stretched in all directions. There were sun, moon, and stars in the sky of the mausoleum, and in the surroundings, there were passageways leading to tombs of all sizes. There were numerous coffins entering and exiting them.

A small coffin floated over, and its lids flipped open to reveal a little girl inside. While sitting on the coffin's edge, she said, "Mother, who is this?"

Qin Mu looked over with doubt at Liu Ruyin. The woman looked at the child with sadness, then said softly, "This is my little darling. She died with me, and we were both awakened by an elder, so we came to live here… Let's not talk about this. Didn't you say that you want to meet Yu Ruyi? Let me call her over and introduce her to you, I might just be able to resolve the misunderstanding between you. Little darling, stay here to accompany big brother."

The girl acknowledged her words sweetly and examined Qin Mu with curiosity.

Qin Mu didn't dare to underestimate her. Even though the little girl was the daughter of Liu Ruyin, their spirits were awakened at the same time, so her cultivation realm was probably the same as that of Liu Ruyin. They were both great experts on Life and Death Realm or Divine Bridge Realm!

He looked toward the center of God Burial Valley and saw a golden coffin standing upright there. It was heavily covered in thick chains and full of yellow joss papers. All kinds of runes were written on them

"Who is in this coffin? Why is it locked?" Qin Mu asked curiously.

"Mother said that a god whose corpse has already become a spirit lies there. However, everyone is afraid of them committing evil so they locked them up.

"I see." Qin Mu smiled and looked down. "Little darling, let me perform some magic for you." After saying that, he took out a huge jade eye. "This eye of mine can shine."

The little girl looked up at him with excitement. "How will it shine?"

At that moment, Liu Ruyin's voice reached them. "Ruyi, that is Cult Master Qin. If you have any misunderstandings, I don't mind being the peacemaker…"

The voice of another girl came followed by chuckles. "Resolve our grudges? That's good. He just needs to hand the princess over and the grudge will be resolved."

At that moment, snow white light suddenly tore through the dimness of God Burial Valley before disappearing in a flash.

Qin Mu's laughter rang through the underground world. "How was it? It shines, right?"

Liu Ruyin was stunned for an instant. She then saw Yu Ruyi beside her with a horizontal mark over her stomach which split her into two the next moment.

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