Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 458 - Chop and Change


The moment Yu Ruyi died, the whole Liu Family was alarmed, and the black coffins opened with continuous bangs. Strong figures rose into the air one after another!

There were even a few coffins that opened up without anyone being inside them. Instead, terrifying pulses came from within them while divine lights churned inside. Even if no strong practitioners showed their faces, it was still very shocking!

Even though Liu Family didn't reveal its full strength, it was still one of the ten most influential families in West Earth, and so its abilities were no small matter!

God Burial Valley was Liu Family's sacred ground, so once Qin Mu got rid of Yu Ruyi within it, the event touched upon Liu Family's taboo. In addition to that, the one that had died was a strong practitioner of True Heaven Palace, which would of course anger the host family.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Figures surrounded Qin Mu, and the wind instantly became full of sinister cold. The figures flickered as they stood in the dark clouds, their faces impossible to see. It was hard to say if they were human or ghost.

Just as one figure was about to tear the arrogant youth apart, it saw the Green Dragon Bead in Xiong Qi'er's hands and stopped, not daring to go forward.

"Everyone stop!" Liu Ruyin ordered in flustered exasperation. "All of you stop moving!"

She turned her head to look at Qin Mu and saw him stuffing a huge jade eye into his taotie sack like nothing of concern had happened.

Her daughter was clapping her hands in delight, wanting Qin Mu to do it again.

Liu Ruyin felt a splitting headache. When she looked at Yu Ruyi's body next to her, her head ached even more.

Her original intention was to let Qin Mu and Yu Ruyi meet and that's it. No matter if they could come to peace or if they insisted on fighting, they would have to do it outside Liu Family's grounds.

She only needed to be careful of Yu Ruyi and not let her kill the youth. As for Qin Mu, the big boy who was only a divine arts practitioners of Six Direction Realm, she didn't need to mind him at all.

She would have never expected that such a simple plan could have such a hiccup!

Just as Yu Ruyi showed herself, she was sliced apart by Qin Mu this scoundrel, and he still acted like he knew nothing. It was truly hateful!

Cutting Yu Ruyi apart was fine, but the crucial point was that it had been done in God Burial Valley which would make Liu Family look disloyal.

If True Heaven Palace decided to punish it, could Liu Family take it?

'However, sending this Scoundrel Qin to True Heaven Palace can still redeem us of our crimes.' Liu Ruyin blinked while looking ahead. 'However, Green Dragon Bead is in the little princess's hands, so she can't be offended…'

At that moment, a fragrant wind blew over, and the other women of True Heaven Palace floated over. When they saw Yu Ruyi's corpse on the ground, they couldn't help growing furious and shouting sternly, "Liu Ruyin, what's this?"

Liu Ruyin's head began to ache even more. "This was done by Cult Master Qin from Middle Earth. It had nothing to do with my Liu Family…"

One of the women shouted at her sternly, "Nothing to do with your Liu Family? Liu Ruyin, it's easy for you to say that, but the one who died is the elder of my True Heaven Palace. Your Liu Family can forget about shirking responsibility!"

Another woman stepped forward with fierceness. "Chief Liu, if your Liu Family still wants to live, quickly take down that Qin boy and hand him over to True Heaven Palace. Palace Master can then consider old affections and not give too much trouble to you. Otherwise, the entire Liu Family is probably going to be eradicated and removed from the books forever!"

As Liu Ruyin ground her teeth, Qin Mu's voice reached her ears. It was filled with curiosity. "Sister Ruyin, didn't you say that only Yu Ruyi had come from True Heaven Palace? I thought she was alone. Who are these sisters?"

Liu Ruyin gave him a harsh stare and sneered. "I said someone called Yu Ruyi came from True Heaven Palace, but I didn't say that she was alone. I had also told you that a few senior sisters had come from True Heaven Palace, didn't I?"

Qin Mu quickly came to a realization and smiled. "I was reckless, I thought killing one sister would be enough."

Liu Ruyin was furious and said coldly, "Cult Master Qin, now that you have killed the elder of True Heaven Palace and spoiled the relationship between my Liu Family and True Heaven Palace, come teach me. What should I do?"

Qin Mu rose and smiled at her. "Sister Ruyin, I just came from He Family and Sister Yiyi is currently planning to gather all the influential families to discuss how to overthrow the True Heaven Palace Master who only managed to ascend to the throne by relying on a rebellion. She keeps doing things all wrong, angering the heavens and the people.

"Once Yu Family grows strong, your Liu Family will be only food for its table. Just Yu Ruyi and these couple sisters can make your entire Liu Family become docile. Since Yu Family could kill the whole Xiong Family, barely leaving one mother and daughter, aren't you guys worried?"

Liu Ruyin was frightened. Qin Mu's words were logical. Once Yu Ruyi had died in Liu Family's grounds, True Heaven Palace wouldn't let it go easily. Liu Family would definitely be implicated and even if they didn't die, they would still have to offer numerous treasures to True Heaven Palace as offerings.

And Liu Family's greatest treasure was their corpses.

However, Qin Mu that scoundrel clearly had bad intentions and purposely dragged Liu Family down with him to fight True Heaven Palace together.

However, he said that He Yiyi was gathering all the influential families for discussion, and this moved Liu Ruyin's heart.

Yu Family held no affection from anyone and had been ruthless when dealing with Xiong Family, nearly killing every single person within it.

Even though Xiong Family had always taken the position of palace master and attracted other influential families' envy, it was still considered fair in handling matters.

However, Yu Family was different. Xiong Family had a population of a million people and possessed great power, but Yu Family had actually eliminated them completely, with only Xiong Xiyu and her daughter being able to escape West Earth. The others were all gone.

This wasn't as simple as being ruthless.

'If we could make use of this chance to overthrow Yu Family…'

Liu Ruyin looked at Qin Mu and hesitated. The other experts of Liu Family were furious, but there was also quite a number who were thinking about Qin Mu's suggestion.

He smiled and said, "Sister Ruyin, Xiong Family is only left with an orphan and a widow. Even if Xiong Xiyu retakes the position of the palace master, how can they rule West Earth with just the two of them? Won't she have to borrow the power of your influential families?

"If Yu Family remains as the head of True Heaven Palace, you guys won't have any say in its dealings. However, the day Xiong Family retakes its seat, it will be the day when all of you influential families will become part of True Heaven Palace."

Liu Ruyin made her decision and looked at the little girl beside Qin Mu. "Little darling, what's your opinion?"

The little girl smiled and said, "Since mother has already decided, why are you asking me? Mother can make the decision."

Qin Mu looked at the little girl who looked almost the same age as Xiong Qi'er and was extremely astonished. He immediately pulled Xiong Qi'er into his arms and moved a distance away.

The little girl was definitely not simple. Liu Ruyin hadn't asked the opinion of the elders of Liu Family or the coffins who were giving off divine lights but had instead inquired about the little girl's thoughts. This showed that the little girl was definitely a crafty and sinister person who was probably the brains of Liu Family!

She smiled at him sweetly. "I was originally stuck between whether to rebel against the Yu Family or not, and Cult Master was a great help in helping me decide."

To the side, Liu Ruyin looked at the women of True Heaven palace and burst out laughing. "Senior sisters, don't worry, after all of you die, we will awaken the spirits inside you. As for whether you will be the ones to wake up, I can tell you for certain, it will definitely not be you. Everyone, send these senior sisters of True Heaven Palace on their way!"

The women of True Heaven Palace cussed and tried to fight back, but even if their abilities were extraordinary, it was difficult for them to escape death in God Burial Valley. An elder of True Heaven Palace tried to undo the sealed golden god's coffin, wanting to use the corpse within it to deal with the experts of Liu Family, but just as she undid one seal, divine light suddenly burst forth from one coffin and poured into her orifices. Her primordial spirit was instantly dissolved and only a corpse remained.

Qin Mu couldn't help shivering.

The abilities of Liu Family were extremely terrifying. If it wasn't for Xiong Qi'er hugging Green Dragon Bead, it would have been hard to suppress them.

What was even more bone-chilling to him was the girl that had looked harmless. Liu Ruyin had asked her to stay with him which had seemed a spur of the moment, but was actually full of preplanning. If the little girl had suddenly landed a fatal blow, Qin Mu and Xiong Qi'er could have already been dead.

The reason Liu Ruyin was able to sit on the seat of the chief was probably related to the little girl.

Qin Mu paid no attention to the situation and asked with a smile, "Little darling, what's your name?"

The little girl raised her head and smiled sweetly at him. "Cult Master Qin, my name is Liu Zhenqing."

"Liu Zhenqing."

Qin Mu nodded. The little girl's pure smile could fight with his honest smile. Both could easily make people put their guard down, and so he knew that it wouldn't be a good idea to trifle with her.

'The little girls of West Earth can't be underestimated.'

After a moment, the women from True Heaven Palace were killed by the experts of Liu Family while Qin Mu brought Liu Zhenqing and Xiong Qi'er to the side. He saw an elder of Liu Family taking a root and tapping it on the corpses of the experts of True Heaven Palace. Their corpses then stood up.

It was due to the spell of Liu Family which had awakened their spirits, and there were spells of this field in Ten Thousand Spirit Nature Technique that Qin Mu had cultivated. However, seeing how the spirits were awakened in the corpses was still somewhat shocking.

"Cult Master Qin, the spirit revived from the corpse isn't the soul of the original host." Liu Zhenqing looked at Liu Ruyin who was not far away and whispered, "She's not Liu Ruyin and I'm also not her daughter."

Qin Mu was stunned and puzzled. "Yet you still call her mother and she calls you little darling."

"Liu Family has no familial bonds and no blood relations. Our blood is cold," Liu Zhengqing said with a dim expression. "When I call her mother, I feel a little warmth in my corpse body as though I'm still alive. She also feels the same way."

Qin Mu looked at Liu Ruyin who was walking over to them and smiled.

The spirits transformed from corpses might have cold blood, but they had human feelings. It was a great contrast to some people who might have warm blood, but who didn't have a hint of human affection.

"Cult Master Qin, are you satisfied?" Liu Ruyin looked at him with a smile that was not really a smile.

Qin Mu laughed loudly and bowed to the ground. "Sister Ruyin, forgive me. However, wasn't sister also scheming against me by leaving Zhenqing beside me?"

Liu Ruyin returned his bow and sighed. "Yet I ain't as ruthless as you."

"I have no choice; otherwise, I wouldn't be able to ally myself with sister." Qin Mu examined the god's coffin and asked with curiosity, "Who is that in the god's coffin? Why is he sealed? I also saw divine light coming out from a few coffins. Were they gods and devils as well?"

Liu Ruyin shook her head. "The elders who had died and were revived over a dozen times have refined their corporeal bodies into those of gods, but they are different from the god in the golden coffin. The god's corpse within it is that of a true god."

Qin Mu jumped in shock and couldn't help taking a few more glances at it.

Liu Zhenqing suddenly coughed, and Liu Ruyin understood. She said meaningfully, "The sky is already turning dark, so why doesn't Cult Master Qin stay for the night before hurrying on his way tomorrow. Cult Master can rest here tonight, my coffin… will be slightly ajar."

Qin Mu's scalp crawled, and he felt a chill go down his bones. He immediately said righteously, "I have already promised Poison Master Mu Yingxue to meet her and I've delayed the meeting for almost a year. Time is running out, so Qi'er and I have to hurry on our way! Farewell! No need to send me off!" After he finished saying that, he took Xiong Qi'er's small hand and called the dragon qilin over. They fled God Burial Valley through the darkness outside.

Qin Mu smacked the dragon qilin's butt fiercely, and they left in a panic.

Liu Ruyin brought her daughter out to see them rushing into the distance, and they couldn't help being disappointed and frustrated.

"Why is it so hard to find a father with human affection…" Liu Zhenqing said dejectedly.

"Don't worry, mother will find a good father for you," Liu Ruyin consoled her.

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